Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chuck Colson Dies

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Chuck Colson died some days ago at the age of 80

Chuck Colson sadly was one of the biggest ecumenists out there, advancing Catholic and evangelical ties. Be careful of trusting government "insiders" too when it comes to religion. These types get their "placements" from on high. Colson's wife was a Catholic as well. Ever wonder why there are so many folks like this whose main emphasis has been on yoking churches to Rome? Definitely this man was working for the Vatican to help usher evangelicals under the ecumenical umbrella. Sadly now that he is gone, many have popped up in his place.

Check out some of these links:

More than 70 percent of Colson's Prison Fellowship chaplains are Roman Catholic (Calvary Contender, Nov. 15, 1999).

In February 1977 Colson told the 35th annual convention of the National Association of Evangelicals:
"I'm not certain that I have any convictions other than one, that [we must end] ... the divisions which have separated the believers historically and have weakened the impact of Christianity on 20th Century America. ... You know, I am in a very ecumenical position. I'm an Episcopalian. I love to go to Baptist churches nearby, particularly one Baptist church where the pastor is on the board of Prison Fellowship Foundation. My wife was Roman Catholic when I was converted, and she's remained in her church, organizing a little Bible study. ... we must seek a fresh unity of spirit and A HEALING OF THE DIVISIONS which many historians write has crippled the impact of Christianity..."
Another Colson quotes:
"the body of Christ, in all its diversity, is created with Baptist feet, charismatic hands, and Catholic ears -- all with their eyes on Jesus."

Using the false cultural wars and teaming up with other religious right deceivers, Colson helped to write the Catholic-evangelical "Manhattan Declaration" and also co-wrote and co-signed "Evangelicals and Catholics Together". Many churches were brought into this net, as shown in my 2010 article "Why did a Calvary Chapel Pastor Meet with a Catholic Archbishop?" including this list with the Calvary Chapel pastor.
"As the planning unfolded, Chuck suggested we invite the world. And so we did—that is, our known world here in New Mexico . We called a meeting for the Archbishop to meet with key Evangelical leaders, Dr. Joseph Bunce of the New Mexico Baptist Conference, Dr. Micheal Dickenson of the New Mexico Assemblies of God, Dr. Fred Huff of the Nazarene Churches of New Mexico, Pastor Robert Hall of Calvary Chapel, Pastor Jian Zhu of the Albuquerque Chinese Christian Church (also a Centurion), Pastor Don Kimbro of New Mexico Christian Churches."

Ephesians 5:11 blog is right about Chuck Colson instigating many ecumenical meetings and making the original invitations. One organization to explore is the Colson Center for Christian Worldview...he refers to his followers as centurions [yes more of that Roman speak, another name for a knight except an earlier version there of]

See: False Culture Wars And the Manhattan Declaration


Anonymous said...

It's scary how many people are working to bring people into Rome.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. Wonder how long the list would be if I sat down and wrote it. All abominations trace back to Momma Rome.

coz said...

I'm not fussy about my sources if it helps me understand and historical Catholicism has produced some great Christians and therefore many worthwhile texts. There are saved people even in the worst of churches according the the judgement of 7 churches, but yeah, they're not called Roman Catholic for nothing! In modern times the emphasis is on ROMAN in that church.

Bible Believer said...

Outside of saints from the Bible, what historical "Christians" did Catholicism produce? Maybe I misunderstood your statement. Yeah there are some saved people in worse of churches but I believe if someone is really saved, the Holy Spirit is telling them to Come Out, especially out of the direct clutches of Rome.

Anonymous said...

I say this not rudely, but in love :)

I have so often heard this assertion that there are a few people that somehow managed to ignore everything the priest said and still managed to at one point read John 3:16 and got saved. I'm sure that's happened a few times indeed.

But that is never the point. It never addresses the point. Because the point is that catholicism's false gospel, their lies of purgatory, their deception of confessing to priests, and so on, are walls put up against the true Gospel. They are walls that the catholic establishment puts up against the true Gospel, so that people have to literally ignore everything catholicism teaches, and go with only the Bible, to get the true Gospel.

And that is what is being exposed.

Of the seven churches in Revelation, none of them were as bad or as far away from the truth as catholicism. None of them were anywhere near that bad.

Bible Believer said...

I believe a fruit of salvation when it comes to the RCC is to WANT TO hightail it out of there.....with the mainline churches and other apostates the Holy Spirit calls Christians out of those too.

coz said...

oh my nephews are catholic, (I'm not and never would be) I tried to explain to them as kids that we don't all believe in that Mary stuff and that those rituals don't actually save you, that they should read the bible for themselves when they were old enough etc etc, but I moved away from that part of the country shortly after - it's probably because of that, that I like to think some of them are saved. If faith is God given, then surely it's possible. Hopefully they took my advice, I don't have any contact with my brother anymore.

coz said...

