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Greg Laurie, Harvest Fest and The 2013 National Day of Prayer Honorary Chairman

Harvest America With Greg Laurie: Largest US Evangelistic Event Ever?

I want you to notice the focus here...

Evangelist Greg Laurie opens up his two-day Harvest Crusades event at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., starting Saturday with the subject "How to find personal happiness." On Sunday, during his biggest Christian outreach event ever, Harvest America, the title of his message will be "Is it possible to change our lives?"

I tried to find a video of this sermon but could not. The title bugs me, personal happiness should not be a Christian's first priority in life, we will receive joy via God but this smacks of a different version of "Have a Best Life Now" Christianity. "Christianity" presented as a "improve your life" message. This has nothing to do with speaking of God's Holiness, or a true biblical message but the typical watered down "gospel", the world is in love with.

One thing in the ads for Harvest Fest, one can see the Dominionist drumbeats, the whole patriotic focus, America has turned away from God, which is true in a sense, but definitely this message is used in their claim that revival will come instead of tribulation. The complaints about God being taken out of the culture, courtrooms, schools, is the typical "culture wars" fare. When he says "It's time for America to turn back to God", this too is an example. As discussed on other articles in comments, there has been discussion of the easy believism at these "crusades" and "harvest fests", I have pointed out the focus on the numbers game and that is here too.

What do you make of this slogan?

I also found out, that Greg Laurie, has been made 2013 National Day of Prayer Honorary Chairman. On his blog he writes: "I have been asked to be the honorary chairman of the National Day of Prayer for 2013. Shirley Dobson, who has done such a wonderful job of overseeing this significant ministry to our country, called me and asked if I would take on this role and of course I agreed.  I am truly honored to serve in this capacity following in the footsteps of others who have done this in the past, including Billy and Franklin Graham, David Jeremiah, and many others."

Don't forget the National Day of Prayer and it's task force's agenda is SEVEN MOUNTAINS Dominionist to the core, with this statement from their website:

Think about that statement [in the blue above--my own highlighting]..."the SEVEN CENTERS of POWER"...of course they have the false UNITY statement too included.

I have posted on this before:

Lausanne and 7 Mountains Dominionism

Shirley Dobson, well I have merely only touched upon Focus on the Family but they are one of the premiere Dominionist organizations out there, this one focusing on "culture wars", she is the wife of James Dobson. Here too the CNP network enters in.

"Dobson was invited to join a secretive organization called the Council for National Policy, a coalition of powerful Republicans who want to cut taxes, shrink the government, and make the United States into a more God-fearing nation. Founded in 1981, the still-active CNP membership included some of the biggest names on the Religious Right, ardent gun-rights supporters, billionaires, Beltway strategists, politicians, fund-raising gurus, and a sprinkling of ex-John Birchers. In the invitation-only club, members are instructed to not talk about the meetings nor reveal the names of their colleagues. Recent speakers have included Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and W. himself, according to the watchdog group Americans United for Separation of Church and State. "From the beginning," t he group writes, " the CNP sought to merge two strains of far-right thought: the theocratic Religious Right with the low-tax, anti-government wing of the GOP. The theory was that the Religious Right would provide the grassroots activism and the muscle. The other faction would put up the money." 
For the next 14 years, Dobson attended the meetings of the Council for National Policy religiously and hobnobbed with some of the powerful Republican operatives that Hillary Clinton would one day claim were part of the "vast, right-wing conspiracy" who were trying to bring down her husband. He became a regular fixture on blue-ribbon panels dealing with family issues. 
As far as Shirley Dobson, the one who appointed Greg Laurie to this chairmanship, I ran across her name and picture on this website called The Summons 2012. It is interesting that her picture is right next to Tony Perkins, if you remember him, I've written about him and his group briefly before in regards to Boykin, of the Family Research Council.

The usual "networks"......


Anonymous said...

Yes, the focus of "get a better life"... what does that mean to the unbeliever? They don't know. They could seek a "better life" on their terms of what that term means, and then get discouraged when trouble because of the Word comes, and then they fall away (Matthew 13:20-21).

