Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Variety of Links #10

From News4themasses: "Con’s, Spies, and a Misguided Compass:The complicated world of Discernment & False Information"

Even I once asked on a message board once why is the non-Christian Avi Lipkin being invited to speak at so many Calvary Chapel churches?

Well that was about fooling people into buying the false Christian Zionism teachings and other political agendas.

Keep up the good work news4themasses. I am glad you are exposing these things. Compass International is one group that slipped by my radar even.

More on Chuck Missler and Avi Lipkin HERE [not an endorsement of website-posting for information]. I found the information that this non-Christian who has been invited to over 1,000 churches to speak on spiritual and other matters to be quite telling. The blogger is right about the Freemasonic agenda behind the one world religion joining false Christians and non-Christians. Always keep in mind the Freemasons work under papal control, some knowingly on the higher levels and many not on the lower levels.

"Biographer: Jerry Falwell Worked With Catholics, Mormons; Friends With Liberals, Porn King"

"WASHINGTON – Michael Sean Winters, a biographer of the late Jerry Falwell, said that the controversial preacher and Christian Right leader helped remove the stigma conservative Protestants had working alongside Roman Catholics and Mormons for common political goals.

Winters, author of God's Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right, was a guest speaker at an event Monday that carried the same title as his book. The event was sponsored by the Center for American Progress and the People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF).
"He dispensed with this idea that you could not be yoked with nonbelievers or non-fundamentalists," said Winters to The Christian Post.

"[Falwell] was very proud of the fact that even in the early years of the Moral Majority it was 30 percent conservative Roman Catholic."

Jerry Falwell deceived many via the culture wars and in bringing in many deceptions of the so called Religious Right. Above Falwell picture from here [not an endorsement of that website, but lots of information there is accurate about certain handshakes]

Vatican Makes Money-Laundering List of the US State Department


 The Vatican Bank, founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII, has been in the spotlight since September 2010 when Italian investigators froze 23 million euros ($33 million) in funds in Italian banks after opening an investigation into possible money-laundering"

If you have studied anything about the Vatican bank and their corruption that should come as no surprise.

Keep this in mind too:

"Colorado to Discuss Retinal Scans, Fingerprinting to Secure Prescription Drugs"

Calvary Chapel Abuse Moves to Blog on Christian Post

That's a strange choice of a venue, why choose an outfit that is endless propaganda for the fallen away evangelical churches? Yeah I know I am on "Google"  but none of my content so far is directed here.

Reaching4truth commented on this,
Hoh… Alex! — The Christian Post?? Really?
Can we take a moment here and consider the wisdom of exchanging one spiritually compromised association for another of equal or greater compromise, and multi-faceted at that? Has the opportunity to write for the Christian Post obscured your ability to see it for the spiritually compromised and conflicted medium that it is? While a particular post may expose some things that need exposing, another, in the same issue, can be found embracing and promoting errors of another kind.

I agree, it seems strange to me that he is taking things to the mainstream evangelical world. Trust me Christian Post wouldn't allow any of my writing to stay up too long over there. LOL I never would have anything to do with them. Why does he expect answers from a Christian news website" headed by Christian leaders from the BGEA and the Cove and Southern Baptist notables which advances Rick Warren at every turn? It makes no sense. Do so many have to hook up with the bad guys? Linking to a news story for comment from a place like that is different then writing a blog on there.  I know some people have worked to tell him the spiritual truths about Calvary Chapel on there and others who have prayed for him. Well keep praying. Doesn't he realize Calvary Chapel works with the BGEA?

I don't agree with this blog on some things but interesting article: "The Nones: Are the Faithful Fleeing the Churches?" I do not agree with their nomenclature of the "Almost church", born again Christians are "the church" not the buildings and organizations. Those who are Faithful would be fleeing as they are following God's command in Revelation 18.

I am reading about Africa now, saw this article, it's written by a green party member so do not agree with everything, but some odd puzzle pieces. I am new to some of this information.

"Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony. The Hidden Agenda is to Invade Africa"

Did you know the US has an African Command? Guess I learn something new everyday.

Alex Jones weighs in...[take him, of course, with a grain of salt]

Will there be more "integrating the gap nations" in Africa? Of course the drumbeats for war continue in Iran, keep praying.

I am planning do a blog article, this one is longer one, on Militarism, Authoritarianism and Dominionism, in it I am exploring the new love for war in so called "Christian" circles and how so many are influenced by this, of course it goes beyond the international scope to the daily life scope where Christians start thinking their job is to fight the "liberals" etc, instead of preaching the gospel.
So look for that soon.

I found this website, called JOYFULLY FRUGAL

There is a lot of good advice here. In day to day life, we want to remain informed and watching, and praying, there are many needs out there to be met and people to reach out too:

May it be a small challenge to all of us frugal wannabe's- frugal for what ever reason- that we remain thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed upon us and actively seek to be a blessing to others through our frugality.

Here's a few ideas of how to be a blessing to others at little or no cost:

1. Visit a nursing home. One might be able to take the time to read the Bible and/or pray with one of the people there or maybe just a simple visit will do. Many in the nursing homes have no company.

2. Actively pray for people and when you do drop them postcard telling them so. According to the USPS website the cost for mailing a postcard first class is 29 cents. You may decide to simply email them instead which can be done at a library for no cost.

3. Offer to help clean your church. Express to them that your looking for a way to be a blessing and would like to assist in helping out at your church.

