Friday, August 31, 2012

Strange Duggar Statements and Will Jinger or the Rest Ever Be Free?

I am watching this family just  out of curiosity, and while I do truly care about what happens to the kids, I would not suggest this show to anyone.  Otherwise if you have not seen it, it's better to just stay away. I feel led to watch and expose it, in that, it ties to subtle deceptions and more being unloaded on the "Christian" world and is quite influential for a Christian TV show in the Dominionist world. It is being used as a cultural influence but how?  Why is there so much emphasis on the outward trappings of what society sees as "Christian"?

A spin-off show, United Bates of America, starring another Gothard-focused family, the Bates is now being show on television networks. So for whatever reason, the media and the powers behind it, really are pushing these shows. Why is another version of the Duggars even needed?

For me analyzing this show definitely to do with a micro-cosm of the false messages being unloaded on the Dominionist world. Just think of all the Dominionist super-stars who have flashed across the screen like Kirk Cameron. I read that one of the latest shows or one to be shown soon will include Kirk Cameron visiting with the Duggar family.  Below Kirk Cameron meets the Duggar Family at a Vision Fest sponsored event.

  Legalism, Dominionism coupled with thoughtless new world order worshipping Republicanism,  quasi-Catholic beliefs regarding child breeding and worse are being promoted by this show. What gets me is the very odd statements that Michelle Duggar writes where if one reads carefully, they see very strange things in this family that is presented as an example to the rest of the world of a "happy" near-perfect family. For those paying attention, there seem to be many cracks in the facade forming quick in the family that rejects TV but parades their children for profit in the public eye. 

One rule I found out about that is on the official Duggar family website, is very creepy.  While many of the rules make sense and speak of respect for others and their property, some are down right ominous, especially this one. Now as you read this remember all the blanket training that is supported, keep in mind the Duggars support the Pearls actively:

"Have a tough accountability/prayer partner to daily share your heart with and to keep you in line (your parents, spouse). The power of sin is in secrecy."

 There is nothing in the Bible that says you must pour your heart out 100% to anyone but God. In fact, this is almost like Catholic confession, but instead of the priest hearing all of your secrets and sins, here they want them all poured out to a parent or spouse. If anything for normal development, young teens and adults are to form some independence from their parents. We see little of this happening among the Duggar young adult children. This is a trend I have seen within Dominionism. Where does all the hyper-helicopter parenting and "sheperding" lead?

The lack of privacy there, seems to be far more about cult control and to be frank this is something that cults DO advance, to make sure free thought and independence do not break out.

Michelle Duggar has written many things I find just strange on her recurring series of articles called PARENTABLES. There is your middle child, and son and what does this "loving" mother have to say about him except that he cleans toilets really well? What would you think if you were a teenage boy and realized your mother valued you the most for your chore skills? It almost sounds like she barely knows him.

As you read this ask yourself if this is normal for a 15 year old teenager? Some out there may say, hey he is just trying to help his family! And yes to raise a child with due diligence is a good thing, but I find myself kind of weirded out here.

"Right now his chore is cleaning the bathrooms. Our whole family has said when Josiah cleans the bathrooms he doesn't just clean them, he takes the whole thing apart and puts it back together. He literally takes the seat off of the toilet and scrubs around the little screws that latch the thing on and then he puts the seat back. He's not really a perfectionist but he really is just doing a thorough job and being diligent."

 I have done a variety of different jobs in life and cleaning toilets was among them in my teen years at various restaurant and other jobs. I never unscrewed the toilet seat to clean a toilet.  Perhaps the poor kid, is just trying to get some private time away, in peace and quiet, but it really reads quite strange. 

Some other questions I have thought of from Michelle's writing...

What's so bad about shorts especially for boys? Haven't they heard of longer, looser cargo shorts? One can see the strains of strange legalisms, such as none of the Duggar children being allowed to wear shorts in the hot Arkansas summers. There are longer shorts that cover one's thighs. That particular rule isn't mentioned here, but there were enough shows I saw of kids swimming in T-shirts and JEANS. The weird focus on defrauding while Christians should keep modest remains me of the extremes of Islam and why women in some countries are told to wear burqas. Did anyone even use that word 50 years ago?

