Monday, June 18, 2012

Rick Warren and Greg Laurie at the R12 Conference in October

Greg Laurie has always been somewhat open with his ties to Rick Warren for years but becoming even more so now. Here is a new conference where Rick Warren and Greg Laurie will be speaking. Thanks to the commenter who told me about this:

Resurgence R12

Notice the teachers they have at this thing along with the indirect focus on the "works" gospel. Check out the titles of the lectures too.

"We Seek Influence for Jesus"--Rick Warren
"We Preach Jesus"--Greg Laurie
"We Influence Culture for Jesus"--Lecrae
"We're Strong Through Jesus"-Nick Vujicic
"We Serve the City for Jesus"--Miles McPherson
"We Resource for Jesus"--James McDonald
"We Innovate for Jesus"--Craig Groeschel
"We're Changed for Jesus"--Mark Driscoll
One can notice the Dominionist, Emergent strain right in the lecture titles. Notice the corporate-speak too that influences Rick Warren's Drucker emphasis.

Some time ago, this blog and others warned about the links between Chuck Smith, Rick Warren and Greg Laurie, focusing on that time they all appeared at a Harvest Festival together:

"Calvary Chapel and Rick Warren"

Many of you probably will remember this picture:

Even though endless Calvary Chapel bible conferences and related teachers will warn against Rick Warren and his false teachings, or the Calvary Chapel leaders will claim they do not support his teachings, such as in the 2006 controversy regarding the removal of Rick Warren's writings from their churches, Rick Warren and top members of Calvary Chapel have worked together. Consider the endless contradictions  Check this article out:

"Greg Laurie Connects Purpose Driven to a Move of God – Gives Financial Support"
"On May 6th, Greg Laurie, pastor of mega-church Harvest Christian Fellowship wrote a letter to pastors and church leaders in the New York region, announcing his Harvest Crusade 2008 in New York City on October 19th. This letter to pastors and leaders is causing confusion among some because of its content, and this Lighthouse Trails report will examine this issue.
Greg Laurie is best known as a Calvary Chapel pastor. His church is listed on the Calvary Chapel website, and Laurie often speaks at Calvary Chapel functions. And it is Laurie’s connection with Calvary Chapel that presents a great dilemma.

Two years ago, in May of 2006, Calvary Chapel issued a “Parson to Parson” letter, in which a statement was made against the emerging church and contemplative spirituality. The following month, at the 2006 Senior Pastor’s Conference, Calvary Chapel founder and pastor, Chuck Smith, told the senior pastors that Calvary Chapel as a whole was rejecting various movements and practices that have been taking place within the Christian church at large as well as in some Calvary Chapel churches. According to a number of pastors in attendance, who afterwards spoke with Lighthouse Trails, Smith asked that those Calvary Chapel pastors who were going in the direction of the emerging church would no longer call themselves Calvary Chapel churches. One week later, Calvary Chapel instructed its distribution center to immediately remove all of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life books from its center. The statement read: “The teaching and positions of Rick Warren have come into conflict with us at Calvary Chapel. Pastor Chuck has directed us to discontinue this product effective immediately.”

Let's remember Greg Laurie is a top Calvary Chapel preacher with Chuck Smith's support.

Notice here Rick Warren praising Greg Laurie[video from news4themasses]

Does this Calvary Chapel pastor who wrote against Warren's teachings in 2008 know what his own leadership has been up to lately?


Anonymous said...

They're both the same one person. They might have different looking faces, but it's just one person. I kid, I kid. But really, this is what you get from Billy Graham's disciples. Doctrine doesn't matter, separation from false teachers doesn't matter, all that matters is, more and more "unity".

Bible Believer said...

Hey "one mind of the beast" as warned of in scripture...

Spiritually that REALLY DOES WORK OUT

where you get people who think and act and talk and believe exactly ALIKE.

It's all false unity, all the same sort of sermons, that love everything apostate, the same cloying "marketed" false "Christianity" everywhere.

Kayfabe said...

What trips me out about this is that when I was working in the youth ministry at Calvary Montebello a few years ago they allowed me to preach against Rick Warren and other false teachers such as Joel Olsteen. However if I were still there today I know they wouldn't let even come close to preaching against Rick Warren.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder if they do still allow it too Kayfabe? I guess this was all the slow warm up for the frogs in the pot. Soon it will be more full blown Emergent stuff. By the way with the Emergent teachings, they've taken over the mainlines with it too. Not that those churches were any good with their liberalism but they are going down Emergent road too very fast.

