Monday, June 18, 2012

Romney Tells Christians: He Will Support Israel!

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The NWO uses the secular state of Israel for it's own devices. Anyone who thinks that Israel is a "holy" nation free of the machinations of the Pope's masonic troops among the rest of the world is wrong. Look they use and prey on Christians, misdirecting them, telling them that love for the Jewish people means supporting endless war in the Middle East and supporting those who will betray the Jews. As I haved asked many times before given world history of high power figures in their treatment of Jewish and Christian people, why trust any of them now? Think about it. Why is the fallen evangelical world slobbering before lying politicians?

Romney supports war in Iran. The evil powers that be in this world desire war in the Middle East. The Pope desires Jerusalem, that has been part of the game plan from the start, and the governments of this world are fornicating with the harlot.

Romney Tells Christians He'll Back Israel; Santorum Praises Former Rival

Romney pleases Christian group with stance on Israel

The Christian group in the above article is the Ralph Reed founded Faith and Freedom Coalition, another false religious right group.

What is scary is these politicians know how to manipulate and they definitely know how to manipulate both the left and the right, and utilizing the "Christian" vote. So the guy who was said to have been at Bilderberg, getting his instructions to be another John Kerry or be the next president of the USA will garnish more evangelical votes, despite his being in the false Mormon religion. I have said on this blog if he wins, he definitely will be used to help integrate the Mormon church more fully into the ecumenical movement. Many evangelicals see the Mormon religion as just another "Christian" church when it is anything but.

Interesting video:

It seems those who KNOW Bible prophecy and what is supposed to happen, [anyone else keeping track of Russia's responses to a would be war with Iran?] would not be cheering for the would be death merchants and those who want to spread evil. But then most of the "Christians" didn't learn that lesson when it came to Bush did they? Even though this country has been rendered bankrupt from the endless Middle Eastern wars.

If you care about the Jewish people and desire they come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, following the foul manipulation of the politicians, is not the way to do it.


Anonymous said...

But again, the true promise of the land of Israel for the Jews, can be used by the enemy to some end, just like the enemy uses the name of Jesus wrongly, uses Scripture wrongly, and so on. It doesn't change the Scriptural promise for the Jews to own Israel.

news4themasses said...

Romney is supposedly seen more favorably among Jews than Obama recently. A person on twitter mentioned that and I replied, "Doesn't Israel or the American Jewry understand that Mormonism is Replacement Theology?" Mormons teach that America replaces Israel in the bible and their prophet teaches that Mormon ancestry is a missing tribe of Israel. Weird huh? Then you have Glenn Beck over in the Knesset preaching to the choir about being a Zionist and doing all he can (in fact more than the orthodox in his own opinion) to save Israel and protect her from her mortal enemies. It seems as though with the help of Jesuit Knight of Malta Christian Speaker extraordinaire, (Ret)General William Gerry Boykin, there has been an objective to militarize the kingdom now-ecumenical-Evangelical group of Christians and lead them to believe that war with Iran is inevitable. Take Joel Rosenberg for instance he's been laying the foundation for Boykin over the years too, he primes the sheep for war with his twists on Prophecy and then Boykin comes in and slaughters them saying Muslims will attack you in your sleep and convert you to Islam if you don't go now and bomb the heck out of the Lost (ie Iran)and kill them first before they kill you attitude. Is this what Jesus preached? Is this what the apostles were sent into all of Judea and the outer most parts of the world to preach, "Kill them before they kill you?" Obama is anti-Israel, but he's also dealing with Bibi who's CFR so are they so much against each other? then you have Romney who knows less than Obama and Bush on FP but he'll do whatever his lobbyists tell him to do, they all do what the money tells them to do. It looks like the "hook" in the jaw of Russia is America, like the Christian Right is trying to "hasten" the last days or something.

christian cerna said...

The land of Israel is for Israel, not the Jews. Judaism is a religion based on the traditions of men. It is a corruption of the original religion that God gave to Moses. When Jesus came, he denounced the Jews and religious leaders in Jerusalem, because they were more concerned with forcing the people to follow their traditions, than about teaching men to have real faith. Judaism is to Moses, what the Roman Catholic Church is to Jesus.

LutherRocks said...

Your research and journalism are very well done as usual. I enjoy your blog and writings very much.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Lutherrocks, I appreciate the encouragement. God bless you.