Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Serious Genetically Modified Organisms Event

The GMO stuff is getting serious. Remember GMOs are entering our food now. There are people
fighting for GMO stuff to be LABELED in our food.

Health Ranger investigates cyanide-producing Tifton grass on cattle ranch in Elgin, Texas

Mainstream news link: "Grass Linked to Texas Cattle Deaths"

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Anonymous said...

Once had a conversation with someone that was very aware of the GMO "food" atrocities.

I used to talk to him about how we always try to buy organic food. He said, "Don't call it organic food. It's just food, the way the Lord originally made it".

And I thought, how profound. The GMO crowd makes us re-label real food as "organic", so that their GMO "food" would be called just "food".

It might sound like semantics, but those pulling the strings on all this always change the meanings and intentions of words in order to deceive the masses.

christian cerna said...

True. I agree with the previous comment. The government should pass a law that requires GMO food to be labeled as 'Genetically Engineered' food.

Bible Believer said...

I agree first anon, definitely they are calling it ORGANIC, because it is real and "natural" course there you have to be careful with phoney baloney labeling, they do try to sneak some of the bad stuff in.You are right about how they are re-labeling things. Even here we see how wealthier people can afford better food while the average and poor are stuck with the MSG-GMO laden mess.

Christian cerna, I agree it should be labeled too.