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Questioning The Cutting Edge Website and David Bay

I left Cutting Edge behind some time ago.  I don't get to every subject just due to time restraints, that should be covered on this blog, but they definitely were a website, I believe needed some questions asked and more exploration.

What is interesting is finding out the fact that Chris Pinto and David Bay work together
[This information was provided by a commenter]

Look at the list of names above with David E Bay as Executive Producer and Christian J. Pinto as director. 

This isn't good, especially if you have read the latest on Chris Pinto:

"Will The Real Chris Pinto Stand Up"?

Christian J. Pinto: Double Agent of the Double Cross ++

Do all these guys know each other? Sure seems to be that way.

What's with this bloody logo? Anyone kind of grossed out by it? I sure am.

What's with all the very dubious teachers showing up? Doc Marquis, was mentioned in a recent article I did where he did a conference with Chuck Missler doing a lecture on the Illumanti:

"The "Christian" Experts and their Delusions"

It seems to me just like every false teacher out there is united on false Pre-Trib Rapture teachings, they all come together on the creepy Nephilim messages. Read what I have warned about regarding aliens and the nephilim. This is more delusion of the greatest kind and all of them nod towards non-scripture such as the book of Enoch to back up their claims.

While there a few sincere people who I believe need to research the matter more in depth, the whole Nephilim thing is always pushed on too many "exposing the NWO" websites out there. It seems to be a message the whole false controlled opposition crowd are very invested in. The Cutting Edge website also does sell books like -Israel and the Church: The Prodigal Heirs - DVD by Dr. Chuck Missler

By the way what's with that clock that ends on 60 marked with the Star of David? How about that weird looking hand [V hand sign]? and well we are ever familiar with the masonic checkerboard.

Tom Horn's books and videos also make a consistent appearance, this including the ones that focus on aliens and Nephilims too, but here they focus on FALSE Catholic prophecy instead.

Why would you want your Christian readers to put ANY STOCK in any false non-biblical Catholic prophecies? Even if I have mentioned the Malachy prophecies, I tell people don't trust them. Anything coming out of Rome can be used to deceive and has been used to deceive such as the prophecies surrounding their false Marian apparitions, some even written after the fact. What on earth is the Jesuit Codex and why would you direct readers to Jesuit anything? Here too within this book, you see the focus on 2012 and subtle date-setting. The book also mentions Malachi Martin, well Martin was a Jesuit and I read enough of his books, to know his game, was to promote the Vatican as being "infiltrated" instead of the originator of evil.

Then there is Bill Schnoebelen. His books are sold on the Cutting Edge website. This is an author I have not gotten much time to write about, but he was one of the first ones I encountered where discernment said stay away. I saw one of his old newsletters years and years ago where he had the oddest logos it looked like multiple letters placed upon each other, with Ws included and was very questionable. Later I would see this article where someone else had exposed it as a "rune".

Bill Schnoebelen's "With One Accord Logo": RUNE

The book covers always seem to have weird stuff on them. Why are there two "Ms" contained within each O above in the word "DOOM"? ["M" is used in occult markings]

Mike Hoggard is another author whose books are sold on the Cutting Edge website. This blogger goes deeper into his teachings and occult markings on his books. Mike Hoggard I was not very familiar with.

"Mike Hoggard and His Spiritual Conspiracy"

I wrote about the logo to a reader very recently, wondering why it was so bloody. A few years ago, I departed from Cutting Edge, no longer trusting it as a valid website. I had departed from them over their Christian Zionism, promotion of those like Tom Horn and other false teachers, and weird stuff, I could never figure out why they seemed to emphasize Freemasonic origins of the KJV Bible. Yes, there are those who could have issued Freemasonic altered versions or included such art with a Bible, but it all seemed written and set up to bring people into doubting God's Word and to have double messages.

I never really trusted the Cutting Edge website because of this issue.  Why would you not only make money selling books, tapes and the rest which one can understand some payment for the production of those said items but then charge people an additional 25 dollars to read your "watchmen" articles? What kind of watchman would want to profit of warning people? If you truly want to warn why limit this to those who can afford your fee? Don't you want as many people to know as possible what is going on out there?

I consider Cutting Edge, like "Infowars" for Christians. Some information is valuable, but make sure what else to be careful of what they are selling along with some of the expose's on the new world order and false religions.

Sometimes when one is research other matters, they see the same names crop up over and over. Many of us bloggers have covered the overly-incestous world of phony Christian "apologetics". It really is getting to the point where you wonder who is sincere anymore though you know they are out there too. Of course knowing who is an "insider" themselves or deceived by the others, remains in question.