Will Josiah ever be allowed to be a real accountant? If an employer did not require a college program and more, and that is extremely rare, he may get a bookkeeping job. They always speak of their children taking classes etc, but it is not regular preparation. How will they make a true living lacking the right credentials? Sure maybe the world does over-require hoops in some areas, but having your kid just follow a professional around for a day or taking acouple online courses that are not the same as regular college credits does that mean a certain career will be open to them or that they are really going to college.

This article was strange, choosing to be on TV and famous, is "having a servant's heart"? This odd article probably was to respond to all the critics who asked why be on TV? This one asks people to suspend all disbelief.

Then there was this recently on the Today show. One of the latest off-the-wall Duggar statements:
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I have to admit as far as Christian modesty goes, warning....this fails on endless levels: Duggar Dad: 'It's Fun' Trying For Baby No. 20  Mr. Duggar tells the world it's fun to keep trying for baby #21 [counting Jubilee]. A man who has almost watched his wife die, seen a miscarriage and another baby almost die, could take the option of biblical abstinence if he is still against non-abortive birth control. They both seem unrealistic, narcissistic if one was to use those terms instead of biblical ones, and immodest even to joke about such a thing in front of their adult and younger children. What is even sadder is those adult daughters, who remain entrenched at home, no opportunities to court, who basically live like nuns in a convent without even innocent interaction with young adult males they are not related to. One thinks that these parents should be focusing on the children they already have for once and helping young adults prepare for their adult lives instead of living in suspended childhood.

Mainstream news shows aren't exactly pushing the truth. Now think about that. What is even more horrible is they parade the girls around, and this is the second time, they have had them talked about suitors, where are they to come from out of the thin air?

"In this sneak peek of the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting, the older girls discuss their ideal mates and all Jinger says is that she wants out of their small Arkansas town.
“She might do good with a visionary spunky person, somebody that gives her coffee,” Jill says about her sister’s ideal mate, but Jessa says it has to be outside of their small town.
“She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization,” and Jinger agrees. “No! City please city please,” Jinger begs with a smile."
Some news stories out there, said, this was Jinger desiring real freedom a la the Free Jinger contingent but then her sister Jill puts her back in her place later, telling her to stay "content". Looks like the media fooled everyone saying Jinger wants out in various forms. I wondered if Jinger really made noises to flee the compound, but it just looked like more misdirection and perhaps a response to those wonder who would break free first. Yes Christian contentment is a virtue, but cult slavery when your family is  a cult is not.  
"Jill tries to tell Jinger that God has a plan for her. “If you didn’t get somebody like that the Lord can be working and teaching you something in that area.”
Jinger agrees with her and says “Yes that’s for sure; I need to work on my contentment!”

Notice one thing about those girls? While the gestures of Joy are different she is younger and there has been less time for molding, the hair, clothes and rest almost exactly match on the rest of them. This is where we see the tragedy of the SAHD movement [link given for information, not an endorsement] playing before us, young women basically locked in cage, unable to fly, have a job, prepare for adult life which in this world will leave them stranded with no real skills, told they must live at home until that special daddy-approved suitor shows up, and it doesn't look like this father is really interested in focusing on his daughter's finding a spouse, with his focus remaining on more babies.

So while Michelle and JimBob Duggar have their "fun", and think of new babies, their oldest daughters already are about to exit their early 20s and enter the mid 20s living in total limbo. Just imagine being 22-24 years old, and you live like a teenager with chores, while your peers have moved on to families, and children, jobs, perhaps even working the mission field. Going to ATI conferences doesn't count for living a free life.

What is odd to me, is how not one adult child has not broken away from the hive. This actually is against the experiences of most families where young adults seek after their own identities and beliefs. Perhaps I do not understand these girls nor relate to them because by a young age, I broke away from my family's religion testing it for myself and while I entered into a false church [the UU] and even entered a non-family approved profession--teaching,  I would definitely keep searching for truth. But I am looking at the whole picture understanding the TRAINING aspects I posted about earlier. What kind of adults does the methods of the Pearls and blanket-training lead to? Maybe we see the answer right before us.

