Monday, July 9, 2012

What's With That Monument?

Got the video from Stuff Fundies Like

Why on earth would you build a mini-Washington Monument to pay homage to your favorite pastor? This is more 'worship of man". There is definitely something wrong with "Christian" pastors using pagan obelisks referred to in the Bible as "pillars or images of jealousy". As we know world wide the obelisk is a marker for Satan ranging from what the Vatican has in their front yard, to the one in Washington DC. It is a phallic symbol related to pagan cults, and we know that often the "cap" of the obelisk is shown with the "all seeing eye".

Falsehoods and Falling Away in the Fundamentalist Churches!

Hmm I just noticed in my old article above, that all the videos have been removed from youtube.

The first video had been another video of a very misguided monument for Hyles.

I found this video with Bible verses, that shows the "ceremony" for that bronze statue of Jack Hyles and his wife.


Marion said...

Apparently, that monument is a sad, but very appropriate memorial to the shameful life of Jack Hyles and the "spirit" which led his life. Shocking!

And shame on those who looked the other way, and then write books lifting up a most UN-godly man!

Anonymous said...

Well I once read say that Free Masons like to wear bright red ties, handkerchiefs, and such to tip off their buds.
KInd of goes along with the monument.

Right after I read this thing about red ties and such I attended the above conference .. hmmm... NAW!!!!! COULDN'T BE.

Bible Believer said...

I think the monument is sad too definitely.

At my last IFB church, they did have Jack Hyles books, and I found him rather legalistic, and Dominionist in outlook having read some of his things from the church library.

When I was in that IFB a church I have a favorable memory of though today, my beliefs would not all 'fit" no longer being pre-Trib or holding to Christian Zionism etc. {warned about Dominionism there}, I realized we had many visiting preachers, who I deemed as "false". It got so bad I started sitting out the revival weeks.

Thanks for the article.

I found out about the dubious First Baptist stuff some years ago.

I believe the fundamentalist churches have been massively infiltrated as well.

Bible Believer said...

Oh didn't write this above. I do believe Jack Hyles is a false teacher. When I read his books for myself and this was many years ago, I had an uneasy feeling. There was one he wrote I am trying to remember the title of that even reminded me of Gothard and legalism.

I did not agree with his advice on rearing children. Strains of Dominionism, and "control" and patriarchy movement stuff before I knew what all that was about.

Bible Believer said...

what is it with the CROWN looking hankerchiefs in the pocket? I keep seeing preachers all over the place in videos wearing that. Is that crown of templar mark or just tacky fashon sense? I find myself thinking that is a tip-off. However how about that one I'm seeing all over the place, the CROWN POINTS HANKERCHIEFS and usually on preachers of some sort.