Monday, May 7, 2012

My Answer to This Commenter Writing About Dominionists.

Capitol Circus: Religious Right Leaders Plan D.C. Prayer Rally For `Evil' America

MO, they're projecting themselves onto the rest of us... and that says a lot about what they really are.

I've heard about "One World Order" since before I was a dominionist... I remember rants about it (thought they were crazy) from before I moved to this God-Forsaken dominionist-overrun area. Yet what is it that they want? A one world order, with themselves at the head. You can also hear echoes of the other things they claim to fear... the mark of the beast? Well, what about having to prove you're a "Good Christian" to be accepted? I could go on and on, pointing out the similarities between the Dominionists and the thing they claim to fear... the "Anti-Christ" and the "Church of the Anti-Christ".

Isn't it funny how their "Jesus" is unrecognizable to the rest of us - judgmental, harsh, legalistic, and even cruel? A Jesus and God who punish the poor and reward the rich? (In complete opposition to what is actually in the Bible.)

They're moving closer and closer to the centers of power in this country, and I see this as evidence of that move.

Funny thing... I had a dream a few months ago where God showed me that throughout history, there has been a "Church of the anti-Christ", as in being an inverse of what Jesus taught (not a church focused on a demonic living being, the "Anti-Christ" as envisioned by the dominionists), since long before Christ walked this earth. That "Church" has been the source of misery and suffering for a long time, and Jesus Himself fought against that ideological framework (as has many other notable people throughout history).

The hallmarks of that "Church"??? Top-down hierarchical structure, micromanaging of people's lives, ideology more important than people, legalism, hatred for the Other, harshness and cruelty towards the poor and those that suffer, and things along that line. All of the things we see in Dominionism.

by ArchaeoBob on Fri May 04, 2012 at 06:10:00 PM EST

I don't agree with this guy on everything, but he is right about saying the Dominionists are just like the 'anti-christ" church they warn of. In my book, they ARE THE CHURCH OF THE ANTICHRIST. Every time I report on Dominionism on this blog, one can see the total unadulterated lust for power, the cruelty, the elevation of the rich, powerful and elite, and sycophancy that goes hand in hand with that. They worship a false "jesus" the same one of Rome, except this time with an evangelical flavored "militant church".

Job 20:19
Because he hath oppressed and hath forsaken the poor; because he hath violently taken away an house which he builded not;

Psalm 119:134
Deliver me from the oppression of man: so will I keep thy precepts.

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Christian Cerna said...

I agree. Christ clearly taught his disciples that He did not come to establish an Earthly kingdom, but a spiritual one- one that is entered into, only by those who have been born from above. Christ is seeking and saving those whom the Father has given to Him. Only when Christ returns, will His chosen people be revealed, from the four corners of the Earth, to reign with Him in the new Earth- after this world is destroyed by fire.