Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Advancement of Euthanasia in the Media

I am writing this article in response to this Time magazine cover "How To Die" and this article.

I understand that there are times when people want to refuse medical care, and "extraordinary means". There are times people may have to make hard choices for relatives on life support, or where further medical interventions would bring far more unnecessary pain and suffering where people decide not to go that route. For instance, I had a relative who refused chemo at an advanced age. There are medical things I have refused--once praying and basically being told by God, not to get or pursue a certain serious medical procedure. Since I am still kicking 9 years later that was a blessing from God. These things however are people's personal choices. They were not made by bean counters and those wanting to "save money".

 One danger I see coming is "passive euthanasia", where to qualify for certain treatments, they will look at someone's age and other health problems and tell them they don't meet the standards to have it done. That is what all the warnings about Obama's would be "death panels" was all about.

My trust of the medical world is LOW, even if I have had good doctors and been saved by modern medicine before,  I had an in-law die of being given a drug they were allergic to, and an in law who basically died of dehydration in the hospital, his daughter checked on him daily-they both lived out of state, but could only do so much. I have seen people put away into the nursing home, one denied rehab that could have given her a chance at a better life--they gave her a week or two and then cut it off and left her in her bed almost night and day.  There are things going on out there that are scary. When people have feeding tubes, water, etc, removed there is horrible suffering no matter the excuses they put on top of it. I have seen people denied physical therapy, rehab, and more that would have helped them due to 'cost-cutting" measures. Many of these places are run "for-profit" which tells you how decisions are made. What is worse, is the clinical coldness that has come to dominate the medical world in general.

Matt 6: 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Think about with these euthanasia lovers, how their solution is to end everyone's lives as quickly as possible when we actually have the medical technology to alleviate pain. There is a problem here. This is all about MONEY.  If you read these magazine articles, it's all about the money. No one has the opportunity to die at home anymore with loved ones, they are shipped off to scary, unfamiliar surroundings and there are plenty of new world order owned "writers" like this telling people to SPEED up the DYING process, or even in the extreme cases BEGIN it, supposedly to save MONEY.

Even that is based on lies. Where is all the CASH going? Why does it cost hundreds of bucks for a bandage? Why does a week in the hospital cost upwards of a $12,000 bucks? Ever think about the CUT all the mega-insurance companies are getting or how the system is set up for corruption. So while they tell you that your 80 something year old grandfather is the "burden" and the "problem", the wicked behind the scenes fill their money bags. The greed is astounding out there. One unknown fact very few doctors take Medicare, they refuse it because they aren't paid enough. Anyone with a disabled or elderly relative, figures out some of the facts out there fast. Ever wonder why we have so many foreign doctors now? Most  Americans can't afford medical school anymore. Why is that? It is a closed system.

Trillions for wars overseas, and bank bail-outs but look how they go to the medical world FIRST here, and talk about not extending people's lives because of the "costs". Yes medicine can be messy, yes people may die despite the efforts, but there are those who live too. Would you rather error is made on the life side or the death side? I would go with the FORMER!

Who wants other people deciding if a life is "worthwhile" besides God? It is sick. I know someone who has severe health problems who was told by others, they would have chosen to die instead if they were in her shoes and this is not a person who is bedridden, they can walk, and see. Scary stuff, but people have been indoctrinated to the max. We are living in a world where only the healthy, wealthy and young, are being told that they "matter".

Even the people who fear being vegetables or stashed away into the nursing home and being helpless, this comes out of the wickedness of a system where the old and ill are stashed away, "out of sight and out of mind" and forgotten and ignored. People are told once they take ill, become disabled and non-"productive" that they are worthless.  Unlike years ago where families were together and took care of their old and sick, with multiple members helping out, people know what happens today. Their fears are real but sadly now being used to advance the death agenda, so old people tell their children, "Let me die, I do not want to become a burden!". What is scarier is what will happen to those without children, who will be left at the whim of clinical social workers and so called "professionals" making those decisions. Anyone who has faced serious illness or helplessness, understands the fear that can loom simply from the thoughts of ending up in a nursing home and the horribleness and even abuse that could await. Remember my warnings about how fear is used to take people into wicked things?

