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Hypocrisy: Billy Graham Says His Heart Aches for 'Deceived' America

Billy Graham Says His Heart Aches for 'Deceived' America

The Rev. Billy Graham has posted a new prayer letter on his website where he addresses the people of the nation and tells them he is very much afraid of the damage that the American lifestyle is doing in the eyes of the Lord.
The 93-year-old evangelist begins his letter by recalling an incident a few years ago when his wife, Ruth, who has since passed away, remarked that "If God doesn't punish America, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah," referring to the cities in the Old Testament destroyed for the sinful nature of their residents.

Billy Graham is the one doing the DECEIVING.

1. Ecumenical movement: ecumenical with Rome. see: Calvary Chapel Pastors Yoked to BGEA, Billy and Franklin Graham? 

2. The Lausanne Movement: see The Lausanne Movement: Bringing Evangelicals Into the Antichrist Fold [see other Lausanne articles here]

3. Preaching a false and watered down gospel: The Grahams: Easy Believism: Millions of Deceived.

I know it is not easy to tell people the truth about Billy Graham but we must. I just had to today, tell a missionary I know and who used to preach at one of my old churches, that Billy Graham is a deceiver. She had quoted him in a positive fashion. I pray she does listen, and may just be one of those people who does not know.  With American repenting...I think we should pray for as many people as possible to repent and be born again, but given what Bible prophecy tells us it is very unlikely for this country as a whole.  When I started this blog, I knew Billy Graham was a deceiver, but as I have studied the damages the Lausanne movement has done and how as a figure he has served as a nexus for just about as every false preacher, the picture has grown more bleak. This man more then any other was the pied piper to get Protestants and evangelicals to embrace Rome.  His son Franklin Graham is continuing the ecumenical work. 

 I do not like the sayings where people seem glad for God's wrath to befall anyone, God's judgements are just, but there is nothing to celebrate in anyone's demise.


Bible Believer said...

well I warned the missionary, I felt immediately convicted about it.

It did not go well.

Here were some of the responses back...[paraphrased]

"wherever Jesus is being shared, we should celebrate it."

"We may not agree with him on everything, but we can have joy in the fact that he is making Jesus famous"
One quoted Billy Graham's statement of faith.

"Billy Graham is untouchable"

"Don't be deceived by those who will tear down a servant of Christ"

"Those who oppose BG are wolves"

"Billy is light years ahead of everyone else in love"


I don't get it. This was a missionary by the way who is connected to IFBs.

I know even in the fundamentalist churches, views have changed towards Billy Graham. Quite a bit in fact.
Even the people who used to dismiss him for being "too ecumenical" have changed.

Well I tried that is all I can do.

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

No I do get it...

shouldnt have wrote that.

Almost the whole world is deceived by these folks.

They just hear the nice words....and there you go.....

The DAY I was born again, I knew BG was a deceiver, even just based on the meetings with the Pope. I just have read his books for exposure purposes.

Anonymous said...


Trying to show Billy Graham as a deceiver is tough. People love him. He seems "nice" and respectable.

He may be one where they need to find out on their own. It took me a while to see a few things here and there, and even today my church sent an email asking our pastor to read BG's letter and participate in a mid-week prayer service based on prayer and repentance.

Is it worth trying to tell my pastor? Probably not, because they just don't believe you.

Here's an good friend is reading Jesus Calling and really loves it and was recommending it to me. I knew that is wasn't good, so I simply was quiet, but did tell her that she may want to look into the author a little deeper. I then sent an email to her letting her know that I found a couple of links to better show what I meant about Sarah Young. I told her to let me know if she wanted me to send them to her. Never got a response.

People to NOT want to know, and those that do, like me, like you, WILL look into things when people raise a red flag. We KNOW that we were once deceived and that we are not above being so again - we are like sheep after all!

They don't want to know and they resent you trying to tell them. Even with humility and love in your voice, they listen politely when you are face to face, but they show no interest after that.

I've sort of stopped trying to tell people details. I've started to simply say a few things, and then I state that the only way you will believe it is if you look into it yourself. We all know that the internet makes it EASY, so there is no excuse to not check things out. I'm sick of trying to spoonfeed.

You did what you could and someday the truth will be known, BB.

Bible Believer said...

I know the Billy Graham thing is hard. By the way, it's one of the easiest ways to get a pile-up on a so called "Christian" message board, and like with everything else, you can show endless evidence and the people involved will not care. I wrote the missionary, and well, included parts about BG and Catholic church and how God delivered me from there. I do not feel the same about the missionary, given that she focuses on Catholics. To me that is missing a big piece of the puzzle. Her pastor son, who I do not know told her, more defenses of Billy Graham and that I was a terrible person for questioning him. I think here the Holy Spirit has to show someone too.
I felt convicted in this case to tell the person but yes, most of the pastors etc, will not believe you.