I found this comment elsewhere online. This person basically outlines the problems with the SAHD movement.
 "At 22, I had been working as a nurse for 3 years. I didn't marry until 27 and didn't have children until 30. I am now a grandmother in my late 50's and a Christian over 45 years. 
Stay at home daughterhood is not taught by Christ. Preferably stay at home momhood, but not daughterhood. It is a doctrine of man and you are wise to question this, because it will bury your talent, for which you will have to answer, handicap and possibly destroy your future, or that of your future children. The things you accomplish being a stay at home daughter - caring for a home - anyone can learn quickly. It does not take years of apprenticeship.
Christ is to be our focus, not family or marriage. I suggest you use these between years to get an education utilizing the talents you have been given and which can realistically provide for your future, and use it. You will then be far better prepared for yourself, your family, your husband, for Christ; should the need to work arise after marriage, or if you do not marry.
Marriage is not the end all be all. Some never marry. The bible actually says that to not marry is the better state to be in. Some are widowed. Some are divorced. Some are left with sick or dying husbands. There are no guarantees. The only guarantee we have is our salvation in Christ.
What will you do if your parents or husband become sick or die unexpectedly, or your husband suffers a financial disaster and you are left with nothing? No education. No money. No means but huge responsibilities and children who need to be provided for? It happens. And what if you then get sick?
Get to work on your life so that you can be an asset to Christ and others, not a liability. The best way to do that is to become a fully functioning responsible adult through education and work. You are an adult. And you will have to answer someday for what you have done with your gifts. A woman accompanying her husband to the mission field is far more valuable if she is a nurse, doctor, teacher. Anyone can set a pretty table.
The no man's land you seem to think you are caught in is the result of being told by man to stay at home while burying your talent. Sitting around pining about your state of limbo makes you look like a fool, and not a very wise fool for Christ.

Even if you read articles about FLDS, and other cults, many of the young people reaching a certain age break away, and it seems that is done far earlier on, age 16-18 or once they reach the age of majority in whatever state they live in. They do not follow their parents in everything. Is this the result of the blanket training where even in adulthood, young people refuse to go past the "boundaries"? Sorry but this will not form self sustaining or independent adults.

I know being under media attention has to change the game plan a bit, but to me this is one of the greatest tragedies of the Duggar family. I've traveled some of those SAHD blogs, sometimes I post to tell them the truth and give one or two one of my articles, but most do not post my comments.  One thing I found on them after reading many of them is one often sees very sad young adult women, who have been brainwashed to remain under their father's perpetual authority pining away for the lives unlived, and the saddest thing, is they all believe this is God's will. It is not. To be honest, the MAJORITY I've seen have had the young women sharing this same sentiment.

This is how false religious brainwashing can damage lives. Those years will never be regained. Others lose years due to health and other problems that occur in life. Yes, this is a tragedy in the making. We see it playing out with the Duggar girls now. All of the Duggar kids are not being prepared, with even career paths and college being limited for the boys.

There are other things I've noticed too even while researching even the other Duggar articles, no outside friends allowed except for from a few Quiverful families who all seem to live long distance, the young adults and teens are not allowed free access to the internet and only allowed to see certain websites and must ask one of the oldest sisters or Michelle for a password, everyone knows about the strange focus on kissing being only after marriage. FLDS like--keep sweet rules, where negative emotions are to be curtailed, and much more. Even the delusion in not preparing young people for the hardness of life, what it takes to survive, and make a living should a spouse never show up, in this economy borders on insanity.

One thing I am going to tell my readers, I have contact with some in the fundamentalist church world, some of this is old church members, and others, more and more are seeing this as a viable way of life, I can tell some are even entering into this mode though perhaps not to the extreme as the Duggars. Words like "defrauding", "courtship", etc are reaching my ears.  Even when I have told some about Gothard and ATI, keep in mind, these beliefs and cultural imperatives are being spread through the homeschool movement and other places, they would just tell me, "but they are a nice family!".

