Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Yet More Occultism and Occult Symbolism in High Places" [The Tyr Rune Used in "Christian" Ministries?]

Matt is back at The New Jerusalem Chronicle:

Yet More Occultism and Occult Symbolism in High Places

"Notice above the rune of Tyr (the 'arrow' inside the circle). If you've read through my chapter one, you'll know Tyr is used by luciferians as an alias for the Devil himself. So here we see the sign of Satan smack in the middle of this poster...and a rather obvious occultic date for this advertised event (11.11.11). Occultists are very obsessed with this kind of date-setting and others have done studies on this aspect."

I found the information about the Tyr run very interesting in this article. I am seeing the upward arrow all over the place on so called Christian websites!. Did you know even the Anti-Defamation league warns of this arrow in it's use within racist organizations that often harken back to nordic paganism? I didn't realize the Nazis used it but they did too, see the graphic below....

And by the way, the "circle" isn't a necessary part of the graphic. The "Tyr" is displayed often as the upright arrow alone. To me it seems to be a quick graphic of a "pillar of jealousy", if people understand what I am hinting at here.

While arrows can be used in the innocent sense such as on archeitectural plans,  I always wondered why Greg Laurie constantly uses arrows on everything as a logo, as it is not a traditional Christian symbol. The second arrow is kind of strange, pointing to a 5 pointed star, illustrating a partial pyramid. Is Greg Laurie or Greg Laurie's graphic designer ignorant of what this symbol was used for historically? Why is this upright arrow used all over the place now?

With the Tyr rune or pointing upwards arrow, Greg Laurie isn't the only one using it, it is all over the place in Christian churches.

What is sad is most Christians will see that, and think hey that arrow means, "We are pointing to heaven". In fact I am sure that is what they think it stands for. But looking at it's uses elsewhere, and it's historical and pagan roots, it seems this would not be a symbol any Christian ministry would want to connect itself with especially once they had this knowledge in hand.

I liked what Matt had to write here as it is a theme I do write and address on my own blog quite a bit. especially regarding the Dominionist movment. Why wouldn't Dominionist oriented "Christian" ministries be marked for Satan? I agree about the militant stuff, actually being a planned endeavor to lead to more rejection of the gospel too, and have basically said so here. The theocracy types are doing untold damage. Interesting he mentions poor people, I already have pretty much figured out, that in today's false churches and the sickening cesspool of the religious right,  they teach hatred and disdain for the poor instead of what Jesus Christ taught. I also have addressed how many have been led into thinking the Christian's job is to fight non-believers of various groups. All this of course is helping to build the Antichrist cage of one world government and destroying freedom especially here in America and helping to lead more to reject the gospel.

 If there's anything the Devil loves more than shoving Christianity down people's throats...I wouldn't know what it is. How better to create a gag reflex and a rejection of Christianity than to forcibly impose it?
 Jesus-followers have not been called to shove anything down anyone's throat. We have been called to live peaceable, quiet lives which are distinguished by a charitable, gracious neighborliness, and which has the potential of winning people over to a biblical world view.
 The Devil has successfully lured conservative Bible believers into ugly street fights with 'Gays', Muslims, "liberals", poor people, women's libbers, evolutionists, on and on.
 The satanic ingenuity here is that the Devil has millions of duped Christian conservatives constantly running, hat in hand, to the feet of a satanically devised government/kingdom (recall the scriptural basis for this description, just a few paragraphs ago)...begging it to impose more and more governmental controls...for supposed protection from 'evil terrorists' around the world, and supposed protection from evil elements within our own borders, etc.
It's asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Resisting evil is one thing. The assembling of a world-government/police-state in the name of resisting said have 'enlightened' Bible believers come to be so duped?

Check out his article in it's entirety.....


Anonymous said...

I never understood why any "ministry" has to have some symbol, as if this is the corporate world or something. Indeed the roots of the corporate world are paganistic and unbiblical worldly. They intentionally use symbols to communicate with one another.

So in the past, I used to just write it off as a coincidence, or ignorance on the part of those using the symbols, or just no connection at all.

I now believe there is at least something to it. There's no way that these symbols, so often used throughout human history in paganism, are just coincidentally showing up in "ministries".

Why would they choose symbols that have these long historical pagan ties?

