Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Links Posted for Information, Not As Endorsements"

Definitely some websites I agree with more then others.

Some websites I have linked have good information on them but I do not agree with all of what they have posted. For example,  I do not agree with "Contending For the Truth" regarding the Nephilim. Other links I trust more then others.

I try to avoid those with blatant errors but consider the information on some to be worthwhile.

I considered taking down all links but then figured it would be better for my readers to have access to the information on the blogs provided. That said DISCERN WISELY and pray to God about whatever you read.

I have now made it blog policy not to endorse any website 100%. We are in the days where people should only be trusting God 100%. Some probably can tell via what I have exposed here, that we are dealing with deep deception on so many levels, that is actually the best way for anyone to go now. Even in writing articles, finding "clean" links in the Christian world beyond secular and mainstream cites is getting tougher and tougher.

So this is why I have added that caveat to my LIST of LINKS


Lisa Ruby said...

Because websites are constantly changing in content, it is just not possible to link to them without some sort of qualification.

It is wise to warn each blog visitor to visit each and every website they come across on the internet with a discerning and prayerful heart.

news4themasses said...

thank you so much for putting this post up. I appreciate the distinction between putting a blog/link up as reference and not as a 100% endorsement. I'm actually one of the ones up there on that list and I take no offense whatsoever to your policy. It is only beneficial to me as I have been attacked for "allowing" you to have my blog listed when someone finds something wrong with (or something they disagree with) your other links. First of all, I allow people to link to my blog for information purposes and never should anyone's link 'to me' be constituted as my endorsing of them. With my Arizona Pastor posting recently I had sites linking to me that are Liberal and Atheist! And I am in no way aligned with their standards so it's not prudent to assume because the outside world discovers a post and links to it that all of a sudden 'we're all one.' That being said, there are others out there (blogs/Discernment Ministries/Networks) that G4 and I, as well as others have exposed and it is exactly the opposite in their case, where their links DO constitute endorsement, and their elk speak at each others' conferences, endorse each others' books, etc. I consider my blog solely independent from any and all other blogs. Now I do visit here and comment here on occasion- I comment elsewhere too when I respond to posts, so that's not an endorsement either! Because I've left comments at places I don't agree with. I encourage all the readers at N4TM to exercise wisdom and discernment and to continue to test the spirits.

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

Thanks News4themasses. Yeah it is just better to make this policy. There are links I disagree with, but for information purposes use them such as cites in articles so I figured this was the best way to go for the LINKS LIST. Some of the links, I disagree with aspects but considering what is being exposed here, there are things, written at these different places that others should be able to find out. I agree about those who linked to me. That does not mean I endorse them. There is even some New Age website that talks about the new world order that has linked here, but I guess if some of their members come over here, they can read the Christian/Bible angle on things.

You are right other places they do endorse what they have posted or they belong to groups, do conferences, speeches with these other groups. They have boards and often times "official" business and other ties--co-authorship of a book, guest speakers, etc.

I think doing seminars or DVDS or conferences, is a step beyond an internet link. Of course some people who are sincere may be scooped up, aka someone who has no discerned the truth about these false teachers or is ignorant may join up just simply not knowing but we have blogged about the crowd that does go together and supports and backs up each other. I try to be careful when I warn about false teachers in realizing some can be sincere victims of deceit. I think the best advice is to stay independent too. It is the safest way to go today. I've posted at places I do not agree with even trying to witness to folks. I agree too Lisa, websites are constantly changing in context and it is best to warn everyone to discern everything they read and pray to God FIRST about it.