In fact, here one can see how the "right and left deception" leads to all sorts of imbalances. Remember the Duggars are held as up as the "ideal" Christian family, many see Kirk Cameron as a Christian "example" to follow. See what I mean?   There are those who desire to influence Christianity, even taking those things which are such as modesty, traditional ways of doing things and adding a twist to it all  turning it into something else.   This is about turning to the appearance of good, turning "Christianity" into an odd subculture, where they desire to change even family structures. The Duggars are the advertisement for much of it. For you see that is what is being done, they are trying to add a new subcultural FAUX foundation for "conservative", "evangelical", "fundamentalist" "Christianity". One that holds to the letter of the law not to the spirit. Do you understand what I mean? The thing that makes me the saddest, is the children and young adults who will pay a high price.

Romans 7:6 But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.


Anonymous said...

This kind of legalism, belongs in their family, if they want to do it. And if they want to do it, go for it. But it doesn't belong in the public discussion.

What belongs in the public discussion, is the right preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But good luck getting a show about that.

Therefore the Duggars just take attention away from Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and put attention upon their rules and peculiar habits. And the end effect is, the unbelieving public ends up believing that their rules and peculiar habits, are "Christianity".

Does anyone get a reality show without being "safe" for the world's agenda? I think we all know the answer.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, they have the choice to how they are going to live and even decide how many children to have, of course that should be extended to the adult children as well. Of course they will be "trained" on the front end to tell us this is their "choice" as well.

With the article where Michelle Duggar speaks of pointing people to a relationship with "god"

but have you ever heard the gospel preached on that show? Have you ever heard the phrase YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN?

Michelle Duggar writes...

"My heart's desire is not to allow myself to be puffed up by the fact that some people recognize me. That's not what it's about. It's really to point people to a relationship with God. And if I can encourage them in their life to turn to the one that has all the answers, then I feel like I've really done what I'm supposed to do."

How is that really being put in practice? If anything Michelle Duggar has promoted anything but.

if anything the CULTURE, the clothes, the trappings, the rules, are the central focus.

I guess I am seeing this happening to "fundamentalist" and "evangelical" "Christianity as a whole, of course there are different layers of 'culture' from the "Whosoever types, to the WWJD crowd up to the Duggars.
All different "demographics being formed and SOLD to, and outlined conformity, more's ,culture in this case which encorporates new language and even CHANGES to the traditional family structure. The leftists go for gay marriage, throw away traditional marriage and the rightists are going for patriarchy. Two extremes.

Even the CHANGES I am not sure I have done justice, in trying to explain the NEW THINGS being advanced even in the family-cultural realm in the Christian churches. So few ask where is it coming from?

I wrote in the older Duggar articles, that I never saw the gospel preached, and it was of deep concern. Sadly I have seen writings by one of the girls Jana Duggar, writing about spiritual things, where it was all so rote, it troubled me.

For true Christians that would that be the most meaningful thing. Sure my own blog is not a devotional blog, but the gospel is discussed even pertaining to all subjects. That is the center of a Christian's life. I agree no TV network would allow it.

I know this article I talk about their weird rules and habits, but one thing to remember, they just do not want to put these habits on DISPLAY, as a doing their own thing, sort of lifestyle, but want to SELL them to Christiandom, and they are being SOLD, via the Pearls, the Sarah Malleys, Vision Forum and many other groups. "Be like the Duggars!"

You are right the unbelieving public ends up believing their rules and habits are "Christianity" but sadly I KNOW Christians who think the same and that they are an example to follow. One thing I see happening in the Christian churches is even the"idolatry" of the family. I was kind of afraid to even write that article, wondering if people would think it was sour grapes for those without large families but what do people know in American culture think when it comes to Christians? They do not picture singles.

Only those who are "safe" for the reality show's agenda are chosen. We would never see a show, where they get out the Bibles and say "Ye must be born again. As I have written from the start the Duggars serve the Dominionist agenda.

Anonymous said...