For that matter, why do "ministries" need any symbols at all? The ministry already has a name. Can anyone answer this question?

Bible Believer said...

I think the symbols came into play when the churches started listening to the marketeers. You know when they got busy "selling" themselves as corporations instead of preaching the gospel. So they looked to CORPORATE ways of doing things ala Drucker. So that is the example they are following. I do believe many of the corporate logos are marked for the occult and well so are many of the "ministries". There are probably are slews of ignorant religious graphic designers or young and other ministers just innocently picking and choosing what they see on the visual landscape for their church logos, but when it comes to the bigwhigs and from the top stuff, I ask myself how could they really NOT KNOW? Are all these symbols by accident, I sure do not think so. I do believe the symbols are used to mark ministries even in the way those who are "in the know" can communicate with others. I know I can't just write it off as coincidence or ignorance in all cases, especially for those at the top. No way.

I totally agree with what you say here:

"There's no way that these symbols, so often used throughout human history in paganism, are just coincidentally showing up in "ministries"."

With this Tyr rune thing, it's connections and use in Nazism, present day hate organications, and even it's pillar connections, it's a pretty awful one.

And you wonder how many maybe told a few of these guys only to be ignored, I mean millions have seen this stuff.

Anonymous said...


Matt and BibleBeliever - an awesome duo!!!

I've often wondered, like you, if these people are naive, or if they know what they are doing. Is it possible the graphic designers are using these symbols without the knowledge of the subject, like Laurie? I just don't know. Reminds me of Michael W. Smith with his strange symbols on albums, but yet he has nice worship songs. It is just confusing, but I wonder if it isn't just the smartest thing to do to avoid them if there is any question. (Seems I'm avoiding an aweful lot lately, but you gotta do what you gotta do)

btw, I do think they know - that's my gut feeling on it.

Anonymous said...

The only "symbol" needed by any legitimate ministry is an open Bible!

These ministries most likely employ graphic designers who may or may not be aware of the occult symbolism. But the fact that these corporate ministries that are no more than businesses do not have the discernment of a fencepost so do not care to examine what they are putting out.

They are interested only in promotioning their latest gig.

And where is the lasting fruit from all of this? The crusades brag about the huge #'s that come forward to give their lives to Christ. What then? That is a rhetorical question because we know the answer. Anonymous Annie

Anonymous said...

An additional thought in regards to this statement:

The Devil has successfully lured conservative Bible believers into ugly street fights with 'Gays', Muslims, "liberals", poor people, women's libbers, evolutionists, on and on.

This is not limited to the secular, political realm. This has infiltrated the Christian community through an evangelical organization Way of the Master which is heavily promoted by ministry websites and churches. It is Calvinist-driven, confrontational and does more to alienate than bring to Christ. It is sad to see. Being Calvinist, the follow-up factor is greatly diminished if addressed at all.

This is an example of how the Gospel is going out in an unbiblical way and conservative Christians are being sucked in.

Anon Annie

Anonymous said...

ack... there it is right in front of me, following my every move!!!

oh, it's my mouse pointer... whew.

PS, Google is going to be cracking down on Christians even more, you might want to keep that in mind and consider a new blog home. or not.

Bible Believer said...

Labby, yeah I think the ones especially at the top know...

Annie, yeah I do not think it's just Way of Master doing that, but many other ministries. Witnessing is good but the messages to *fight* all those groups is the problem.

To last anon, doesn't one usually move their own mouse. Yeah I am stuck with a *free" blogging website, I don't have endless buckets of money for editors, "volunteers", my own website address, server and hosting fees. I do keep copies of what is written on the blog in case Google does ever decide to take it and blogs like it down. For now we still have some freedom of speech, but sadly the "head in the sand" types will mock as laws like NDAA are passed and the United Nations [reported in mainstream news] seeks legal control over the internet.

christian cerna said...

Yeah, it seems like most churches now adays use some type of marketing gimmick to attract people. You can see it especially in the youth group subculture. They can't just call a service a service, or a bible study a bible study. They have to give it some cool sounding name, and try to market it as some new and fresh approach to seek and worship God. Each church has to try to reinvent the wheel, as if it hasn't been tried countless times, most of the time ending in the same cliche, all-noise-but-no-substance type of service.

