Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Variety of Links #11

New website linking to information on The Duggars [links are not endorsements]:
The Duggar Cult

I watched the last show, to see what was the latest with the Duggars, while I felt some of the emotions were real especially those of the children, the miscarriage of Jubliee Shalom definitely was turned into a massive PR stunt. As Michelle Duggar cried, while I didn't doubt some degree of pain, I found myself questioning her sincerity, which may be fair or unfair, but I wondered where those tears were, when Jason had a severe fall that almost cost him his life?  Even the odd mention of taking days off to write was strange too, who took care of all the babies and children she had right there, while she shut herself away in her room?

I felt bad for Jill Duggar, who had too much responsibility laid at her feet in being the one to listen to the baby's heartbeat with no real clinical training. One odd moment was Mr. Duggar hinting to Mrs. Duggar that now they would be only 'shaking hands", perhaps they have finally analyzed the wisdom of mutually agreed upon abstinence. I had hoped he would think of his wife's health for once.

There are many links including some from this blog, explaining their Gothard, Quiverful and ATI beliefs. There is another Quiverful family the Bates who have now gotten their own TV show. Why are our TV waves being filled with these families belonging to these strange Dominionism-connected religious groups, well definitely there is a reason for that, isn't there?

Rick Santorum's ties to Opus Dei

In January 2002, prominent Catholics from around the world gathered in Rome to celebrate the Spanish priest who founded one of the church’s most conservative and devout groups, Opus Dei.
The event drew cardinals, bishops and other powerful Vatican officials. And among those invited to speak was a future presidential candidate: Rick Santorum, whose faith had become so essential to his politics that on federal documents he listed the trip, paid for by an Opus Dei foundation, as part of his official duties as a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania.

In a speech at the gathering, Santorum embraced the ideas of Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva, who had urged ordinary Catholics to bring an almost priestly devotion to Catholic principles in every realm of life and work.

This is scary stuff, if you know anything about Opus Dei and it's status as a cult within a cult.Years ago on a message board, I talked about Opus Dei quite a lot, their connections in the halls of power and money are pretty extreme. One thinks about the rules they put their "numeraries" under including the use of self-damaging cilices [metal chains with sharp prods tied to their upper thighs] and you know this is an extreme cult. Two of our Supreme Court justices are said to be involved with them. Consider this, how many evangelicals are voting for this guy. Just keep in mind how Reconstructionism like other abominations have so many roots in Rome.  I haven't posted about Opus Dei in a while but remember it's founder was given sainthood a few years ago. They gave a billion dollars to the Vatican, they have many deep political and other involvements. This is not a presidential candidate that cares about freedom. Of course none of them do anymore.

Here is a video explaining more. I take the Young Turks with a grain of salt, but they detail a lot of the facts here, notice how Santorum attends an Opus Dei church and praises the founder of Opus Dei. Santorum sends his two sons to an Opus Dei school.

Knights of Malta supports another Knights of Malta:


Phoenix Preacher tells us there is no apostasy....
"I not only reject the silly blather about a “great apostasy” being upon us, I think we may be in a theological golden age that is reversing the overreactions of early twentieth century fundamentalism while giving us new insight into Jesus, the kingdom, and the Gospel. While we are beating the tar out of each other and building bunkers in the backyard, God is pouring out His grace and truth all over the place."

What world do these folks live in? I wonder if the trapezoid and name were chosen knowingly or unknowingly, but who knows? Also advancing the thought that these false preacher have got it right because there is too much "in-fighting" in the Christian world, just seems like more double-talk to me. "A theological golden age"? You've got to be kidding me. Well I have seen such a thing written on many false discernment websites, even if you see through Dominionism, doesn't mean the fallen away mega-church types who are more overtly instead of covertly ecumenical got it right either! Also does recognizing the fallen away church mean you have built a giant "bunker" in the backyard?


There has been controversy regarding Mark Driscoll, I have read a few of the articles about this matter but as I know only a little about the man or Mars Hill beyond the fact I consider it Emergent-lite, I have not touched the topic. It regards another pastor who has basically become a control-freak. It seems Driscoll had people signing contracts or the covenants, I have even warned about on this blog. This even included discipline contracts. Check that link out. Who do these guys think they are? More priests wanting fully detailed confessions? News4themasses, shares a link that talks about someone who left Mars Hill and described what went on:

An Insider Exposes Mars Hill UltraAuthoritarian Ruler

see too "Mars Hill Robotics – Training Kids the Martian Way"

Why does that Cartoon "Christian" rock band "The Rizers" have the same lightening rod as a logo like Harry Potter?