2 Timothy 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

With modern medical science I think one needs to keep a clear mind and analyze many things, especially what is being done to the food, and all the toxins they are bombarding us with, but there is another agenda out there. The evil elite do want to reduce the population. Many people even in their middle age with serious health problems are asked to sign "do not resuscitate orders". This is what happens. They are indoctrinating people now to accept these things and have for many years. Life is not valued. They promote death at every turn.

You know things are scary when MONEY is always put above LIFE, the message is to DIE instead of cost people or your family money.  Hey that is what has fueled the MILLIONS of abortions in this country. Young women being told not to "ruin their lives" and being told to have their babies done away with to save their "future careers" and "socio-economic" lives. CASH is held above LIFE in this country and has been for decades. Now that the Baby Boom population is aging, the drumbeats to SAVE MONEY have already started. It is the same thing but this time instead of just killing unborn babies and rejecting their right to life, they are trying to change the attitudes towards the sick, the old and elderly. Many warned this would happen, in a culture where they do not care about killing unborn life, why wouldn't they step it up a few notches?

This world, does disvalue life. Lest you think morality and common sense is going to prevail, don't be naive'. I am going to tell you about a personal experience here. I went to a local library book club where they had assigned this book for the monthly discussion, to tell the folks, I believed the book above was total evil. I almost quit reading it, but decided to proceed and go and tell them what I thought. Soon I may be doing an article on FICTION books and how so many program for anti-Christian thought. I am at the point where I am reading 90% nonfiction, tired of being bombarded with everything from subtle New Age theology to worldviews that make me want to puke.

Here is the book, it was called "The Unit". This book was translated from Swedish, and was about a society, where everyone over 50 and childless or older with grown children out of the house, were considered "dispensable" and used for medical experiments and organ donations. With some of the organ donations, they had corneas, ear bones, kidneys taken, but they also had ones that ended their lives--livers and hearts. In other words they were used as living organ banks for the rest of the "indispensable" population. The people in the book accepted this system, and their deaths. They were treated "well" on a surface level, given nice apartments, food and leisure, while the death clock wound itself down. In the book, two of them fall in love, and one lady gets pregnant, but they do away with her male lover, taking his liver, and she has the baby transplanted to another womb--remember this is an imagined future, and while one kind worker, gives her the means to escape, she refuses and stays to meet her deadly end. I didn't want to read this book, it was nauseating, but felt impelled to challenge folks on it and told them bluntly, this book is evil and why. I said it to them straight. There was another elderly Christian in the audience, who shared my sentiments, but what was scary, was the people kept talking about how medical care was growing more expensive, and what was going to be done with all the old and disabled people out there?  "We do not want to be burdens ourselves", they said. It was one of those moments of feeling aggrieved around the unbelieving world.

They accepted that the book was dystopian and protrayed a horrible future, but I kept thinking don't they realize how close things are getting now? Many said, "The book made us think" when I thought to myself the book taught passive acceptance of pure unadulterated evil. The heroine after all accepted her fate. Life has become cheap in this world, even for a book of no hope like this to be written. Where it's all about cost measures, and who gets what. This book was just more Logan's Run nonsense! Remember that movie where they sent everyone off to die by age 30 and go to Carousel, another satanic brainwashing film as early as the 1970s? I saw this movie several times when young, it is interesting to see the implicit NWO influences and symbols right in it. The "culling the population" stuff has existed for decades.

The Nazi's had their "life unworthy of life" program, many forget about this when they did away with sick infants, the developmentally disabled, the sick and old. There were protests that ended this but sadly did not end the Holocaust of later. There the luciferian beancounters decided who lived or died too.

"The Nazi euthanasia program quickly expanded to include older disabled children and adults. Hitler's decree of October, 1939, typed on his personal stationery and back dated to Sept. 1, enlarged "the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such manner that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death."
Are we headed to those times now? Except they won't be so direct about it. They will use "lack of availability" and more back door cost cutting measures. Actually some of this stuff has already started. What will happen with the drug shortages that have started now?

