Monday, March 12, 2012

What Is All this Technology Doing to Us?

Have you noticed how fast society is changing?

Do you ever wonder what will be the outcome of a world where everyone is tied 24/7 through electronic devices?

Do you ever wonder how socially this has impacted us all? How are human beings relating to each other anymore?

For those of you over a certain age, remember the days when there was no Internet or cell phones? I sure do. Do you ever think in some ways those days were better?

Genesis 11:4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

I read the book recently by this author. She is a secular psychologist but the book brought up many important and true points about how people are being changed by technology. Some scientists likewise have even discussed the rewiring of our brains via modern technology. This author, Sherry Turkle, raised ideas such as one day, we would have robots taking care of the disabled, and very elderly and children and questioned the non-human quotient behind all this. She basically made a central theme clear, that technology is separating people where people expect less as they enter into more and more cyber-relationships:

Alone Together is the result of MIT technology and society specialist Sherry Turkle’s nearly fifteen-year exploration of our lives on the digital terrain. Based on interviews with hundreds of children and adults, it describes new, unsettling relationships between friends, lovers, parents, and children, and new instabilities in how we understand privacy and community, intimacy and solitude. It is a story of emotional dislocation, of risks taken unknowingly. But it is also a story of hope, for even in the places where digital saturation is greatest,there are people—especially the young—who are asking the hard questions about costs, about checks and balances, about returning to what is most sustaining about direct human connection. At the threshold of what Turkle calls “the robotic moment,” our devices prompt us to recall that we have human purposes and,perhaps, to rediscover what they are.

Watch here:

She is right about people using the Internet, smart phones etc. to bail out from real life.

She is right to talk about the illusions of companionship without the demands of friendship. To put it simply, "we would rather text then talk" She also get this right too, "Often too busy communicating to think or create or really connect with the people we were with in the ways that really count".

For some years I lived in a more rural place, I sort of suspected it at the time, but the town was very behind the times, it also was very working class and lower income which meant less fancy devices among the populace. When I moved to a "more modern" place, it was like culture shock watching young and middle aged buried in their droids, iphones and other devices. Even relationships between people seemed different and not as close beyond the usual rural vs. urban differences. One could be talking in a group and down would be the head of another person going through the Internet instead of listening. Young people seem different to me somehow now then even 15 years ago, less apt for conversation, more disconnected like you are bothering them just to want to talk to them.

I realize I am old enough to be like my grandmother who refused to ever buy a home computer at all, and that I am way behind the times, while I obviously use the Internet extensively to even do this website, I refuse to take it with me everywhere, and have never texted in my entire life.  Some of us want to sit in a park, left alone untethered to any electronic device. The idea of "multi-lifing" which the author brings up to detail the difference between in the flesh life, and cyber-life is a new term to me, but even I realized with horror that even I found myself telling people "I have an "internet life" and a "real" life".

She talks about the people where the Internet becomes more of their "REAL WORLD" including those who live through avatars via "Second Life" where they can design themselves to be wealthier and better looking then in real life, and pursue relationships that are wholly cyber. This includes those who experiment with different identities online.

Definitely knowledge over all has increased....

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Don't get me wrong, I am not going off line, and plan to continue here, the Internet has been just as influential as the printing press during the Reformation in getting the truth out there. In fact reading scripture online and Christian websites, is one way that I was able to learn the truth about the Catholic church. Of course the amount of information that is at our hands is at heights we never dreamed of. When the Internet came into being, those early days of excitement of always having basically a library at my hands never really have ended. I was an adult before the Internet was commonplace and remember how very different those days were. Technology can be used for good, lives have been saved via modern medical technology but of course it can also be used for evil.

But that said, as this secular psychologist has brought up some good points how is all this technology changing society? Even the Bible warns of the misuse of knowledge.

1 Corinthians 8:1
Now as touching things offered unto idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.

I even wrote a few days ago about the line between swimming in evil and exposing evil. This is one thing that is troubling me. The false preachers and deceivers want everyone ignorant in the pews, and nothing warned about but one must keep balance in their Christian life as well, between exposing evil but also being spiritually fed. For those of us who are isolated "scattered sheep" this can be more of a challenge that is something which needs to be paid attention to.

One important thing, I think is to disengage yourself from the all encompassing electronic world, from time to time. Take a day here and there in prayer and listening to God and away from it all. Sometimes I am astonished just watching everyone rush around, and wonder, "When do they even have time to think"? For me, quiet time to pray and be away is important.

