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Mormonism is Updated Freemasonry

With Romney did you know the LDS has discussed something called the White Horse Prophecy where they expect a Mormon president to 'save the constitution" and institute a theocracy? Who knows if he will even win, and he has distanced himself from this teaching saying it is not "official" Mormon doctrine but it is of interest. Of course such prophecies are not biblical, but I've seen these discussions on Mormon boards.

It's been some time since I have written about Mormonism, but I studied  some of it years ago. I guess it's time to bring it up back again considering all the evangelicals stepping in line behind Mormon Glenn Beck [who has outwardly worn Freemasonry insignia] and with Romney now as the Mormon running for president.

THIS is another religion of Baal, including secret rituals and lies, that these people are uniting with. The video uses the NASB which I don't agree with and this is not a 100% endorsement but exposes many of the scary truths about Mormonism. Notice in the second video the involvement of Jesuit Pierre DeSmet and the bee symbols.

Mormonism IS run like a secret society, with lower level "initiates" having to move up to learn 'secrets' and have access to higher level "rituals". They keep the temple ceremonies even SECRET from MORMONS, until the day they show up for them and until they are approved. Temple rituals involve a bunch of different rituals and ceremonies that range from the baptism of the dead, washings for purification, "endowments" and odd ceremonies held through veils by Mormons dressed in white. Having studied some of those ceremonies, some are even overtly blasphemous, there was one I recall that praises the sin of Adam and Eve.

I went to this EX-MORMON website that exposed the secret ceremonies, and well the message board, was interesting, where these ex-Mormons were expressing outrage about what they saw at the temple when they showed up to go through their rituals. Some were seriously alarmed letting their God-given conscience even if they were not born again yet, show them that the rituals praising Satan, and degrading Jehovah, and death threats for those who talked, as PURE EVIL. The video above talks about how so much of Mormonism is very masonically influenced. The fact that Joseph Smith and his brother kept a talisman called the "Jupiter Stone", describes their true spiritual standing.

Check this website out....


Read some of the stories by the outraged EX-MORMONS about the SECRET TEMPLE CEREMONIES it is intense reading what people are put through [be sure to see page 2 and language warning for some of the posts]

"I was pretty weirded out by everything too."

"l remember them saying there were some special secret ceremonies they had to perform before they brought us in. l also remember the mirrors and when kneeling at the altar, l kept my eyes open and looked all around the room. l noticed that nobody had their eyes open except me.. l decided to claim that l saw a man and a woman kneeling with us because at the time l really wanted to have another brother or sister. "

This ritual described here, seems to be exactly what is done in Freemasonry where Freemasons make oaths, saying they'd sooner kill themselves then reveal the "secrets".

"from what I recall, two or three times during the ceremony we would stand and take various verbatim oaths that we'd chant en masse' with the other poor saps and then make a slash with out thumb across our necks and lower stomachs to simulate that we'd sooner kill ourselves than reveal that we just went through the weirdest freakiest ritual ever concocted. It was sort of a group secret and too creepy to ever mention outside the temple due to it's "Sacred" nature."

One of the ex-members even writes about the Masonic ties to Mormonism

"Should l tell my family what l have discovered, the facts and evidence of lies? How the temple symbols on the garments and the ceremonies are masonic? or would that be too much of a shock?"
Here is a Mormon still in the Mormon church questioning some of the rituals, ceremonies and questions. Let's pray that they have gotten out or will.

Mormon churches are marked with symbols of evil....beehives, Horus eyes and also PENTAGRAMS.

The Eagle's Gate at the Great Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City:

Here is another shot:

When you walk right into a LDS church museum, there are two pentagrams on the wall.

Photos from the Children's Section of the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City.

Here is a video of a Pentagram on the outside of the building.

Google "Mormon Temple and Pentagram" they are all over the place.

The Mormons will claim that the Pentagram is a 'good symbol", but even here in this link defending it, their mention of Constantine using it, shows where their roots come from.

The Pentagram is also used in Freemasonry.

Order of the Eastern Star [Masonic Order for Women]

Pentagram on floor of Masonic temple

Other symbols are used too such as the Horus Eye, sun worship and even directly the square and compass used by the Freemasons as shown in this video.

What does all this add up to? Mormonism has nothing to do with true Christianity and is a church that definitely has ties to Freemasonry shown in the history of it's founder, it's rituals and more.


What Symbols Can Tell You #2: Bees and Beehives

Evangelicals Meeting with Mormons: another false religion


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information clarifying the linkage between Freemasonry & Mormonism.

This really isn't anything new. Our country has a history of government officials who are/were Masons. We have never been able to expect that any of our high government leaders are truly born-again Christians. What is different about this is that if Romney should win the Presidency it would lend crebility to the cult of Mormonism.

But lest we get our boxers in a bunch about this, we live in a free society, a pluralistic society. We have to pick the most moral leader who would buy us more time to work for the Lord.

This is a time for believers to really listen to the Lord's voice in all things, including their freedom to do their "civic duty" and cast a vote. Some say they cannot in good conscience vote for a Mormon. Others say everyone will vote one way or another. A non-voter is actually voting for the incumbunt. Confusing times!!

Bible Believer said...

I believe a vote for either Obama or Romney is a vote for the NWO, I really see neither as "moral", but I understand people making their own decisions following their own conscience. I hope they pray to God and allow Him to lead. I agree about historically Masons running the gov't show. The infusion of their numbers in so many places of influence, I haven't had time to even post on.

One thing, I have made my own decision to separate from the voting process,[above very local elections like for dog catcher] because now I believe it is just there to give us the illusion of choice, when the powers that be have already really chosen who they plan to put in.

N4TM said...

The Christian Right has been successfully brainwashed to believe that "Moral High ground" is more important than doctrine. Yeah, score one for Ecumenicism-- it's working. All the Politicians that show up on a Sunday Morning telling you "We are war with Islam, Obama's not a Christian, Protect Israel at all costs who cares if a few million Muslims (Lost souls) are killed and sent to hell as long as it's not you and your kids," has won out over principal. It's ok, on a matter of principal, to against every fiber of your body that tells you not to vote for an occult worshiper (MR), but if you choose not to vote your "voting for the incumbent." Sad times, not just confusing times. If you have figured out it's okay to vote 'for Romney' don't attack fellow Christians, for choosing not to vote at all because they know and understand both sides are of the same coin.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks you NRTM, good post agree with all of it.

Gus O. Kahan said...

Yes you are on to something with corrupted masonic thinking, but, you could use your own imagery.
You have used our image of Glenn Beck, either link to source or delete.
This is our proprietary image with content to go with context.
Please be mindful of what you steal to make your point.

If you neglect to respond I will contact the blogspotters and have your page jerked.
Gus O. Kahan

Bible Believer said...

I have removed your picture.