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Jack Hyle's Daughter Exposes Her Father's Church as a Cult

Remember Jack Schaap came out of this church.

Jack Hyle's Daughter Exposes Her Father's Church as a cult.

Sadly you see her a daughter rejecting what she thinks is Christianity and entering into the false philosophies of the world. Sadly one of those things is neuro-linguistic programming:

Linda Murphrey is a popular inspirational speaker and expert in human behavior as a Certified Personal and Professional Development Coach, a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and student of interpersonal dynamics for over twenty-five years. She has been educating, speaking and mentoring people on how to reach their dreams, thrive in the midst of change and fulfill their highest destiny - both professionally and personally.

Now adults make their own religious decisions but what she says about growing up in her father's church is interesting.

The following is excerpted from Linda Murphrey’s testimony at the TEDxOjaiChange event in Ojai, California, April 5, 2012:
“My dad pastored a church that evolved into a 50,000-member cult. It operated and still operates under the guise of an independent fundamental Baptist church. But those who have left, the followers who have tried to leave, the outsiders, even the media (it was on 20/20 last year) recognize that it is clearly a cult.

“Every member was in complete obedience to my father. They didn’t dare disagree or be disloyal, for fear of being publicly ridiculed or punished or banished for doing so. They didn’t go on a vacation without asking my dad’s permission, and if he had said to drink the Kool-aid, I’m not kidding, they would have.

“My dad lived a double life, one of a righteous family man and of a dynamic speaker in the public eye, but [another] one of sordid sexual secrets privately, secrets that only my siblings and me and my mom knew. He hated my mom. Hated her. Treated her terribly. Abused her. And even turned his own children against his mother. We hated her. He told us she was crazy. We thought to make him happy, we would hate her too. Our home was so full of turmoil, hatred, stress, strife, and as a little girl, it was isolating, it was intense, and it was frightening. He had affairs. He had a mistress for many years, the wife of a Sunday School teacher. He built her family a beautiful home right around the corner from our house. You could see their family from our back door. It was craziness, living one way, preaching another.

“My older brother became another version of my father. He pastored a church in Texas and was found to be having affairs with 14 different women. He divorced his wife and married one of the 14. My father tried desperately to cover it up. He moved him to another church where he was found to have had 17 affairs with different women, and he just recreated what he had seen my dad live. And my dad did nothing but cover it up. I felt like I had one main responsibility as a child. It was simple, but daunting, and that was to keep all the secrets, and there were so many.

“You see, he had taught us that the best way to please God was to please him, because he was God’s man. He taught us that to please him we had to keep all the secrets. We could never even tell our best friends what went on in our home, because we might be the cause of the destruction of his ministry. I literally feared for my very life if I ever told what went on in our home, for fear that it would hurt his ministry. I was so afraid, and the greater the secrets, the greater my fear, and the greater my determination to keep quiet.

“I got to tell you that the money part of it was pretty nice. As a kid--think about it, tithes and offerings from 50,000 people, hello--it created a lavish lifestyle. My father owned most of the city where the church was. He owned a college, two high schools, two grade schools, a cemetery, lots of buildings. He was very wealthy. And even to our adult years, he owned us. He owned our homes, our cars, our furniture. He owned our lives, and we didn’t dare cross him, because we were too afraid we would lose everything. He died a multi-millionaire. He left nothing to his children. He left everything to the organization, which my younger sister and her husband now lead. And they still perpetuate his legacy: the strict rules, the undying loyalty, and they still try to keep all the secrets” (Linda Murphrey’s testimony at the TEDxOjaiChange event in Ojai, California, April 5, 2012).

I do not believe every IFB church is a cult, [see what David Cloud wrote] but definitely do question many of the pastors in that circle as well. The fundamentalist churches have massively been infiltrated like all the rest. I read Jack Hyles books for myself and was disturbed as I have said before.


Marion said...

Very, very sad...

Anonymous said...

I lived in the NW Indiana area for 32 years, drank the Kool-Aid, and I suspect every word Linda said is true.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

With Hyles I read his books for myself. I was in an IFB that had many of his books.

Hyles there is a lot of things I find dubious and to be frank, the weird masonic memorials and second commandment breaking ones hasn't helped though one could give the excuse, those came AFTER he was around and may not have been his choice. With David Stewart, his website has some good information, he supports the Patriarchy movement [was going to write him about some of that but just didn't get to it, and other things I do not agree with. Of course that will happen even between two sincere folks. With Hyles daughter, I agree she is in something very evil, and agree with you about NLP. This doesn't mean her father is a true preacher. There are many Christians and others who have come out of that particular church warning about the same things. I find myself could it all be coming out of a vaccumn? And this too, didn't Hyles PICK Schaap as his successor?