I've seen David Bay's name cropping up in a variety of odd places.

Here is a connection that deeply concerned me too...

This video explores Bible prophecy and the coming last day empire. It features unique never-before- seen interviews, historical film footage, hundreds of support graphics, original 3D animation, and a powerful musical score. § State-of-the-art 3D animation graphics that provide visual aid for: o Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an image representing four world empires o The fourth beast of Daniel’s prophecy o The seven headed beast of Revelation 13 o Mystery Babylon the Great o Antichrist, and 10 Kings of Rev 17 o The False Prophet 

Speakers are: Dave Hunt, David Bay, T.A. McMahon, Joe Schimmel, Lynn Marzulli, Caryl Matrisciana, William T. Still

Caryl Matrisciana?

Not good. Way too many connections to the Council for National Policy with that one. Long time readers of this blog may remember this article...

Caryl Matrisciana, Wide is The Gate and The Council For National Policy

By the way, I do not trust Dave Hunt as a teacher, he is aging, and sickly today but has had connections with Missler and his own dubious connections and teachings.

Watch this.....[David Bay being interviewed]

Doc Marquis was in a coven too?

Well  Schnoebelen admits it.

There are those who do sincerely leave the occult and become Christians but you have to wonder about these guys who claim they left the occult, but then hang out with false teachers like Missler.

In the video it is weird they were telling people the economy would not be going into collapse? [it's collapsing now] He may be right about it being fast at the end. Even if the stock market is going up and some are profiting off of things, does not mean no collapse is happening. All one has to do is have a memory and look around at all the empty store fronts and know the number of people who are unemployed. Hey the new world order isn't going to tell people what is going on.

Hey do you see what I see here? See something funny about that handshake?

Be careful when it comes to the Cutting Edge website. As I have written on this blog, they got a LAYER for deception or a net to catch people who find stuff out at every level. So they definitely have done a masterful job of seeking to fool Christians who happen to become New World Order aware. I remember the days when I knew little and while I questioned some things on there, thought this was a good website warning of things. I am thankful to God, He showed me the truth about the deep deceptions they are seeking to lead people into.

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe in the pre-trib rapture, and I don't want to debate that. But you made one comment that struck me, and it deserves more attention. You said:

"Do all these guys know each other? Sure seems to be that way."

It is absolutely that way. And growing every day. Growing every day in every aspect of "Christendom".

Rick Warren/Franklin Graham/Greg Laurie/Mark Driscoll/etc/etc all meet together and speak together at conferences and such and defend one another. Just like all the "discernment" guys all meet together at the same conferences as well and defend one another.

What is currently called "evangelicalism" is a big mass of compromise and apostasy marching its way into Rome more every day. That's why it's happening. The goal is Rome.

So we are running out of words to use to describe ourselves, here. We can't just say "Christian", because now that word means anything to some people out there, they use that word to apply to catholics, mormons, new agers, etc. We can't say "evangelicals" because that makes people think of compromised conferences of all these guys and FOX news and going on crusade wars etc.

So we're left with the one word that is used far more often in the New Testament than any other word to describe us, the word they don't want to use, because this word is too narrow. And that word is:


They won't use that word, because, it demands an explanation of doctrine, but they don't want to be restricted by doctrine. If they were restricted by doctrine, they couldn't join up together anymore, and couldn't continue the march into Rome anymore.

Bible Believer said...

Thus my use of the phrase Bible Believing Christians or Bible believers. I know you are right, that so many phoneys use "Christian", the Mormons and Catholics even say they are and are not. It means little to people out there.

I think they all do know each other. One main nexus seems to be the CNP while there are subset groups, like Compass that News4themasses has written about and many others. Of course to be frank at the very end they all lead "home to Rome" all the connections. When I do research on this blog, one verse I follow is that Rome is the mother of all abominations and it's true, you can trace everything back.

CNP traces back with their Knights of Malta involvements and even Rev Moon--who while not Catholic is an antichrist ally to the whole mess.

All these false preachers while a few have different flavors, neo-evangelical vs, Calvinist, or acouple Presbys thrown in with the Calvary Chapelists it all is the same thing at the core.

Ephesians 5:11 blog, wrote a recent post where he talks about the different layers. I had written some months ago about them having a net and a layer for everyone who learns or is shown anything

He is right about the Christian "conspiracy media" being phony.