While knowledge is important we have to be careful how we use it. Sometimes one feels almost buried in information. I am not so sure this is always a good thing. Remember the devil can seduce even with telling people they can 'know' "everything" 'like 'God'. I've seen many places on line where extreme hyper-intellectual types who have delved extremely deep into the esoteric and knowing the most deeper inter-workings of the new world order have run off the rails. They all go to the same place. Some of you may wonder what do I mean by that? They all become like David Icke embracing basic Luciferianism, rejecting God and the Christian faith and embracing the "evolution" of man. All of them match when it gets right down to it. This includes the most obscure who call themselves synchro-mystics to those like Jordan Maxwell. One odd thing among these groups is how they seem to think all technology is such a wonderful thing. I still remember in the UU, how they brainwashed everyone to believe human science would solve all problems and how human "reason" would bring Utopia. That is a laugh just even looking at world history.  For those who have rejected God, man is the sum of everything and they elevate man's endeavors instead.

Ever wonder why the extremes of technology have gone to such evil places beyond the realities of human sin? Why are scientists mixing human DNA with animal?  Why is one giant agricultural company inventing seeds that are sterile? Why was the nuclear bomb invented? Why will human technology even serve as the mark of the beast via a RIFD chip or tattoo? Where is the wisdom with all the knowledge? Well it seems it got thrown overboard. You ever wonder why no one asked if some of this stuff was a good idea or not? Looks like a few at least are asking what is having everyone hooked up to screens all the time doing to folks?

Proverbs 4:5-8 (KJV)

5Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. 6Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. 7Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. 8Exalt her, and she shall promote thee: she shall bring thee to honor, when thou dost embrace her.

So people may be filled of knowledge but no wisdom to use it correctly. Yes WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL THING.

As I read her book, and she delves deeply into robots, and how they are being used and worked on, I kept thinking this is man wanting to be like 'God" and make their own beings to 'control'.

Genesis 3:5
For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Whether that was a strange thought or not, it kept coming up to me. So much of the technology is focused on moving human beings past well being...human. They focus on "evolving" the world and if you think about what kind of world is desired, Satan definitely is behind a lot of it, as emotions and everything seem to be things they want to mute out. When you read in a secular book, that scientists and the technological elite dream of days when children and the elderly can be taken care of by robots and right now have people turning to robots for companionship in Japan, you know we have a problem.

The movie Artificial Intelligence, was one of the last science fiction movies I ever watched. This movie was complete evil, as it basically showed robots built by human beings over centuries becoming self aware and "conscious". even considering this movie on the religious front, it was definitely all about man desiring to be like "gods" and human beings seeking after "power" they could not handle. The movie near the end shows these robots taking over, and building their own society in their new self-awareness, humans are displaced. I remember feeling even nauseous as this unfolded before me.

Did you all know the scientists speak of a time where the computers could become self aware? and of the time estimated in the 2030s where computers become smarter then the humans who built them? Some even muse over the internet becoming conscious.

A new tower of Babel is definitely being built.


2 Corinthians 4:7
7But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.


news4themasses said...

interesting "social" science type post. Yes, I remember life before Cell phones and the internet. I do have a smart phone and I use it a lot. It fills in time. I am not so much a "social media" junkie as I once was. I used to be on Twitter daily then just got bored, even my blog is down to a weekly post as opposed to more often than that. The generation my teen son is in is in for a doozy! They have no idea what personal property is, how to have privacy, or how to be alone in their own skin. I think this will come at a heavy price. They are primed for a new one world social order. My younger one has no cell phone and is just now getting to e-mail. No facebook for a long time! I have to teach my younger ones about the dangers first; identity theft, etc. Why people are so willing to share their entire lives online is beyond me. We are looked at as the "freaks" because we try to keep some form of anonymity online, but we are just cautious and know there are those out there who seek to do harm, if for no other reason than to discredit whatever good works are being done via our respective blogs. I'm hardly hiding, there are ways to contact. The use of Siri on iphone and probably the new Ipad are elementary steps to bridging the gap between people and AI. It's inevitable that AI become a part of our daily use. The consequences remain to be seen, but if getting a teen to stop back talking is hard imagine an autonomous non-person! a horrible lame not decent film, Maximum Overdrive-- remember that.

Anonymous said...


You know, I was watching one of the Terminator movies yesterday and was struck at the very beginning because it was done by...get this....Wonderland Productions. wink wink

Also, in that movie they put the date at 2018 when the machines became self-aware.

Those movies are always disturbing and I think possibly because they are against humans in a way. The Terminator movies are devoid of God. It will be the Holy Spirit was will enable us as Christians to avoid the assaults that will be coming on our senses, our minds.

Reaching4Truth said...


