Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joel Osteen: Mormon Romney Is Christian; Obama Is Too

The definition of "Christian" is getting looser and looser. Lest you think "Oh that is just Osteen who is an overt deceiver", keep in mind they still have managed to herd most of the religious right camp into supporting a Mormon.


news4themasses said...

poor Joel. He's like a child. Someone is seriously pulling his strings and making his mouth move. I wonder if this boy ever had a moment of pause and clarity, long enough to think for himself? Since his dad was a megapastor all likelihood Joel has been "groomed" for this position. He looks so absent when he is speaking. Perhaps a brainwashed controlled pastor, or worse a wicked purposed affront to the church.

Bible Believer said...

I get the feeling Joel Osteen was controlled from the start, childhood on, yes he definitely was "groomed" for the position, mind controlled? He seems more controlled then a controller but the damage he is doing out there is immense.