" keep in mind, these beliefs and cultural imperatives are being spread through the homeschool movement and other places, "

Please do not include *all* of us homeschoolers in this. It is a being spread through the Christian homeschool movement. Some of us chose to homeschool, in part, because of the heavy conservative Christian influence held, in some areas, over the school districts.

Beyond that, thank you for an insightful article into a disturbing movement. You presented some information here that I had not yet encountered.

Bible Believer said...

Yes you are right, I agree this does NOT apply to all homeschoolers.

Bible Believer said...

Matt said...

The Duggars do actually evangelize and have participated with Kirk Cameron's Way of the Master ministries. So I'm pretty sure they understand the Gospel and have witnessed. How many Christians do you know that are 24/7 evangelists or open air preachers?

From an armchair QB perspective, if someone is not oozing the Gospel 24/7, the pajama blogger Christian mujadeen seems to go to war against them. Give this family a break.

They choose not to partake of some of the things in the culture that are dangerous like TV, like being scantily clad, like drawing attention to their bodies, like watching sensual movies, etc. What is wrong with that? It does not mean that they do not believe the Gospel. Even Paul and the Apostles ascribed certain rules to follow, not as a saving mechanism but as a safety mechanism. Does one who believes the Gospel have to dress in a bikini, watch Jersey Shore and have no rules to be an authentic Christian? Of course not. The Bible tells us not to be a part of that stuff, but to expose it.

I'm 100 percent Gospel-centered man. I would beware of turning the Gospel into some sort of legalism in itself where you become judgmental of someone who is not as spiritual as you are. We are all fallen humans in need of a Savior, just like the Duggars. From a homeschool, Gospel-centered Dad.

Bible Believer said...

Why should I give this family a break? if anything I am praying for the children and grown adult children hoping they themselves can break free of the ATI and GOTHARD cult that will be bringing spiritual and other destruction to their lives.

So even if they "know" the gospel and some are born again, what I want to know is why hasn't the Holy Spirit then warned them about the cult they are in?

They DO partake in TV, I think that is hypocritical to not have TV and then be on a TV show. Trust me I understand Christians who do not own TVs but something seems off with that.

Sure some of the rules they follow, are biblical, modest dress, etc, but many are not, such as not letting a young mature man, live in his own house until he marries. Yes this week, Jim Bob told his 22 year old son, who is a man, that he has to be married to even move into a house he is acquiring from a work project. This is more about rules of control then rules and commands from God. Add to that the horrible SAHD stuff that is leaving his daughters unprepared for life but it looks like the same locust of control is going to be applied to the sons but in different ways. So many just look at the surface of this family, oh they are "nice", they dress modest, but the fact is they belong to a dangerous Dominionist cult, that pushes agendas that are adverse to the Christian gospel.

George Tickle said...

I agree with your criticisms of the Duggar family. It doesn't seem right for Christians to be desirous of attention from secular media. Let's remember, they are on the same network as "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo". The network isn't interested in extolling so-called christian values, the Duggars simply have a schtick that people want to see. The SAHD movement makes much of its argument on the premise that the daughter is to be protected by the father until she is married, while the son is not. However, there are no verses or underlying principles in scripture that favor this concept.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was rather funny to hear Amy Duggar telling on Jim Bob and Michelle. "I don't think they had a supervised courtship... In fact I think they kissed before they were married" to which Michelle later acknowledged in a lone interview they did kiss before marriage.

As a mum to two small children, I on occasion think, I would like to limit x,y,z influences on my precious babies. I was channel surfing the other day and there was a programme I'd never heard of before "The Valleys" where a scene in a packed night club showed a drunk female teen performing an oral act on another female. I was beyond disgusted!

I know that I can't be a free parent but I can't control either. I hope I can find the balance between raising intelligent children that will identify the difference between dangerous/disgusting behaviour and can keep themselves safe, within a more than reasonable amount scope to make their own mistakes and choices.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Matt's comment before now. He says that we are "legalists" for expecting to see the Gospel as, at least part of the focus of the silly Duggar TV show. Well, Jesus would want it that way. Why put on this show to demonstrate all the bizarre legalistic garbage the Duggar's do, and leave Jesus outside as their show did?

