Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Awakening 2012 Conference

It's odd how many of these conferences there are that combine the big whigs in the political and religious world to offer more religious deception. This one has got a lot of big names coming together. There is the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu again, though he will talk by video feed. There are at least three presidential candidates some currently running. Other invitees not seen on the picture including Jim Bob Duggar.

More than 60 national religious and political speakers bring their insight and excitement to this event. It will be an in-depth Prayer and Patriotism event where people are united by love for our country’s freedom and our faith in Christ.

Check out this year's schedule and pick the breakout sessions that fascinate you, with topics from Israel to immigration, from our families to our nation’s future, from human trafficking to the ticking clock of our national debt. We welcome all ages, denominations, and ethnicities to unite around Christian and conservative values.
We hope to educate, motivate, and activate you to make a difference in your community in 2012. As our nation’s honor is deteriorating, now is the time to take a stand and restore our country’s strength and dignity!

This one is sponsered by The Freedom Federation.

The Freedom Federation, a network of conservative faith-based organizations, will host its “Awakening 2012″ event in Orlando next year, featuring a long list of big conservative names as “invited speakers.”

Who are these Freedom Federation folks?

It looks like a conglomeration of right wing dominionist groups having come together.

"It is bringing together the different voices and different faces that all believe in the same core principles," she said. "We are on the same page. We do believe the same things, regardless of our sex or our ethnicity."
Among the groups represented are the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Family Association, Catholic Online, Family Research Council, High Impact Leadership Coalition, Strang Communications, Traditional Values Coalition, Teen Mania, and Vision America.

The AWAKENING is a very NEW AGE term.

 New Agers have spoken of the year 2012, being the one mankind will come into a new consciousness or AWAKENING.

Just something I thought about the name...

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