Friday, June 29, 2012

But Lausanne ITSELF is Ecumenical!

This is like writing the Pope and asking him to give the world a break on interfaith activities....

Open Letter To David Sedaca And LCJE

Why on earth would you approach an ECUMENICAL ORGANIZATION...LAUSANNE and one of it's subsidiaries LCJE

Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism 

and ask them...


Am I missing something here? Can someone explain? I am a bit confused.

I think some are missing a giant forest for the trees.

I found this petition online some time ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting about this yet.

They would have to renounce LAUSANNE in it's entirety and the WORLD CHRISTIAN movement IN TOTAL.

Check out the names on this petition, Jacob Prasch, Jackie Alnor, Miguel Hayworth. [see above and here]

This petition was brought to my attention a long time ago in this article...{read the comments}

Why Does Jacob Prasch Endorse the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelicalism?

It was one of those topics I didn't get around to posting on, but I kept thinking about it, how does that make any  sense, to ASK A LAUSANNE ORGANIZATION to NOT BE ECUMENICAL?

The only way that would happen would be for the group to disband, or cut all Lausanne ties, and reform under ANOTHER NAME!

The blue circles are from me, I circled the part where it says right on the LCJE website, that they are a SPECIAL INTEREST COMMITTEE OF LAUSANNE.

Now anything to do with Lausanne, is ECUMENICAL!

The Lausanne Movement: Bringing Evangelicals Into the Antichrist Fold

Calvary Chapel Connections to Lausanne

ICEP: A Catholic Group Working With Lausanne

Have all the above ministries renounced Lausanne as a whole? Does that mean they renounce Billy Graham as a false teacher who started the whole ecumenical mess?

What an odd collection of names too. Has Miguel Hayworth seen the articles on this blog, where I posted about the false teachings of Prasch? Why sign a petition with him and the Calvary Chapel defending Jackie Alnor?  He has been on this website as a commenter or [well someone was using his name], see comments here...

I found this whole petition to be odd, a long time ago when I found it. I wish I had posted on it earlier.


news4themasses said...

Greetings! What a beautiful Friday morning it is. God is good, He is the author and finisher of my faith! He knows the beginning from the end and all the little details in between, just thinking on that alone shows how might the LORD God is and yet there are always some who try to manipulate the Lord and His sheep! Well, looky looky, I saw this post of the open letter also, even recently, and noted that the names are also Members of ACT. Apologetics Coordination Team. You can find the list of members through Discernment Ministries. You could look on my site as well my latest post has the link. But yes, Jackie defends Chuck Smith, exposes Chuck Missler and TBN, but yokes with Jacob Prasch who endorses Chuck Smith and speaks with Chuck Missler at Calvary Chapel conferences. Isn't it a tangled web. Back to enjoying my morning with my coffee and the Word of God. Blessings to you G4.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make any sense, does it?

Jacob Prasch just yells loudly and presumes that gives him some authority. But in reality, he's a Billy Graham supporter that is in bed with the very things he supposedly exposes.

Bible Believer said...

Hi news4themasses. Amen to God being the author and finisher of our faith. :)
Well we are finding some really weird contradictions. I know people are not perfect, but what does it mean when you see endless contradictions in what they say or do? I even understand that many can be sucked into these false ministries not know their true nature, but what are we to think of the same names cropping up all over the place, and the incongruencies that abound?

Perhaps some of the folks that signed this never heard of the World Christian Movement, or know the history of ecumenism with Lausanne, but surely some of those dabbling in the ecumenical discernment world DO. If they have researched these things for 20/30 years how'd they miss that one and the huge global system of endless front organizations that Lausanne is involved with?

So yes we get things that don't make sense like Jackie Alnor signing something like this when the very church-Calvary Chapel and it's leader she defends are in with Lausanne and it's different organizations from top to bottom. It seems odd what all these folks never seem to learn from one another.

Jackie Alnor has even spoken with Caryl Matrisciana [see here] at the Women on the Watch conference.

Strange some of these things isn't it?

Odd how they all seem to know each other.

Yes it is a tangled web.


I agree a lot of these folks are in bed with the things they supposedly expose. I heard the Billy Graham stuff for myself from Prasch. Billy Graham and Franklin Graham are praised often times in Calvary Chapel circles. {Prasch has taught at Calvary Chapels is not officially one himself but Alnor's husband was a Calvary Chapel pastor.}

No surprises there huh? given they have so many of their pastors hanging out at the Cove.

So it is a major incongruency.

Ah the church with all its "discernment and other teachers and associated teachers" that claims on one end it's against the ecumenical movement--Rick Warren etc, and on the back end they are joined in with all of Graham's enterprises, including this Calvary Chapel joined with a Billy Graham crusade...

Anonymouse M said...

For anyone interested, there has been on ongoing expose' of Miguel Hayworth on DTW's site that starts with Miguel's comments related to Roger Oakland and Chuck Missler on April 17.

Bible Believer said...

more discussion here. I do not agree with this blogger on all viewpoints:

Anonymous said...

Hi guys Miguel Hayworth has been removed off this petition.