Anonymous said...

The author obviously has spent a lot of time, thought and effort into writing this article about the Duggars. My question is, Why? What a waste of that time, thought and effort that has been used to be nothing but critical! Is that how you get your kicks, by needing to tell the world that people who are different from you. are deserving of your nastiness? Would you write this way about Jews? African Americans? Gays? Muslims? Asians? I bet you would be highly insulted by the very suggestion! But here is a family who is strong in their Christian faith and its practice. Why is that wrong? Why is that any weirder or stranger than any other group of people in America? They'll almost certainly never end up in jail or on welfare or be any kind of drain on society. Ever. They are not worthy or your scorn, but you are plenty worthy of their scorn, but don't worry. They won't treat you as badly as you have treated them, but they will pray for you and they will forgive you. This world needs more people like the Duggars in it, and your shame in putting them down the way you have is something the world doesn't need at all.

Bible Believer said...

If anything I am the best friend the Duggar kids ever had. I hope they get curious, google themselves online and FIND THIS ARTICLE and realize their parents and themselves are within a cult, and that being a Christian does not mean having to remain a slave of Gothard and his false legalistic rules. if anything they need to realize how the new world order has deceived them and their parents too, and that Dominionism is a LIE.

tammy said...

James 5:16 (AMP) Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

Anonymous said...

@Matt, Oct. 9, 2012 - Well said.

Anonymous said...

to Tammy, Aug. 31, 2013 - Thank you for sharing the scripture that I wanted to share.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were nice about it, not judging them for the Christianity, but for the cult their in. It pisses me off when people judge Christians, and never any other religions, and actually praise people for being atheist. But anyway, it's sad to me that the older girls are living like teenagers. They've got chores, "buddies", unpaid babysitting, and their dating is still under more parental guidance than I even had when I was 15, and I'm a PK! I wasn't "allowed" or "not allowed" to kiss. I just did it. I had my first real crush on a guy (friend) and I was his first crush. He told me he liked me after 2 1/2 years of liking each other. We kissed, dated, and then got engaged 6 years later at 21. Kissing doesn't always lead to sex, and hand-holding and front hugging DEFINITELY don't! That's ridiculous, and kind of childish. I find it utterly CREEPY that when Jill and Derick finally met (which I admit was pretty cute) they were getting to know each other, in a very normal way, and Derick out his arm around Jill (high on her back, no less. Derick is a gentleman) Jim Bob grabbed Jill and PUT HIS UGLY SELF IN BETWEEN THEM. You know how old she was at the time? 23. I think. Possibly 22. Not that it matters! She is over 18, a legal adult. Also, I don't think modesty is ever really mentioned in the Bible. A couple times maybe, but you know what you're not going to hell for? Wearing a bikini. Wearing mid calf 80's denim skirts does not make you a better or more righteous person. Jesus does not give a shit what your wear, and you know what else? He drank wine, which is something they think is a sin. Jesus never sinned, therefore alcohol is not a sin. I also, read an article a couple weeks ago, and Michelle apparently tells the girls if something doesn't fit right. Normal mom thing right? I have a question for Michelle. In between banging JB every two seconds has she had time to look at Joy Anna? That poor girl's clothes don't fit. They're short tight hand-me-downs from her size 2 stick figure sisters. Joy Anna has beautiful curves, and she would be rocking them if she had clothes that fit. I am a size 2 stick without trying, but if I had curves like Joy Anna I would be so happy. She is lovely. And she has the prettiest hair. It wasn't damaged by perms, and she doesn't curl it everyday. Anyway, rant over. 😜

William Zabel said...

Unfortunately, Christianity has done nothing in 2,000 years to improve itself. This is true because this belief system has always been known as a cult from its very beginning.

The problem with modern day Christians is that they are too control freakish. The take the dominion thing way too far when Jesus himself said; "My Kingdom is not of this world, if it were not so I would have told you."

Christians believe (At least in America) that they have to build this kingdom here on Earth, then when Jesus gets here throw him the keys to executive wash room and pat them selves on the back.

