Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Weird Book I Saw

I found this book at the library the other day and found myself disturbed. I feel like the book is a psy-op of some sort. Why did they choose 11 as the number for the title? 11 is a well used number in the occult.

The book warns of German society marching freely after the Nazis, believing the lies. And that is a good warning, but I laughed when his response to the possible problems in America, was GO VOTE. Yes I am summing it up in a short version. Yes voting for Romney will solve everything. What a joke!

I have studied a lot about Nazi Germany, probably due to personal history--in-laws who were THERE. And right now the same plans are being followed, NDAA, the nationalization of industry, inflation to come and more. What is odd is this book ignored all this stuff, including the worse aspects of the police state. It is a weird little book, very short with simple illustrations.

Who is this Andy Andrews guy?

What is his message, focusing on the millions of people who have died in this world? How many are dying now via the new world order? How many have died in those Middle Eastern countries we keep going to war with?

I'd like to tell Andy Andrews, the Nazis are already here.

Your book made no sense to me. Sometimes I realize when I read something, someone is trying to manipulate me. The book has too many holes.

He asks why did everyone follow so docily? Of course they lied to the Jews as well as everyone else, they kept secret what they were doing in those camps.

We are being LIED to NOW.

By the way, this guy has been invited to speak to presidents and corporations and seems to have a lot of high level involvements.

and look where else he showed up....

The controlled opposition crowd know to co-op, what people warn about. They know to grab the messages and then add in more confusion.  I wonder if this book is meant to mislead or herd people, who are warning now about the parallels between modern American police state society and Nazi Germany. is it meant as another blinder with desensitization to huge unimaginable numbers of human deaths? I think so.

You know how false discernment ministries have been found and discovered, well, politics too you know.....They lie about the lies. Deception in this world is a multi-layered onion.


news4themasses said...

Glenn Beck and Andy Andrews are obsessed with the OCCULT. These people, Glenn Beck, and others who begin their walk down the Dark Side with the:Illuminati, NWO, Masons, Jesuits, etc.; LOVE to study sick and demented minds like Hitler. In the book "The Family" the author reveals that these groups of elitists idolize corrupt and evil minds and seek to "understand" them and "use" their tactics "for good." I hear tea party people all the time on Twitter saying "we should use Alinsky's ways against the Dems," this is A**backwards thinking. They want to fight fire with fire, darkness with darkness, NOT Light against Dark. Yes they say they are trying to "awaken" you and "alert" you but in all reality they are embracing their "self-awareness of power and influence" and are drunk and making deals with the Devil. I don't care about Glenn Beck's tears, or his authors who have lost children but are writing books on Mass Homicide, it's not to teach you or awaken you it's to further Deceive you. They are laughing, chuckling at "how easy" it is to kill 11 million people!! C'mon people. Andy Andrews and Glenn Beck both in this video treat the Holocaust as an "experiment" "a psy op" that they Can't wait to use on none other than YOU the dumb bleating sheep that sits in the "live" audience nodding your dumb head in agreement that you are going to buy this book for five of your friends. These people, Beck, Andrews, Barton, etc. are wicked---wicked. Christian get off the Glenn Beck Heroine NOW.

Bible Believer said...

Hey with Glenn Beck don't forget that he wrote a praising foreward for a book that came out and PRAISED THE NEW WORLD ORDER

Yes I remember in Sharlet's book The Family, the weird and scary praise of Hitler and others like him, well that is who they model themselves after, though they wear a veneer of'goodness'. Not surprised about the Tea Party types wanting to adopt the methods of their supposed archenemies, well they are all converging to the same place aren't they? These are people who have bowed before Satan in this world for power and more. I thought this particular book was sick, almost kind of like a mocking book, telling us how easy it is for 11 million people to die at the hands of tyranny, but you think these types support the system, support the despots, and in Beck's case supports the Vatican. You are right about them treating the Holocaust as an "experiment" and "psych-op" to confuse.
I wrote the article trying not to get too emotional but this book made me want to puke, because I knew it was not really about what they said it was about. One thing as this world grows darker their methods of manipulation get far worse. They want everyone in fear. I warn about stuff too, I believe they really have set up camps in America and other nefarious plans, but then I think a book like this was written not for the sake of courage, or telling people to look to God, but to bring more fear, more control, more confusion.

Anonymous said...

Good point you guys, I always find it interesting when these so-called "patriot -christian" fear-mongers by-pass the power of Christ, prayer or His Word, to remove the blinders of the well intentioned but ignorant masses - and instead steer folks to worldy methods designed to divert people towards the symptomatic evils of society rather than their root causes..
Good point on the huge but silent police state currently underway here and in UK (NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, europe ACTA.

PS Hilarious how G. Beck tries to pass off the founding fathers ( or freemasons) as God-fearing christians - please..

Check out the following

* tea party and funding connection to Koch brothers - billionaire zionists.

* the Denver Intl Airport underground project and highly suspect design and art associated with it.

* The obsessive veneration and unconditional support for the state of Israel by mainstream evangelical churches despite its' hostiliity to the gospel, 2000 yrs and counting..(e.g. Joshua Project, Epicenter Conferences) I believe these projects are NWO zionist fronts to unwittingly dupe well meaning but desperately ignorant christians, to become complicit in their own demise, tragic..

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon, make sure you check out my Christian Zionism articles, one of the hugest deceptions out there...

There is 12 of them...

The *patriot* fear mongers, yes you are correct about them, they also serve as a "net" to catch those who question the burgeoning police state in the USA. I probably am going to post a response I wrote on another board, about how that all works. Funny how they steer people to new carnal ways and other false teachers or political parties.
The police state is growing here too in America, I know the UK may even be acouple steps ahead of us, but we have caught up and then some. NDAA alone makes that true.

The false "Christian" America meme is one of their biggest deceptions and prevelant in Dominionism everywhere.
The Tea Party was a NWO set up from the start, deceiving the right, notice how the Tea Party started to serve the bankers, hmm didn't know about the Koch thing, but that definitely explains it all.
Denver Intl Airport, yes covered in total occult markings and warnings. Satan's workers often advertise their plans.

Yes the veneration for a secular state, which by the way in his govt buildings are marked for Satan just as much with NWO occult, masonic markings. As I have written here, all nations of this world are deceived, and just as America is being betrayed so are the people in Israel. The churches who invite the prime minister of Israel to speak in their pulpits and jews who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah, lost the plot long ago. I agree with you that these are NWO Zionists fronts as well.