But if they come for the sake of getting into heaven, avoiding hell, and being forgiven their sins, then they will know why they converted to the Lord Jesus. If this isn't the focus, then the person can't say that they are about Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. All the focus on having a "better life" it's more pie in the sky stuff that even ignores much of what is happening. You won't see these big name preachers talk about the economic collapse in America, that's for sure. So it's the same old stuff, human potential movement,'be a new improved you', for Christians, this world is not a candyland cake walk but one that will bring persecution and sorrows even from the wickedness that surrounds us, and if you preach a false gospel like this ensuring worldly happiness you are right, this is a definite setup for false conversions and to have people fall away.

shilosontheleft said...

"I am truly honored to serve in this capacity following in the footsteps of others who have done this in the past, including Billy and Franklin Graham, David Jeremiah, and many others."

Have you looked at David Jerimiah before?

This site is the only place NOW that I find his ALL SEEING EYE on a quick search...may have taken it down????

This means of course that David Jerimiah is Free Mason... and we know that Billy Graham is Free Mason.... but..... we all know that there is NO CHANCE that Greg (sat on BGEA board) Laurie is a FM! Right?

I always found any sermon of Laurie"s spiritually stone cold dead.
The only sermons of Laurie's that I ever listened through were when I was a DECISION COUNSELOR at one of his bogus Harvest Crusades.
But some folks DO find these churches quite spiritual.
I can't help but think the high dollar sound systems have something to do with that.
Can't help but think it has to do with Quiet Riot's phrase: COME ON FEEL THE NOIZE....

shilosontheleft said...

One of the most powerful spiritual lessons God ever took me through was COUNTING THE COST. What God intimated to me was that the COST OF DISCIPLESHIP was really really high. Now I'll bet Laurie has taught that lesson at some point but with how much depth?
And WHO are you discipled to?
Or Harvest?

Maybe Laurie bought some Joel Olsteen sermons and is tryin' them out. Probably read a study that found these self help messages drew more followers and more monies.

IF we are truly in the END TIMES, the message CCs have traditionally centered their overriding theme around; then soon there will be great persecution of THE SAINTS.
The "Saints" that Laurie/Olsteen et al are discipling will be ill equipped to deal with persecution. Most of Laurie's saints will quickly fall away when persecution comes.... but then.... maybe that is the goal.

Anonymous said...

Only God knows for sure, but it is questionable that Laurie is even saved as he credits the occultic Lonnie Frisbee for leading him to the Lord. But that cannot be the TRUE Jesus.

No doubt he is a wolf and a mixer of truth and error, following in the footsteps of his mentor, Billy Graham. So many believers are deceived and fooled by him and fiercely defend him.

Those with discernment can even look at his eyes and see another spirit in operation. He is ecumenical to the core and his true colors are coming out more and more, but his fans turn a blind eye. He brags about how many people are "saved" at his crusades but when all the hype dies down what happens?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again - painting all those who believe in the pre-trib rapture with the same broad false teaching "escapism" brush. Laurie speaks some truth as the most deceptive false teachers do.

First off, these are not "Laurie's saints". If they are truly born again despite his incomplete gospel message it is because God used His Word and it convicted their heart instead of all the hype and carnival-type atmosphere.

And ANY tender new believer would be "ill-equipped" to withstand going through the Great Tribulation. God provides for ALL of His own regardless of their maturity in Christ. There is NONE who could in their own power withstand such circumstances. In fact, there is NONE who could be so spiritually mature that they could withstand such persecution. It is only by God's grace!

This kind of thinking is a seductive form of works mentality!

shilosontheleft said...

Follow up to my post on COUNTING THE COST.

Up until around the early 1930s my grandfather was a Free Mason AND he belonged to the Methodist Church in his small town in Oklahoma.
He was a purchasing agent in that part of the country for railroad ties for the railroads, which paid real well.
But something happened to him that changed his life forever, he got saved.

After my grand father got saved the whole Free Masonry thing began bothering him... CONVICTING HIM REALLY.
The problem was that the Mason's had gotten him his position as purchasing agent and he would likely lose his position if he left Free Masonry.
Now remember, this was the early years of the Great Depression; but he did it, my grandfather quit the lodge.... he was promptly fired from his position.

My mom says she remembered seeing her parents on their knees together many times crying out to God for provision because they had 12 children no job, and no hope of a job.
My grandfather was a very smart man but not a very physical man; he never held another REAL job for the rest of his life. There were few jobs in SE Oklahoma even after the depression ended.
My Native American grandmother fed 12 children with her couple of cows, chickens, guineas, garden, and whatever they could forage.
My grandfather became an evangelist and preached at Brush Arbor meetings around SE Oklahoma with my mom being his self taught piano player starting age 11.