Dalai Lama gets this year's Templeton Prize. He joins such notables as Mother Teresa. Actually I was surprised he had not gotten one yet, being so respected and elevated by the global elite. 

Calvary Chapel pastor and church member arrested for reading the Bible in front of a DMV.  I don't know much about this particular pastor, obviously my trust of all things Calvary Chapel is on the low side. Sometimes I worry some of these things amounting to stunts to bring forth the expected crack-downs, remember the article I did called "Chuck Fromm, Chuck Smith Jr. and Their Persecuted "Bible Study"?

Anyhow arresting people for reading the Bible is a terrible thing. We already have had plenty of days where they have started arresting street preachers. However why would someone choose to go read the Bible at a DMV? Was that the best choice? Was he witnessing or just reading it aloud? I wish more would street preach so forgive me of being suspicious, of the above, but something seems strange about this event and it's hitting the news.

I wonder if Jack Chick, he is right about global warming being a sham and God being the final one in control, knows about weather modification and HAARP? 

I would like to put out a request to my readers, for some decent devotional and other GOOD Christian websites. The more independent, the better.  If you know of any good ones, please forward or put in the comments here. No links will be considered absolute 100% endorsements. 

Next week I plan to write articles on growing older as a Christian, and those who are dealing with different matters. I also will be exploring the Daughters of Rome more, and a more involved article on those who are outside of the church system.


Anonymous said...

"Phoenix Preacher" is a pointless read. It's a small clique of a few people that refuse to make any strong stands on anything. They can't accept people that see Revelation-type conspiracies, because it would offend most of their clique members. They use personal insults and ridicule to push anyone away that isn't in step with them.

I am a Calvary Chapel guy, but not blindly.

You were asking for good site suggestions, I do personally like these:

Just a couple to check out, if you like.

Bible Believer said...

I sometimes skim there, to see some of the trends of the "modern church" me it is not because I "like" the place, my visits are rare. There are different factions of internet I visit to see the "latest". They are fully ecumenical etc. He praised the Justice Festival the week I exposed it, saw that after I wrote about it. They like many of the spiritually blind dismiss all conspiracies or what is going on you got that right. I am glad you are not blindly attending a Calvary Chapel, what do you think of the articles I have posted about them? Thanks I will check your links out. :)

Matt TwoFour said...

Hey Bible Believer--

I finally responded to you over at my blog. Your blog continues to be a treasure trove of many of the latest outrages in conservative Evangelicalism. I can't even keep up with all the little nuggets of info you have. Just this latest article alone....

God bless you.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Matt, hey I'll stop over there and check it out....Biblebeliever

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about the Calvary Chapel articles you have posted, as a Calvary Chapel person, I see that some of what you're posting, is true. I also see that there are very few church systems out there that simply go through the Bible. That is one reason why I stay in Calvary Chapel. And there is variation from pastor to pastor. Some are faithful to avoid the compromises. Some are not. The same is seen in most church systems. It's still an individual thing.

Anonymous said...

In regards to MattTwoFour's comments:

The first blog mentioned looks solid, but the 2nd one not so much. Very subtle in it's error, but I would not trust it.

Then Anonymous on Calvary Chapel, you are correct in that there are still somne faithful CC pastors. However, when the leader of a group denies the gospel as Chuck Smith did, if I was a pastor I could not continue to be a part of that organization.

One does not have to be a part of CC to teach the Word expositorily! Sure, other groups have their faults, but when it is the leader who is held in high esteem, that is a different matter. Then it is time to come out and be separate and not partake of their sins. If one chooses an organization and a "brand name" over truth, that has the earmarks of a cult. Good pastors need to get out for the sake of their flocks.

Calvary Chapel, due to various developmnents and a series of missteps has gotten a bad reputation. There are serious issues that can't be remedied by staying. In fact, if there was a mass exodus by those with concerns, there might be something done differently, but since that is not happening, things will continue to get worse and more and more people will get hurt. Anonymous # 2.

Anonymous said...

Also regarding the info about the various people vying to be the Republican candidate, we have to coemn to terms with the fact that we are not going to have a true believer as President. Every one of themn will have their dark side. It has been that way from the earliest days of our country.

My personal belief is that as a Christian it is my duty to study the candidates and vote my conscience as to who would be the best person to be in charge from the aspect of allowing us freedom to share the Gospel. The choices mlay not be ideal, but we are not in heaven as yet. Some eschew voting for the "lesser of evils". The world is an evil place and we need to seek the Lord as to who would be the best person considering the freedom of believers and to create the best environment for our children.

