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A Variety of Links #12

Here are two reviews of the movie Courageous put out by Kirk Cameron, but which was shown in many venues. Both articles discuss the advancement of Vision Forum and patriarchy movement concepts to a mainstream audience. I have written before about Kirk Cameron's and Ray Comfort's connections to Vision Forum before. One thing with this stuff, I believe the new world order is influencing the Christianity community on purpose and by plan, to take them into what Ronald Cooke called THEONOMY which essentially comes about from Rome. These movies are influencing millions of people not just thousands.

Ramblin' Man: The Forest and the Trees

First ramble: A couple of people have expressed concern that Cindy "goes out of her way" or "overreaches" to make a connection between Courageous and Vision Forum. It makes me wonder if anyone even bothered to research the links she provided within her review. They aren't there for their festive coloration. We need to be clear - Cindy isn't manufacturing a connection... 

The initial connection was most likely via Fireproof and Kirk Cameron. What developed from there is anyone's guess, but there's no gray area that Courageous serves as a vehicle for the teachings/ideas of Voddie Baucham, Doug Phillips, and Geoff Botkin, intended to introduce those ideas to the mainstream - and the mainstream, as non-discerning as ever, lapped up the shiny, "Christian" packaging without asking ANY real questions.
A Thorough Review of Courageous

The Father as Spiritual Intermediary Priest for his Children. Though it is subtle and because I am familiar with the doctrines taught within the subculture, I note the subtly conveyed concept that fathers also act as intermediary priests for their children which the film implies. In the homily at the end of the film, the character named Adam first uses the language of “God's design for families.” The veneer looks quite appealing, but the underbelly of the concept is a pagan Paterfamilia snare created by language which manipulates thought. In terms of Vision Forum's system, this is not God's design for families, but rather exemplifies the traditions of men

See also “Courageous” and the Patriarchy Movement"
The “Patriarchy” and “Quiverfull” movements, including such organizations as Vision Forum, are spiritually abusive and legalistic movements, as well as being a total misrepresentation of proper biblical family relationships.

Here is an additional article too on Cameron's movie Monumental.

Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Reveals Subtle Influence of Christian Reconstructionism

Based on pre-release clips and interviews, many observers, myself included, noted the ties between Cameron’s experts (especially David Barton and Herb Titus) and Christian Reconstruction. But as I sat in the theater recently, I was stunned at how thoroughly the film was shaped by the worldview articulated by Rushdoony a half century ago. I never expected to see “my folks” (as we ethnographers call the people we study) on the big screen in a packed theater (one of 550 nationwide) presenting the Rushdoony worldview to unsuspecting evangelicals, homeschoolers, and tea partiers.

People should be concerned about what is being promoted out there, and the ties these folks have with one another.

Kirk Cameron, the Sovereignty of God and His Kingdom, with Doug Phillips at 2012 Christian Filmmakers Academy from Vision Forum on Vimeo.

Did you notice the CULTURE CHANGERS meme in the title? This comes from the Emergent movement too. Remember these people believe they are building God's kingdom on earth, Tower of Babylon deceptions to the max! I do not know if Kirk Cameron is a sincere person who has simply been misled by the Dominionists leaders like Doug Philips or a knowing deceiver, and there are truths here about God included but how what kind of "victory in the future" is Cameron talking about? He seems like such a nice guy, and that is the danger, because what he teaches is WRONG!

Victory should be in Jesus Christ not in political schemes. One thing I hope to achieve on this blog if anything else, is to get people to understand how Dominionism skews the gospel. Victory in this world and of this world is NOTHING. Those who define "overcometh" here, as take over the world and start bossing all the unbelievers around and "make" them be good have lost the plot.

1Jo 5:4    For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith.


Vision Forum celebrates the Titantic This was kind of an odd event. I would like to know why anyone would celebrate a tragic event where 1200 people perished in cold water or drowned? The push for speed to set a record also was part of what happened there when the ship hit the iceberg. What is this sort of propaganda about?

