Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Protestant Daughters #3: The Mainliners are on The Dominionist/Emergent/Globalist Bandwagon TOO

                                                                     one of the biggest lies out there that uses human pride to deceive.

Ah, I am a bit heartsick lately, trying to tell a few people I care about who are in the Protestant "daughters" church system, the truth in the Bible and what I truly believe about Rome. I have told them what matters is if someone is born again and found myself, telling one person, "the Catholic jesus is a false "jesus" and telling this person that saying "Amen to a Catholic Eucharist as the "body of Christ" means really that someone has worshipped an idol. They were right that there are some Catholics out there who have exposure to evangelical books and ideas and do not "believe" the official Catholic doctrines, but even then, if one was born again, they would high tail it out of there as soon as possible. That was my own experience and while I know there are those who disobey the proddings of the Holy Spirit, this is a point I won't depart from.

As you can tell these opinions are not too popular. I find myself really worry that I am conveying the message correctly, one does not want to enter into a fruitless argument or turn people off from the truth you want to tell them, but with Rome it is difficult. In the mainline Protestant churches, the view that the Catholic church is another Christian church although with a few errors, definitely predominates. I have noted myself a growing Catholicism in these churches, and being an ex-Catholic, it seems odd to me to watch some of these Protestants praising famous Catholic saints and "sacramentalism" but that has been happening for years and only gotten worse.

They of course believe that Catholics are all fellow Christians. If you say otherwise, many people will become upset with you, even if you share your experience as having been a Catholic, not to condemn or issue hate for people caught within, but to let them know what is true.

If you think the evangelical churches have been poisoned with the ecumenism and the false unity, the mainline ones were lost long ago. I have had people invite me to mainline churches but to me attending one, would be as much an affront to God, as partaking in a Catholic Mass. I am responsible for what I know before God. This also includes staying away from apostate evangelical churches. I think to myself quite a bit, how can these people be reached? We must keep praying.

One thing I am noticing is while I do deal mostly with the rotten way the evangelical churches are going, one thing I haven't delved into too much is discussing the mainline churches role in the big picture as well. On blogs, we are limited in time. I ignore these churches most of the time except in this recent series of articles on the "daughters", except to warn people that they are false.

  The fact is the mainline denominations are joining in the same trends as well, the seeker-sensitive, the Emergent, and more. The same trends, fads, conferences, lectures, seminars happening in the evangelical, non-denominational world, are happening in the mainline churches too. While some of these churches are committed to their different versions of more liberal/leftist social justice or advancing gay rights, this doesn't explain everything.  They are definitely are part of the Emergent Dominionist game plan. They have jumped on the Globalist bandwagon too! Lutheran, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Reformed, Methodist churches have jumped on the Emergent bandwagon as well. Lutheran and Methodist and other ministers are using the Emergent lingo like "Missional", and "impacting the culture". They are on the Roman Catholic program, why wouldn't they be? Being daughters?

They also are jumping into the "change this world" Dominionism as much as any baptist or evangelical church. The churches are all being drawn into the same place, the last days apostate antichrist false church is being built. Here is a website called RETHINK church, run by the United Methodist church. Notice the focus here?

What was that Jesus said again about LOVE NOT THE WORLD?

1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

What is sad here, is many people are nice and good people who WANT to "HELP" the world. A lot of people want to look out for their fellow man. Many in these churches want to do positive things  and do a lot of good works in the community. That is what makes this so hard. You notice the things that look "good" on the surface" but then realize the untruths that are being taught with the social justice gospel and how Rome has used this one for centuries to deceive. 

One thing I am noticing is the focus on GOOD WORKS is definitely rising. Churches are getting on this "Do Something" bandwagon, and while that looks good as well...what about truth? I know I talk about how the globalists use the "help the poor" line to get people in their net, this is one way many people of good intentions are being misled.

I hate to tell these folks, but you can "do", "do", "do" til the cows come home but if you have not entered into biblical salvation it means NOTHING. Busy work for busy people, more distractions. Also when thinking about works, I want you all to consider something, people of better means and abilities have the ability to "do" more. The homeless guy isn't going to be able to feed the starving in Ghana and send money to the latest popular NGO.  A poor person in America may not have the money to help someone else pay their rent. I wonder what those kind of people think sitting in these "do" til you drop churches. Oh I was one of them in the Catholic church. I already was spiritually exhausted with this stuff in the Catholic church, and hate to see it all over the place now!

I know a lady and later she became a Lutheran minister, and I have been trying to give her pieces of the truth bringing her to question things, talking about the gospel and salvation and the direction the churches are heading. What I have noticed is the influences she has been given and it is all the same...FOCUS ON THIS WORLD stuff, change THIS WORLD. I found myself defining Dominonism to her, and that she needs to depart from it's lies. There are many other deceptions she is in of course including even desiring the pastorship of a church.

What I have noticed is many of these people have been given a vision of the world where they truly believe it will become a "Christian" utopia of sorts, and they really do believe the globalism and the "unity of man" and the United Nations and the rest really will bring in a new phase for mankind. Hey that is the way it has gone. It's in every church now, even a lot of the fundamentalists have joined up with their Dominonist  desires and love for the religious right.

Check out this article, that Fanatic for Jesus wrote on the "common good".

