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A Variety of Links #16

The Colorado shooting, yet another horrible tragedy, now people can't even feel safe in movie theatres anymore but most of what Hollywood is pumping out is pure evil. The Batman movies have grown darker and more satanic. Even the one from the early 1990s, with Danny DaVito as "the penguin" was full of satanic imagery, they got worse year by year.  There is much occult symbology in these movies especially regarding the Joker. Heath Ledger's death was surrounded by endless questions.  Even the name of the movie was idolatrous, "The Dark Knight Rises" [Satan rising up?] By the way, why are they calling Batman the "Knight"? is that something new too?

Once I heard about this shooting, I immediately thought the timing was very interesting with the United Nations small arms deal being worked on. See "UN Arms Transfer Treaty (ATT) on Small Arms: Gun Grab Gradualism" [infowars article so be discerning] It seems now these sort of instances are growing.
There's too many agendas now where they want to do away with the second admendment, and leave Americans even more defenseless. Whatever the cause, this definitely was one of the most horrific shootings ever in American history.

Mayhem in Aurora

Also see:

The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting: Satanic Influence of The Joker [I do not agree with all the theology including Pre-Trib beliefs at this website]

Pray for all the victims and other's involved.

Society is growing darker, one can see it, more and more tragedy's of this nature, and worse are growing in number. People are being desensitized to utter madness. Can you imagine this sort of thing 20 years ago? How did we go for years and years in America without anyone blowing people away at movies? When you see those people they are reporting who have become cannibals doing deeds we couldn't even imagine in the news some years ago....I believe we are seeing episodes of those who are full blown possessed and that their numbers will be increased in the last days ["as it was in the days of Noah"]. I think Holmes definitely look possessed in his photos. [whether it was a result of mind control or his own wicked involvements. Remember in the Bible, they even tried to CHAIN up a possessed man, he was that destructive.

Mark 5:3 Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains:

{I wrote this yesterday but noticed Matt on The New Jerusalem Chronicle added an article talking about the shootings and what they mean so wanted to add that in too}

"The "Dark Knight" Movie Theater Shootings: More Proof "Gun Control" Doesn't Work"


21 Burned by Hot Coals at Tony Robbins Fire-Walking Event. 

People do get harmed by these motivational and other New Age events, I remember watching on TV an instance where people died in a too hot sweat lodge. Often these teachers influence these people to set common sense aside. Usually with hot coals it works with condensation to keep feet from being burned, probably the humidity of the air outside was too high or some other factor, for them to be so severely burned. Still such events are a combination of mumbo-jumbo, false teachings and the worse aspects of human pride. What is even worse, is people learn duped OBEDIENCE that causes them to HARM themselves and ignore their own pain and needs of their bodies.

Evangelical giant Wheaton College joins Catholic University’s case against the HHS mandate [warning Catholic website] The Culture wars are drawing more in the net. Comment about ecumenism is from the article.

"On the heels of the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act decision, Wheaton College of Illinois, a leading evangelical liberal arts institution, filed a lawsuit today alongside The Catholic University of America in the D.C. District Court opposing the Health and Human Services “Preventative Services” mandate, which forces both institutions to violate their deeply held religious beliefs or pay severe fines, according to a statement from The Becket Fund.
This alliance, according to The Becket Fund, marks the first-ever partnership between Catholic and evangelical institutions to oppose the same regulation in the same court. (Now, that’s ecumenism!)"
Yes, they are all being sucked in by Rome. They believe Rome cares about "religious freedom?"
Is there any "Christian" university not playing footsie with Rome in some way?


CUFI video:

Christians United for Israel 2012 Summit Headlined by Michele Bachmann and David Barton [secular-liberal-link] Notice the political aspects of this, and do not forget these people WANT war with Iran.