In my case, I would have to leave a pastor who cannot discern the truth about Billy Graham, that would be enough for me to leave a church given chances are, that church probably would be joined with the BGEA ecumenical networks. I guess I am more understanding of grandmas and others who do not see through the BG parade, but hope one day God will show them the truth too, but with a pastor, where is the discernment? How is the rest of the church discernment wise?

I agree no one wants to know...and they will not check anything out either. I know I was deceived but open to learning and applying new information, the majority are not. Yes even if you are kind and polite, they do become upset, their religious celebrities are untouchable, and some will even go as far to state that to you.

Understand about giving details, life would be one continous battle then but in cases where I feel under conviction, I have to say something. This may be a time where the Lord is sending one of his servants to give one of these people a warning and whether they listen or not is up to them. I say a few things too and also tell people to research things for themselves and pray to God about it. With the internet, you are right, it has made things easy, many cannot give the excuse, we had no way of knowing, this may have been true 40 years ago but the information is out there. In this case given the exchange was written I provided even a video which I can tell none watched. I understand the sick of trying to spoonfeed. I still find some very severe inconsistencies with this person in that her mission field is to CATHOLICS in a country in South America. I have spoken with her in person and wonder what she really thought now, years later after I told her of my freedom from Rome in person while I was in the IFB church. [The pastor there was not a supporter of BG by the way] Given that her son said that the gospel is preached in Cathedrals too, why is she even bothering?

Yes I did what I could. I do believe things are getting worse out there. Even some fundamentalist baptists are praising Billy Graham now.

Anonymous said...

It is a difficult world we live in. I once went to a Graham crusade. I was a little confused by the fact that they had the blessing of the local Catholic Bishop.
At the time I was thinking Billy was trying to bring the gospel to Catholics, not as compromise but as evangelizing the lost so to speak. The truth is, he was probably a servant of the Catholic Church. In time I began to hear his words when he was a guest on a talk show and things he said were just off the mark and I began to wonder...eventually I began to do the research.

We really cannot afford to hold any person in high regard, I sometimes think this is why Keith Green died so young, he seemed so sold out to the Lord, yet there is always that risk of idol worship for his audience.

Perhaps it is not only about idols and carnality, but also about a fragile faith that is supported by the external(supposed)Christian culture. Sometimes it is a naivete, and sometimes it is a defiance against what they know to be true deep down inside.

Whatever the reason, lets just "pray they find out before its to late" to quote Keith Green. :-)

No worries about the emails Bible Believer, I can resend them one day and I will let you know when I do.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the Graham crusades had Catholic clergy at them sad huh?

What is sad is the missionaries neo-evangelical pastor son, who told her, the gospel is preached in cathedrals.


I wrote about being an ex-Catholic and saved out of that church and why that was important but at this point I have dropped it.
BG definitely is a servant of Rome and worse, today one can find things easily even with a little bit of research.

I agree about not holding any person up in high regard. Wrote about this on the old celebrity pastors article.

I agree about it being a fragile false faith propped up with the "Christian" culture. One thing I have noticed is this "culture" seems to have led to a bunch of automatons who say and do the same thing. I think some simply do not know but some are in defiance. The responds I got from this missionary, were of the latter type. I realized she is with a baptist board that has Graham ties too. Hey they have infiltrated the fundamentalist churches, so why wouldn't a neo-evangelical missionary make the rounds there too? Even though we had a pastor who WARNED against Billy Graham?

With Christian music stars I do not know much about them, though I've done research on the "Christian" bands with their occult symbols. I have to admit my trust is very low in that area obviously.

Sure resend the emails when you get around to it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi bible Believer,

I definitely agree about Christian music gave that up years ago.

I gather you are not familiar with Keith Green. I do believe he was the real deal, he has been dead since 1982, died in a plane crash at 28. He preached "no compromise" and his music has a spirituality that is unique and unmatched. He was very very critical of the Catholic Church.
If you have a chance look him up on you tube.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share a link, when I listen to his music it draws me to Jesus which I think is what is supposed to happen.

Bible Believer said...

I will look into him. I have heard the name before but never have heard any of his music or anything else. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I know of Keith Green!!!

I loved Keith and Melody very much. In fact, my father was in charge of the Philadelphia Keith Green Memorial concert shortly after the crash.

Quick story if I may...
When I found out about the vast deception out there in 2010, I was freaked out, stressed, losing my hair, etc. This involved both the Christian deception, but also just the deception out there in general. Well, to comfort myself, I immediately took out Melody's book about Keith's life "No Compromise" and read it and watched his videos. It did comfort me.

Many months later, I was stumbling across deeper deceptions in the church such as the laughing, shaking, weird manifestations stuff, ala C Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner and the other self-appointed apostolic leaders, healers, etc. Then it hit me and I looked it up in Melody's book, and yes, unfortunately her and Keith had hooked up with Dawson and Cunningham with the Dominionism, and also were a part of the Vineyard churches.

By that time, it didn't hit me as hard because I was no longer holding "man" up on any pedestals, but I will admit that I was saddened. Some seemed to see it with Keith, but I of course never saw it at the time being young.

I think Keith was a GREAT guy, but I think he may have been a little mis-led and by no means in my opinion any kind of wolf. I need to pray for Melody.

Keith was one-of-a-kind and was used of God and is missed. Very special man!

Anonymous said...

To prove that people taught the pre-trib rapture before Darby, see this website:

That website took it from a Baptist church pastor that taught on the subject.

There were people in the 1500's and after, teaching the rapture.

You might hate the pre-trib rapture, you might disagree with the doctrine. But don't teach this silliness that it was "invented" by Darby or Margaret McDonald. They may have made it more public, but they didn't invent it.

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing the same thing. People don't want to know. I left CC about a year ago when they were introducing contemplative practices and praising a born again Catholic who, according to his wife, still partook of the Eucharist. She said she goes to mass with him but she doesn't take the eucharist. I exprressed my concerns to a few people. They said there's nothing wrong. One friend got upset initially when I showed her my research on contemplative prayer but after the pastor spoke to her she was ok. He was a billy graham supporter. He said my concerns were under the new age movement and the new age movement cannot be tested against word because it's so subjective. (I had mentioned I thought they were going in the emergent direction - not much difference between the two, though). Anyway I try and warn peoPle about the infiltration - I guess you can call it satanic infiltration - that's the bottom line - but no one seems to care. I had someone ask who am I to point anything out - my husband isn't a Christian - that's not supposed to happen. I wasn't into the bible or church when I met him. A friend of mine started taking me to church and then I started reading the Bible and asking for discernment. Slowly I started to see what's happening. I try and tell warn my husband and he gets angry. A lady asked me to check out her church. I told her to test it against the bible. She said she doesn't like to read. I suggested she read the bible and pray. I have discovered that telling People what the problems are - if they don't read the bible, they cannot understand , it seems. I checked out the pastor's blog. He recommends all kinds of emergent authors to read. Nowhere did he recommend reading the Bible. I haven't said anything to her. I don't think she'll understand. I warn about the Christian heavy metal and they just don't see it. The Bible talks about a time of great decePtion. I think we may be experiencing such a time. Thanks for your site.

Olatunde Aroloye said...


My name is Olatunde Aroloye. I am a Born Again, Full-Gospel Pentecostal Christian resident in Nigeria. I had to leave Organized Christianity in 1985, because the Hypocrisy was too much.

We were supposedly Baptized with The Holy Ghost, but denied cultivation of Holy Ghost Powers.

I did not see the use of a Powerless Gospel.

I did not understand until years later, that "EVANGELICAL" Christianity OPPOSES Pentecostalism.

I never realized that BILLY GRAHAM was a FALSE CHRISTIAN, until he posed with JONI EAARECKSEN TADA- the (now) famous Paraplegic Graphic Artist.

He counselled her to ACCEPT her condition as THE WILL OF GOD FOR HER LIFE!

I found that disgusting- as I relied on DIVINE HEALING to merely STAY ALIVE, as I had suffered from Chronic Drug-Resistant Malaria, that had been killing me, before I was Born Again- and then learned that I had the Divine Right to pray for Healing, and expect God to answer me affirmatively.

If I had been Saved under Billy Graham, I should have died thirty years ago.

I view his condition with satisfied glee.

He could stand to bear a lot more pain, though.

Don't you know how many thousands of Brethren- no, MILLIONS of Brethren he has TALKED TO DEATH?

Let him SUFFER; it is GOOD for him!

But, you see- this was the EASY one.

You could see that HE was a FALSE CHRISTIAN- why could you not see PAUL and PETER'S ELEVEN as the FIRST TRAITORS against YAHSHUA, THE GOSPEL, and THE CHURCH?

How can you get YAHSHUA to manifest to you, by PERSECUTING THE CHURCH?

That is NOT how Yahshua manifests!

Emperor NERO went MAD from PAUL'S Teaching him that all he had to do was what HE did, and YAHSHUA would manifest to him, too.

He tried it, and it didn't work.

But he killed all the Christians that were outside of Pharisee Special Marshal Paul's Jurisdiction- just as he planned it. He planned to die, just as SAMSON did- killing more Christians with his death than he could with his life.

He SAID that sacrificing one's life does not make one a Good Person- he just said it in a clever way, so that no one could understand that he was Cursing the Lord and his Followers the whole time.