Yep, and that world has different layers too, ie they got nets waiting for those who move beyond certain levels. IE there are phony websites for those who figure out Alex Jones is hooked in with the Jesuits and phony websites for those who move beyond the NewsWithViews set.

I will repeat my message to TRUST ONLY GOD 100%.

With the "network"

One thing to look at is the sheer numbers of those who worked in

"intelligence" [that applies to Missler too doesn't it?

were "ex-Satanist Illumantis" [they just don't say they dabbled reading some Alice Bailey or doing spells as a teen]

Have praises from other high level groups [advertisements for books, promotions, etc]

Yeah it makes you wonder.

And one thing too I wonder about, some of these guys have been studying for over 20 years and they still haven't figured out Missler teaches false things?

Well you know what I think about that.

It is an insiders world, an old boy's club of false preachers with a few false females thrown in and the same names crop up over and over all over the place.

Marion said...

This post by N4TH explains alot as well...check out the massive amount of folks involved, and this is not all of is an old list...

Lisa Ruby said...

The newly-designed logo with the dripping blood -- shocks and saddens me.

David Bay's webmaster --Jim Hedgepath --has a Pegasus logo on his businesses. There are two that I am aware of: Pegasus Originals and Peg Web.

Hedgepath sells occult-type needlepoint kits too. "Fantasy Alphabets. knights, wizards Pegasus unicorns and castles"

Lisa Ruby said...

You wrote, "There are those who do sincerely leave the occult and become Christians but you have to wonder about these guys who claim they left the occult, but then hang out with false teachers like Missler."

I agree. Those who really do turn their back on Satan and renounce his wicked works will not fraternize with and go into business with those who teach occult doctrines. Nor will they promote occult doctrines themselves -- the popular man/demon hybrid (Nephilim) doctrine is a case in point.

Lisa Ruby said...

Compare the current "bloody" logo with the logo of years past:

Very disturbing.

Lisa Ruby said...

I meant to include this link in an earlier post. This is the url to Jim Hedgepath's Pegweb site:

He has a newly designed logo too -- still a Pegasus though.

Bible Believer said...

Lisa that logo bugs me too.

You are right Lisa they would not fraternize with those who teach occult doctrines. The Nephilim thing is bothering me more and more. There too some of the sincere got scooped up but I think the higher ups pushing this all over the place know what they are doing.

Yeah the old Cutting Edge logo has the sword but it is just oddly red tipped. Looks like that one was far more subtle and then they switched it to be more blatant with the blood. Why would the Sword of the Lord be connected by any "Christian" to bloodshed?

Thanks for the other links.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be posting late on this one, but I just ended up over at the Cutting Edge yesterday due to some links to books I was researching. I did a search on your site to see if you had looked into this weirdo site, and lo and behold, you did.

I thought the whole website had a lurid and ghoulish feeling (all the books, DVDs seem to have horror designed covers etc.)

The logo is horrible. A bloody sword is a weapon of war or execution, and it just happens to also be the means of martyring Christians during the end-times (Rev 20:4, Rev 6:9-11, Rev 7:14-17).

These images are just mental garbage.

Anyway, I agree with your assessment. I think that this website is designed to feed a believer with a little bit of correct expose info (bait), then drag them down an endless trail of increasing fear and despair (trap) with their lurid products.

This is not suppose to be the attitude of saved believers, who are told to have faith, hope and confidence in Jesus Christ, regardless of the state of the world system. In fact, God's Word insists that this world system is wretchedly, cunningly evil and currently under the influence of Satan.

In times like this, we need to remember that there is only ONE SWORD that will have the final say:

Revelation 19:15
“And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.”

Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your post I agree.

I believe it is definitely a net to catch those Christians who become new world order aware, but instead of offering full truth, they mix truth and lies together.

Bettye said...

So, I have been a Christian for more than 40 years… Grew up thinking christians were perfect or at least tried to be and didn’t let people find out otherwise. People like Jerry Falwell, I considered to be great men. You know, the moral morjority. I hve been seeing stuff one the internet that really concerns me. An I am finding it extremely hard to find and stay with a church the more my eyes get opened. If Chuck Missler,Jerry Falwell, Tim La Haye, Chuck Smith, Mark Hitchcock, Rick Warren, Hal Lindsey, Rick Joyner, John Walvoord, Charles Ryrie, J. Dwight Pentecost, Norman Geisler, Greg Laurie, Franklin and Billy Graham, John Hagee, Charles Stanley are all wrong then who is preaching the truth. Is there a denomination that has stayed closer to the truth.. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am very frustrated with the churches I have attended.Most are part of the Emergent (Society).