I warned about the CUFI here: [This is John Hagee's Christian Zionist group]

Glenn Beck Joins the CUFI-Christian Zionism Parade

Notice the names that made their appearance at the 2010 CUFI summit:

David Barton, Tony Perkins--remember I wrote about the group he is president of last week--the Family Research Council, Ralph Reed, John Hagee, James Robinson, Richard Land, and Kenneth Copeland.

2011 also included a lot of interesting names {Jewish link}


News4themasses also pointed out one of Becks "new" upcoming conferences on her article "The Power of Beck's Priests:

“Andy” Submitted on 2012/07/18 at 12:23 pm
Notice that list of people at the “Indivisible” thing:
Franklin Graham — Ecumenical Graham empire- (Calvary Chapel favorite, Adored by Bob Coy, Skip Heitzig, Levi Lusko, Greg Laurie, Erwin Lutzer)
Ravi Zacharias — Pseudo “apologetics” guy that finds ways to say nice things about Mormonism and Catholicism
“Father” Johnathan Morris — need I say more? (Fox News Contributor)
Kenneth Copeland — Word of Faith magician
Phillips, Craig, and Dean — Oneness Pentecostal (denies Trinity and teaches water baptism as required for salvation)
“Rabbi” Aryeo Spero — Unbeliever that denies that Jesus is the Christ, and is therefore an antichrist according to 1 John
John Hagee — Once denied that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, and also believes that Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved
David Barton — Fake “historian” and ecumenical tool of Rome. (Dominionist, Promise Keepers, Glenn Beck poster child and frequent speaker at Calvary Chapel Political Events as well as Conferences, Black Robe Regiment member)
Continuing to shed light on some of these teachers the list continues: (to be continued! I will continue to gather a short synopsis of these characters later)
James Robison- Blaze Contributor -Glenn Beck’s NewsBlog, Former Moral Majority,
Jay Richards- Wrote, “Indivisible” with James Robison, Fellow at Heritage Foundation, Discovery Network,
Jim Garlow- Black Robe Regiment member-group founded by Beck, Endoresed Newt Gingrich recently converted Catholic during bid for Potus 2012,
Richard Land- Southern Baptist Convention,
Yes the same names crop up over and over, they don't even bother to hide any ties with the Roman Catholic church anymore, notice the names of all the priests, and are being 100% out front about it.  Remember James Robison has already stated his views of the Catholic church:

James Robison Leading Protestants To Rome

Beck discusses the Under God Indivisible conference too here:

Now notice how he admits that the Black Robe Regiment is getting together with priests and rabbis.
How many duped pastors belong to that group?

You know I want you all to think about this, how many evangelical churches support the names above? Even many of the fundamentalist baptist churches, I know they support Beck, the Israel stuff, the teachers above. I have tried even warning past church members about these guys and failed.  How many confessing Christians see through the deceivers above? Sadly very few but those who have been warned by the Holy Spirit and who have listened.

The whole time I've written this blog, I have gone with the formula that everything traces back to Rome based on the Revelation 17:5 verse. 

Hey I want you to notice something with the video above, look at the banner behind Beck. Do you see what is in that HEART? A diving dove. 

See: Glenn Beck Visits the Vatican and it's Leaders: Wants Global Tea Party
Why I Left The Institutional Church

I definitely don't agree with this blogger on everything, he has emergent leanings, but different parts are interesting. Even if we disagree with the person writing the article, there are facets of truth here. I am facing facts my chances of finding a church assembly outside of a would be home church are growing lower and lower and have come to more acceptance about this and praying to God about it. In other words, God has allowed me to come to better acceptance about it and understanding my relationship with Him is what counts the most.