Don't forget Jack Kevorkian, that man's satanic darkened heart showed up in his art and the fact that TODAY in places like Oregon and the Netherlands, one can call for medicine to kill one's self with if they are "ill" enough. The so called "assisted suicide" evil. There on the surface, they claim to this is the person's "personal choice". But you wonder when the "choice" to die becomes the "duty to die", especially among those who fear the burdgeoning medical costs to their families. In the Netherlands they have made things "convienient" for their mostly godless duped masses, with their mobile euthanasia units where they will send a van right to your house to kill you.

This is serious business, everyone reading this article one day will be facing death and old age. Many will be facing incapcitation and needing the care of others. It is scary what is happening in this society and the coldness that abounds.

Matt 24: 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 

Here is more information on how they are bombarding people with their euthnasia and death messages in the media.

I do not agree with everything here, this is NOT a Christian video--[some mild language warning], but he deals with many of basics. I do agree with some of his criticisms of the medial world. The corruptions are deep and not all the treatments are the best. There are things going in the medical world that replicate things exposed on this blog regarding the religious world. Think the same degree of corruption, lies and more. He is right about the EVIL implicit in this. He is right about how other cultures treat their elderly better. America should be ashamed of itself.

Here is the cover of the recent Time magazine:

This one is from 2009, they didn't hold back from a direct sick title.
When I saw this one, I almost couldn't believe it, but it is real:

The Case for Killing Granny

TIME Magazine pushes death agenda: Remove feeding tubes from the dying elderly (and get a cash bonus!)

The Elite Are Attempting To Convince Us That Killing Off Our Sick Grandparents Is Cool And Trendy

What should be done with elderly Americans when they become very seriously ill? Should we try to save their lives or should we just let them die? Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus among the "intellectual elite" that most elderly people are not going to have a high enough "quality of life" to justify the expense of costly life saving procedures. This philosophy is now being promoted very heavily through mainstream news outlets, in our television shows and in big Hollywood movies. The elite are attempting to convince us that killing off our sick grandparents is cool and trendy. We are being told that "pulling the plug" on grandma and grandpa is compassionate (because it will end their suffering), that it is good for the environment and that it is even good for the economy. We are being told that denying life saving treatments to old people will dramatically reduce health care costs and make the system better for all of us. We are being told that it is not "efficient" for health insurance companies to shell out $100,000 for an operation that may extend the life of an elderly person by 6 months. But the truth is that all of this is part of a larger agenda that the elite are attempting to advance. As I have written about previously, the elite love death, and they truly believe that reducing the population is good for society and good for the planet. Sadly, population control propaganda has reached a fever pitch in recent months.
Time Magazine has just come out with a very shocking cover story entitled "How To Die". The article goes on and on about how wonderful and compassionate it is to remove life saving treatment from sick relatives.

This is all the outcome of a world going further into evil, WAXING cold.

Matt 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.


Anonymous said...

The main point of it, which you hit on also, is that this is part of the depopulation plan of the elite.

Death by abortion, death by euthanasia, death by genetically modified "foods", death by outlawing vitamins, death by cancer, death by vaccines, death by controlled wars, death by people going postal due to a bad economy.

After I got to studying these things about the death cull programs of the elite, then it no longer surprised me how much death is found throughout the Book of Revelation that covers the tribulation period. The antichrist and his programs will be pouring out with wars, HAARP, diseases, famine, and so on.

Good Soldier said...

We are already in the tribulation and have been since out Lord ascended into heaven.

Joh 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

The book of Revelation is not about a 7 year period of time at the end of time. That is a doctrine of men propigated by John N. Darby who got it from Jesuits.

read this link

In Christ

Anonymous said...

Dispensationalism is not from Darby or the Jesuits. To say it is, is falling for the lies of the Jesuits.

The catholics claim to have given everyone the Bible, yet that claim is a lie.

Bible Believer said...

For the people who question the dispensationalism [I do too, obviously since I do not believe in the Rapture] but the Bible warns of things that will come in the "last days".[Matt 24, etc]
Do not get the two mixed up. Thinking anyone who discusses last day prophecies has fallen for the lies of the dispensationalists, Christian Zionists and the rest.

Believing those things are happening now does not automatically make one into a "pretrib" dispensationalist [the harlot has been with us for centuries, and the antichrist Pope, has put many Christians to death as warned about in Revelation]

The Bible does warn us of a one world gov't and religion, that part is TRUE. Rome has pursued both ends for centuries, even with their Holy Roman empire. Today they have the EU and UN at their bidding.