As you can see, the objective of Fabian Socialists in creating this style of democratic socialism/Communitarianist is not merely economic. There is a spiritual side that will forcefully dumb down the Gospel so that it will become equal to the cults and false religions. This statement above reflects government involvement in our lives, which is what makes it distinctly Communist/Fascist. As the world is being led into a totalitarian trap, the apostate Church reinforces its efforts for the common good.
Roman Catholics for the Common Good 
One of the greatest advocates for the common good comes directly from the office of the Papacy. Pope John Paul's vision of Communitarianism and a New Global Order is built on religious values. Its goal, as put forth by the Vatican, consists of seeking middle [common] ground between Marxist collectivism, and rigid individualism and capitalism. The Pope John Paul put forth what he believed to be the proper function of the community in helping individuals help themselves by mobilizing church resources, just like Rick Warren, and countering anti-religious movements. Communitarianism presents an universal notion of freedom, and a vision of a unified human destiny. The same oneness sought after by New Agers - which was demonstrated by the Pope's interfaith dialogue.
As you will see in the video, the common good is an important part of Catholic social thought. The Jesuits are involved in furthering the ideology of the common good. Note that the priest makes false claims that the Catholic churches social teaching as not being part of the Third Way political agenda. Let me remind you that Jesuits use the technique of subterfuge - deceit used in order to achieve one's goal.
Let's break this down, these churches ALL TOO believe in THE VISION OF THE UNIFIED HUMAN DESTINY. The baptists, the Methodists, the Lutherans, the Reformed, the Presbyterians, The Church of Christ and many more denominations I could list here along with the Rick Warren, evangelical and other churches too. 

I've warned about this too..."What is this common good stuff about?"

Sometimes things are so odd to me, I remember the term really "common good" only being used in the UU and other liberal "dreamers" back in the 1980s-such as a New Age writer in Utne magazine, now it is all over the place

Christians for the Common Good.

Presbyterian church with "Common Good" groups

and every one of these churches with few outlying exceptions  is hooked into the United Nations system...and the Vatican. As for the Vatican we know about the National Council of Churches connections, there are the direct United Nations ones as well.....

Why wouldn't they be?

The United Methodist church has their "Meditations and Devotions on the Millennium Development Goals" I found this book listed on the bottom right, of the "General Board of church and society of The United Methodist Church" website. Remember the Millennium Development goals of the United Nations? Well they have written prayers to go along with them.

One will note many of these churches are not without their United Nations liason office:

See my older article here...

"Is Your Church Yoked To the United Nations?"

Remember the aims here...

They all want to work through the POLITICAL system. They all say they want to transform the culture and the world.  It is basic DOMINIONISM. Don't forget what I have written here many times, DOMINIONISM CAME FROM ROME. The false churches are joined together for world power:

See my article on "The Mustard Tree Desires World Power"

And so much of the focus is this global and even local focus on "good works". Do not get me wrong, I believe good works for others do come out of faith and being led by God. However it is being used as a trap by Satan and his workers. I remember the prison of  false "good works" way too much in the Catholic church. The whole false "work your way into heaven" thing. All of this Reconstructionist and remember this all came out of Rome, idea that we are to turn the planet "Christian"  before the return of Jesus. They have definitely upped the ante there.

As far as the ecumenical movement is going, I am seeing more and more churches come together to share in these "good works" and join together. The days have come where evangelical churches ARE joining with the mainlines. It isn't just Rome inviting the daughters for visits, but the churches uniting in other capacities. This is being done via community outreach and an increase in partnerships.  Often the "reach the community" message is coupled with the "change the world" message in these churches. They definitely are reaching for that UNIFIED VISION of HUMAN DESTINY? Aren't they?

Some may see this article as redundant given the other topics on my blog, but my main point in posting this is for newbies to make the connections with the trends in the evangelical churches, and realize they are in the mainline ones as well, and how all these churches are united marching lockstep into the antichrist world system. 

What church out there is NOT joined with the world system or one world religion? They are growing fewer and fewer in number.  "Come out of her", just doesn't apply to the obvious culprits, but the false evangelical and other churches that are joined to the world system and Rome as well. 

Revelation 17:13: These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.


Anonymous said...

What you'll won't often (or in some cases ever) hear from all these churches is, the already-finished death and blood of Jesus is the only acceptable payment for our sins. That would be against a "unified humanity".

What churches haven't bought into this? Various independent Bible churches that just want to study and worship. You have to do your homework to find them, but they're out there.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Anon.

That goes against their false "save this world" antichrist gospel and their "unified humanity" message definitely.

Sure there are some good churches out there, but they are getting harder and harder to find. I even have tried to seek out churches 40 miles from where I have lived to no avail. Found one independent only to find out they were in full-blown false Charismatic teachings. There are many left in places where finding fellow Christians is much harder.

Christina Searcy said...

where can one begin to learn more on biblical salvation? I have strayed far from my path. I'm an average reader of your blog, mostly because it entertains me and I find it interesting.but this.... this post touched my heart.

I don't want to just say a prayer and be on my merry way. I want to experience God in the fullest way possible. there really aren't any church near me and I'm going to college in the fall.

I was hoping for some links or books to find more info.

thank you,

Anonymous said...

Christina Searcy,

To be saved (to have salvation and go to heaven), believe in Jesus Christ to take you to heaven. It is really that easy and permanent. Not by our works. Romans 4:5. To be in heaven, believe in Jesus Christ to take you there to heaven. John 3:16. Jesus is God and He died to pay for all of our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead. :)

Bible Believer said...

Thank you Anon, for your response. As for the best sources to send you Christina, Right now what is most important is if you are born again or not, Have you been born again in Jesus Christ?

the main source of your learning the truth should be God's Word [get yourself a good KJV Bible] and praying to Him to show you the truth.

Here is my testimony as well.