1 John 3:3 3 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

One interesting moment for me was seeing a new church advertised and looking it up to see that it was another charismatic brand. Even the horrible politics, Dominionism and more I warn about on this blog, is enough to keep one far away. There are many Christians as I have written outside the church system now. Sadly in churches I have visited, I've seen some of what he talks about
The church was totally about preserving itself, which included protecting the money and playing the politics needed to accomplish that.
The church wanted and lusted after the rich, the beautiful, those with good jobs and large incomes, those who had married well, those who lived in the best neighborhoods and those who sent their children to the best schools. The church did not want or welcome the poor, the unlovely, minorities, LGBTs or the homeless. 
The church did not want or welcome those who asked questions, those who disagreed with the leadership and those who did not contribute financially. 
The pastor, staff and leadership rarely had time to talk to anyone except the power brokers and those who gave the most money.
I asked the pastor “Do you know what happened to ‘Mr. Smith’? I haven’t seen him in several weeks.” “The last I heard he was very ill and in the hospital. He may have died,” the pastor replied. “Did you visit him at the hospital or call his family? I asked. “No. He wasn’t a member of the church.” Neither was I, nor were many of the people who attended there. If I ended up on my deathbed, at least I knew who would not be there. (I later learned from another source that ‘Mr. Smith had died a couple of weeks before my conversation with the pastor.)
He then wrote about why he didn't go back:

The thing I worry about for this guy, is the Emergents have their traps waiting for those who are disenfranchised from the institutional churches. This is an issue I never have covered very much, but they have their network out there too, waiting to scoop up those who are disaffected from the churches.  Many of the false Emergent teachers are good at pointing out things that are wrong, but then offer their false solutions. They feed them the lines that church is "everywhere" [helping to advance the ecumenical lines] but obviously some of this is being effective due to real problems out there.

See: Are Poor People Leaving the Churches?


Benny Hinn Believes Billy Graham's Death Will Start 'Revival'

I am sure when it does happen, it will be like when the last Pope died and the world will celebrate it's own in their media. False preachers always claim "revival" is coming instead of warning of the truth of the great falling away and the tribulation to come. Benny Hinn is one of the most obvious false preachers. That is another wolf, you see cropping up all over the place. The way they worship man is nauseating.


Aspects of the patriarchy movement grow odder and odder. In fact I wonder if in 20 years if we will be looking at arranged marriages, with these groups, because I do not see any male suitors showing up or measuring up to these standards. If these extreme Dominionists and Patriarchy types wish to see their daughters actually with the ability to marry, waiting for the perfect prince to show up on his white steed is not going to be happening. If Dad chases all the "unqualified men" away, some of these young girls are looking at spinister-hood without a doubt.

The covenant signing came next. Terry read his vows to his daughter:

I will protect you from unqualified men.
I will teach you God's principles of life.
I will pray for you and for God's choice of your life partner.
And signed the covenant.

Haley then read her vows to her dad:
I will keep myself pure for my husband.
I will obtain your blessing on my courtship.
I will wait for your full release before entering into marriage.
She signed the covenant and Pastor Johnson witnessed and dated the document.

Here a girl makes a covenant with their father and they have an entire ceremony in doing this that looks like a wedding ceremony including a signed certificate. I was very weirded out seeing this. Yes it is a personal blog and they look like nice people but I wish someone would warn them these are not biblical teachings, this comes out of false partriarchy. Some may ask, why didn't you write them first? Well I have tried to write many on blogs like that one, don't always post about it, and never receive a response back. If they somehow see this as a result of my linking to them, I hope they read my article warning against the Patriarchy Movement. This seems to be all about going back to ownership of women, and has nothing to do with scripture. I also think the psycho-social aspects of a father directing an adult daughter's life to that degree are twisted, helicopter parenting married to Dominionism and crosses endless boundaries. What do they mean "release" her for marriage? What is she a prisoner? Also what is this crazy "key to the heart" stuff? All the purity rings seem to have keys on them. The umbrella by the way isn't a good symbol. God should be directing a person's heart, no other human being.

Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy Movement

I received a Nave's Topical Bible some time ago and it has been very rewarding in reading through it and looking up topics I want to explore in scripture. I would suggest this for any Christian, of course we want to stick to our Bibles first but this is a good way to read scriptures too by topic, depending on your interests. Areas I have explored have been "Fellowship" and "God's Love" and a myriad of topics. I would recommend this for all my readers, it has helped in my own Bible studies. The verses in this are from the KJV.


Anonymous said...

Few points:

1) These Batman movies are sickening. They're dark to the max, remember the first Batman movies were from Tim Burton, who only does darkness, and the latest movies, though not made by him, only take the next step that he started.

2) Haven't found any "big name" Christian universities that avoid footsie with Rome. Some of the smaller ones do avoid Rome still.

3) The list of false teachers at "Indivisible" are like a six degrees of separation thing, if you connect them with each of their connections overall, many of the "big names" of evangelicalism are in that pot of death. And yes, Rome is the destination of the march.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Batman movies are creepy and evil. I wondered, too, about the timing with the gun control issue.

I am amazed at the emergent/charismatic churches. They seem to be everywhere. I left ecumenical/contemplative Calvary Chapel and started looking into churches in the area. There are three mega type churches - all affiliated - 3 campuses, they call them. I looked at the pastor's blog and he recommends many authors. All emergents. Rob Bell, Alan Hirsch, Dave Ferguson, Hybels, Bob Roberts Jr., Edwin McManus (said in his book My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ -The Barbarian Way is the name of the book). So the emergent church is another Jesus movement I take it. They are friends with other churches that are emergent, too, all interconnected. I was stunned to see these churches are all over! They don't talk much about Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Jesus is more like a teacher, a guide. The emergent church reminds me of the new age/new thought movement. There's no absolute truth, Jesus is great - as a teacher, guide - hence the phrase Jesus follower they use. They talk about Jesus alot. But it's not the Jesus of the Bible. They preach another Jesus. There's another mega emergent church not too far away. It's so big they use shuttles to take you to the big church. The smaller building for the senior crowd gets to watch a TV screen of the pastor. This church is very entertainment oriented. One of the men's groups meets at a sports bar to discuss life in a lively setting.

This, along with our society's obsession with all things witchcraft, vampire, occult, dark, leaves me with a very eerie feeling. I am grateful that the Bible reminds me of who is in charge and where my help comes from!

Bornagain Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

First anon
1) I agree, the Batman movies are sick. Sadly many have been lured into this stuff via popculture. Tim Burton's was dark enough even years and years ago.

2) All the big names are ecumenical. You are right there may be a few small ones who have avoided it, however it seems even fundamentalist baptist colleges are going some odd places, when it comes to Dominionism, but then there could still be exceptions to the rules.
3)Yeah that is an interesting list of names, we see cropping up all over the place elsewhere.

Bible Believer said...

Yes there are tons of emergent and charismatic churches arriving on the scene, in many communities, you can see new ones advertised all the time, whose financing all this? Trendy names and trendy logos. Yeah I've done the search for a church thing, I even found a total independent one, but very sadly found out they were hyper-pentecostal and charismatic to the hilt. We have the megachurches and their endless campuses too and the church libraries are full of Graham, Rick Warren, Lucado and other teachers I've warned about here. The churches here all work together, different denominations too. Agree how they present Jesus as a "teacher and guide". The Emergent movement is like a more New Age/Catholic Jesus movement, they just upped a few things. Did you ever see this article I wrote a long time ago?


Yeah when I hear terms like "jesus follower" or "Christ follower" the different lingo denotes different things. There are some who haven't discerned these terms and are sincere, but they changed the language on purpose. There is something sad about people watching a man on a screen. All big business, like concert halls and advertisements. Yeah they have the "theology on tap" bar crowd around here, that used to be a Catholic fad of around 10 years ago but has gone into Protestant and evangelical circles.

