Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Mark of the Beast" First Official RFID Commercial

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The first thing you need to understand about the mark of the beast is that it is a worldwide system that collects and gathers information, and ties it in with personal records of all kinds. This will culminate in a chip, implanted in your body, that will personally connect you to the system. Today you see that information is already being collected when you use your debit card, the loyalty card at the supermarket, your car has computer chips that enable it to function – everything is controlled by a chip that feeds the information to various databases around the world. Even the Internet itself is part of this system.

Yes for years some of us who have been warning about the RFID chip knew they would use first use practical measures to "sell it". They will tell people, "Now no ER patient will be without medical records", "Now no soldier will be lost", "Now no grandmother's with Alzheimers will be able to wonder off."

I wrote someone here on the blog the other day, that taking an RFID chip or would be future tattoo or chip, would be like handing the very ownership of your personhood over to man which is idolatry in itself and denies human dignity being of God. You basically MERCHANDISE yourself, 'making merchandise' as the Bible warns when you take that chip!

Remember there are European nations already making the switch over to being cashless. There is at least one African nation requiring the use of a National ID card to buy and sell. Brazil has started implementing it's own national card id system as well. Imagine the control they will have over people. I have named a few countries here, but this is WORLD-WIDE.

"BarCodes for Humans Now on the Horizon"

See "The Mark of the Beast: Refuse It!"


LutherRocks said...

Interesting editorial. Much is made of this prophecy literally...and it may be true...but still, in the grand scheme, Revelation is in an apocalyptic writing style that can not always be taken literally. I believe that the Revelation of St. John transcends time and applies to all generations. Certainly from the Garden of Eden until now, Satan has marked his own while the Holy Spirit has sealed the rest...

Citizen Atheist said...

I think the chip would be a very interesting idea - save the fact that people can scan your credit card right through your billfold, so this shouldn't be any trouble either.

Too bad hackers have become so good at what they do.

Also, too bad paranoid people who still believe in fairy tales still exist in our modern society.

Bible Believer said...

Citizen Athiest,

Well RFID is not a fairy tale.

I am curious, there are some secularists non-Christians who would refuse a chip based on human dignity. Do you really want to be completely owned by the bankers and the elite of this world? I know even in my non-believer days, I would have said forget it!

They are selling the identity theft thing too, to bring people into fear, so they will line up for their chip.

Bible Believer said...

Luther I believe Revelation has applied since Jesus ascended into heaven, but there is a culmination of events as described by Jesus Christ in Matt 24, and other parts of Revelation. Things that will occur before Jesus's return and where the man of perdition will be revealed.

Kayfabe said...

I was talking to a woman the other day and she told me the Government is going to start chipping those who are on Food Stamps next. When I went to visit my grandmother a couple weeks ago in the hopsital and a nurse who seemed smart and measured told me that many of the elite rich chip their kids in case of kidnappings and that special forces chips their soldiers. Last year I was watching tv and commercial came on that was prmoting a medical chip for the reason you stated-E.R. purposes. You also got me thinking about those Supermarket club cards as I have one but maybe I need to stop going to Ralphs and go to smart and final that doesn't have those cards. Me and my friends have talked about preparing for all this by using cash as much as we can.

news4themasses said...

With an aging parent this idea of chipping seems great! J/K. I never chipped my pets why would I chip my Parent? I mean if my parent got lost and since they are a heart patient and something serious could happen why would I want peace of mind that they would be found and treated asap if need be. What happened to letting our old people get lost and die of serious illness? Why would I want a chip if I can take out my Cap1 card that has every piece of information of me connected to it that I can use anywhere and get double miles? IDK if people know what Human dignity is. Remember, we're talking to the same bunch of people who believe Aliens are Demons and the government is working on cyborgs to replace humans. Let's not forget the ozone layer that is sucking people out of the earth and causing skin cancer, Revelation lesions, and the earthquakes too, add it all up it's been the end of days! Ok much of that was sarcasm. The chip is not "thee" mark of the beast just yet, and when it comes --if we're here-- there is going to be an angel sent forth warning us not to take it because we'd be loosing our souls. Now if you're of the Tim LaHaye branch of eschatology you might take that mark anyway thinking you can repent after you get two jars of peanut butter, fyi, you can't undo the mark, there's no where is scripture that says you can, but if you wrote your own prophecy bible maybe you added in that scripture somewhere.

christian cerna said...

One thing I wonder is...

When it comes down to it, how many people in today's churches would actually lay down their lives, rather than deny Christ?

Sadly, I believe that when the time comes, we will be surprised by those who claimed to be Christians. The scriptures warn that in the last times parents shall betray their children, and brother shall betray brother, and neighbor shall betray neighbor. Those in your own household will be your enemies.

The way this nation is changing, it is not difficult to imagine a world where Christians will become the scapegoats for all of the world's problems. We shall see a holocaust 2.0.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, I wouldn't be surprised if the gov't does start chipping the poor and prisoners first, and we know they are going for the elderly and the rest.

