Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Research Council Hires Boykin as Executive Vice President


"The FRC has announced that Boykin will join the Religious Right lobby as executive vice president. In a press release, the FRC said Boykin will "oversee day-to-day operations including policy, finance, development, communications, human resources, facilities, information technology, constituent communications and services."

Yes it's reported on the FRC website directly too:

I keep seeing this group FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL popping up all over the place when I do any articles on Dominionism or it's related preachers.  The most I know about them is they are this Dominionist group involved in religious right politics who claim they are for the defense of the family and freedom. Tony Perkins is the president, they have joined together with the Heritage Foundation on some projects. People like Kirk Cameron, and various Calvary Chapel pastors [see below graphic] as well as many others have been associated with this group. I see their name crop up all over the place and just haven't posted on them yet.

From the Heritage Foundation website:

The Family Research Council have a link that goes to this other website,called WATCHMEN ON THE WALL [www.watchmenpastors.org]  Notice the graphic below:

"Q. What is a Watchman Pastor?
A. We get the name from Isaiah 62:6: ” I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest.” We believe that a Watchman Pastor is called to do the following:
Watch what is going on in the culture.
Pray for the wisdom to engage biblically, courageously, and winsomely.
Sound the Alarm from the pulpit.
 Take a bold stand with others to defend and advance faith, family, and freedom.
What kind of watchmen think the Knights of Malta is a good organization?

Here you see the marriage of Dominionist politics to the uniting of denominations via the culture wars I have warned about multiple times on this blog.

I do not want to post a direct link to this group, but you can find these things at


Q. Should we network with pastors of our own denomination/fellowship or should we try to connect with others?

A. Do both. We realize that getting pastors to build “bridges” with other pastors from different traditions and denominations can be quite difficult, but most Bible-believing pastors would agree that the Church of Jesus Christ is in dire need of revival and that America needs a radical turning toward God. There is too much common ground and too great a need not to link arms together.
I've seen the Family Research Council listed as a sponsor while doing a VOTER VALUES SUMMIT blog post I wrote some time ago:

"Values Voter Summit: Church and State Married Together"

  The Family Research Council and Heritage Foundation were both sponsors of this event along with other organizations, you can see they get big name right wing politicians at these events.

Remember Gary Bauer mentioned on the recent Moon article? He was a past president of the Family Research Council. 

I definitely thought this latest news would be of interest given the other articles here, and elsewhere on Boykin. 

I don't trust Rense nor do I endorse their website, but read this article for information...

"The Unholy Alliance -Christianity & The NWO Part I

Stay away from any preacher or teacher who supports the religious right or the political religious right. They are there to manipulate on behalf of the New World Order.

The fact they chose a Knights of Malta guy, says it all.


Marion said...

And...AGAIN...ALL the names you mentioned in this post are CNP!!!

Bible Believer said...

Yep the CNP clubhouse, hey it's the center of all this stuff isn't it?

If anyone gets a chance, check out some of the membership lists.

I don't endorse this website so this is only for information.


Anonymous said...

The hirelings like Boykin and his followers will work on trying to improve society via ecumenical politics (and the Lord will let them) while those of us that believe the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, will spend our time preaching it and avoiding false teachers like Boykin and his followers.