Monday, May 14, 2012

A Variety of Links #13

with the above book, the Catholics themselves admit the role Rome is playing....[think World Christian movement as well]

Are The Vatican and Calvary Chapel connected? [as with all websites be discerning, this link is provided for information and is not an endorsement]

Hey that is my theory with all the false churches. Of course they are all connected to Rome. Read this article of mine too: "Calvary Chapel: A Set-Up From The Start?"

One thing I have discovered doing this blog and this research is with the false churches, they ALL go back home to Rome. "Mother of All abominations" is truth, and this would include such things as the world banking system corruptions and far more. Even false religions like SDA that on the local level decry Rome have their connections, and isn't that what happened with Calvary Chapel, who warns about Roman Catholicism on one level to the people in the pews and at bible conferences but behind the scenes are totally ecumenical--Chuck Smith's statements, ties to the Grahams, Boykin and the other things that have been exposed?

All abominations lead home to Rome. The ecumenical movement is one giant "network" or "web" and most of the spiders have their web line straight home to Rome.  And here don't forget all the spiders who have the job of playing cover-up and diversion.  Interesting list he has questioning some discernment ministries. I don't trust any ministry or discernment ministry that has any Calvary Chapel connections except to expose the place and even there considering what we found out about a certain famous book-writing, orphanage supporting preacher, be careful even more so. Remember what I have told you about the layers upon layers they have too. It can get lonely out there for the sincere bloggers, trying to warn when you realize the depth of deception. I tend to trust less polished websites, though there are a few of those who are more skilled and manage it, knowing from a personal level, that all the "polish" has to come somewhere. If you can tell someone has a cadre of independent editors, watch out!

One thing I keep thinking too, this has been focusing on ONE church or denomination, us bloggers only have so much time in the day, we picked up one web strand, and it led to connections in the Vatican, how many more of them does this apply to? Well, consider what the Bible says and the over-all picture of the harlot fallen away church.

Rev 17:5    And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

I haven't had time to even touch on many denominations, that are fallen away, but remember this, what is warned about Calvary Chapel on this blog, applies to many others. 

Today your faith better be cemented in Jesus Christ, the churches are so far gone. I've had people ask me how can you be a Christian that does not go to church? I tell them,  Jesus Christ is the center of my faith. I still seek Christian fellowship, but people need to differentiate between the church system and what biblical Christianity really is.

BJU, the IFB, and the culture of Coverups

It looks like some are acting like Rome did when it came to sex scandals. I talked about the young man being punished with expulsion and demerits who spoke out, but News4themasses goes further into why they got so busy in silencing him. One thing about BJU and other 'fundamentalist" universities, considering so many bow before the halls of power with BJU doing an invite to G.W. Bush, one needs to be discerning when it comes to these named universities, years ago there was a controversy related to  First Baptist Church of Hammond and Hyles Anderson. With the sex abuse scandals, Rome hit the lowest point possible, but way too many have followed their example. I think it is absolutely disgusting when people follow man to the point they refuse to defend the weak, young people and those who have been abused. Slaves to men don't follow their own consciences.

Rev 18:13    And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.


Have any of you seen or heard about a disgusting Time magazine cover? I do not want to post a picture of it here, it is more of the new world order's abuse of something natural and good used for perversion and shock value, just in time for mother's day. They probably chose the left side on purpose and the mother wearing a unisex outfit and the child[they say he is three but he looks five] dressed in military fatigues.

One thing with parenting, they are working hard to skew it and negatively influence families, you got the extreme helicopter parenting of the Quiverful Dominionist crowd who do not even let their adult children become independent. This sort of thing almost assures rebellion and division within a family. There are other twisted trends out there, such as "unschooling"--not educating children whatsoever. "Attachment" parenting sounds like something else they are busy twisting, to deny a child natural growing up processes.

and speaking of parenting....

Some Duggar stuff is getting weirder. Mrs. Duggar is claiming that her multiple! dyslexic children are writing backwards. Are they really dyslexic which can be a serious learning disability or is this just the results of homeschooling done badly and with teenage "moms" doing the teaching? Considering the numbers of them supposedly doing this, I am going with the latter.

So all the Mother' Day cards with pictures that they draw and their cute, little notes that some of them write backwards (and you have to use the mirror to read them) - those are my keepsake moments that I just treasure.

This part though seriously creeped me out. 

My 15-year-old son Josiah is quite the artist. He'll just draw these really pretty pictures and write, "Mom, I'm just really glad that you had me. I'm so grateful to be here." It's just really nice because Jim Bob has talked with the kids about how special it is that we're here, that it's a life and death sacrifice to be brought into the world.
He explains it that it's like a mom going through the valley of the shadow of death giving birth, and so he always tells them, "You be grateful to Mom and tell her 'thank you,' and don't ever take for granted that you're alive." Jim Bob also tells his Mom that he owes her his life, and that he wouldn't be if it weren't for her.. 