Be careful of false teachers who tell you, that Revelation "already happened", the truth falls into the middle there too, between the PreTrib Rapture crowd, who points to everyone but the Pope as the would be Antichrist, and the Preterist, nothing is going to happen 2 Peter 3 crowd that ignores what is going on and says things will keep going for another million years. Such types even deny the existence of a world elite which is absurd. We know who the world elite operate under and what Revelation is talking about when it comes to the kings fornicating with the harlot.

The elite have made their depopulation agenda even public, with Prince Philip once talking of a virus that would take out a great part of humanity and being pleased about it.

They are propagating death via abortion, euthanasia, GMO foods, Codex Alimentrus, cancer via Radiation--Fukishima anyone?

Those things are real. Even if the 7 years is nonsense, the prophecies are in the Bible for the reading. Jesus Christ warned Himself what was coming in Matt 24.

I reject Darby and Scofield but I majorly question some of the churches who do as well, and then give out the idea 'nothing is happening", they fall into the 2 Peter 3:5 camp definitely.

I can go with the idea of Tribulation having started right at the time after Jesus ascended into heaven, but there is a culmination point as warned about in multiple bible prophecies as to the end result here, and the luciferians have praised depopulation for decades in their agenda. Now they have more powerful modern tools to make it happen beyond Inquisitions and wars.

The Jesuits want to achieve these things...

Playing cover for the Pope, which has happened via the evangelical Christian Zionist movement--helping the Pope's agenda.

Having Christians trust in a Rapture to save them from tribulation in this world. A great error especially in the West when worldwide Christians are dying now.

but on the other side the Jesuits want people to scoff.

They do not want people to realize the truth about the new world order and it's luciferians.

They do not want people taking Bible prophecy seriously.

In fact one thing I have noticed about the ecumenical types, they are either deceived by the Christian Zionist Rapture stuff, or deceived by the scoffing dismissal of Bible prophey which encompasses the majority of your mainline churches.

How many Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc, you see interested in what is really happening out there? Their pastors tell them, this basically...

2 Peter 3:3

3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

I hope I explained this well enough...

Bible Believer said...

correction to above, the Rcc has basically many world governments at their bidding too, including one major powerful nation. You can guess which one I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, is evident throughout Scripture. Even the apostles in Acts 1, thought that Jesus would restore the kingdom to Israel, and they didn't yet see the church age, but Jesus didn't refute the fact that Israel has the kingdom restored to them. Zionism is a Biblical principle.

Second, I believe in the rapture. And I also believe the pope is either the antichrist or the false prophet. So it is inaccurate to say that "everyone that believes in the rapture ignores the pope".

Here's an interesting post on an interesting site about this issue:

The Vatican is a copy of the Old City of Jerusalem:

The pope is working to establish himself in Jerusalem, that would mean a future pope is the antichrist, unless events turn a different way.

You should examine that blog in general, as it has good information about the sickness of the catholic religion, like how they adorn their buildings in Europe with the bones of those conquered by catholicism:

But anyway, I am a Zionist that believes in the rapture, because the Bible teaches both. And I also point directly to the pope as being either the antichrist, a future pope, that is, since I believe this current guy is too old and things aren't in place enough yet for him to be it, or at the very least, a future pope would be the false prophet, if not the antichrist himself.

Bible Believer said...

Have you read my article on Christian Zionism?

You are RIGHt about the Pope desiring Jerusalem

Totally right!

But do you not realize that the govt of Israel, as a secular nation, is just as Masonic and sold out to the global luciferians as the rest of them?

Google various prime minister names--even the guy that often visits Calvary Chapel pulpits, and note how many meetings all of them have had with the Pope.

Have you seen the NWO and Masonic markings on Israel gov't buildings?

We agree about the Pope being the Antichrist too.

One thing, it took me a long time to figure out the Christian zionist stuff, I realized the Jewish people had their betrayers as well. Loving the Jewish people and praying for their conversion to Jesus Christ, does not automatically follow that one has to be a Zionist. My article explains more about that.