Doug Phillips founded the Christian Boy’s and Men’s Titanic Society in 1997, and each year the society hosts a gathering on the anniversary of Titanic’s sinking to commemorate the legacy of male chivalry demonstrated on board the ship when the great ocean liner foundered.
What a strange thing to focus on.

Actually survival rates were more dependent on what class one was, the wealthier people on the higher decks compared to those in steerage had far higher chances of making it out alive. Just compare the steerage stats to the first class stats. While some men did sacrifice for women and children, that was part of the picture as well.

Here too we see the ever present focus on period pieces and idealizing times in the past. I saw this picture advertising the event. Notice something about that picture?

With the Titantic, there is some interesting history out there, especially if you have heard some of the alternative theories why the boat sunk. This is not an endorsement of this website, but I have read this elsewhere too.

"There were a number of very rich and powerful men who made it abundantly clear that they were not in favor of the Federal Reserve System. J.P. Morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the Titanic. This ‘unsinkable’ ship would serve as the death ship for those who opposed the Jesuits’ plan for a Federal Reserve system. These rich and powerful men would have been able to block the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and their power and fortunes had to be taken out of their hands. They had to be destroyed by a means so preposterous that no one would suspect that they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits. The Titanic was the vehicle of their destruction. In order to further shield the papacy and the Jesuits from suspicion, many Irish, French, and Italian Roman Catholics immigrating to the New World were aboard. They were people who were expendable. Protestants from Belfast who wanted to immigrate to the United States were also invited on board.
Even the faithful and good Roman Catholic people were betrayed by the Jesuits. Irish, French and Italian Roman Catholics aboard Titanic ship perished in the middle of the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. 
All the wealthy and powerful men the Jesuits wanted to get rid of were invited to take the cruise. Three of the richest and most important of these were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, the head of Macy’s Department Stores, and John Jacob Astor, probably the wealthiest man in the world. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than 500 million dollars. Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars. These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace. They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew they would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned."

Interesting theory....that one may need more research.

But still I find an event strange, no matter the realities behind what happened, that celebrates such a tragic event. They played dress up and they matched the menu of the dinners on the ship at this event.
To me this event sounds kind of depressing, like dancing on a graveyard or something.

Luk 9:60     Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.



Note to readers while I include matters regarding biblical encouragement and salvation messages this is not a devotional blog. The more devotional blogs the better, but the focus here is to warn of deception in the churches and has been that from the beginning. Some may disagree with that focus but that is what it is. One problem one faces out there, is the people who have been led to believe that Christians are not allowed to warn about anything, like they want us all to live in la la la land, this is one major part of the problem.

For those who write me saying "How dare you write about evil things", every time I do a thread on something "dark", it is not always an easy decision, as I have written before there are matters I have elected not to post on as well.

I know this particular reader took issue with the Mormonism and Freemason article. I have no regrets in posting it, people need to know the truth about these religions even if that truth is NOT pretty. I read Rome was the harlot while still Catholic and it helped wake me up. Yes preaching the gospel is important.

There have been some who have written, who have been upset that not every article has a gospel message enclosed within it. If one is going to write about all the errors of Mormonism compared to the Bible, the article would be the length of a book not just a blog entry. I pray for Mormons to come out of their false system and have posted a video before of the false teachings of Mormonism compared to biblical Christianity. Just like Catholics who are taught a false gospel, Mormons too need the true saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Why would I warn about Mormonism otherwise? Most of evangelicalism now has been been led into the ecumenical movement with them TOO, with Glenn Beck and others leading the way. If Romney wins, and the elite aren't going to give Obama a second term, even more so.

It astounds me how many believe the Christian job is to be SILENT, or matters past preaching the gospel to unbelievers even if it is about discussing matters with other Christians, are not to be done. This silence in the pews, has been part of the problem.