Sometimes I think that maybe local churches are good for converts and new believers, but that after a few years, a mature christian needs to seek his own path in order to truly mature. It's just too hard to find churches that are sound doctrinally, and that have members who are constantly looking for truth- as in the truth that is out there about the NWO. Unfortunately, very few people care about things that can be considered controversial. They would rather just accept everything as is, and do what everyone else is doing. Very few people question what they are doing, or whether what they are doing is the best way to worship God.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Way of the Master, it is the "premier" popular and most marketed evangelism method. Gets exposure on TBN and yet is touted by ministries who should know better.

I named it because it is so widely and effectively marketed and accepted amongst the various evangelistic ministries. Even the name is suspect. It is definitely not the way of Jesus Christ.

Of course Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have no problem with sharing platforms with false teachers and Cameron isn't choosy about using cult member Glen Beck to promote his "Christian nation" film.

If you look into it, there are multitudes of ministries and churches that use WofM as their platform for evangelism.

They are known for their confrontive methods of ambushing people on the street. They have helped spawn an army of street preachers who cast pearls before swine rather than share the Gospel as it is meant to be shared. They seem to love to get into arguments with unsaved people. What folly!

And then those same Christians latch onto political causes that purport to fight against the evils of society. And oddly enough they then link arms with Roman Catholics, Mormons and others who champion morals but are among the unsaved themselves. Anon Annie

Matt TwoFour said...

Hey, thanks for the 'thumbs-up', Bible-Believer! Yes, that Tyr rune usage is pretty startling. Blatant symbolism. That's the one Michael W. Smith uses all the time. It's the symbol for his Nashville youth club "Rocketown".

I was amazed to see how many satanic symbols Greg Laurie is using. He is now highly suspect in my view. Thanks again, BB!

Additional thanks to Labby!

Bible Believer said...

Christian Cerna, you are right most of these churches are doing the marketing and business model stuff, it's being run like a business, with appeal to specific DEMOGRAPHICS, and giving the people what they want. Sadly many seem to want dumbed down services with heavy rock music, I suppose. Yeah everything has to be given a "cool" name, you are right about that but yes, all of this ends up in a cliche. Ever notice how these churches have all become so much ALIKE, like a fast food restaurant, franchises that match in everything.
I wonder why the number of NWO aware pastors is so absolutely low to be nonexistent, maybe a few know but are too afraid to open their mouths thinking they will be thought mad, but then you see the usual Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh following clones and the typical religious right political stuff pushed all over the place. Some time ago, I asked in an article on this blog, ARE ANY PASTORS READING HERE? Didn't get one response.

I agree most people just want to go with the herd, and do not want to think things out for themselves or question anything. Even regarding relationship with God, how many are listening to Him?

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I was planning to do an article on Kirk Cameron, well it's on the roster, and his dubious connections. Why should we trust those made famous by Hollywood? His involvement with TBN and Left Behind movies is awful enough. Then I have posted here about him hanging out with the head of Vision Forum-Doug Phillips. Yes Cameron and Comfort, have tons of ecumenical ties, Comfort even has done seminars with Word of Faith people [probably due to TBN business] and then made endless excuses. I used to watch their shows about witnessing to people, and they would grab strangers and ask if they ever lied, etc. And then get into an argument with many of them.

It seemed too formulaic, having witnessed to people myself, there was a rote quality to it all. They would tell people "this works", it seemed like another PROGRAM for witnessing. One thing, saying the "JUST RIGHT THING" TM isn't going to assure you hordes of converts, the Holy Spirit needs to be involved from that person's end.

Yeah Cameron has hung around with Glenn Beck, done interviews with him, that makes him suspect in my book alone too.

Both of them definitely are hooked into the false Dominionism and culture warrior garbage.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Matt,

Glad to see you back. Yes that Tyr rune stuff is creepy, even finding out it was used by Nazis and modern hate groups, is disturbing.

Hey I looked at some of Greg Lauries books, what do you make of this one in terms of the cover?>

Yeah, way too many symbols here...well you know what I think regarding Greg Laurie....

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the content of that amazon book, since I've never read it.

But the idea of a "second chance", is Rick Warren-speak. You go to Jesus, He gives you a "second chance" to get it right, and so you go about doing good, and that is Christianity to them.