So I think not voting is an automatic vote for the worst candidate. Believers don't agree on this. We we CAN agree to follow the Lord's leading in this matter.
Anonymous #2

Bible Believer said...

I do not expect every Christian out there to be new world order aware. There are saved people who are "not" but hopefully with time they are open to God's truth and will listen to what God wants them to know. In my case when it comes to voting I am responsible for what I know. I know that both parties are tied to extremely wicked agendas, there is no "lesser evil" they are both tied in with the Catholic church, the Knights of Malta, the masonic orders, the central bankers and globalists and that is who they work for. There really is no difference between Obama and the Republican candidates except a few outward appearances and flavor of the day stuff. Obama will throw the homosexuals a few social agenda bones, and the Republicans will talk about "prolife" til they turn blue [but not really do anything about it] as they have for decades using it for the culture wars. For me the case that there is even a "lesser evil" among the Illumantists,and papal servants just seems absurd. I know people act according to what they know. But for myself, I am responsible for what I have been shown and that means voting for none of them.

Bible Believer said...

"Then Anonymous on Calvary Chapel, you are correct in that there are still somne faithful CC pastors. However, when the leader of a group denies the gospel as Chuck Smith did, if I was a pastor I could not continue to be a part of that organization."

I do not know who these faithful CC pastors are? It seems some of them would be speaking out. Maybe there could be a few who just have not checked into things, I am not saying it is an impossiblity, but even considered Chuck Smith's blatant ecumenical statements that would be enough for them to get them and their churches out of there!

It seems for the discerning Christian the connections to Rome should be enough for anyone to flee. Maybe anon #1 is considering it...I hope they are at least praying about it.

Bible Believer said...

Oh to the person regarding voting, I do consider that a personal choice between a person and God. I will warn of things I know here. I do understand some do make other choices. There are some saved people in voting booths, but here too my hope is to warn them of how the world system is deceptive how the political system especially has focused on Christians and leading them down wrong roads.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the voting issue, the Bible instructs us to pray for our leaders - if they are evil beyond hope, why bother? Surely one can see there is some difference between a candidate who would at least refrain from issuing executive orders to take away our freedom and promote immorality than one who takes a different stand and at least does not promote immoral behavior? Every person is different and there are differences in people running for office. Sure, it is all a game to them with one common goal, but the path each one chooses to get there can be dramatically different and be more beneficial for buying us some more time to have more freedom. There has never been a true Christian candidate, and if you look into each one they are all tied to evil causes. That is all I am trying to say. Not saying Christians should get all involved in politics, but we are to be in the world but not of it. And we are to be responsible citizens of this earth until we are called home.

Each person must respect other believers to follow how they believe God is leading them, whether to vote or not to vote. Thanks for making that clear in your statement. Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

Regarding CC pastors, surely you know that God always has His remnant and CC is no different. Not every pastor is fully informed about discernment issues and they are often the last to hear about the fallacies of their leadership. They have all they can do to deal with their flocks and unless someone brings this to their attention, they are unaware.

Once they DO become aware, then they have a responsiblity to do the right thing no matter who it offends. Some may be planning to make the move but due to Chuck Smith's illness they may be holding off. Not an excuse, because if they would proceed to come out, they might be doing him a favor and he might repent before He leaves this earth. It always drives me crazy with all the pussy-footing that goes on, not wanting to offend someone - doesn't anyone care that it is more important NOT to offend God? Anonymous # 2

coz said...

This is a pretty good explanation of NWO arising out of Alice Bailey's (theosophy, Blavatsky's successor) 'channelled' writings, has a lot about Crowley too. Know thine enemy.
Long but not a rehash of the same old stuff, to me, anyway.

coz said...

oops, faulty link, try this one, it works

news4themasses said...

Hey G4, I looked into the story about the "Pastor" arrested and did a follow up on my blog. Interesting twists and turns. The flock be warned, not everything you see is real. I'm sure I'll get some heat for suggesting that those men who were arrested set it up themselves and they're not truly persecuted of their religious freedoms but you have to test these things people. The body still refuses to believe not all who say they are "Christian" are truly believers. I pray this Resurrection Sunday we take time to consider the 'true Shepherd' who took to the cross for us and was truly persecuted for being sinless!

coz said...

This is an hour long radio i/v, about their (the satanic elite) strategies and how it was all done, but from an institutions and philosophies perspective. I liked it.

Anonymous said...


Hey BB, how are you? Here are some blogs I like to frequent. I'm betting you've seen them all : )

coz said...

That last link, it's the 4th video down the list, 'Gnostic Luciferianism'. Not sure why the link is bringing up those other vids.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Labby, I've been to three of those websites, I'll have to check the others out thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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