One part of the New World Order's antics, are taking things that are good and twisting them. Many Christians do think in positive ways about embracing community and living more frugal lives, some even have returned to the land. I have even held interest in some of these life-styles though my own circumstances are different.  So these things are not wrong within themselves, but remember everything is this world can be abused for power and twisted. With the community-based "help" or communitarianism, that is a way they can seek power, prestige and usher more people into their circles.

The Fanatic for Jesus blog is right about how they desire to bring together churches, government and corporations together as a three legged stool for a "common good". This is being sold by the left now as well as the right. People who are down and out getting help are not to blame, but it's more of the convergence from the top down. In the second article, while some may dream of a more simple and connected life, this too is being twisted for even with demands with the move to "sustainable living" Just think of this way, the elite desire a new feudalism, with the peasants back in the "huts"and on the land or herded into the cities. The formula by the way has been replicated already in world history, think of Maoist China. I read the memoirs where even formerly city or educated people were ordered to the farm communities to produce crops for the state.

Restoring Love: Glenn Beck's Plan for Communitarianism

Transition Towns: Skill Sharing for a New Age of Urban Homesteading

Drinking the "sustainable communities for a healthy city elixir" is one transformational agenda your community will not want. If allowed in, a city near you will attempt to save the planet by trading cars for bikes, create open markets for "self-sustaining communities," and design "human settlements" (located on transit lines) where everyone can dialogue, share common ground, and be equal.
Does this sound like a place where you want to live? Socialism/Communism/Fascism has always produced poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom [1]- no matter how positive they make it sound.
Remember what I warned about regarding "COMMON GROUND" and Collectivism here.

This is true. As I have written before, WHY DO SOME CONSIDER CONSPIRACY TO BE A THEORY? So many are outraged and surprised that the "networks" are so intense, and interwoven, but think this out, WEREN'T WE WARNED? Sure we were.

1Jo 3:7    Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.

The Conspiracy Against the Bride of Christ is Biblical

Ephesians 5:11 blog's new website "Calvary Chapel Watchman"


A Christian friend informed me about the differences between mainstream KJV and older KJVs and one's done by smaller publishers. I compared my Bibles and was surprised to see some of these differences a few months ago. Some do change the meaning, like heavens vs. heaven. This video warns about this matter. I think if your Bible is falling apart that is a good are reading and using it! I look for old KJV Bibles in used book stores when I can find them. My main purpose in am posting this is to show that there are differences in present day published KJV Bibles, I was surprised myself when I found this out, and it is something very few know. Of course I understand the 1611 ones etc are different but why so many differences between the versions of today?

This pastor has an interesting library, someone who has Boettner, and books like "Billy Graham and Friends" by Cathy Burns as well as her book on symbols is doing a bit of research. Some of his bookshelf looks like mine, I did have to weed out some books for space purposes. Sadly he does have a lot of Ruckman books who he seems to support and I do not, but I remember it took me time to see through some of the errors in the King James Only movement and to understand where Ruckman was coming from. The KJV Bible is the BEST English translation but not "new revelation" as some of those teachers teach. That said, I really wondered at some of the verses that had been changed between KJV Bibles and believe that is something worthy to warn about.


Anonymous said...

In the Titanic movie, I can't remember which, but one of the dead rich guys are mocked, and I do believe there is something to that theory about the Titanic being a bit set-up to kill off the rich guys that were against the federal reserve. It's just too "coincidental" that the three super wealthy guys that also happened to reject the federal reserve and had the power to stop it, all died on the same day in the Titanic.

The Jesuits will do anything to promote the power of their "god" in Rome, the "pope". The federal reserve is a tool of the vatican.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, there is definitely something to that theory, no doubt, all three of them being there does seem against coincidence. If you want to read more about Federal Reserve Read this book:

Most of these ultra-Dominionist movements and groups definitely have ties to Rome even if we have not found them yet in specific cases.

I agree about the Jesuits doing anything for power of their "god" in Rome and the Federal Reserve being a tool of the Vatican.

coz said...

You cover quite a lot of topics in this article. The local gubbmint propaganda media here (Australia) has been heavily featuring the Titanic anniversary stuff too - you know somethings wrong if they're pushing an issue.