But in reality, we don't get a "second chance". We get 70 X 7 in amount of "chances", in other words, all sins past and future, paid in full (Colossians 2:13, John 19:30). I never liked the "second chance" thing, as Rick Warren uses that statement sometimes, and it just is another road to Rome, where you get a "chance" to get it right this time, and oh I hope you make it! It robs the cross of Jesus Christ of the power to completely forever deliver you from the destiny of hell.

christian cerna said...

Regarding the Runes and other occult symbols in Christian circles...

I believe that we must also remember that the book publishers are more responsible for the visual design of a book/product, than is the author of said work. It seems like satanists have infiltrated these companies- mainly the art/visual departments- and are looking for any opportunities to place hidden occult symbols in the products.

What bothers me most, is when they do this stuff to Bibles- making them look as if they are fashion accessories, rather than the Word of the Living God. But yes, I do believe that satanists and freemasons have infiltrated the top levels of most popular christian churches and companies. Especially the book publishing companies. What better way to suppress the truth, than to have key people overseeing what does, and what does not get published. Some companies explicitly state in their company info, that they do not accept manuscripts from authors about such things as end time prophesies or other controversial subjects.

Anonymous M said...

Hi Matt...I'm not familiar with you, but you have some good insights. You said you have your doubts about Greg Laurie; the same Greg Laurie who was "led" to the "lord" by Lonnie Frisbee, and is in cahoots with Rick Warren? (good call) And what is it about everyone having "crusades" that REALLY a good idea? You need to check out the info posted on the site as well. LOTS of info related to all those folks; many of which have been exposed here as well, along with News4themasses and Fanatic for Jesus. Great research from all these sites, all around!

Mijadedios said...

Shock! Greg Laurie's cult is showing. Didn't the original Cult of Calvar Chapel use "one way" with finger pointing up & errect arrows long ago? Just saying

Anonymous said...


Anon M, I like the blogs you mentioned, however, what's the deal with the Ephesians5:11 blog and the emphasis on GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD at the top. A little weird maybe?? Just a thought.

Bible Believer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bible Believer said...

Christian Cerna. I don't think all of it can be laid at foot of the graphic designers, there is a point where these teachers are having to approve of the graphics used with their ministries, remember in Laurie's case, the arrow thing has been used right on stage with him, at various Harvest festivals

Then when you look the preponderance of other symbols that is when concern should come about.

They are seeing these things at some point. Even the "X's are said to have occult signficance.

I don't doubt there is some of this stuff snuck in on the graphic design levels, but do think if someone is a church pastor or preacher that they would be analyzing the symbols and design relative to their ministries.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I agree with what you have to say about the "second-chance" stuff. It does limit the forgiveness of God. Seems just like a slogan to go along with the logos.

Bible Believer said...

Christian Cerna,

I agree about the "Christian" publishing companies and more being infiltrated. Definitely....

Bible Believer said...

Anonymous M, make sure you check out Matt's book online here:

Bible Believer said...

Labby, as everyone knows I have expressed concerns about that blood stuff.

I may use a link for information but some probably can tell at this point why I have made it policy to refuse 100% endorsement.

Someone pointed out to me even on another website, where that person charges for their articles and has a huge book list that there is blood on the end of the sword in the graphic.

Finding out Herescope is involved with dubious teachers whether knowingly or unknowingly in that case, is kind of disppointing as well. Of course I find myself thinking they aren't inviting the "real" people to conferences. I have seen that pastor's website before:

He actually broke his church AWAY from Assembly of God.

If he is at all a sincere guy, I hope he finds out the truth about Missler and what connections one of them has, but it's sad to see just how busy the "networks" are in the churches isn't it?

However Erdmann's articles are all over the place too on the website.

I've seen Warren Smith's name all over the place too at many conferences and radio stations as well.

I don't trust anyone in with Rapture Ready....

"f you are able to get to Niles, Michigan on June 21st through June 23rd, we would like to encourage you to attend the Quantum Mysticism: 2012 and Beyond Conference. The conference is hosted by Discernment Research Group, and speakers include Warren B. Smith, Jewel Grewe, Sarah Leslie, and Larry DeBruyn. Lighthouse Trails has been posting articles by these four people for many years, and we believe their writings and their warnings have been extremely valuable and much needed to the body of Christ. The registration fee for this conference is minimal ($10 before June 1st, $15 at the door).

