Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demerits for a 23 Year Old? Fundamentalist Christian Colleges......

Over time I have been reading different things said by those who have gone to these colleges, I mentioned things I noticed about Hyles Anderson and others in the fundamentalist world. Why on earth are these colleges run like insane English 19 century orphanages where they hand out demerits, to full grown adults like they are children?  I found this video on Stuff Fundies Like:

Is it odd for me to think that punishing a TWENTY THREE YEAR old for watching a TV show is overkill? He watched the show off campus. I do not watch Glee, I would not suggest anyone else watch it, since it promotes many worldly things, but this is a GROWN MAN even if he is very young. Twenty-three year olds have been fathers and have died in wars. Remember my article The Oppression of Youth and Dominionism? Why doesn't anyone else consider these type of punishments absurd for grown adults?

There seem to be some serious problems here:
"BJU claims that the reason Christopher Peterman was expelled on April 24, 2012 was for "intimidating" them by contacting outside agencies but those familiar with the situation claim that BJU expelled Christopher for bringing to light sexual abuse issues within the University and for starting the first ever student protest on the campus of Bob Jones."

I always have questioned many of these universities given their ties to the political order. Bob Jones University gave the then Governor G.W. Bush, an invitation to speak with a letter of full support from the president of the university.

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I've done reading around line and it seems as far as the DEMERITS and extreme rules go, several if not more fundamentalist Christian colleges are run this way. I can understand them not wanting their students acting like it's Animal House, nor drinking on campus or breaking criminal laws, but the ways the rules are imposed from what I can tell is insulting to what should be free young men and women. The worse thing in the case in the video, this may be connected to suppressing free speech about corruption and sex abuse.

Webwide, you can find people sharing experiences of their fundamentalist college experiences, which for some led to a losing of faith and what they thought Christianity was about. While I am sure many of these colleges have young people who do truly love the Lord and serve Him, one wonders about all the focus on legalistic rules? Is that part of the Dominionism mentality? I'm not sure, but something has gone awry. Some may say well the military has rules too, and people choose to sign up, but some of this stuff seems beyond that. You'll read that some of these colleges take things as far as censoring reading material and more.


news4themasses said...

G4, I'm doing some background into this story because it's so horrible! This kid's (23yr old)expulsion is far more gross than what is on that video. He was not simply kicked out for too many demerits he was attacked and harassed for bringing to light some deep dark secrets BJU was trying to cover. Much like the cover up of sexual abuse in Calvary Chapels the IFB are claiming that they are "not" interconnected and BJU had on its board an IFB pastor who covered for a rapist, while sending a young girl away from her family and all known friends in shame for being raped and then pregnant from the rapist. This is a horrible story and I will be posting it in its entirety on my blog. Thanks for posting this initial post it lead to a lot of fact finding.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I posted this knowing it would need more research.

Remember this story?

I think its connected...

Here is more details here

Looks like some out there are following the example of Rome to the tee, hide the sex abuse!

I guess I chose to focus on his treatment to warn about how these places don't even treat young people like adults, but yes the sex abuse is a horrible component of all of this too.

Bible Believer said...

From the link I posted above

"Christopher Peterman, a senior at Bob Jones University, started a Facebook page called Do Right BJU whose mission statement is "an abuse awareness and support group at Bob Jones University." Peterson's Facebook page showed the links the Christian university had with a child rape cover-up. Peterson began petitioning to ask Bob Jones University to remove Chuck Phelps from the board of trustees.

According to, Chuck Phelps, a pastor of an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church, allegedly covered up Tina Anderson's rape by sending her thousands of miles away:
Ernest Willis, a New Hampshire man accused of raping and fathering a child with a 15-year-old girl from his church in 1997, was found guilty today of three counts of forcible rape and a count of felonious sexual assault.

Willis' case drew national headlines because his victim, Tina Anderson, who gave an exclusive interview to "20/20" last month, said she was forced to confess her "sin" -- the pregnancy -- in front of their congregation at Trinity Baptist Church, an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church (IFB) in Concord, N.H. The church's then-pastor, Chuck Phelps, helped arrange for Anderson to move thousands of miles away from home to live with an IFB family and give her child up for adoption.
This Tuesday, Christopher Peterman was expelled from Bob Jones University for watching Glee, after a series of meetings with the schools officials and threats to kick him out of the university for his activity on his Facebook page."