Monday, May 7, 2012

A Picture that Sums Up the Falseness of Catholicism

February 6, 2012: Cardinal-elect John Tong Hon has asked Catholics to pray for the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for the restart of China-Vatican dialogue during a Mass yesterday to welcome her relic to Hong Kong.

In his homily to about 1,000 Catholics, the bishop of Hong Kong said both Blessed Teresa and Blessed John Paul, whose relic (a lock of his hair) was interred permanently at the cathedral in November, shared concerns about China.

Father Dominic Chan Chi-ming, vicar general of the diocese, said the relic–a drop of blood on a tiny piece of sack cloth — will be “housed permanently in Saints Cosmas and Damian’s Church in a grassroots district to symbolize the simplicity of Mother Teresa’s life.”

This is basically necromancy and know they are elevating even a spot of blood before their deceived church members. Mother Teresa believed there was truth in other religions and died a deceived Catholic under a false gospel. 

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