Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Homosexual Hegelian Dialectic and Obsession

I almost hate to do this article, because I don't want to join the crowd in writing about nothing but homosexuality.

I believe it is a sin. I also believe there is no way you are going to "make" an unregenerated homosexual person who has never been saved leave the lifestyle. This has to come about via CONVICTION via the Holy Spirit, they need healing for the psycho-social and sin [theirs and others] that have even led them to that place. Remember the Dominionists seek CONTROL over people not CONVICTION via their salvation.

Titus 3:5-7

5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;

7 That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

Let the culture warriors think they can browbeat the homosexuals into submission, all they are doing is ensuring more hatred from homosexuals for what they think is Christianity. Are homosexuals any less then other sinners? We were all wicked sinners before salvation. Why is homosexuality the GREATER sin then adultery or sex out of wedlock? As I write that, ask yourself why NEWT GINGRICH and his three marriages got positive write-ups in the evangelical media?

While I do support some outreach ministries for homosexuals, if done right, I think "Leave the homosexuals alone, as you use them to make yourself out to be "superior" and turn them even MORE against the Christian gospel!" There are people so obsessed with homosexuality even in the Christian world, some will use the terms to insult others. If they do not like a view or do not consider you to be submissive enough to their point of view, yes they will use insults usually used to described homosexuals.

Lately I am wondering why is the Christiandom world so OBSESSED with the HOMOSEXUALS? Let me count the gay-oriented articles on Christian Post today. It is May 24, 2012:

There are eleven articles on Christian Post today discussing aspects of homosexuality or attributes of it:

Gay Ministry: Time for Christians to Look Past Debate on Same-Sex Marriage

How Should the Church Love a Gay Couple? (Part 2)

Black Pastors Speak Out on Obama's Gay Marriage Stance

How Should the Church Love a Gay Couple? (Part 3 - Final)

'Obama Pride' Group Organized by Campaign to Attract LGBT Vote

Pastors Reject Sermon on How to 'Get Rid' of Homosexuals

Are More Black Voters Embracing Obama's Endorsement of Gay Marriage?

Gay Marriage and Martin Luther King's Dream

Would Jesus Approve of Same-Sex Marriage?

Diablo 3: Christian, Jew, Gay Banned as Player Names From Fast-Selling Game

What the Bible Really Still Says About Homosexuality

Do any of you get the feeling there is a bit of obsession going on out there about the gays?. I do admit there are some militant homosexuals with an agenda, we know the new world order advances homosexuality every chance they get via television programming. We know Obama is throwing his usual bones to the progressives, and using gay marriage to deflect from the failing economy for votes. They WANT to sell homosexuality to the masses. So why are the Christian websites so focused on this one sin? Why are the culture warriors beating this drum to the point of irritation? Remember how I told you how the Hegelian Dialectic works?

"Remember here the Hegelian Dialectic is used, where they take over both sides of an issue. They got people polarized between a divide between both sides, but are really taking them ALL to the same place. They create false divisions, while leading the people closer and closer to where they want them. Ever hear of the phrase Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis? It is used all the time, to manipulate people and outcomes. How it is done is to first put down the goal they want to achieve and then in opposition they create outrage for a specific problem leading people to move closer to where they want them. Another way that is more simple to put it, and a phrase I use often here, is TWO SIDES AGAINST THE MIDDLE. Here is a pictured example:"

 The more they stress homosexuality and focus on it, the more MAINSTREAM it becomes. The more it is advanced, the more people get desensitized to homosexuality. Young people see and hear about homosexuality constantly even beyond the media, so it is put on the table.  In fact I have seen that within 10 years, most people only know very few homosexuals, but then as time passed, looking at the media one would think their numbers are far higher.So something that applies to only 1-2% of the population becomes this huge issue for everyone to be concerned about. Whatever happened to treating people as people first to bring them the gospel? Many of us know homosexuals. I have witnessed to them. I see them as "people" first, and whatever their sins are second. I worry more about my own sins then theirs and my first priority should be getting the gospel to them.