I've been keeping a very watchful eye on all of this, on all the new technological developments, especially the most popular ones, and most prevalent -- the ubiquitous cellphones (deliberate distractions, created, I believe, to take our eyes off of reality and to create an appetite for fantasy and entertainment -- altering our engagement with the world, the people around us, and God our Creator.)

It's been very disquieting, the trend away from reality and into a counterfeit reality -- on some levels SO appealing, SO seductive -- and a perfect medium for the conditioning of our minds and hearts to think in a manner completely at odds with God's design and plan for us. What's so weird is that, while we are conditioned to think that we've been granted tremendous freedom of choice, in actuality we are being overcome by lies -- and we don't see it; we don't see the darkness or the bondage that awaits us behind the abundant promises of "freedom", and life lived according to our own desires, our imagination. The overwhelming majority of people will never see they are being delivered over to controlling influences. Such is the weight of the deception they are under.

There is a WHOOOLE LOT of programming -- of human thinking, reasoning and feeling -- at work with these devices, and we must guard against it carefully. God's people, if not careful, can be dragged down into this mire, and suffer much. I don't think the majority of humanity has any idea the conditioning that is being carried out, deliberately and steadily, with each new successive generation of magical things designed to improve the human experience.

You know, only a heart and mind awakened by God to the wisdom and truth of the Scriptures is going to have what it needs to see through the endless barrage of devices created to catch our interest and capture our affection.

Bible Believer said...


Thanks, yes I remember life pre-Internet and cell phones. It was far different. In the 1990s, I even lived without a television for 5 years due to other circumstances. Sometimes wonder if that freed up my mind. Understand those who choose smart phones they are more convenient that is for sure, but I know for myself, I want to avoid the Internet and being "connected in" away from home. Twitter I've never gone to, not even sure how to do it, it seems to me people all talking pass each other. I try to update this blog at least once or twice a week, sometimes feel like the time passes by fast. LOL I agree with you about today's teens.

One thing I am noticing about young people is they have no intiative to act on their own, seems they "need instructions" to do everything. There seems to be far less independence. That is kind of worrying watching from afar. Is that an outcome of always being hooked in and never on their own to think? It definitely has made them primed for the one world order. I am also seeing more conformity in dress and actions, even in the 80s there was even multiple "sub-cultures" of dress and style, but not it seems they all dress alike, and none break out of the mold.

Glad you warned your children about the dangers. Agree about the anonymity thing. With discernment and blogs like this it is totally understandable to be more anonymous. People can contact me too, email, and comments, but one outcome of doing a blog like this is hate mail and now I am being sent a LOT of spam probably on purpose but the spam filter is catching most of it.

The AI part of things bugs me. I hate the computer programs that try to second guess what you are going to do, like when you are typing in a search term and it tries to offer the "options" and for me none of them are ever right and just slow down the process. This is a more overt thing but you wonder about the subtle things in how the programs may be "directing" you.

Ah I remember Maximum Overdrive, yeah that one said it all. If all these scientists dream of their machines as "more intelligent" then them, why aren't they thinking out where that leads? The machines control you then.

Bible Believer said...

Labby, watch out for science fiction movies, well I was convicted about another show I was watching. Recently had a nightmare from something seen on TV and then had the thought, I better be more careful about what I am watching and seeing. The Terminator movies are godless, anyone ever notice the horrible future most of them predict? Its all very depressing. One thing I noticed watching some old movies, and those aren't perfect either, but how happier everyone is, and how the future is seen as far brighter. Yeah Wonderland Productions, that says it all, if you have studied the REAL meaning of Alice in Wonderland....and how it is used.

Interesting they put the date at 2018 of when the machines become self aware. And that movie is what 20 years old?

To be frank, I loathe science fiction, they promote every satanic and other dark dystopian thing they can through the movies. They often push dark things of the occult. One science fiction obsessed relative even told they believed "god" was an alien and one thing you will notice about those extremely into science fiction it does affect them spiritually taking them into the New Age and occult. We know Star Wars did directly wanting people to worship 'the god of forces". Then you have all the alien stuff where they have pushed the UFO, alien stuff for decades and probably for their own uses. I was talking to a friend the other day when I told her aliens were demons, she did not like that.I told her about verses like this:

"Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon."
Acts 7:43, KJV

Then notice too how evolution and other luciferian ideals are promoted in science fiction, men wanting be as "gods", and the rest. A lot of the Nephilim websites are like sci-fi for the Christian set.

Because science fiction is basically luciferian, it is very anti-human. The humans are always protrayed as the ruination of the universe, where alien or android life is "superior", even within the Terminator movies.

I agree about the Holy Spirit warning Christians, of course we all need to listen. Even recently I have been convicted. There are many subtle influences out there in many different areas.

Bible Believer said...