Yes society seems to be getting more fascinated with the dark side, never seems to end. Just sick stuff even going mainstream even in fiction too. I may be doing an article on fiction books and how they are being used. I love to read and well, it has been disturbing me for some time. I may be writing about books at random, but adulterty, and other things like that are CELEBRATED. The books have a whole different moral code. I tend to read non-fiction more on purpose but few books I've tried have gone that way.

Yes I remind myself that I am in God's hands when it comes to this world all the time.

Bible Believer said...


Yes I thought the Beck image could be a batman image or even a distorted baphomet. Well we know they mark their own. Given that Beck has marked his symbols and even his studio before...new stuff doesn't surprise me.

I'll check out your link later. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Wheaton College a BGEA association?!

Bible Believer said...



"Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College

Welcome to the Billy Graham Center. With 50 ministries and a worldwide reach, we exist to accelerate global evangelism.

We envision every believer everywhere making Jesus Christ known until He returns. To fulfill this goal, we commit to equip, inspire, and guide Christian leaders, churches, and organizations to fulfill their evangelism calling. "

Bible Believer said...

I knew something was wrong with Wheaton but couldn't bring it right to my mind. Glad I remembered. So many of them are involved with BGEA, we probably could google university names and go right down the list.....

Marion said...

Hey Good Soldier...I checked out that link you posted...read about 3 of their articles with comments...has some interesting information...seems to be a site with "christian" lingo...BUT New Age leanings....do do do do (twilight zone music here)

Anonymous said...

[Hi Galatians 4. Here's an unusual web item I just found. Stanley]


by G. W. Rockwell

Pastor Erwin Lutzer at the famous Moody Church in Chicago is an outstanding preacher. But he can be moody at times - rapture moody.
Take July 29, 2012 for example. His "Moody Church Hour" sermon that day on "Philadelphia" (one of Revelation's seven churches) included the following:
"It is His coming, the rapture, that would keep the church from the hour of trial [a.k.a. the great tribulation] that is coming upon the whole earth. And isn't it interesting? He does not say 'I will keep you through the hour of trial but rather I will keep you out of - that's what the text [Rev. 3:10] says - I will keep you out of the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole earth.
"There is of course a disagreement as to whether or not we will go through the tribulation, or whether or not we will be raptured ahead of time, and we don't know all the details until it happens. But wouldn't it be wonderful if when we are going up in the sky we could look at all of those posttribbers and say with a smile 'I told you it was so'? Wouldn't that be wonderful to be able to do that?"
The congregation immediately applauded.
Note that Lutzer twice used the word "wonderful" when asking his audience how wonderful it would be to use spiteful pride against the only "rapture" view found in all theology books and organized churches before the year 1830: the posttribulation view!
On the "Moody Church Hour" web site the same day (July 29) Lutzer wrote that "great benefit was derived from John Stott's book WHAT CHRIST THINKS OF THE CHURCH when these messages [on Revelation's seven churches] were prepared."
Incredibly, the Stott that Lutzer leaned on disagrees completely with Lutzer. The same Stott book, p. 104, says this: "He would not spare them from the suffering [Rev. 3:10]; but He would uphold them in it."
It would be wonderful if Erwin Lutzer would visit Google and type in "Famous Rapture Watchers" and "Famous Rapture Watchers (Addendum)." Not only would he spot the very same Stott quote, but in the same summaries he would also discover that all of the greatest Greek New Testament scholars of all time have uniformly viewed Rev. 3:10 (the most important "proof text" for pretribbers) as teaching "preservation through" and not "escaping beforehand"! ("Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" is another informative Google article.)
One wonders what will have to happen to change the Moody pastor's mood.

Anonymous said...

A write up on fiction books would be awesome. I was at Barnes and nobles in the kid section and there were so many books regarding wizards, magic, one with pyramid on the cover, vampires, demons, witches, ghosts, paranormal, dragons. .... My daughter received an Artemis Fowl book on demons and fairies for Christmas last year when in 3rd grade. That went into the trash. Guess they want to get them as young as possible.