When I see something like this, I think Hegelian Dialectic really is in full swing. This type of thing I believe is used to blur the edges of morality, and have more people not want to associate themselves with those horrible "Christians", so those sincere Christians who do speak the truth in love about homosexuality find themselves more and more out on the fringes. It shuts people down from hearing the gospel and questioning choices they are involved in under the conviction of God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

Pastor: Build Electrified Fence For Gays So They ‘Die Out’

This is sick. Does he want to put other sinners in the fence too, every person that has cheated on his spouse? Every person who has had a lustful thought? Everyone who has lived in sin? That would be a huge crowd. But for some reason, types like this focus only on the homosexuals as sinners. The other teachings of Jesus Christ get thrown overboard.

2Pe 3:9         The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Culture warriors like this have done no favors to anyone either but in their own way have only helped to make some homosexuals more militant in defenses in their opposition. I find myself thinking is this stuff being done on purpose? I tend to think so. The religious right while ignoring many other sins, that reach to the skies from new world order advancing wars, corruption, greed, promiscuity in the heterosexual world, adultery, keeps banging the homosexual drum to the extreme. It's like they want to talk about nothing else. I keep thinking what about a person's own sin? What about teaching victory over sin in Jesus Christ? What ever happened to love for sinners?  What about the evil taking over this world? What about the evils of even the growing police state and tyranny? The homosexual obessesion serves their agenda. Here too in retaliation, the emergent and other crowds, can start watering down biblical teachings about homosexuality and redefining homosexuality for the church, I covered this in more detail in the "Unchristian" book article. All the extreme views and focus on homosexuality by the religious right crowd, will help others REFORMULATE the Christian's view of homosexuality!

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Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

Amen to everything you said.

Christian Cerna said...

True. Just these past few months, I have seen the media push news stories on us, about homosexuals, or people who support homosexuals.

I few days ago, I was watching The Dark Knight. And in it, I saw an allegory about what is happening in our country. I believe that the Joker represents the Satanic/Liberal people who do not hold to any morality, and are using chaos and immorality to push the law-abiding Americans to the point of despair and even fear. Batman represents every person who believes in some sort of morality, and is trying to live by those rules, but it seeing everything he holds dear being taken from him. He is wondering if it is even worth it, to fight against the Joker. He is tempted to give up the fight, and cave in to his demands.

I think that these are the times, of which the Bible spoke, when it says that the love of men will grow cold. With all of the malice and perversion that we see on the news, and hear about on the radio, it is difficult to want to have any type of close relationships with people, or to want to get involved in other people's lives, for fear of being used or hurt by them.

coz said...

If homosexuals hadn't infiltrated churches in order to corrupt, you might have a case BB.

Bible Believer said...

Coz you are right there is homosexual infiltration into the churches. You know what it is in the mainline churches, well that will be in the evangelical ones if enough years are allowed to pass. So we have no disagreement there. Think about what I have written about the two sides bringing forth a desired outcome.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Christian, they are pushing at us, every minute it seems. From the Right and Left, the Right and Left deception.
Agree about the allegory. I think if we applied the Batman show as a metaphor, the religious right, would be a "batman" gone over to the dark side to "beat" the Joker. [course I question aspects of Batman and the superhero genres but guess that is best way I can explain where I am coming from] The Religious Right Batman would be flashing constant pictures of Joker all over the place, so the Joker never left our minds. It's like George Orwell's crowd screaming Goldstein Goldstein. Now they are screaming Homosexuals Homosexuals. Homosexuality IS a sin that destroys people. The left will lie to them and advance the sin, and the right, will tell them you are the sinners above all other sinners and talk about nothing but as the world descends into perdition from many other directions.

The love of men is growing cold. You got that right. You are right about all of this affecting social connections and people viewing each other as people who are sinners, who are in need of a Savior. They want that hated and division but on the other side, they desire that people cave into accepting homosexuality to avoid being like the "haters" which we are seeing almost extreme caricature forms from the religious right. This is how it is all working.

Thanks first Anon....

Anonymous said...

Interesting article.