4. Volunteer at a local hospital.

5. Invite a neighbor over for dinner. One is going to eat dinner anyway and the cost of adding 1 or 2 more people at the dinner table isn't very much. Remember it doesn't have to be fancy, a friendly and hospitable attitude speaks many more volumes than what does the food.

6. Find someone else that has needs and try to help them out.

Many a stressful times have become depressing and caused a multitudes of health crisis's due to focusing too much on ones own problems and not noticing that others also have problems, some of them being so much worse than our own. Likewise some beautiful friendships have also been formed during times of famine just due to others being empathetic toward others circumstances.

Remember the Swedish proverb "A sorrow shared is a half a sorrow."
I have been convicted to pay attention to some needs around me and in the community as much as God leads. One thing out there is many lonely people out there and ones in need of God too. So pray for God to show you any needs there may be that He wants you to meet.

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.


Anonymous said...

I believe the Ephesians 5:11 Blog did a pretty good job of capturing Avi Lipkin denying Christ and Chuck Missler's betrayal to the bride of Christ.

There is a video clip in the very beginning that shows Avi Lipkin denying Christ and there is another clip where he is telling a Christian audience of a coming Christian revival.

Bible Believer said...

I saw that too, what is a non-believer who rejects Jesus Christ going to know about revival? Anyhow the revival talk when the churches are falling away, is just another delusion.

Kayfabe said...

I have tried to warn Alex before but he doesn't see the forest from the trees. He is trying to reform what he admits is a personality of cult abusive church in Calvary Chapel. Instead of withdrawing as we are told in the book of Timothy he is trying to fight them. Alex should just warn others but come out of the false Institutional Church system.

Kayfabe said...

I have warned Alex before but he doesn't see the forest from the trees. He is trying to reform what he admits is a corrupt personality of cult abusive church. He needs to withdraw as we are told to do so in the book of Timothy. He should warn others but also give up on the False Institutional Church System that has fleeced and abused the sheep. His very sould depends uopn the direction he chooses to go with this. Even if Calvary institutes some refomrs it will only serve to dull Alex's senses into thinking that they are okay when in fact Calvary is in major apostasy. Also, if Chuck Smith was a true shepard and not a wolf he would have righted the ship along time ago when these issues came to him. Anything done know is just in the name of PR and not from the heart.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Kayfabe, I have seen others warn him before. It is pretty sad. I mean if you find out you can't trust Calvary Chapel why trust the BGEA, COVE, world evangelical crowd either? Is he friends with or a supporter of Phoenix Preacher? I've seen his case mentioned a few times on that website. That definitely is a LOVE the INSTITUTIONAL church website.

I think he is doing the "throw the pearls before swine" stuff which the Bible warns against. Begging for recourse from Calvary Chapel higher-ups is a definite waste of time. I feel bad for what has happened to him but will keep praying. Once he can come to understand, the true nature of the world church today, hopefully with the Holy Spirit showing him, he would realize to get away from those people not to continue to "fight them". It just seems strange to me that he sees Christian Post as neutral "newspaper media" with all those SBC and other religious bigwhigs running that show.

Well God will have to show him the big picture here. I have seen people on his blog, try and warn him for a long time, even telling him of the apostasy that is in Calvary Chapel in general. He may be too close to see the forest for the trees yet, but hopefully will one day--Praying. Even being victimized by a church, I saw online Catholic sexual abuse victims who made excuses for Rome and who were in a way unable to totally detach themselves, they'd leave the immediate church of the abusive priest or hiding the crime bishop but would remain defending Rome. Christians who used to go over to "SNAP" and write anything about the gospel or about the role Rome serves got banned.

One thing, I'll remind people of, the Christians who see the entire church system for what it is are few and far between. Even as I browse through the blogworld, there are some blogs like my own and Christians getting warnings out out there but most are still stuck in making lateral moves not realizing they all work together behind the scenes. I see most as almost worshiping the institutional church, they are unable to separate God and it, in their minds. For many people that is a spiritual breakthrough when they realize salvation is having a relationship with God, you do not need priests, ministers, pastors and buildings to make it happen. They even define their entire religious and spiritual lives by the institutional religious world. I think those of us who break free of this may be far and few between.

Kayfabe said...

It seems like he is friends with Michael Newnahm to some extent but it gets strained when Alex keeps posting about Calvary. The people on their get their fill of Alex and then he will be banned temporarily. He has had some facebook wars with a couple posters on their and has outed a couple of them including one CC Pastor. Yeah, me and my friends finally saw the light last year in regards to the institutional churches and we are now out of that corrupt fallen false system with it's pretenses and such. There are only three of us not including my children. Your right we are very few and far between. It gets lonely sometimes and I think I am on an Island. God has blessed me with the fellowship of the brethren I do have and there a few brothers from the institution that are coming around so our number may be added. I don't pull any punches with my brothers from the institution as time is short and they need to know the truth.

mijadedios said...

Thanks for linking to me. I'm working on a post further exiting "Compass." There is a window if anyone would like to share, you can contact via comment at my Blog / youtube/ twitter with any enlightening info.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you are working on a new post dealing with Compass. I may do one on Kirk Cameron soon. The reason being I found myself even being taken with him a few years ago, and remember even thinking well he did Left Behind, but he got saved out of Hollywood! This when I was a new Christian. I am working on an article dealing with the Love of war and authoritarianism in Dominionist circles. It's taking a bit of time.