Friday, March 2, 2012

Independent Baptists and NWO Politicians: IFB supporters of Santorum

I got this from Stuff Fundies Like:

The people posting this are correct that there is hypocrisy there.

Santorum was speaking at Crown College.

Crown College refers to itself thusly: "A distinctively Baptist Bible college in Powell-Knoxville, Tennessee."

Now remember this isn't Yale, etc, they claim they are a fundamentalist college...

"The Crown College, also called Crown College of the Bible,[2] is an Independent Baptist bible college, seminary, and music conservatory in Powell, Tennessee. The college offers the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree, with concentrations in pastoral ministry, youth ministry, missions, music ministry and Christian education. The Crown Seminary offers the M.C.E., M.S.M., M.Min., M.Div., and D.Min. degrees.[3] The college also has auxiliary campuses in Evesham, England, and Fort Worth, Texas.[4]"

I noticed years ago, how many independent baptist churches and schools opened the doors for the new world order politicians. Anyone remember Bob Jones University and George W. Bush?

It is a serious problem and makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes there too.

I have realized over the years, many in the IFB movement are deceived by the right and Dominionism.

What does it say when 50 IFB preachers support Knights of Malta Santorum? Can that all be laid at the feet of ignorance or something else? Santorum does not keep his Catholicism a secret, not at all.  One thing I believe the fundamentalist churches are infiltrated to the max too, especially at the higher levels. Even a local one, I walked out of, knowing within 15 minutes the possibilities of the guy being a government shill or knowing deceiver was very high.

My comment:
It is possible for laymen to be unaware that Rick Santorum is a knight of the Papacy in Rome. It is only two weeks since he entered the Presidential race.
But Pastors on the US, must have been aware about this Roman Catholic congressman.
That is why it is rather shocking that 50 “Independent Baptist pastors” in Iowa, endorsed Rick Santorum. Their only demand, was that Santorum must make their own daughter, Michelle Bachmann [sic]his nominee for Vice President.
This is recoded by a local news wire:
Burlington, IA (MMD Newswire) January 2, 2012 — Hours from the onset of the year 2012 and the January 3 Iowa Caucuses, the nation’s first GOP Presidential voting, the Rev. Brad Cranston, a Michelle Bachmann endorser who leads about 50 Independent Baptist pastors and churches in Iowa, offered to shift his endorsement to her rival Rick Santorum if he’ll make a “full-disclosure, total-transparency, Vice Presidential choice, and if that choice is Michele Bachmann.”[/quote]

I had to protest in my last IFB when the pastor endorsed George W.Bush and basically told us to vote for him and thankfully was apologized to. There were a few others in the church who agreed with me. But over the years, watching this stuff, the majority in the churches even fundamentalist ones have united with deceptive politics. Today God has shown me more, while I know there are a few good churches out there still, there is much to be concerned about even with fundamentalist churches. I have to admit the me of today could not abide by the Pre-Trib deceptions, automatic embracing of the religious right, and Dominionism in many IFB churches anymore.

The Southern Baptists already openly support the NWO preachers every chance they get and Santorum is on that list too. He has already spoken at their churches as well.

I guess with these folks POLITICS trumps everything else, Santorum doesn't keep his views secret regarding Protestantism while they are deceived by the culture wars:

He also doesn't keep his views about separation of church and state secret either.

They ignore the fact the church he supports is the Roman Catholic church.

Check out what Santorum says here: [Ignore the Fox news rhetoric]

"Rick Santorum's Opus Dei Vision for America"


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't get it. We have never had a true Christian president that I know of. We live in a pluralist society and the head of the country has to respect all religions and garner the votes of all the peoples. Some have seemed to be Christians or purported to be, but in the final analysis were they really?

As believers it is my contention that we should vote for the person whom we believe will give us the best opportunity to live in a free society where we can have the freedom to share the Gospel and speak our minds. It may or may not be a Christian. They will all have their flaws and false alliances of some type.

We can't depend upon the President or the government for our needs, they are corrupt. We mus depend upon God Who is our Defender and Protector and ask for His wisdom as to how we should cast our vote. Some say don't vote. That is a personal conviction and choice. But everyone has to make that decision between them and God. Some will not vote for a Mormon. I struggle with that also, but then have to consider the alternative. None of them will solve the ills - it would only buy us more time to do God's work.

God is still on the throne and His plan is unfolding just the way He wants it. We can't lose sight of that. Our focus needs to be on living for Him, listening to HIS voice and obeying His Word. He will guide us, but too many Christians are listening to the wrong voices and are content to have their ears tickled and then they live in fear of what is coming to pass. We can see the train coming down the tracks, bearing down on us. But we need not fear.

Bible Believer said...

Which of the candidates now support a "free society"? To me that answer is NONE of them. I know what you mean, that for most of our history people were voting for non-Christians hoping for the best, but there is a point where evil has grown so much, that compromising to vote for what one perceives as the "lesser evil" just seems sinful when all these men are working to bring in the globalist nwo and future kingdom of the antichrist. As for depending on God, what has the religious right done, but told people to depend on govt, politics and more even for Christian goals and needs? It's all been a lie. If someone does decide to vote or not that can be between them or God. Listening to God's voice, tells me personally NOT to vote for NWO luciferians. Do you want to be someone who helped one into office?