It's your blog, write whatever you want, mostly it's pretty good. I'm unchurched so things are simpler for me. Trust no-one but God is the message stated over and over in the bible.

Interesting what you say about the KJV. I bought a replacement because my old one was falling apart and the tiny print was becoming hard to read. So the one I bought was plastic sealed as all new bibles in the shop were, I couldn't check inside and nothing on the cover gave any indication that it wasn't the old school KJV. I got it home and it is some new 'revised' KJV, doesn't have the same power. Might look for a second hand one, like you recommend.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for your post to those who do not sit in a church building. I am interested in what you have to say about that.

news4themasses said...

I live in AZ and there was great Celebration for its Centennial. I think Titanic's sinking was its centennial mark this year. I don't know why someone would "Celebrate" it? People choose to 'remember it' I guess. It's an interesting story.It's irony and drama, and thanks to James Cameron most people look at it as a "love story" due to the great acting skills of a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I did watch pieces of the ABC's latest Titanic movie and noted that in one scene JP Morgan's name was mentioned as "not planning to attend." I thought it strange placing but your post just illuminated that small insignificant scene. If the Jesuit's wanted to spend Millions (7.5 million when built, $413 Million in today's cost)to propagate a force that would hold and manage tens of hundreds of billions and now Trillions of dollars it seems like a small price to pay for power-right? It's not far fetched to believe it could be done, much of what we see today are illusions to cover real objectives by evil people. I think if anything the "Celebration of the Titanic" goes to show that the Apostate Church is in full bloom and they have no means to discern the foolishness of which they participate in. Bible studies of Harry Potter, Christian Tattoo Parlor's, Jesuits invited to Pulpits, and Celebrating the death of people in tragedy are all one in the same to the Apostate church.

Bible Believer said...

Coz its odd, I've been noticing a lot of other Titantic stuff, guess because its the 100th anniversary but then Vision Forum has done the Titantic celebrations since 1997. Here is some of the latest...

Yeah it may be the anniversary but odd how they push certain issues.

I agree with trust no one but God, I am not in church either.

I have been able to get a new decent KJV, think it was a Holman? Have to check but a lot of my Bibles are used as well.

Bible Believer said...

To Anon, I have not been in a church building for some years. It's tough. I thought about writing about this topic more soon.

Here are articles that are about those who have left the church system and are not in a church.

Bible Believer said...

news4themasses, I guess most are remembering it, but the celebrating it bugs me, such as when people want to replicate the dinner and dress and look, which is depressing because one knows how the story ends, the boat sinks. Hmm I didn't remember that about the Titantic movie, but that is interesting. Titantic had some sinful things about it I did not like. They made the girls fiance' out to be a villain, but then I thought she is cheating on him, who is the true villain, too much Hollywood situational ethics and false definitions of "love".

I don't think the Jesuit possible involvement with the Titantic is too far fetched either. I agree, it's all about holding these "phony" type celebrations. By the way with "Vision Forum" pushing this "women and children" first stuff, they have to make it look like they actually care about women, and children when they are just bringing oppression via the Dominionism and more.

coz said...

Maybe there's a remake movie in the works, with this kind of international publicity push there's usually a product they want to sell. Other than that, it's probably more 'take over the calendar' pagan stuff.

Christian Cerna said...

the titanic propaganda being pushed on us by the media smacks of false-flagness. reminds me of the sob stories they keep feeding us around 9/11.

Bible Believer said...

I've had that same thought Christian.

There have been other boat sinkings and severe accidents. Why is this one so stressed?

Anonymous said...

Re Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort:

If you ever tell a lie, you're a liar!

If you tell others that the moment they sin, or "significantly" sin, you are proven not to be saved or have lost your salvation,

YET you are backscratching some of the most egregious liars in the world, from Religious Right/Thenomists to blasphemous TBN charlatans leading people to hell (can't offend _them_, or Jakes whose money cometh & maketh the movies) you are a liar.