Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Hotter Year on Purpose?

Why was there basically no winter this year in most of the US?

Why are they back to using the term "global warming" instead of "climate change"? Have you noticed they flip-flop? When blizzards are blowing, well using something like "global warming" is silly.

The skies have been full of chemtrails galore, far more then I have ever seen. I've seen even tons of Xs in the sky. I did try to photograph one but many others have already done so as they expose chemtrails. If you have never heard of chemtrails study up on their use and their link to weather modification.

Did you all know there is a big UN conference being set up for sustainable development this year? Well global warming/aka "climate change" is a big part of that.

"The Rio+20 conference, to be held from 20 to 22 June in Brazil, is expected to lay the foundation for a set of global sustainable development goals to complement and strengthen the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the anti-poverty and social development targets that have an achievement deadline of 2015."

Looks like they are focusing on the climate a lot. This is from Forbes:

Is it warmer then crazy this year, due to chance, is it coincidence or are they influencing the weather for their own purposes? Just some things I am pondering.

They know memories are short, that people will forget the blizzards of the two winters before, and remember the winter that wasn't to buy all their global warming lies.

Remember they focus a lot on "emissions" and seeking to CONTROL those to stop "global warming"

From a G20 United Nations document: [google the title to see it "Keeping Track of Our Changing Environment" From Rio to Rio+20 [1992-2012]"

Something to think about as I ponder the winter that wasn't.

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Anonymous said...

Symbol Alert in Chemtrails -
a mark revealing those who are controlling these works.

Ok, so this is posting a reply really late.

But today I was just watching a recent Youtube video regarding chemtrails, including photos of them, and one contains a remarkable symbol.

Must see at minute 1:41


How unreal is this world system anyway? Sincerely, Aka Alert