Friday, May 18, 2012

Creepy One World Art at the World Bank HQ

I found this link at The American Dream website:

Creepy One World Art at the World Bank HQ

I have often said, that I believe the world economy is being collapsed on purpose with America as the front runner to bring in a world currency. Don't we see this plan all over the place? Well this art work pretty much announces it clearly.

There is a lot to see on these: over and cover, the symbols are of interest, blue "malta" cross of keys--we know who that hints at don't we--the Pope, lots of grids, 8 pointed "sun" star, with another 8 square point, weird map where cuba seems to suddenly have sprouted a land bridge to South America, one "globo" statement, but don't miss this one, where it says INTERNATIONAL RESERVE:

The NWO often announces it's plans to us.

Have you been following what is happening in Greece?


Christian Cerna said...

Wow. That is pretty creepy. It looks like something that will probably exist pretty soon. The amount of detail that was put into that artwork shows that much thought and planning has gone into that currency. Also interesting is the fact that it has taken design cues from the American dollar bills. Which could be seen as a sign that the USA will be behind the push to a global currency.

Bible Believer said...

I have wondered myself at the growing power of the Federal Reserve and how it seems they can print money with no restraint, and the amount of control over the economy. It does look like the USA [well the globalist traitors HERE] will be running the one world currency show and expanding it world wide making for an INTERNATIONAL FEDERAL RESERVE

When I learned how the Federal Reserve operated it cleared a lot of cobwebs from my own mind, in terms of how they have co-opted the money system and have enslaved millions.

"n other words, the “stimulus” to the banks blows up the budget, “squeezing” public services through austerity.

But instead of throwing trillions at the big banks, we could provide stimulus to Main Street. It would work much better at stimulating the economy.

And instead of imposing draconian austerity, we could stop handouts to the big banks, stop getting into imperial military adventures and stop incurring unnecessary interest costs (and see this). This would be better for the economy as well.

Why aren’t we doing this?

Because – underneath the false easing-versus-tightening debate – this is not a financial crisis … it’s a bank robbery.

Creditor committees dominated by giant banks like Goldman which helped countries like Greece hide their financial problems are now demanding austerity, and Greece is holding a fire sale of its infrastructure, public utilities, tax base and whole islands to give to the creditors. First world countries like the U.S. are actually no different.

The big banks went bust, and so did the debtors. But the government chose to save the big banks instead of the little guy, thus allowing the banks to continue to try to wring every penny of debt out of debtors.

As we wrote last year:

Economists note:

A substantial portion of the profits of the largest banks is essentially a redistribution from taxpayers to the banks, rather than the outcome of market transactions.

Indeed, all of the monetary and economic policy of the last 3 years has helped the wealthiest and penalized everyone else. See this, this and this.

A “jobless recovery” is basically a redistribution of wealth from the little guy to the big boys.


Economist Steve Keen says:

“This is the biggest transfer of wealth in history”, as the giant banks have handed their toxic debts from fraudulent activities to the countries and their people.

Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz said in 2009 that Geithner’s toxic asset plan “amounts to robbery of the American people”.

And economist Dean Baker said in 2009 that the true purpose of the bank rescue plans is “a massive redistribution of wealth to the bank shareholders and their top executives”.

The money of individuals, businesses, cities, states and entire nations are disappearing into the abyss …

… and ending up in the pockets of the 1%.

Passionate liberal Keynesians and committed fiscal conservatives may each be seeing only part of the picture. We invite everyone to see the bigger picture."

news4themasses said...

There are a few "ministries" that use the same globe with lines as their logo-interesting eh. Well, I agree the world economies are being forced into consolidation but one could look at this as good news: (1) The economies will only seemingly collapse to then be brought back to life as one cohesive functioning body, (2) are we not already GLOBAL and don't we all depend on one and others economy as it is, (3) you won't have to landscape your backyard into a farm because eventually there will be currency it just won't be what we're used to, and (4) isn't this what every pre-millennial wants is further steps towards proof that AC is on the rise and that JC is coming?

Bible Believer said...

Hi News4themasses, yeah that is what they all want....the premills--What is the whole WORLD CHRISTIAN movement about, one can read GLOBAL this and that...on everything they post and you are right about the logos for the ministries.