What kind of mother tells their teen son, "I almost died to bring you into the world" kind of with the backdrop you owe me? Talk about putting a burden on a young teen filling them with guilt, and weird stuff about "the valley of the shadow of death". What a morbid focus for mother's day! The psychologists probably could have a field day with this one, not that I trust them either implicitly, but one can hear smatterings of what they refer to as narcissistic traits there. It's not Mom that saves one from the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but GOD!

Psalm 23:4

4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

When I read this, I asked myself "Is she serious"? Actually we owe God our lives, even if parents played a part in it, but this is more of the idolizing of the family which I talked about in the original Duggar article. They seriously want children who see their parents as the be end and end all instead of standing as their own individuals. One of the failures of the Duggars, is watching their adult children save for one or two having an inability to grow up, especially the daughters. When a 21 year old who is otherwise physically healthy,  lives the same life as a 13 year old, there is a problem.

Remember when I talked about Michelle Duggar seeing herself as a martyr and providing an article that directly says it? Well it's in her own words even to her own children. I feel bad for those kids, I have prayed for them.


Obama throws a bone to the progressives. One realizes that years ago liberals claimed to be against war and the erosion of civil liberties, well one can see how the new world order via their left right deception manipulates entire populations. People like this don't care about such things as the NDAA or endless globalist wars--they now excuse the same thing with Obama they protested Bush over--but programmed by media to always cheer when homosexuality is advanced, they do not think consistently.

"Gay Marriage" to me almost seems to be like Pavlovian phrase, we hear over and over during every election cycle, it gets the liberals all fired up and gung-ho for the politician throwing the "progressive" crumbs out there and it gets the religious right culture warriors an ability to get all sorts on board via the ecumenical movement.  I think the whole country is obsessed with homosexuality on both sides, but this is yet another disgusting magazine cover, that tells you how far things have fallen morally in this country.


Romney Welcomed to Liberty

Well they are busy drumming up the evangelical vote for Mormon Romney. If Romney wins, or even if he doesn't, I think he will be serving a role into helping to incorporate the Mormon church even more into the ecumenical movement and bringing it a "new acceptance" among evangelicals.


I know some of my posting has slowed down lately, real life has gotten in the way of blogging a bit, though I do try to stop in at least once a week, to post if not more. Thanks to my readers for sending me articles, I do appreciate it. It helps me find out about things I otherwise would have not seen.


Anonymous said...

All anybody wants to talk about, at least among unbelievers I know, is homosexuality. I'm getting so sick of it.

I am no longer surprised that the homosexuals in Sodom actually scratched against the closed door even while being blind, trying to find the objects of their rape intentions. That's how sick and militant homosexuality makes a person. Nothing will stop them from getting what they want, at least that's what they think in their minds.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I am noticing that too.

People do seem to be talking about nothing else.

The other week when Obama made his gay marriage announcement, my head hurt, so many were talking about it and gleeful over this development. It's just more deception upon deception.

My friends and others around me know my beliefs about homosexuality, but I understand that unbelievers are not going to be convicted about the matter though I will stand up for truth as needed. I have been in the position of telling people I know who are homosexual, my beliefs, that can be interesting. A few asked me directly knowing I am a Christian.

I do believe that people should try and tell homosexuals the truth but maintain a loving attitude as much as is possible. Many are drawn into the world when young and buried in such a thicket of lies, it is beyond horrendous. The media does present this Ozzie and Harriet world for homosexuals, while there are some that are remain with the same partner for years, this ignores many of the attributes in the homosexual world including the promiscuity that is rife. Don't believe me, pick up a big city "hipster" newspaper and look at the ads in the back. [of course here, the homosexuals do not have the monopoly on promiscuity, being around the average hetero world can be scary now too, I still have my jaw drop]

I try to limit the homosexuality topics especially "gay marriage" on this blog, because that is a subject used and horribly abused by the "culture warriors" like the preacher I posted on last week.

They are changing things with it, in a step by step process. I do believe POLYAMORY will be next and I could see the process being done to break down marriage more. Remember with the Dominionists and their hyper-family integration they are taking things to the EXTREME to break the family down too, natural ties, natural affections, love, and true relationships.

I wish people would ask why do the powers that be want to push it so much?

I mean with Obama, 100 million people have no jobs, but he flies the rainbow flag and no one cares anymore.....

Christian Cerna said...

Once again, good work on the 'current events' discernment. I hadn't even thought about the good possibility that Romney is being used by the media, in the same way the Pope has been used- to trick Christians into thinking that Roman Catholics and Mormons are really on our side, because we share common values.

And yes, the whole homosexual agenda is abhorrent. Whenever I hear an unbeliever talking about how Jesus would be accepting of homosexuality, and quoting the bible saying we should not judge, and God is love, etc. - I just feel like slapping someone. said...

Also, I am seeing that there is a growing hatred of Christianity, and religion in general, when reading comments on sites like yahoo and msn.

We seem to be the cause of all the wars, and all racism, and bigotry, and hatred.

I do believe that we shall see the tribulation spoken of in Revelations. This is definitely not a Christian nation anymore- not that it ever was. But now it is becoming increasingly more dangerous for men and women who try to proclaim the truth. They do so at the risk of losing family, friends, and especially their jobs, if they attempt to share the gospel.