Reaching4Truth, HI thanks for your post too...

I agree with the technology bieng a distraction. Think about this everyone, notice no technological advances have been made to our infrastructure, we are still living like it is the 1950s when it comes to food, transportation, our homes, except a few things look different what have we been given but a lot of screens to look at? I brought this up when the power had gone out again and said to some friends, why is our electronic/power system still at the level of the 1930s where one big wind leaves us sitting in the dark? It is something to think about. We always thought life would become easier from technological advance but it simply hasn't happened, there is even another book I read from the library called "The Great Stagnation" where that author even talks about this, how things have stagnated and outside of some bright shiny toys to distract us, life hasn't improved for the average person via technology.

Think about why are they WORKING on so many devices to distract us, and nothing to improve everyday life?

It is something I have pondered.

So you are on to something with that distraction thing. It's like they want to keep everyone busy just looking at the screens and not looking at reality.
One aspect of reality being even the collapsing America economy. I guess this is one reason why people can even "see" the closed stores, shops, decaying buildings, and still think the economy is "improving".

Bible Believer said...

I do not have a cell phone, but for those who do have a cell phone, realize those things can track you.

I believe a lot of the technology is being used too, to keep people's eyes off reality and into fantasy and entertainment as well. Definitely.
Remember most people online are not hanging out at websites like this or seeking after scripture truth, they are reading the mainstream websites, and the celebrity stuff, and shopping and more. They are trying now through new laws to end "free speech" online and I can see the days where it will be all controlled from the top. They want that, most definitely. Relationships between people have been altered. That much is true. I saw the differences between an out of the way, behind the times place and more modern place immediately. I can tell the differences between the generations, even between my own and those who are older.

One thing about Satan and his workers is they do want people living in a "counterfeit" reality, what a way to put things. Think about even things I have exposed on here, they have people living in an alternative reality even to follow these false preachers and buy into things like Dominionism and they are getting more crafty at influencing minds and hearts then ever before too.

Ah the "freedom of choice" thing is one of their biggest lies, they know how to to use even language itself to deceive. Why else was the promotion of abortion in society called CHOICE? That is one scary thing how they have brainwashed the populace to think it is more free when they are more enslaved then ever before. Something like NDAA couldn't have been passed 50 years ago where American freedom was basically thrown on the bonfire and burnt up, people still were thinking back then.

Even today to tell people, even in the deceived Christian world there are many controlling influences, they will think you mad, but we know it and we "see" what is going on.

You are right there is tons of programming going on, Delphi programming is just one example but it goes deep and is influencing many many areas today. If anyone is interested in this area, even google "predictive programming", be discerning where you go, but there is much that is on TV and I would say even in books and more where it is about influencing you for other ends!

Everything needs tested by God's Word, and only via the Holy Spirit can we see what is being done. I think more and more it will be very few who see even what is happening before it is too late.

Remember what the Bible warns about even regarding imagination.

Luk 1:51 He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

mijadedios said...

With cell phones you can choose to disable location, but they can track you anyway yes, even in regular cell phones (non smart phones) everything can be traced. You can google and find there has been technology around for years that can use a cell phone as a listening device as well as the camera and cameras on pc 's. That's all kinda old news. I utilize google heavily even though they track every move. I'm sure some little fusion center nerd is storing all my activities! Lol like I care. Life is short and time spent off line un the word is always more fruitful. We need to also be a witness, in todays world we can use many mediums to do so if we hold fast to Truth and not get sucked into distractions.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Mijadedios, I rememberthe articles about the phones being listening devices too. Well even here I have a google blog, I figure they are going to trace everything we do online and are downloading all of our emails too. So you are right they are going to do whatever they are going to do. Agree about getting the gospel out there.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you bringing this to the forefront. Let those who have ears listen and be wise. Too many Christians have become entangled in the web of deceit through devices that look innocent enough.

For instance, if one is not on FaceBook one is basically out of the loop as less and less people check their regular e-mail. Churches and businesses and ministries are all on FB and/or Twitter. Don't people realize they are turning into sheeple?

The only way one can totally avoid all of this is to live in a lead mine or a monastery and that is not what the Bible tells us to do. We are to be salt and light. But both the salt and the light in the Church are being watered down and the light has become dim. The Church looks more and more like the world.

I have a "stupid phone" and carry it mainly for emergency purposes. If I am away from my computer, I am truly away. I don't do FB or Twitter and somehow I manage to stay informed. Too many people have lost the art of meaningful communication and genuine relationships instead of having a "friend" on FB.

It is pretty sad when a secular person "gets it" and Christians are clueless. But that is the reality.

Thanks again for addressing this.