What about all those Calvary Chapel supporting "discernment" ministries, who warned of Rick Warren but always IGNORED what was going on, such as when Rick Warren, and Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie made that appearance together acouple years ago.

It's always interesting WHAT IS MISSING.

Many people in Calvary Chapel believe that their pastors reject Rick Warren, etc, but it's not true.

Maybe a few individuals do,

but the CC church as a whole IS joined with Rick Warren's overall agenda...

Right there is the problem.

The last CC church I went to, the pastor there got angry at me for saying in a private conversation that Rick Warren was not a Christian and was a deceiver in wolf's clothing. He told me "he is still a fellow Christian even if we may not agree with all of his approach". That was the same time, he told me to "stay away from discernment ministries" not knowing of my activities online. That was very close to when I left.

news4themasses said...

What a cute new picture of the two. I hope Levi Lusko will be there video blogging everything. They are all BFF's ya know. Warning about Rick Warren is like saying don't go to McDonald's everyday to eat or you'll get fat. It's a no brainer that Rick is a wolf, and Laurie, but it's still sad that many follow after these men and lift them up on high and buy all their books and watch all their self help videos and go on their cruises and tours etc. What people will spend to have their ears tickled never ceases to amaze me.

Good Soldier said...
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Anonymous said...

They meet at Mariner's church, another OC church that took everyone from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa like Rick Warren did with his satellite churches all around OC.

That's why Laurie is jumping ship and has his feet in all camps. As the "cool" people leave CC and go to other places, he's there.

Bible Believer said...

Hi news4themasses...

Yeah warning about Rick Warren is easy for them. I still remember Prasch warning about Warren and then praising Graham. What difference is there? That was sad. But there are the SAFE topics, among the false discernment set and Rick Warren is on that list, as well as the false charismatic preachers, etc.

I don't understand the people who follow after these folks either. I even had Calvary Chapelists who admitted to me Rick Warren was bad, but then seemed to have no problem with Greg Laurie's close work with him.

Bible Believer said...

Good Soldier,

Yes post that link here when you are done if you could.

I noticed something some time ago, how the deceivers never use the full name JESUS CHRIST but also refer to CHRIST.

Now there can be innocents and other people who use Christ, I am sure in a sentence or two I have written "Christ" alone in a sentence.

But when you notice in pages and pages of a book, or on a website, the phrase JESUS CHRIST never appears, then you can start to wonder.

I wrote this even in a blog entry...


They are referring to the "cosmic christ"

I am quite familiar with Alice Bailey given my past....[I was a UU and into Theosophy, reading Alice Baily books, as well as an Catholic before I was born again]

She refers to "THE CHRIST" all the time.

For me a marker of a false ministry is this. Of course one has to be careful as Christians use Christ too, but you'll never see JESUS CHRIST written anywhere. I have seen ENTIRE BOOKS this has applied to.

Anonymous said...

One hundred and eighty-nine dollars !!!

"...through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you..."

Bible Believer said...

The graphics are full of occult signs.

One of my commenters sent me this link, Ill be posting it on a Variety of Links entry soon.

I noticed the three backwards 666 dollar signs. There is ton's more.

Yeah I also noticed the costs when I was reading. Hey that isn't some poor or working class people signing up for that nonsense. How much money do they make when they get almost $200 bucks per person. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous M said...

Not $200; but &189?? Add them up 1+8+9+18 (or 6+6+6) hmmmmmm

Bible Believer said...

Hey it's possible.

Wonder if they got some numerology too beyond what was shown on that blog, hidden in those graphics as well, if you added the numbers up.

Good Soldier said...
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Bible Believer said...

Here is some of the latest:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but that has nothing to do with his doctrine.

He appears on Oprah with Rick Warren, without telling Oprah or her audience that Jesus is God and is the ONLY way to heaven, that Jesus died for our sins and rose again, that believing in Jesus, apart from all works, is the only way to avoid hell.

He made a very brief passing comment about "giving his life to Jesus", but that is not the Gospel. The Gospel is that Jesus gave His life for us, which is why works cannot save and cannot be part of salvation at all.

The rest of his speech was a motivational speech with a couple Bible verses peppered throughout, as if they applied to the unsaved (which they don't).

What an opportunity to tell the world that Jesus is the only way. And he didn't, but reaffirmed Oprah (and Rick Warren, for that matter).

So I'm sorry that he has no arms or legs, but that doesn't give him a pass: