Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Freemasonic Graphic Design"

This picture is just a snippet, they marked this one all over the place:

Hey once you learn the "code", you can see how marked false ministries are. It's all over the place. I won't name names on this one, but I didn't trust one ministry that had two Saturn swoops and a orange global ball in the middle--[looking like an eyeball] on the first day.  To me, that served as a warning sign from the START.

Now I try to give some grace, friend gives you a July 4th card and it's got a 5 point star on it, well that is all over the patriotic graphics from the craft store--though hopefully not tilted. This doesn't mean they were marking your card for Satan.  Some people may choose graphics for their blog or website, not knowing certain things or knowing the symbolism. This includes average people in the pews.

But when we see the same MASONIC stuff over and over, and you see weirdo graphics like this that make no sense, yeah they love to do things right in front of people knowing most will not "see". This is when it is being done purposefully. It is a way to mock.

When they use terms like "The Christ", or as I mentioned in that one long ago article never use JESUS CHRIST, at all in an entire book or website, that means something. In fact, this is one way, I test a ministry do they use the name JESUS CHRIST, or is it "Christ" this and that never putting the two words together? Now Christians will use Christ, I have, but there too, be wary.

When I did the R12 conference article I remember thinking, those 3 backward dollar signs are probably a 666 marker. I am glad this blogger went deeper into this subject.

Freemasonic Graphic Design


Anonymous said...

Wow, that person did some research!

Some might say, "oh, you're just seeing things that aren't there".

But look at it this way: What's with all the "design" detail in all of that? What's the point of it? If it means nothing, or is a coincidence, why do it? I don't even understand what all that stuff has to do with what it is supposedly promoting.

Which lends credence to the theory that it is masonic.

Now notice the speakers at the event. Radical ecumenical Greg Laurie, catholic-lite Rick Warren, Calvinist cuss words in every message Mark Driscoll, Ron Jeremy porn star speaking at his church Miles McPherson, Calvinist Matt Chandler, and so on...

What do all these guys have in common?

They are bringing "resurgence"! What does that word mean? It means a bringing back of something. What is being brought back? What "resurgence" do they all want?

The emergent road to Rome.

Bible Believer said...

No they are seeing what they snuck in all over the place, that would be far too many coincidences. Actually I have a rule whenever they toss up a lot of goobley-gook like that they usually have a bunch of hidden symbols and more. Well we see it in the simple too with the upright arrows all over the place too. You are right what else is the reason for all the design detail in that? It isn't even that attractive, so yes that adds more strength to the theory it is masonic.

Yes they have certain people selected, isn't it odd how they have had the Calvinist crowd all converge too. And they got some weird band named Ghost Ship, that considers itself "Christian" [along with acouple others]. Notice the blasphemy of the name when there have been horror movies of the same name.


Yeah they all want resurgence, more of those new Emergent words, you are right it is bringing something back....

The Emergent road to Rome definitely.

Anonymous said...


That link you provided really is an interesting blog. Made my heart sink a little farther though, realizing the extent of all of this. No one would believe it even if I showed them because I have tried and it just doesn't work. Most people I know don't even have a problem with Rick Warren, so how can you push farther than that into the deeper issues?

Rome is everywhere, mocking us.

This is really the reason I have studied symbols. Everyday Christians think you are nuts if you do that, but herein lies the very reason for doing it. In the long run being able to spot symbols or associations with other suspect leaders will steer you clear of them more quickly and the more quickly you can react, the safer you will be.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah it goes deep. Remember I give people grace, for using a symbol like in a craft project or for those who do not know, but when you see ministries and others using the same symbols and many of them blatantly creepy like skeletons in the Christian Pirate Radio, you know something is going on.

You are right most people do not even get the truth about Rick Warren, so how can they "see" this. They do need to be born again, so they can be shown truth via the Holy Spirit. Really the veil of deep deep deception is being ripped off. Remember prophecies in Bible about how darkness will be shown to light. I think God is letting us find out these things to tell us how bad it is, and how the wolves have surrounded the place. They love to use their symbols that much is for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

You know I am sick and tired of every thing Evil being Masonic. Oh look at that it's Masonic so it must be evil. You don't understand it and it's Masonic oooh it must be evil.

Masonry is not evil. It an organization that teachs men how to become better at being Good Men. It teaches us how to turn the other cheek it teaches us how to do the right thing. It teaches us the importance of taking the hard rights over the easy wrongs.

Funny society does not have a problem when the Masonic organizations give Millions to local hospital churches and other areas of the community.

No one says the Shriner's hospital
are evil when they save thousands of children a year.

Just because you don't understand something does not make it evil

Bible Believer said...

I've studied Freemasonry, hey I was a Theosophist in the UU, it's basically the same thing under a different guise but I have read books on Freemasonry, one can find the rituals/symbols, temples discussed online etc. Many false religions teach CHARITY and "being good" the great harlot the Catholic church certain does, this proves nothing. While they covered for the pedophiles in Rome they had their children's hospitals too. Many low-level Masons and daughters of the Eastern Star do not realize that who they worship in the lodge, is actually Lucifer it is not God. The higher degrees in my opinion know it.



Leave Freemasonry and trust in Jesus Christ alone as your Lord and Savior.

Freemasonry is a pathway to hell. When I was a UU Theosophist, there was overlap with masonic teachings, the UUs churches worship Satan and when they do a Great Invocation that is who they were praying to.


Leave Satan's one world religion, globalist new world order--which the freemasons fully support, and the path to hell.