I have read that blog on and off before, always disagreed about the Zionism but he was right about Rome and had good information otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to be looking at what you perceive as "right" or "wrong" from Israel's government anyway. We're not into politics. We're into Biblical truth.

The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. That is the issue. Whether those in power over there are masonic satanists or not, doesn't change that the land belongs to the Jewish people. God will see to it that they are never taken out of the land again. But the world wants to try and take them out, so be on the right side of this, and forget the politics that will perish anyway. I say this in love and exhortation, because you do excellent work here on this blog, and I come here to see what the Lord has to say through you. But you are wrong on this issue of caring so much about the Israeli government, when your focus should be on how the Lord Jesus gave the Jewish people the land of Israel. Just an exhortation in return for all the good you do here.

Bible Believer said...

Question for you...

what does land mean anywhere...

when this world is supposed to END?

Everyone and that includes Jewish people should be more concerned about what comes in ETERNITY.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your positive comments about my blog.

Just please think these things out.

Anonymous M said...

God did not promise nor give the land to the "Jews"; He gave it to "Israel"; study it out.

Anonymous said...

Saying that everyone should be most concerned about eternity, doesn't change the fact that the Lord promised the land of Israel to the Jewish people.

You are actually doing the enemy's work for him on this issue, because the enemy wants to prove the Lord a liar, when the Lord said that He would put them back in their own land. That's why everyone is against them being there, in the unbelieving world.

You do so very much good. Why do this with the Israel issue?

Bible Believer said...

Don't you realize how Rome itself is using Christian Zionism to usher in WWIII, and deceive on behalf of the Antichrist? Rome is playing both the govt of Israel and Islam like a fiddle for the NWO. Even Romney is using Israel to win votes for himself from Christian, the blind Christian supports of the secular state of Israel will then go line up to vote for the Bildenberg Mormon NWO choice. See how that works?

The true Israel is SPIRITUAL, it is not this land, this earth, this secular UNITED NATIONS set up nation in 1948.

Anonymous said...

The enemy is going to try and use the promise of the land for the Jews, the promise which the Lord gave. Of course the enemy will do that! Just like the enemy uses the Name of Jesus to try and deceive, just like the enemy twists the true Words of Scripture to try and deceive. So that doesn't mean anything!

Bible Believer said...

Check out the article I wrote today...about Romney. These folks are using a secular faux Israel AGAINST the real spiritual Israel and against the Jewish people too [helping to take them further away from the gospel, and working to help the Pope reclaim Jerusalem etc]

Hey one thing it took me time too to get the Israel stuff straight, they really have done a number on people. Just please consider my words.

Bible Believer said...

You do realize the promises of the NEW JERUSALEM?

Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: ^ for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. ^

Rev 21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. ^

That is where we want to focus, and hoping there will be as many Jewish converts to Jesus Christ who will be there with the rest of us as Christian brothers and sisters.

This's land, etc.

hate to tell you, it's going to a very bad place.

If God tells us even the ocean is going to die, and Jesus comes back at a time when no flesh would otherwise be saved, that tells you how bad things are going to get.

Don't trust in this place, you see.

Anonymous said...

New Jerusalem has nothing to do with the current promise of the land of Israel to the Jews. The two are separate teachings.

Bible Believer said...

Realize the antichrist is going to fool many making earthly Jerusalem his "headquarters".

They will claim this is God's kingdom and remember the duped will accept him as "jesus" when he is the satantic man of perdition. what better then misusing Bible prophecy to mislead people?

Remember most of Israel outside of born again Jews who became Christians and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior same as us, is APOSTATE and rejects God.
Talmudic Judaism that rejects Jesus Christ is a false religion.

Remember how I talk about how they play both sides against the middle all the time?

They are using the focus on Israel the secular nation to their own evil ends..

I don't get time to cover every news item I want to on this blog, but I read this even last week


"Vatican-Israel Economic Accord Angers Palestinians
June 14, 2012 | From

he Vatican is poised to “indirectly recognize” Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, viewed by most Palestinians as the future capital of their independent nation, Ha’aretz Online reported Monday.

