Friday, July 13, 2012

More on Moon, the religious right and leaders who support him

Hmm did you know Pat Boone was the emcee for a Moon banquet?

I always thought he was suspect ever since I saw his "heavy metal" album.

Notice who shows up at this conference with Moon doing a keynote speech in the late 1980s....

Beverely LaHaye, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, Jack Kemp, George Bush

Here is another video, I do not agree with some things regarding Obama but much of the information is very interesting.

I found this video at this blog "The Real Sun Myung Moon" , I do not agree with everything such as defenses for Obama but much of the information here is interesting.

Ask yourself why does George Bush [the first Bush] promote Moon?

At this blog, I found this 2009 entry:

George H.W. Bush and other World Leaders Puff Up Moon

"Bush and other prominent current and former world leaders recently congratulated Moon on his autobiography. Bush wrote (6:37 of the video), "I salute Rev. Moon, and all of you, for your work and your service to the world. I believe that public service of all kinds is an honorable calling. Yes, there are great challenges, but our will and determination are, and must be, greater."

A commenter said that these were not for the autobiography but for Moon's birthday [different birthdays] instead, I do not think that makes things any better.

See too from 2008:

Former President Bush and Sun Myung Moon's "Holy Wine" Ceremony

I found this website and it is a LIBERAL website so of course I do not agree with the politics therein, but if they are right about who is in the middle of this picture, that says a lot too.

Bush Sr. To Celebrate Rev. Sun Myung Moon - Again

Don't miss this one...from the Real Sun Myung Moon blog as well:


In the diagram, I have charted how this insidious mutualism has taken place in recent American history with groups that have a theocratic orientation. Let me discuss the players:

1) Amway/Kingpin IBOs. This refers to Amway Global network marketing company as well as some of the more reactionary distributor organizations headed by wealthy reactionary "kingpin" distributors (known in Amway as Independent Business Owners-or IBOs). Here is a newspaper story on the exploitative nature of many of the top Amway kingpin IBOs.

2) The Falwell Organization. This pertains to the various organizations run by Jerry Falwell (1933-2007).

3) Sun Myung Moon Groups. This includes the Family Federation for World Peace, 1000 front groups, and media organizations, notably the Washington Times and the UPI wire service.

4) The Right-Wing Governmental Apparatus. Prominent members of the right who exercise governmental power.

5) The Neo-Confederate Movement. This refers to the white supremacist movement in the United States that usually poses as a movement to preserve "Southern heritage." In fact, this heritage is largely one in which a small oligarchy kept itself in power in the American South for over a hundred years by pitting poor white against poor black--to keep both groups oppressed.

Please read the entire article, much more regarding the diagram is shown.

I know I am tossing a lot of information up, but it is interesting how these secular and other websites have done the research Christians should have been paying attention to a long time ago!

Hey I believe this all hooks into the Dominionism movement as a whole.


Marion said...

nice job...what you failed to mention about ALL of the above connections is that they are all members of the Council for National Policy...with that bit of information and knowledge about that organization...EVERYTHING ELSE makes perfect sense...

Bible Believer said...


Yep the council for national policy seems to definitely be the central factor doesn't it?

and Moon has had his fingers in that pie too.

[posting this link for information not endorsement but interesting information on Moon and CNP]

It's interesting to see what the "network" is all hooked into.

Anonymous said...

I just read a blog that exposed CuttingEdge, they didn't go into great detail just alluded to the occult symbols used on Cutting Edge ministries. Mind you Cutting Edge produces and sells videos, like Pinto's and Oakland's and oh, yeah, the other CNP Favorite, Pat Matrisciana and Caryl Matrisciana. See how they cover all their bases. But then you have some bloggers who expose half the story so they look great on the outside, but on the inside they all work for each other...

Bible Believer said...

Could you send me the link?

I used to be an avid reader of Cutting Edge but with time, discerned there was a lot missing and well...I developed the rule, to be wary of those who admitted they had worked in "intelligence", I also thought, "ok you sell books and videos but you want 25 bucks from every single person to read your articles?" That whole profit for being a supposed watchman from the beginning bothered me greatly. There are teachers and websites, I just do not get around to covering myself and with Cutting Edge, I do not know enough to know if he is just deceived by some of the false teachers like Tom Horn, or what the whole story is? While he warns about the NWO, he uses a Bible version I am NOT familiar with and there are other strange things on there I didn't agree with. He posts Berit Kjos articles and I have to admit, I have major questions about her after reading her website for years, more based on what is MISSING, and CNP connections I've seen mentioned elsewhere online but I haven't researched the whole matter yet. I have to admit, I have serious concerns about the whole NEWSWITHVIEWS crowd and KJOS runs with that set. [they publish Constance Cumbey articles]

Of course the whole Nephilim and Christian Zionist deceptions are promoted there and one major reason to depart though he admits some evil workings in the Israeli govt.

He's got some truths on there about the NWO, but some of my concerns grew with time.

I would be interested to see the article. I haven't read there much recently but looked today and see he has articles on 2012 and Nephilim etc.

I wrote someone who was writing me here, forget who it was, I write a lot of people LOL, and told them the Cutting Edge logo with the bloody edge of the sword deeply concerned me.

Here is that logo:

Bible Believer said...

The Matriscianas?

Yeah that is bad news...

"Speakers are: Dave Hunt, David Bay, T.A. McMahon, Joe Schimmel, Lynn Marzulli, Caryl Matrisciana, William T. Still"


Doc Marquis, Pinto, etc

Not good...

Yeah I can see where this is going....

Doc Marquis shows up in this article...

He did a conference with Missler...

Bible Believer said...

"But then you have some bloggers who expose half the story so they look great on the outside, but on the inside they all work for each other..."

I never expected to find what has been found by me as well as other bloggers exposing the same thing. How intertwined the entire world is, and how they expose some things and not others and put out new lures and deceptions to mislead people.

Well that is the reason Jesus stressed LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU...

William Saunders said...

Pinto and David Bay (cuttingedge)are together -

William Saunders said...

Pinto and David Bay (cuttingedge)are together -

Bible Believer said...

Well that says it the "apologetics" world seems more and more intertwined.