Now you showed article links from "Christian Post", and keep in mind that the "Christian Post" is a very ecumenical tool that is a free-for-all when it comes to doctrine. They don't force any doctrine, so it's very jello-like.

I believe the "Christian Post" is another arm of Rome intended to water down zeal concerning doctrine.

So I'm glad you pointed it out. They are part of the dialectic, to get "conversation" going, which will only end in making Bible believers look more "intolerant".

Not that I care about being labeled "intolerant".

Loz said...

Thank you for this article, you are so right to point out that homosexuality is no more sinful than adultery, sex before marriage or lying - one sin is just as bad as another. Remember God loves everyone,He justs hates the sin and conviction is needed for all.

Anonymous said...

I beg you please forgive me for pestering you so much, im sure I must have hurt your feelings as well as hurt the cause of christ by way of being such a crazy pain in the rear, I had a dream that showed me you are right, I have never been so scared from a dream before, I beg you please forgive me, I believe my domestic situation contributed to my inability to trust and believe, but I do now, and can see more clearly.
sincerely Gay Marie

Anonymous said...

I never had a dream, I told you that to illustrate a point, the point being that you are not like the Bereans, nor do you test the spirits, as a matter of fact you did not even pray over this, you just posted whatever put you in the best light ... Gay Marie

Bible Believer said...
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Bible Believer said...

Gay Marie, I do not have time to pray over every "hate mail" comment or false apologetic fake "nice" comments either. I posted both of these, my readers can see for themselves a game is being played. Sometimes it troubles me personally that some do not care about lying out right to play their games or prove a "point". I mean otherwise why make up a dream? Dreams don't determine truth, I posted it thinking you were being "nice". Silly me, sometimes I forget the sheer numbers of phonies out there. Someone willing to use supposedly being a domestic violence victim too, to make themselves appear 'real' that is pretty low too. Take your games elsewhere I am not interested and this will be the last post I post of yours.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, you are right about the Christian Post, it is very ecumenical and agree with you about it being tool of Rome too.

Yes you summed up things quite well here:

"So I'm glad you pointed it out. They are part of the dialectic, to get "conversation" going, which will only end in making Bible believers look more "intolerant".

Bible Believer said...

Thank you too Loz, I agree.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the gay lifestyle has flourished due attention. Yes, there are sins just as "bad", murder, adultery, pride, etc., but, you seem to miss the point.

This particular sin destroys the fabric of God's creation and perverts His plan of procreation . Those who are “uncomfortable” with the way God made them change it through transgendering operations and hormone manipulation. It destroys God's family order and the home such as pregnant “men”! History shows the downfall of societies and nations where it has a foothold.

Yes, the response of professing Christians and pastors is part of the problem. The Church has been slipping into apostasy for many years like the proverbial frog in the pot. Liberalism and ecumenism have taken their toll and leaven has been allowed to weaken the organized Church and compromise sound doctrine.

The Church is no longer salt and light - Christians are not walking in obedience to the Word - they are more interested in being entertained than growing in faith. Those who instead of speaking truth in love spew out hatred do more harm than good.

The Bible predicts our current day - the time of the falling away. We are seeing apostasy come into full bloom before our eyes. Those who are convinced that the pre-trib rapture is an evil doctrine concocted by Darby and others, may come to realize this view is misguided. However, that is in the Lord's hands and He will do what He will do.

Sin of every variety – domestic abuse, pornography, fornication - is exploding, growing like wildfire and being celebrated in our culture and tolerated by a compromised Church filled with tares in a sea of leaven. The uncompromised Gospel rarely goes anymore and when it does one where does one send a new convert? The Church has tossed out the Word of God,that has the sole power to convert and change lives.

Surely we can agree that the world is at a crossroads and dramatic change is at the door. We may differ as to exactly what that is and when, but the topic you chose to cover is one indication that some big event is on the agenda of God's plan.