I saw that your'e ex catholic BB, so what to you make of the catholic movement (can't think of the name just now) that believe the church is in apostasy and the pope is an anti-pope.

news4themasses said...

Another upChuck, why do they all have to be Chuck, or John, or Bob, it's like they all have the same MO and have generic names to go along with their cover. IDK. Ok, Chuck Colson was "rescued" by "The Family." His deep involvement in Politics and then being busted lent credibility to the "Coe" family and he was ushered in and began his rehabilitation to "minister" to the prisoners. Chuck Colson was a great unifer, charismatic, and well liked even if he was a salamander. But wait, he was on TBN that must make him a Christian!

Anonymous said...

Colson belonged to The Family. That is NOT the family of God!

His memorial service will be held in the Washington National Cathedral, a center of ecumenism. Perfect setting and those who come to praise him will most likely be agents of Rome, just as he was.

Why do so many Christians fail to grasp the gravity of the legacy of people like him?

His Prison Fellowship is/was the perfect tool of Satan. Only the Lord knows the multitudes that have been given a ticket to Hell through his false gospel and the hellish document of Evangelicals & Catholics Together. He was never a true evangelical and he only compromised the Gospel. He may have the praise of men, but he did not serve God. Now he is in God's hands - but sadly his legacy will live on and continue to deceive.

Bible Believer said...

With Catholics, I know we would like to believe some are saved, but if they believe in Catholicism then they are not. It's a false gospel even taking the wafer and saying Amen to it being 'the body of christ" is idolatry. I have an entire Catholic family, and have sent tracts, told them the truth, etc. Right now, I want to get Bibles in the hands of my nieces and nephews [they are old enough] I have prayed they will all one day become Christians. I understand living too far away from nieces and nephews it is not easy. Aunts and uncles just do not have the same amount of influence or involvement in this scattered culture though many of us try. Sorry you do not have contact with your brother anymore that has to make it harder. Being a Christian in a non-Christian family there will definitely be walls there.

Bible Believer said...

"I saw that your'e ex catholic BB, so what to you make of the catholic movement (can't think of the name just now) that believe the church is in apostasy and the pope is an anti-pope."

Coz yes I am an ex-Catholic [born into it, and had time later as well as ex-Unitarian Universalist.

I wrote about the Trad Catholics, for a time even was on their boards and websites...before I came out of the RCC for good after being born again

I outline my beliefs about that entire movement....

Bible Believer said...

Hey News4themasses, funny you mention all those Chucks, I was having the thought the other day skimming through my index. It could just be that it's a common name but you gotta wonder....

Yep Colson was in with THE FAMILY

Notice that weird stuff about the name Christian not allowed to be mentioned...

"At the instigation of Tom Phillips, Colson was mentored by Doug Coe, an unorthodox but effective Washington pastor. He ran the National Prayer Breakfast and led The Fellowship, a ministry to influential movers and shakers. Few of them wanted to have anything to do with Colson. Nevertheless, Coe twisted some arms and formed a prayer group to support the Watergate sinner. These prayerful brothers became Colson's lifeline of spiritual support (they included liberal Democratic Sen. Harold Hughes, the nine-term Republican Congressman Al Quie from Minnesota, and a former Democratic Congressman from Texas, Graham Purcell). Under Coe's leadership, their theology was fuzzy but their love was great. Although the word Christian was not allowed to be mentioned, the brothers lived out Jesus' commandment "

Here is my article for other readers on The Family

LOL about TBN, well we know their definiton of Christian is pretty loose.

per the above, I don't trust anyone who praise CS Lewis, who is as pagan, pseudo Catholics as they come.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I noticed too where his funeral was going to be held

That will be an ecumenical fest, wonder how many bishops and priests will show up.

Notice the vetting by Billy Graham too in the article.

I agree about the Prison Fellowship, they want the tendrils to extend EVERYWHERE.

Christians do need to reach out to prisoners etc, but its sad the whole ecumenical movement was brought even there too.

Bible Believer said...

More on ties between Colson and Coe

[I do not endorse the Democratic Underground-posted for info] said...

Thank you for the article. I must admit, I never really listened to him much(I hardly listen to the radio or watch TV), but when I heard about his passing, I fell for all the media eulogizing, and began to think that he must be a great man of God. But the fact that he was once an important political figure, and that the media is eulogizing him, and that he was in favor of the Roman church, made me snap out of it, and realize that this man was a double agent for Rome- like so many of the Christian celebrities of the 20th Century. I believe that the 20th Century is the period of Great Deception spoken of in the Bible- ushering in the rise of the Antichrist.

Bible Believer said...

Yes he is one the media has "sold" over and over, saying here is this "redeemed" person who was involved with Watergate. It makes for good copy, but sadly he helped to march many in the ecumenical movement. I lean towards him being a Double-agent and knowing deceiver of Rome too. All the signs, and connections are there. He worked hard to influence the evangelical world and we see many of the negative fruits today.

The 20th century things really got humming...but now it's gotten worse...