I've heard about the kids and others.
With the supermarket cards, I hate using them because they track everything you buy. Actually the savings with one, are a joke, they usually only take money off the "bad for you foods" high fructose corn syrup and processed stuff. I have never seen one take money off for any meat or broccoli.

I have stopped using one at a local store as much as possible.

Bible Believer said...

Hey news4themasses, remember they are selling this nonsense TOO with the whole identity theft thing. No one can steal my identity if I get chipped. They are selling it on so many fronts.

People are forgetting human dignity as the times grow more evil.

I do believe the mark will be a chip or tattoo, but you are right it is STILL in development. Which will they choose? I am sure they are tweaking it all the time.

Hey in the Tim Lahaye Jenkins Left Behind series, one guy took the mark, and then was able to "repent" of it which is totally contradictory to what the BIble says..

See the book God's Wrath on Left Behind--Lisa Ruby.

She was right about those books being written to deceive Christians.

Bible Believer said...


while our lives are not in danger yet, well at least presently in America, we can see how outnumbered Christians are now. I have at times discussed hard issues in "Christian venues". Most of the church goers do not care. With the RFID chip, I even meet those who still say no such thing exists! The ones fooled by the NWO war on terror, are the majority. Just wait til they label those refusing to take a chip as being "terrorists", that already has been in the works now. I wonder too how many would be willing to lay down their lives for Jesus Christ. I pray God gives me strength I will need. Yes there will be betrayals. They probably would tell people to turn in an unchipped family member. America has changed radically in the last 10 years. Just even the attitudes. One can already see where things are headed definitely. I am sure many of the false preachers warned about on this blog, will tell their congregants to line up for the chip, and that those who warn of Revelation 13, are "crazy".

I still remember the day I discussed RFID chips at an old group I was in, it was a writer's club for Christians. It had this American Baptist retired preacher in there. He got so angry at me. He definitely was one of the deceived. He told me "How dare you!", well he walked out of the room the day, I told them that Billy Graham was ecumenical with Rome and a false preacher.

Look at the church websites, including evangelical ones. The same ones they got believing in the war on terror, would be war with Iran, Dominionism will happily march off to do the bidding of the NWO. They already are.

christian cerna said...

yes, i agree with you. this country has changed so much within the last 10 years, it is unrecognizable. i believe the demoralization of america began on 9/11. never have i seen so much division in ameirica- on every front. there is republican vs democrat, liberal vs conservative, capitalist vs socialist, atheist vs christian, black vs white, rich vs poor. this just comes to show that there has always been division and segregation in this country. we were just deceived by the media into believing that this nation was progressively getting better. and since we had money in our pockets, and food in our bellies, we were content with whatever we were told. but now americans have woken up. they don't have easy money anymore. they are not happy. they are seeing that the media is just a propaganda machine- there to serve the masters and feed lies to the masses. only the most naive or most blind continue to believe in the lies of the government.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Christian Cerna,

I never have seen this much division either. Even today I got into a conversation about how community is falling apart in America. One thing I thought, is they didn't want to destroy family and intimate ties, they want to destroy community ties, it means more power for them! I mean why have neighbors helping each other out or looking out for one another when the new world order would rather have endless divisions. I think some things are getting insane. It's hard out there for us who see through the game, EVERYONE I mean wants to pidgeon hole you as being either a right sided droid or a left sided droid. They want to shove you into a box, and slap the label on it. I had a Christian I used to know call me a LEFTIST for making remarks regarding defending the poor. All I know is it massively troubles me. The owned media has done it's job well for its satanic masters. I think people ARE waking up more and more, some are seeing through the whole mess, but its just not enough. Some may even know what is wrong but are not able to put their finger on it.

I believe to implement the "mark" they are going to use FEAR definitely to let people give them that much control.

christian cerna said...

very true. the elite know that their true power comes from keeping the masses divided, and wasting their energies on petty causes. it amazes me how americans waste their lives arguing about trivial things, such as which sports team is better, or which soft drink is best, or which phone is superior. i honestly believe that the corporations aren't even competing against each other. most are owned by a handful of wealthy shareholders. they don't care what car you drive, or which beverage you choose, or which computer you buy- so long as you choose one, and move in the direction they want you to move. ultimately, all the food corporations are making us fatter and unhealthier. and the tech companies use their devices to control our minds, and alienate us from one another.

if one look honestly at the situation in this country, one can only come to the conclusion that things cannot continue as they are for much longer. one more big economic crash is all it will take to bring everything to a complete standstill, and to create chaos like we have not seen in our lifetimes.

the people in third world countries will fare better, since they still have the knowledge of working the land, and producing food, and knowing how to live on little. but americans... well, let's just say, most of us probably even have trouble using a microwave.

Millard Hiner said...

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Rahul said...

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Anonymous said...

. I can't remember reading a historical account of where anyone was refused work or a living by denying a "Mark". The only thing that comes close in my mind is maybe the Roman Catholic "Ash Wednesday" where "the sign of the cross" is put on people's foreheads. Not sure if anyone was denied buying or selling becasue, if one was not a Roman Catholic during the dark ages, they were "extirpated".....James