Friday, July 13, 2012

Moon Still Doing Mass Weddings

I saw this show on TV [Mass Moon Weddings by TLC] and watched more to see what Moon and the Unification show are up to lately.

Mass Moon Wedding

Moon is still holding his Mass Moon Weddings where thousands of couples line up and in this show paid 3,000 dollars per couple! to be married by him. The TLC show showed this meeting where he actually paired people up to be married at whim while others being born into the Unification church, had their parents choose their spouse and let them meet ahead of time. Yes now there is a second generation of Moonies, [this applies to several couples in the TLC show] and sadly like so many other false religions, the young people have not questioned what they have inherited.

Don't forget Moon's connections to the Council for National Policy  [Link posted for information, I am not in agreement with everything on the website]

CNP members have taken millions of dollars from Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church and the conservative Washington Times newspaper, and are aligned with various other groups supported by him such as CAUSA International. I guess in lieu of the money they overlook Moon’s religious message which places him as superior to Jesus Christ. In fact, Moon was crowned “King of Peace” in a ceremony in the United States Senate Office Building, (not before the actual United States Senate). CNP members have also supported legislation proposed by the Church of Scientology.

CNP also has membership links to the World Anti-Communist League, whose many other members included, among others, the Unification Church and backers of rightist paramilitary death squads in Latin America, particularly during the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

Remember Tim LaHaye's connection to Moon, even the briefest google search will turn up countless direct personal connections. Tim LaHaye who has lies in his novels such as people getting the mark of the beast and still being saved (Scripture makes it clear that everyone that takes the mark is damned forever without any hope), saying that the pope would be raptured (catholic support usually proves a person to be compromised).

I am a believer in the pre-trib rapture (I don't care to debate the theology of it, it's just what I believe based on the Scriptures), and I see LaHaye used as a way to hijack it and discredit people like me.

Bible Believer said...

Yes, you are right about the Tim Lahaye connections there.

Those novels I believe are for total deception, the worse thing is the person taking the mark of the beast, a character named Chan, and then they write it out that he was able to be saved anyway which is a total lie.

I hope you can reconsider the pre-trib view but I am glad you understand that Lahaye and these books are full of deceptions.

I wonder if Romney has connections to Moon. I need to research that one. I posted more about Moon from this article. Sometimes as I research things, I decide to put up what I find on the blog. Yes Moon is a part of a lot of the nonsense going on.

I am now researching Ban Ki Moon and the Unification church finding some articles that say the General Secretary of the UN is involved.

I've heard some say that Ban Ki Moon is actually Moon's son but I have not been able to find a site or any "proof" to back this up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have something like this in L.A., but for Christian singles.

bruce said...

Moon is a pretty common name in Korea and Ban Ki is not related to Rev.Moon. There's no link between Romney and Rev.Moon either. If you are researching Unificationism I'll be happy to help. Im a member of the group and a professional librarian.