Bible Believer said...

Bettye many of us on here have come out of the church system. I believe we are in the great falling away, the Bible warns us especially in the last days the hirelings will proliferate and will "wax worse". I know it is hard to not have a church, it is personally painful for me too but I can not stay with a group associated with false leaders, Emergent stuff, ecumenical movement, etc. I have written several articles Christians without a church, check those out. I discuss this issue. Trust me I know it is tough.

Bettye said...

Have you done any research on the 119 ministries? The website is

Bible Believer said...

I'll look into that thanks...

Bettye said...

Forget my last post! I was way off... Thank God for fellow believers with knowledge and discernment..

ben chaplin said...

No offence, but you're using the word discernment to excuse what is clearly anti-Christian behavior.

We are told to judge righteous judgement and to expose heresy, not condemn everyone we don't agree with to hell.

Please tell me how Tom Horn's books pervert the doctrine of salvation?

Please tell me how Chuck Missler's teachings pervert the doctrine of salvation?

Please tell me how Russ Dizdar's teachings - that are designed to reach new agers and Islamists - pervert the doctrine of salvation.

You've turned the word discernment into elitist judgement.

Would you like it if I wrote a post that called you a heretic because you don't believe the fallen angels/woman scenario, even though this scenario is seen in mythology in every part of the world, the Jewish believed it and the early Christian Church believed it?

It doesn't automatically make it true, but that's not my point.

Go to YouTube and type in UFO sightings 2012. You'll get 1,000s of results. What's going to be more detrimental to a Christians faith if 'aliens' arrive:

- The belief that the Bible talks of no such event or possibility.
- The belief that it does.

Please, brother or sister, focus on Christ and His love.

What is the greatest commandment?

Anonymous said...

David bay is an agent of Freemasonry who pretends to speak against it, his heavily biased Prophetic revelations reveal him & his ministry.

Nana said...

Just "stumbled" onto your website while googling Cutting Edge before I read anything on it. Glad I did. Great article.

Nana said...

Unfortunately, the first two links, which are about C. Pinto, lead nowhere.

Anonymous said...

It becomes clear that David bay/Alex Jones/Pinto/Dave Hunt/Missler etc are but Double Agents common in 'Zionism' for Zionism(even unto the many alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court to Egypt) is freemasonry & freemasonry is theosophy by Gnosticism(turning the truth of God into a Lie) which projects "That the Arch was made for the temple instead of the Temple made for the Arch' to making man as god to saying man makes god, all but contrary to the words "Ye are temple of the Living God"

Willie Matney said...

What is 'anti-Christian behavior' as stated above, is those who hide behind Christianity to spread hoaxes and downright lies. When you have those, claiming to be 'Christian', and then have the nerve and audacity to claim to be a minister, and quote Abel Clarin de la Rive, and Leo Taxil, claiming it to be real, then you have those who match the seven people that Jesus said he despised, on top of breaking a few of the ten commandments. Being a so-called minister, pastor, reverend, priest, etc., does not give them the right to slander anyone else, using lies and proven hoaxes.

I find it funny, how these protestant 'Christians', can quote Catholics and non-canon scripture, as credible sources, then turn around a curse them, calling the Pope the anti-Christ, and the Catholic church the 'whore of Babylon' (see Pat Robertson and many others). Next, they use the very Bible the Catholic church put together, or worse, the KJV Bible, with several mis-translations and inaccuracies. On top of this, they only find it convenient to quote the Old Testament, when it is used to show someone in a bad light, and at that, they don't even understand what they are quoting to start with (see Isaiah 14:12). Last, they love quoting the works of known conspiracy nutters, starting with the likes of Cardinal Rodriguez from Chile, Edith Starr Miller, and William Guy Carr, which all three have been totally debunked.

If you notice, the ones who do this, have something to sell, including all the so-called televangelists, and those like Mike Hoggard, and his buddy, Bill Schnoebelen, who you could not beat the truth out of either. Yes, they are getting rich off the backs of the ignorant, gullible, and uneducated, by selling books and videos, packed full of outright lies, mis-quoted and wrongful-quoted scripture, and pure bigotry, for organizations and people they know nothing about. Then, when you look where many of these ministers get the so-called PhD's, they come from a Bible college, housed in a double-wide trailer, in Colorado (see Dr. Dino Hovind, and may other ministers). Their degrees are not worth the paper they are written on, and real lettered scholars do nothing but laugh at them.