This tacit recognition would result from the approval of an economic agreement in the works between the Vatican and the Jewish nation, which contains no distinction between sovereign Israel and the territories it has occupied since 1967. The absence of any such distinction in the Vatican-Israel deal is heightening tensions between the Vatican and Palestinian groups. Ha’aretz said the lack of distinction between disputed territory and Israeli territory could have severe implications for the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

A Vatican spokesman said the Catholic Church remains “extraneous to all merely temporal or political conflicts …. Unless the contending parties or the international institutions make concordant appeal to its mission of peace.”

But a broad view of history reveals the Vatican to be no stranger to conflict in the Holy Land.

Though the gory conflicts in the Middle Ages between European Christians and Middle Eastern Muslims are often labeled the “Christian Crusades,” the Christians involved were uniquely Roman Catholic. These “noble” Catholic wars were among the bloodiest imaginable: While seizing Jerusalem in 1099, Catholics killed around 70,000 Jews and Arabs. Over the course of 200 years of Catholic crusading, somewhere between several hundred thousand and several million people had their blood spilled in the Holy Land.

The Crusades showed the Catholic desire to control Christianity as a whole, and also the Vatican’s desire to rule the world from Jerusalem.

Observers of the Middle East mostly focus on the Arab Palestinians and the nation of Israel. But what about the instigator of those original Crusades? Has that power given up on reclaiming the Holy Land? Will it stand idly by while Jerusalem is fractured between Arab and Jew? Quite the contrary. In fact, the Vatican believes it still holds claim to Jerusalem even to this very day, and it is already taking subtle measures—like this agreement with Israel—to bolster its presence in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Berlin is also making steady gains in positioning itself as a nation on which Israel relies for military security.

To understand where these trends are leading, read “Jerusalem and the Last Crusade.” •"

Bible Believer said...

Here is another one...

It's interesting what they underplay in American news.

I agree with this guy


"The Vatican supported the Nazi regime while Jews were the target for extermination. In 2012, The Vatican is doing once again what it knows best, which is, to support tyranny in the extermination of the innocent."


Yep he's got that right.

So why evangelicals jump on the SUPPORT ISRAEL BUS look who the leaders of Israel are signing on with.

It never escaped my attention that Netyanhu who has visited with the Pope multiple times got those Calvary Chapel invites.

Bible Believer said...

This is an interesting article.,7340,L-4185027,00.html

Hey a lot of the Jews are smart, and realize the Vatican is NOT their friend.

[course history is a lesson even on that]

One comment:

"Commendable article. Israel must stop the Vatican's conquest of Jerusalem. The Israeli government must reject this deal and close the door on the Vatican. In addition, Israel should insist that the Vatican return all of the Holy Temple possessions the Romans stole from Israel 2000 years ago."

another comment:

"49. Bowing to the Vatican

If Israel will not respect her own sovereignty why should anyone else?
Israel, wake up before it's too late.

Joe , Israel (02.05.12)"

So why does Israel [the govt and secular nation] help them at every turn?

Hint: they are doing to the secular nation of Israel, what has been done here. Geo-politics setting things up for the antichrist.

and they abuse bible prophecy to do it.

Sorry for thread drift, yeah I know this was an article on Euthansia. If anyone wants to comment on that topic, please do.

Anonymous said...

All of this is quite interesting as I turn 71 in May. At age 69 I spent 5 months in and out of the hospital. I almost died 3 times during that time period. I had a beautiful dream from The Lord (I didn't know I was dying at the time but, my family did). He was holding me in His arms like a bridegroom does when going over the threshold. He just stood there holding me. I was in a white dress with gold running through it. The instance I woke up I knew what it meant. He was holding me through this ordeal. I felt if He had turned with me and started walking I was going to go home with Him. When I told this to my family is when I had almost died the 1st time. I did not know I would be near death 2 more times. We all knew I would live. I am not totally well right now as they had to remove a cancerous kidney which left my remaining kidney not functioning as well as it should and right now I do not have to have dialysis but will in the near future. This brings me to wonder about a scripture in the Old Testament where the King wanted more years added to his life and God told him if He gave Him more years those years would not be as good and it turned out it wasn't good. My ? is, are we prolonging our own years with all of this medical technology? I am praying and asking The Lord if I should go on dialysis. Is this medical technology of Him or man.