Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lucado Tells Christians: Don't Worry about The Election

Lucado Tells Christians: Don't Worry about The Election

More culture wars stuff, and telling Christians to stay deceived before the NWO. When it comes to the kings who fornicate [Rev 17-18], it isn't God directing their actions. Actually I believe they already choose ahead of time what flavor of puppet will be put in place. I don't want to call this one yet, it is interesting how many Catholic vice presidents are getting chosen isn't it? I also had that theory Obamacare could be used in an Hegelian Dialectic way for them to strip away social safety nets like Medicare and Social Security so Romney's choice of Paul Ryan given his history on both subjects is an interesting one. Don't forget Romney's role in SETTING up Obamacare in Mass. to help work out the kinks. Notice the focus being on the vulnerable members of society to "save the budget" rather then the trillions of dollars and jobs still literally pouring overseas. Lucado by the way is a false teacher, I used to read his books years ago while still Catholic.

His prayer initiative even does not deal with reality:

"Lucado announced that he is launching a 40-day prayer initiative in the lead-up to the election. Their priority as Christians, he challenged, is to pray for their leaders and those in government rather than to squabble, judge or criticize.
Those who join the prayer initiative are being asked to pray specifically for God to "unite our country," to "strengthen us financially, morally" and to "appoint and anoint our next president."

Notice the DO NOT CRITICIZE LINE, that is one way, they keep Christians in a stupor before the machinations of the NWO, that reminds me of the IFB pastor here, who screamed from the pulpit it was a sin to criticize George W. Bush in 2007, and then when seeing me shake my heads and roll my eyes, said, it would apply to Hillary as well! At that point I got up and walked out right in the middle of his tirade. Anyone ever wonder why there are so few even NWO-aware IFB pastors? Do you know of one? They all seem Republican to the hilt without fail. I don't expect a guy to preach on FEMA camps from the pulpit every Sunday but how about just discerning a few basics?

As for American being strengthened financially, its a pipe dream as the elite are united on crashing the world's economy. That is more blindfolds for the non-discerning in the churches. If anything, it seems we are coming under judgment, and if one adds up all the murders via abortions, one can see why. As for the "next president" being appointed and anointed by God, how silly, that ignores endless bible prophecies about the kings in the last days and who and what they stand for. But then how many deceived evangelicals lined up to vote for those they felt were "God's choice" while such types did plenty of work for Satan? How many are lining up to vote for Romney, and by the way, I have asked point blank to some "church" Christians in my personal life, why are you voting for a Mormon that is excited to see the "White Horse prophecy" come to pass? I already know most "Christians" out there have been herded into the pen the elite have chosen for them.


Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

I don't have time to post everything I read or study here, but I wonder if it will be Romney as well, just because there has been a massive buildup around Iran.

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and I even know Iran is on the "Plan for New American Century" agenda from years ago.

I believe even the destruction of the world's economy is PLANNED for their purposes, and well, they are throwing a lot of clues around in their world-wide Satanic ceremonies such as the satanic ceremony.


So they had a Phoenix and the star at the last Olympics ceremony. Interesting. I agree that does seem to be a symbol. I may look for that online, an article or picture, I was convicted obviously to stay away from the Olympics. But if that was a final symbol that says a lot.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

I was trying out a baptist church nearby. One Sunday a visitig pastor preached and was telling the congregation to show appreciation to their pastor and support him, give him your all. Which in itself seems OK. But then a few weeks later in sunday school the teacher was telling us to support our pastor, don't criticize him to other people if you have a problem, speak to him. Like they were putting him on a pedestal or something. It just didn't sit well with me. Another Sunday the assoc. pastor said how could there be a recession going on - haven't we seen the long lines at restaurants? Now, that was weird. I was thinking, what about the lady working in your school that just lost her house of 20 years because her husband couldn't find a job? Strange things happening in churches these days.