My grandfather had been a Justice of the Peace but that ended too.
HIs brother stayed in Free Masonry and became a judge and held that position for many decades.
There is a cost, do you think Greg Laurie et al teach THIS?

Bible Believer said...

Hi Shilohs

Well I have posted on David Jerimiah before. [Used that link too] That isn't a good endorsement either.
I posted one of the pics from his church. Yeah it's not easy to find info on that one.

Greg Laurie yep, many ties to BGEA including written articles and interviews on the BGEA website.

On the surface these churches do look "spiritual" to are right the high dollar media stuff is to draw them in.

A lot of NOISE, and STYLE but no substance.

That is how I felt hearing a few of the sermons as well on video.

Bible Believer said...

LOL I thought of Joel Osteen while writing this...

you know the whole oprah/osteen, be happy stuff.

It's unrealistic even compared to what modern life, stress, economic collapse has become beyond the spiritual lack.

Bible Believer said...

Yes there are new Christians where it will take time to understand tribulation and spiritual preparation and discipleship but have you noted the emphasis on how these false teachers keep everything watered down?

Sure an occasional person may hear some scripture and even hear a false preacher preach and hear SOME TRUTH and go on and become truly born again. Work of the Holy Spirit. So I agree that can happen.

But overall, they are working on deceiving and innoculating people against the biblical Christian gospel.

Bible Believer said...

Shilohs Thank God your grandfather got out of the Freemasons. Yes, can see a man losing his job and livelihood I do not think people even realize the extent that the Freemasons and other connections influence even employment and other areas of life. The freemasons are sworn to help their "brothers" first and rescue those in trouble. That was a great example for your mother in both of your parents praying for God's provision. There are sometimes choices people make that cost them in this world but must be done to obey God.
I still am shocked at how many so called "Christians" sit in those lodges and the ceremonies they call the CRAFT and end with "so mote it be". [just like witches] I've seen a Masonic handbook of the actual ceremonies and what is written in there even for the average lower degreed mason. The strange stuff about the inclusion of all religions and religious books is nauseating enough. Imagine how I felt seeing a pastor at an SBC church I visited with a masonic ring right on his finger with the compass and square. I guess most church members wouldn't notice, the church was dying out anyhow.
That is great you had an evangelist grandfather too. I come from a totally Catholic/atheist/agnostic family would not hear the gospel even until I was in college, saved even later.

The Freemasons look out for one another. I dare say being a freemason probably makes for far more secure higher level employment.

I don't think Greg Laurie will teach that there is a cost.

Do any of the "happy life" preachers do?

Bible Believer said...

Example of them calling it "the craft", this wasn't the book I saw...

Anonymous said...


Just studying Paul's sermon in the synagogues and how different it is than the messages of today. Paul preached that we are sinners, that Jesus fulfilled prophecy, and that with repentance we can follow him and how he taught us to be.

A lot of messages coming out now are how to live a great life, be happy, God will bless, being elevated, lifted up, not listening to haters. If the message is not positive, no one will hear it and they capitalize on that.

The sermons of the early apostles were not all positive and flowery, but showed men that they/we were sinners in need of a savior.

I think we all need to really look into the background of Laurie, Frisbee, Smith, Kuhlman, Foursquare, etc. It really opened my eyes.

Thanks BB for all your articles lately.

shilosontheleft said...

You figgered it out too Labby?
Good job.
The biggest obstacle in figuring it out, in understanding the inconsistancies, is to finally postualate that these are not good men.
Once you are psychologically able to slip that constant into the equation the whole thing starts making sense.
Once you have THAT constant then you can even start predicting some behaviours that will come out of them given certain imput.
Really pretty facinating.

The one thing I disagree on with most is Lonnie Frisbee.
My belief about Lonnie is not based on full knowledge of the man but upon a feeling I get when I listen to him and knowing who the men were who I call Lonnie's handlers.
It is my belief that Lonnie Frisbee was not the evil ursurper that his handlers were but Lonnie was a true believer.
Was he involved in stupid stuff that was demonic?
You betcha.
But I don't think he actually KNEW he was "channeling" dark spirts/devils.
Lonnie was a throw away kid who had no sophistication of any sort and really was a poor reader, and was child like in his enthusiasm.

Lonnie was dumped when hes was no longer of use and guys like Laurie were elevated because Greg was... well... more CRAFTY you might say.

