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Rick Warren and Francis Chan Call for Christians To End Orphan Crisis

Rick and Kay Warren, Francis Chan Urge Christians to End Orphan Crisis

Check out this article too:

“If you can attend only one conference this year, Summit is it. Join us and others who care deeply about adoption, foster care, local church ministries, and global orphan care to learn…real solutions that reflect the heart of God. It will transform your church, your ministry, your family and your life. If you want to show the world God’s love, begin with orphans.”
—Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church
More than 2,000 adoptive and foster parents, pastors, orphan advocates, and other Christian leaders from across America and beyond will gather at Saddleback Church in Southern California May 3–4, 2012 for the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ National Summit.
Now in its eighth year, Summit has become the global hub for what Christianity Today recently labeled “the burgeoning Christian orphan care movement.” Christians are re-earning a reputation as people who “defend the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17) through adoption, foster care, and global initiatives. Summit is both a catalyst and measure of this trend, growing from 38 attendees in 2004 to more than 50 times that number expected this year.
Sessions include Pastor Rick Warren (author of The Purpose-Driven Life), Kay Warren (author of Dangerous Surrender), Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love), Ambassador Susan Jacobs, and Grammy-winning musician Steven Curtis Chapman performing the closing-night concert.
More than 80 workshops will offer instruction from top national experts on topics such as:
Parenting and attachment issues in difficult adoptions
Engaging in local foster care
Building effective global church-to-church partnerships.
The article later mentions " global orphan initiatives".

  So now the United States which is failing economically and already barely able to take care of it's own is supposed to take in all the orphan's of the entire world too?  Actually considering where things are going here, I know American people who have told their own young adult children to consider life overseas. Why wouldn't they? The economy is failing here. They see the writing on the wall as to the future here.  

What about all the American kids of all races who are without homes or parents? Some out there have worked with those kids and know the real numbers.  We have 10's of thousands of them HERE already.
So now we are supposed to take on 148 million orphans worldwide? Almost half the population of America? How is that supposed to work? What if you are in a household where you are barely making it? Well these religious leaders don't admit that is happening in America.

Look I feel for the orphans too. I think Christians SHOULD help who God leads them to. One thing with the orphans, there probably would be more being helped if the rules and cash needed to take one in weren't so burdensome, as far as this country goes. Should adopting a child cost a couple tens of thousands of dollars enriching the lawyers and adoption agencies? Ponder that one for a time. Is this the apostate church's endeavor to get a cut of the action this time with the globalist agenda attached?  One thing, I've written elsewhere and in another context  is that even the domestic adoption business is one of the biggest rackets going. Well the international adoption is even worse. It costs big money and many are enriched off it's coffers.  Just notice the costs that I will report here. Adoption is not a path for the financially challenged even if the very poor children can be as pawns within it.

Also if one considers this, with the money involved, what kind of society do we even have in America, where being poor [and often young and scared] means being influenced to give up your own child if you do not give in to the wicked pressure to have an abortion? This type of pressure has happened even within domestic "Christian" circles. A young 16 year old mother isn't going to think, these people have a vested financial interest in me giving my baby up for adoption but is going to be frightened as they tell her, that severe poverty for life automatically awaits and discourage her. Well that can be even worse in other poorer and desperate places in the world. Adoption can be a good and necessary thing too, but these things happen as well.

For the babies overseas, they have entire industry in this country where wealthy parents pay upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. I doubt the price was discussed at these conferences. Adoption is BIG BUSINESS especially overseas adoptions. 

When I was UU, it became a fashionable trend for upper middle class and above couples to adopt a Chinese baby. One church I was in, had more then several families where they adopted a Chinese baby. Some of these couples were infertile or added the baby or child to an already existing family. One could see the "show-off" element with some, in that everyone knew adopting a Chinese baby, was expensive, upwards of $22,000 dollars and beyond.

By the way for those children, while in the case of Christians adopting they may hear the gospel, for many being ripped away from their other family members, culture and country, does come with a price. I knew someone who was taken out of an orphanage in South Korea by an American family who adopted her, whose father remained living but her family was not able to take care of her. She did express pain over these things for years. Ironically if not for the help of her American family, she would be homeless here in America, suffering endless job lay-offs in her middle age years.

 One thing too, don't any of these people ever think what kind of life is coming to America? Would you bring a child to a country that seems on the verge of collapse? Do they ever think about what the child they adopt may face. Then there is the issues of those in the orphanages who suffer attachment disorders and other severe problems, some of you may remember the Russian orphan who was returned to Russia. The agencies often do not present the full picture.

Did you know how much even domestic adoption costs?
How much does domestic adoption cost?
Catholic Charities offers a sliding scale fee that is based on a family’s income and assets. This fee generally ranges from $7,000 to $20,000. The homestudy is a separate fee of $2,000. These fees allow Catholic Charities to provide intensive case-management outreach and counseling to birthparents and adoptive families.
How Much Does Adoption Cost?
The average cost of adoption, as reported in the latest Adoptive Families adoption cost survey (2009-2010), was around $30,000 (before the federal tax credit and employee adoption benefits). 
Highlights of the adoption cost survey:
The majority of domestic newborn adoptions cost between $25,000 and $35,000, while a strong majority of international adoptions cost more than $25,000.
U.S. foster adoption is the least expensive adoption route, by a significant margin, with an average cost of less than $5,000.
The average cost of an adoption from Korea is about $38,000.
The average cost of an adoption from Ethiopia is about $28,000.
The average cost of an adoption from China is about $29,000.
The average cost of an adoption from Russia is about $50,000.
35 percent of domestic adopters had at least one "false start," in which adoptive parents worked with one or more birthmothers before a match that succeeded.
The majority (71%) of "false starts" cost less than $5,000.
One thing many people do not realize is that many of the so called "ORPHANS" have parents. Children worldwide have been kidnapped to be sold into the adoption system, remember MONEY changes hands here, and even impoverished parents have sold a child to later be sold by baby traffickers. Check these articles out:

Kidnapped ‘orphans’ say they have parents

ABECHE (Chad), Nov 1: International aid agencies on Thursday rejected the war orphan label attached to 103 children at the centre of a child abduction scandal involving a French charity in Chad.