To be honest, to have a daughter turn so much after the world is NOT a positive fruit, now this can happen to the BEST Christians as adults make their own decisions but I found it concerning.

Still do research him. I read his books, and have read other articles, but to me it is the spirit of the books that still troubled me and HE DID PROMOTE PATRIARCHY, DOMINIONISM etc and other things I warn about on this blog. Just off the top of my head, I found him too self-promoting, and legalistic. The books really reminded me of Gothards writings, ever focused on FAMILY, CHARACTER and politics. He seemed to be constantly calling for harsh punishment of children and teens.

I agree that with the daughter, one has to be careful there too. I am sad to see someone entering into those wicked philosophies. One terrible thing that happens is those who grow up under false preachers or churches gone wrong, walk away from what they think is Christianity.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Yes Stewart is still dispy though interestingly enough rejects Christian Zionism. This may simply be ignorance...though he seems to have researched other areas. With the Patriarchy movement obviously that is tricky, the other side is a load of rot too with it's feminism and desire to destroy the family. One can see why a Christian would refuse those things but perhaps maybe not yet realize the subtleties of where the patriarchy movement paired with Dominionism is taking us.

With the daughter, if I had no heard those things said by OTHERS, the affair, the top down cult stuff, some even many disheartened youth on a message board who seemed to be refugees from Hyles Anderson and sadly had that lead them to rejection of God, I probably would not find it believable too. When you see multiple witnesses all saying the SAME thing, I think it needs a look-see though obviously the NWO would desire to discredit any true preacher.

All I can say when I read his books is his over focus on discipline in the home, was EXTREME. It reminded me even of the Pearls. Everything was about keeping ORDER, and if you have read my Oppression of the Youth article that talks about how Dominionism desires to break down the young people, reading his books, was part of that picture being formed in my mind. They were very patriarchial where youth were to unquestioningly obey parents. Perhaps my own history affects this, I had to depart from my families religion to even become a Christian but I do question this stressing of authoritarianism within the home. if anything if a father carried out his advice, he would actually ensure more rebellion. The stuff regarding women was very patriarchial as well. Now I read these books almost 10 years ago, so wish I could quote parts, and one can't find them online, but that is the impression I got back then.

Even if a preacher remains strong on sin, against abortion, tells it like it is facing the evils of the world, there can still be a lot wrong there.

With the affairs and other problems regarding Hyles, I have read at least 4-5 others saying the same thing.

So this is why I was more inclined to believe it, but yes everything needs examined and questioned.

With Stewart, I have to admit, I was on his website and read the recent defenses of Hyles.

So he was quite adamant in his defenses. I still have too many questions. When I realized how infiltrated the fundamentalist churches were and saw the Sword of the Lord praising even Catholics and always advancing the NWO right wing agenda, hey it woke me up about things going on there.

One can tell he really liked Hyles, but then too much elevation of man is NOT a GOOD THING. God is no respecter of persons.

The fruits of Schaap and the rest, including EARLIER history of First Baptist are definitely things to be examined.

Yes listen to his preaching that will tell you what you need to know. Everyone has to make up their own minds. I made mine up in reading his books.

You could be right that the troubles began with Schaap, but I have read many speaking about the days with Hyles.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

I am glad you can use that link. Yes I believe reading multiple sources is best and always checking everything out.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Thanks for posting your link.

Yes with Linda Murphey, even with her being in those false New Age/occult things and NLP, there have been too many others repeating the same things.

I will have to watch the videos and more you provided, too later on. I have been low on time even to do my own writing lately but hope do some catch up.

Yes with the church, many aspects always bothered me about it, you are right about the odd design with the "pyramids" and the celtic cross outline on the cross at the center. At least the chairs are not "thrones", I've seen that in some IFBs but that odd titled square the pulpit rests on is very strange with the Greek pillars and all. I do not believe in church spires and it seems that some fundamentalist baptists would understand those are not proper and what they represent and this is a "newer building" not a case of an IFB congregation buying an old congregational church or something.

Yes looks like they are busy with damage control. Thanks for doing that post.

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

I am looking for a link now.

I saw them in a church I visited, the one with a false pastor, where they had these giant wooden chairs, though very fancy and padded with very large arm rests-those were padded as well, and they were far bigger then normal chairs and on elevated platforms.

The chairs I saw were fancier then these even... [not an endorsement of this website]

My old IFB the pastor sat on normal chairs, that everyone else did.

Anonymous said...

May Jack Hyles enjoy his stay in Hell...