I know on discernment sites that guys like Lonnie are easy to rip apart but for me there is a difference in doing stupid stuff not knowing that the stuff is stupid as opposed to doing stupid stuff fully knowing the stuff is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Lonnie Frisbee was obviously of "another spirit". He was deceived and was used mightily of Satan. There is no way he was a saved man. There was a kundalini spirit in operation in him.

Yes, he was a charismatic tool available at the right time and place and those who used him will be held accountable.

He cannot be portrayed as a victim - he was a willing accomplice and practiced a wicked, wild lifestyle both morally and spiritually.

According to the Word of God,not the judgments of humans, Lonnie Frisbee was not a true believer.
He was a practicer of evil and an enemy of God. Tragic, but true.

Anonymous said...

That "500000 decisions" number looks like some marketing campaign. Like "over 20 billion served".

You can't market the Holy Spirit. But since he is going for such specific numbers, it tends towards the testimony of other posters who said that fakes "coming forward" to pump up the appearance, is what Laurie is doing.

And there's that word "decisions", again. Decision for what? To believe in Jesus alone as Savior? Or to add works? Apparently to add works, since, if you don't "come forward", you're in trouble with Laurie.

Anonymous said...

Decision means "deciding" to accept the free gift of salvation to others - what Laurie meant I can't say.

Trusting Christ calls for a public sign in some way at some point, a confessing with the mouth as the Bible says.This is not a "work" but a step of obedience, just as water baptism is a step of obedience and not a work. The baptismal regen folks think so, but this is heresy. Salvation is a gift and all God expects is a response and not to be ashamed of Him.

Only God knows how many of the numbers Laurie claims are saved, but considering the hype, probably many are just responding to an emotion rather than a true rebirth of their spirits. That is why these types of events are so deceptive. Christians support these events because they think it will draw the unsaved. Wrong. What draws the unsaved is the pure Word of God, not the works of man. Yes, the unsaved will come to hear the rock bands just as they do with the Franklin Graham concerts, but this is not a biblical approach. It is just another emergent method of "engaging the culture".

Anonymous said...

The fact that Laurie uses the word "decisions" instead of believe, shows you his ecumenicalism.

Anonymous said...

Anon, what word do you suggest would be a proper instead of "decisions"? One word (decision) is a noun and the other (believe) is a verb.

To make such a sweeping judgment based on just one word seems quite strange.

Of course Laurie is ecumenical, but to base it on one term is quite astounding.

Anonymous said...

Not astounding. I use a person's use of believe, or refusal of the word believe, as as test for the basis of who I listen to in terms of doctrine. If they just can't bring themselves to simply use believe as Jesus and all the apostles did, then I don't want any of their doctrine.

The owner of this blog gets it, and uses believe openly, which is why I keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Strange litmus test! Based on one word. Curious why you never addressed the Greek meaning and the "bronze serpent" response.

Also if "trusting Christ" was acceptable because it means the same as "believing in Christ".

I don't think Bible Believer has ever stated that she bases her assessment on the validity of a ministry on one word.

If all that keeps you coming back to this blog is how she uses the word "believe" as your sole criteria, that seems very short-sighted. There is much on this blog of value. I don't agree with everything she posts, but believe the blogster is sincere in her efforts and brings forth truth we need to know.

Anonymous said...

Well that is my criteria. I have found, without exception, that those who refuse the word believe, and always want to replace it, end up going into Rome-ish error. It has been an unfailing test for many years, from Billy Graham, to Greg Laurie, to many online.

The owner of the blog sees the error, and says it the right way. And since this issue is about salvation, then if a person gets that wrong, what does it matter if they say other things right? The owner of the blog gets salvation right, and that is the most important thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon, salvation is not based on one word. Yes, we must believe, but Satan believes. We must trust Christ, acknowledge that He is God, and receive Him and apply His saving grace to ourselves personally and acknowledge that we are sinners. We must also acknowledge that there is nothing we can do of ourselves to earn salvation - it is a GIFT that we must RECEIVE.

And you still refuse to answer the question is it is correct to say "trust Christ" and also the "bronze serpent" comments you made.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, because Jesus just said to beileve.

Paul said the same thing (Acts 16:30-31).

If all the extra wording were necessary that you included, then Paul misspoke, and so did Jesus.

But neither of them misspoke. I believe Jesus, and not you.