This is an opportunity to have fellowship with other believers who understand the times in which we live, from a biblical perspective. Below is information about the conference, including the schedule and lodging information. You might want to read Warren Smith’s book, A “Wonderful” Deception (which discusses Quantum Spirituality) before attending and also How the “Quantum Christ” (God is in everything) is Tranforming the World . . . and Entering the Church! by Smith and Quantum Physics, The Shack, and the New Spirituality by Larry DeBruyn.
Understanding the Deception

Thursday afternoon June 21 through Saturday June 23rd
Michiana Christian Embassy, Niles, Michigan"

Anonymous M said...

So Matt has the ebook "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing"! I've read that! Great job!

Labby - about the blood thing on Eph.511 blog - I have no clue. I do find the information reliable and well-documented, however - because I check for myself... ;-) AND I endorse NO blogs or websites, even though I use them for research and information and may refer to them.

Christian Cerna and BB - about the graphic designers, book symbols and various logos, etc.; it doesn't matter WHO - what matters is the signature of the SPIRIT who is leading in all these endeavors - and it ain't the HOLY Spirit. Satan likes to "mark" his territory like the "dog" he is - and not "god"!

There is a reason that God commanded in the book of Deuteronomy 5:8 - not to make graven images (symbols), and I believe that even extends to those things that are "graven" onto paper. We wonder about such things, could it be because God knows what is hidden there, whilst we do not realize what we are doing? Better to obey!

If you find this a stretch, think about the warning of idols; graven images in stone, wood, etc. (paper is a wood product). Could it be, the images give homage to these idols? Something to think about!

William Saunders said...

To whoever wrote this -

"Anonymous said...


Anon M, I like the blogs you mentioned, however, what's the deal with the Ephesians5:11 blog and the emphasis on GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD at the top. A little weird maybe?? Just a thought."

I used to have images on my website that Galatians 4 Blog and others found offensive.

I removed those images and replaced them with the Luke 22:44 scripture for one reason and one reason only -

To be a reminder of what the Lord went through for us.

The images I had were meant for that reason but when G4 complained I removed them.

I did a Blogcast (5/21/2012 I think) where I combined Genesis 6:6 and Luke 22:44 to paint a picture of a loving God.

Genesis 6:6 - "And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at his heart."

Luke 22:44 - "And being in an agony He prayed more earnestly: and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground."

Also, I don't seek anyone's "endorsement" and that has always been posted on the Ephesians 5:11 Blog. I also don't endorse anyone.

I will rise or fall on my own and I am OK with that.

William Saunders said...

Bible Believer -

"Someone pointed out to me even on another website, where that person charges for their articles and has a huge book list that there is blood on the end of the sword in the graphic."

If you are talking about Ephesians 5:11 Blog you are completely wrong and you can send me the information on that at -

I used to have the

but that site is no longer active.

I don't make any money off of any websites.

Bible Believer said...

With that comment I did NOT mean Ephesians 5:11. IT"S NOT YOU.

It is known your blog is not a pay website. The site I am speaking of sells books and articles for a fee. It's not Ephesians 5:11.

Bible Believer said...

Anon M, this is a good policy to go by:

"I do find the information reliable and well-documented, however - because I check for myself... ;-) AND I endorse NO blogs or websites, even though I use them for research and information and may refer to them."

Anonymous said...

Symbol Alert:

I'm posting here because this is a recent thread about sinister symbolism in so-called Christian marketing efforts....

N4TM (News for the Masses) posted a promotional image that looks like a Calvary Chapel sponsored movie called "Riptide". It has Chuck Smith's face featured prominently, with at least 2 inverted pentagrams right above his head. In fact, one is very large and pratically touching the top of his forehead.

Bible Believer said...

this one?

Anonymous said...

Yes that's it. I find it odd that any artist would draw inverted "stars" without thinking it through. It's not a normal shape and it's a rather obvious symbol. Just sayin'.....

Bible Believer said...