I can not imagine any other group in the world headed to death and damnation faster than American Christians. No denomination in this country can get anything right. This is one of the reason's why I want to leave America, I can no longer stand this wishy washy consumer based Christian farce.

The Duggar's present everything that is wrong with Christianity and nothing that is right. They are a cult pure and simple, and they are trying to drag mainstream Christians who themselves are hanging by a spiritual thread down with them.

Not only do I think their dhow needs to be canceled, but Social Services needs to be in that home and find out everything they can about those lousy parents.

Crime statistics show that when you have this kind of cult Christianity and its control freakish behavior you have mental and physical abuse up to and including sexual abuse, incest, and pedophilia. That is why they need to be investigated. But it will have to be done by the feds since it appears that they control(to some extent) the local government.

Some people may think I am being harsh but this has happened before in situations like David Koresh, Jonestown, Heavens Gate, and others.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly hate that Michelle said that you, as a wife, need to submit to your husband sexually. How can she say such an unhuman thing?

Bible Believer said...

I find that disturbing too. This is a lie from the partriarchy movement where women are to be unthinking slaves of men. Where is the love in that? It's like being a sex slave. She never will bring up how the bible speaks of mutual coming together or making even decision for mutual abstinence.

Bible Believer said...

William Zabel, you do realize this blog stands against Dominionism? Check the index.

I agree control freakery is running rampant, though the left definitely has it with all their speech rules and imposing of ideology. The right is joining with them in the destruction of freedom as well.
Anyhow who thinks we are to build the kingdom of God for Him are desperately deluded. I have warned against this in many posts. I believe you would find this one of interest.

Some of us have been seeing this false Christianity take over for years. Notice I wrote that article in 2010. We are fed up too but have warned others of the antichrist spirit fueling false religion.

I agree with what you have to say about the Duggars. I wonder why they have remained beyond the scope of the social workers too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article. I was watching their show one day and felt I was being drawn into this family when I had no interest to do so. This concerned me ... Could this be a religious spirit?

intohisfullness said...

I agree with your posting regarding the Duggar family. I stopped watching them a couple of years back because I sensed there was something NOT of the Lord.
I agree 100 percent that this is a cult. These parents, I will state can not be born again of the Lord's Spirit. It's a religious spirit. The false smiles, the lack of true Godly parental love towards the children, the "side hugs", the "accountability partner" it all reeks of a cultish spirit of control, which is NOT of the Lord.

I also back in June 2014 was going to write a warning about this family, and those that lead the parents into the false practices of the "Quiverfull Movement" and "Patriarchal movement". But life got in the way and I did not finish my posting.

So it did not surprise me when the secret came out regarding Josh Duggar and his failing. I knew that the writing was on the wall, something was going to bring them to screeching halt. I truly feel for Josh, that his life has come to such an terrible broadcasted end. I do pray and hope he will find true salvation in Jesus Christ, and that the Lord will grant him healing to overcome his parents failure to bring him up right and with love.

Something happened to Josh, that caused him to do what he did as a teenager. And it wouldn't surprise me if it was because of the actions of Doug Phillips the president of Vision Forum Ministries who led the 'Christian Patriarchy Movement' who resigned due to a sex scandal that was first reported back in April 0f 2014.

Also Bill Gothard had to resign due to reports of accusations of a variety of differing abuses which include "Bill Gothard who ran a group home for delinquent children in Indianapolis, Indiana. Had to close it's doors due to various abuses: "physical, emotional, and spiritual, they suffered at the hand of Gothard and his multiple ministries, including orphanages in places like Russia."

I am grateful that this show, for the children's sake, has been cancelled. I wonder how many of the children will finally face the reality that their home life is not what the Lord desired for them, and they will leave.

I so feel for these children, and pray for the Lord's Grace to come into their lives and truly get to know the Lord and His ways, not man's.

I once was involved with a cult shortly after I was born again, and let me tell you it took the Lord years to bring about healing, forgiveness, and deliverance from it.
The Truth shall set you free!

The Lord bless you for your courage to write about this disastrous representation of a Christianity that is NOT of and by our dear Lord and Saviour.