Friday, March 2, 2012

The Deceivers Contradict Their Own Words

Sharing this one for information. [not an endorsement]

Chuck Missler’s Own Words and Actions Reveal His Own Apostasy

"This article has audio clip of Chuck Missler speaking out and warning the audience of Dominionism in 1987 and Ecumenism in 1996 with a transcript of each message. Both audios are very short and are taken from much larger messages. What's important is that this reveals how Chuck Missler said the right things in 1987 & 1996 but did the complete opposite in his actions. Go through this article very carefully as I provide the documentation and evidence to show how Satan did this through Tim LaHaye, The Council for National Policy and Chuck Missler."

Sure all these guys warn about the things they are actually a part of behind the scenes:

Watch video here and this one too:

Notice in this one how he seems to imply the "new world order" is all from the left?

Why warn about something one is part of, but that is WHAT THEY DO....

How many of those swimming with Rome or the one world religion have warned of Rome or the "one world religion"?

When I figured out that Calvary Chapel had a bunch of Bible conferences warning of the "one world religion" while being part of the Lausanne/Catholic/Jesuit scene, that told me everything I wanted to know. This is a piece of the puzzle people need to get. These people LIE. That is why the internet is full of so many 'discernment' ministries and religious websites, that come out as telling you, "we are here to help", and they really are there to lead you down a bad path or give you disinformation. Even thinking about the latest stuff I found out about Vigilante Citizen, was disturbing. The cover-up helps them take you where they want you.

See Also: "Videos Exposing Chuck Missler's Deep New World Order Involvements"

Satan's workers lie. It is an inherent part of what they do.

1Ti 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

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Bible Believer said...

New postings about Missler and Deception.

Mijadedios, when I saw that picture, of Missler sitting in the chair pretending to be Morpheus on your website, that creeped me out. Was that one of his or a photoshop?
As I tell people-- both the red and blue pill are POISONOUS.

More from Ephesians 5:11 and check out the videos...