Yeah the art is always weird on these things. The star is warped too like it is drawn wrong, which makes it seem more purposeful. If you are doing art with stars on it, wouldn't you think an inverted star was a mistake?

Jeremy W. said...

At 14 seconds in Greg Lauries book WORLDVIEW is blatantly obvious the occult all seeing eye symbolism.

Oh but that's not all. don't miss 4:08-28I personally believe that this guys video is right.

Greg's ties with Billy Graham alone lead me to believe the video is correct. By many accounts Billy is a MASON. Here is the question. Do masons promote others who are not masons?

Bible Believer said...

When I speak of the "network" and "brotherhood", I know Graham has ties with certain parties. Are they all freemasons [remember freemasons are servants of the Pope, whether knowingly on high levels or not on low levels]? It is an interesting theory. I may post that video soon on a Variety of Links post, warning of a few of the Hebrew Names movement stuff the video maker seems involved in, but I found the stuff about the logo very interesting. I saw it as an "X", and the "X" stuff, is a major problem..

warning not a Christian website,

but his theory of it being an inverted masonic sign is very interesting.

Also I had not yet seen that Worldview book, wow they are putting the same symbols on everything. One can't imagine that the graphic designers of the world are THAT uncreative.

Masons do look out for their own. That is part of the scheme.

Jeremy W. said...

Bible Believer,
Thanks I was not aware of the "X" being a symbol of Nimrod/Osiris. You do not need to post any of this post. This is for you to look at. Now if one was to claim Lauries arrow pointing up is for heaven then why are theses at an angle which after the intersection would form an X? (I don't endorse the site,it's just where the photo can be found)

Look at the link. Are we to really think that Harvest put a 5 pointed star inside the circle by accident? Or are we to believe that these guys are ignorant of a star inside a circle? Along with Tyr, and Lauries Masonic(?) logo all on one page.

The more one looks at the symbolism Calvary Chapel surrounds themselves with, the more obvious it becomes. I am also aware of some blatant as above so below/lord of the ring symbolism throughout the luciferian world found in many church logos including Calvary Chapel.

I have been hesitant to share with anyone. I almost shared with Roger Oakland about a year ago, but then backed off that idea to see what he really is about. There is way too much controlled opposition out there using fifth column tactics.

May the LORD God Bless you Bible Believer, for your work on this blog that continues to knock the scales off the sheep's eyes.

Marq George said...

Funny you mention the Christian Right forcing Christianity on the rest. When the Christian Left verbally say they are doing it!

They say they will use the government to force Jesus (actually Satan himself) on us all. Liberal Christians are the bastions of Satan just like MW Smith and the right.

Dialectics is definitely not one of your strong suits. You are just as deceived.

Both parties are totally controlled by Satan. G-d Libs misquote the Bible: Cain said, "Am I my brothers keeper?" G-d did not directly answer him, but intimated he was. Not the government to force you.

No Bible verse anywhere says we are to take from others to give to someone else, unless it was stolen.

G-d therefore will call you a thief. Print this if you have the guts.

Bible Believer said...

What on earth are you talking about?

I have dozens of articles calling out BOTH parties as false and use a term "Right and Left Deception" that is right on the index.

Please before you post check out a blog more thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Please quit giving horrible associations to innocuous imagery. I have a few symbols I employ and they are not hatefully driven or in Satanic Employ. By this way of thinking you're putting out there, even the Christian Cross could be viewed as a symbol of death and hatred as it was the mode by with Christ was killed. This is just sick, focusing on horrible things instead of looking towards something redeeming. Seriously. Just stop.

Marq George said...

Bible Believer- You say you are opposed to theocracy, but the Scriptures says in Psalm 33:12, "Blessed is that nation, whose God is the Lord: even the people that he hath chosen for his inheritance".

Forcing Christianity on people is what the Knights Templars did. Making Godly laws or even a theocratic government is not forcing people to be Christians. However your thinking is flawed in that if we chose to be a godless nation we would have total chaos. This is where we are headed now.

I prefer the "Articles of Confederation" over our current constitution. I would have been an Anti-Federalist. The majority of the founders of our constitution were obviously occultists.

I do though congratulate you for seeing the frauds that are the leaders of the "Christian Right" as they are not Godly, but are leading us to the One World Gov. controlled by the One World Religion.