Tossing out balanced dispensational theology on the rubbish heap of false teaching seems to be the trend in those who are still on the wall watching. If not that, discerners are teaching false concepts such as a "partial rapture". It was only a matter of time before the enemy caused confusion in eschatology - a very important doctrine to have clarity on in these perilous last days. Just because the early Church lived in expectation of the Lord's return does not negate His imminent return. A thousand years and a day are the same with our Lord. Watchpeople are mostly right on, but here Satan sees an opportunity to confuse. The enemy is a most clever adversary. Can’t keep truth out entirely, so he brings in confusion amongst watchpeople to taint the truth, just as he does with others who mix truth and error.

Soon we will know the complete truth - the wheat will be gleaned from the tares - those who defend truth will rejoice that we will finally be able to see our beloved Savior who died for all, even those who have committed the vilest of sins. Our minds can't comprehend such boundless love nor can we possibly conceive how great will be the wrath of a holy God upon those who reject such a love. The horrors of the reign of the Antichrist on the tribulation saints will make prior persecution of the saints look like child’s play.

There is bound to be a flood of tears at the Bema as the redeemed are held
accountable. Things will change soon- the door will close on this dispensation of grace and Christ will come for His Bride. This will usher in a time when being saved = certain martyrdom. "Today is the day of salvation." There is good reason for this admonition other than in the event of death and entering eternity.

Grace and peace to you sister!
Anonymous Annie

Anonymous said...

But some sins disrupt things more than others.... Adultry is not bringing down the church the same way gay marriage is...... Everyone agrees adultery is wrong in the church ..... But this gay homosexuality...... Not everyone in the church is agreeing ...... And it's bad...... Homosexuality is a worse sin as far as the damage it is doing .... It's a fricking in your face movement and the church is the enemy!!!!

Bible Believer said...

How is gay marriage bringing down the church? outside of the Catholic church and mainline denominations some with their overtly gay ministers, I never encountered any homosexual couples in any evangelical churches I visited unless they kept it secret. The rainbow flag crowd if anything is avoiding the churches and most reject "Christianity" or what they think it is. It is interesting to me how the religious right focuses on gay marriage, while the coutnry falls down around us? You are right some of the homosexuals can be in "your face" but the Christians thinking their answer is to "fight" back lost the plot long ago.

Messiah said...

Interesting point of view. I agree with you. It bothers me that on tv they play more and more shows with gay people which to me is repulsive. I'm sorry but as I grew up, that was something I never saw or heard of until I came to this country 18yrs ago. It is so sad that in this country were people have so much freedom is where homosexuality is more rampant and accepted as natural when is not. Yes we are all sinners, but when we repent we repent of whatever that sin is, period.

Anonymous said...

Romans 1 state that people who do these things are reprobate, and it was brought about by idolatry. They were given over. I haven't read any scripture where it states that adultery is the result of one being given over by God. It might sound harsh, but it can't be ignored. I believe Paul in Romans 1. Romans 1 is never preached anymore.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there was a reason that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah without having sending them a preacher to convict them to change their ways as he sent Jonah to preach to Ninevah about their wickedness and sin. scripture says it was given as an "example" (2 Peter 2:6) to those who do the same. Romans 1 does say these people that "burn in the flesh one toward another" have been given over by God to do those things. It wasn't because of these things that they were given over, but sodomy is a symptom of being a reprobate (rejected). Romans 1 states the people that have been given over "did not like to retain God in their knowledge" and "worshipped the creature more than the creator". These people rejected God too many times. I'm not saying that every person who has done these vile acts are reprobates because, some people have done them by peer pressure, drunkeness, or they were raised in that type of environment. I believe that people who are raised in this type of environment are most likely to reject God in the future because, they blame him for what's been done to them instead of calling on the name of Jesus for healing. The people who are reprobate are those who "burn in the flesh one toward another". They are the people who are marching in "gay pride parades" at Disneyland exposing children to this damnable lifestyle. When one "worships the creature more than the creator", ive always wondered if this could mean evolution. When people lower humanity to the level of animals and reject God in the process, they are worshipping the creature more than the creator. Or those who place the value of an animals life above human life, who'd don't bat an eye when they see someone killed on television, but when an animal is harmed they are in an uproar. Just a thought. I do not label sodomy as an average everyday sin. Only those who have been given over partake in that deathstyle.....James