One third of Haiti orphans 'kidnapped' by American church group still have parents 

At least ten of the 33 children that an American church group tried to smuggle out of Haiti as orphans still have parents, it was revealed today.
One eight-year-old girl told aid workers that she thought her mother had arranged a short holiday for her and sobbed: ‘I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.’

An Adoption Nightmare 
It took weeks before the couple learned the reason for the girls' distress.
Manjula and Bhagya told their adoptive parents that they had not been parentless orphans in need of a home as the Alabama couple had been told, but rather had been kidnapped from the orphanage where their mother had placed them temporarily and unwillingly put up for adoption
There have been many more scandals with those with vested interests, have deceived people, taken children and more. Many parents who wanted their children were separated from them.

War alone can separate families, this does not mean that both parents are dead. During World War II, if you read enough memoirs, you can see thousands of children were cut off from their parents, many would reunite later, how can this happen, if a child is put up for adoption right off? Their family becomes forever lost to them then.

The Catholic church has been involved in domestic [see above] and WORLDWIDE adoption for years. Some scandals have been exposing regarding their actions overseas, remember MONEY lies behind this with parents doing the adopting being charged money.

300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain

Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals.
The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties. 
Hundreds of families who had babies taken from Spanish hospitals are now battling for an official government investigation into the scandal. 
Several mothers say they were told their first-born children had died during or soon after they gave birth.

I wrote about this scandal being exposed in this article:

New Catholic Scandal: Stealing Babies in Spain

One scheme was pressuring young girls to give up babies for adoption not even giving some a choice in the matter. That is absolutely horrible. Watching the videos, you can tell such corruption happened worldwide and for decades. Definitely some is happening now too.

But back to the call for the end to the "orphan crisis", considering the direction this country is taking, this is just more United Nations oriented, globalist clap-trap, agitpropaganda that uses a false social gospel message to deceive many well-meaning Christians into embracing the P.E.A.C.E. globalist plans of Rick Warren.  Tear jerking campaigns are part of that game.  I've talked about how the United Nations exploits the poor to get people to sign up for their wicked globalist agendas of control, it is definitely the same thing here. Writing these articles is never easy, because as someone shouts "what about the children?" they do not realize emotions are being utilized to help herd the church into the one world government.

Liberation Theology: Exploiting the Poor For Power and The Globalist UN Driven "Church"

One thing with this "Care for the ENTIRE world" stuff...who can? Think about that. Who can embrace an entire planet? Focus on and help those who God brings to you. This is just more "help the children" messages to expand their globalism and other agendas. There is a lot of pride here, involved with people who fall for this stuff thinking they can solve the world's entire problems. 300 million people, many of whom are barely making it themselves, are not going to be able to take on the problem of the orphans or uncared for children of 7 billion people? I always ponder to myself why so few sitting in these fallen away churches, never question these globalist grandiose plans, even the sheer numbers make them a fool's errand.

For those who have done heavy new world order research, the treatment of children by the elite, is not good.  Some will know what I am hinting at. Some here may know the stories about what happened at Oprah's school in Africa, or about what goes down when the UN moves into the area

One thing considering Warren's CFR membership and all the endless wars, some supported by that organization, how many children have been left orphans from the endless wars for globalism alone?

This help the orphan's meeting was held at Rick Warren's church Saddleback. and was a conference attached to a group called the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Looking at the list of speakers one can see that the president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Jeff Medefind used to work right with Obama.

"Jedd serves as President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. Previously, Jedd served in the White House, leading the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. In this role, he guided reform efforts across the government to make the creativity and compassion of local non-profits central in all Federal efforts to aid the needy, from prisoner reentry to Global AIDS."
Rick Warren has been promoting a global orphan rescue via the USA for years. In fact he asked Obama about this during the last presidential election in 2008:

McCain was given the same question too.

There are many who have exposed Warren's United Nations Millennium Goals P.E.A.C.E. program goals, these of course are being implemented on a wide ranging scale. The "orphans" to Warren are just another tool in the game.

So understand when these types claim they want to "help the orphans", why I do not buy it.


Anonymous said...

Two false teachers. Francis Chan the false teacher, and Rick Warren the false teacher. Chan teaches works for salvation which leads to hell, and Warren refuses to preach the singularity of Jesus Christ in tons of public forums.

Anonymous said...

I do not find what you say about Chan to be true. I have not listened to Rick Warren, so I cannot speak for that. Read the book of James or better yet, the sermon on the mount and then ask yourself if what you just posted is true. You can also read the book of Acts to see how the Christian church started. While it is true that people can perform acts of kindness without love for God, it is also true that with authentic love, actions always follow.