Monday, February 6, 2012

From Vigilant Citizen: The Satanic Superbowl Show:

Check out the Egyptian, Roman and Babylonian symbols at the Superbowl. Check out what Vigilante Citizen has to say about this show. Madonna goes all out to show her luciferian roots:

I was amazed by something else: the flurry of symbolism flashed to billions of worldwide viewers. While most saw Madonna’s performance as an entertaining interlude to the most important football game of the year, those with symbol-literacy will probably agree: Madonna’s halftime show was a big celebration of the Illuminati industry and of its Grand Priestess, Madonna.

A week before the Superbowl, Madonna described on Anderson Cooper the spiritual importance she attributed to her Half-Time show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

Of course this show included the mandatory, controversial rude gesture [photo altered by me]

Roman Soldiers, winged sun discs, and well it gets EVEN WORSE:

The one-eyed Horus Symbol right on the floor and at the end of one song, they flash the NWO mantra "WORLD PEACE".

This show was jam packed with Illuminati and MK ultra mind control symbols. Check out the article. They are doing things right in front of people's faces knowing the majority are fooled.

Madonna has shown who she works for from the start:

Never be deceived thinking these wicked folks are chosen just due to talent, they make them what they are.

And millions of Americans sat and watched this evil passively [the TV was not on in here.]  I looked up what they showed on purpose today and knew like usual the half time show would be full of symbols, the last few definitely were. The times are growing more evil and they are becoming more in the face not even trying to hide what they are.

It's almost like they are announcing who BABYLON is...

Who is "Madonna" named for but.....the Catholic "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" AKA ISHTAR?

Jer 51:41 How is Sheshach taken! and how is the praise of the whole earth surprised! how is Babylon become an astonishment among the nations!


mijadedios said...

I knew you would point to this! Although this is Vigilant Citizens article is I actually thought of you as I was watching it, wondering if you'd post on this flagrant NWO show. It was classic. My husband and I kind of chuckled at then end because she dropped down, he said "opp there she goes, down to hell!"I agreed. So she's the high priestess, her babies, Niki manaj and the other freak show were hers. Lmfao is sold out-- then C-lo green; he's so creepy, but nonetheless he's high up, his gold outfit had a "C" unlike Madonna's children who dawned her "M." It was ALL SO FLAGRANT! Next up Missler, Smith and the Pope photo op with Billy G.

Bible Believer said...

Actually, I never watched it on TV, but thought you know they always have symbols at these things [last years did with that blasphemy-named guy who is part of a group] and decided to check out pictures and if there were any articles, and knew as soon as I saw them. With Madonna she has done Illuminati rituals all over the place and knew she was the star. Yeah I noticed too at the end she went "down to hell". That says it all. That Nicki Manja person I do not know much about but see her mentioned constantly on websites that expose mind control. The "M" also has occult significance, but probably would take a very long time to explain but it is another marker and I saw the occult "M" logo. When I watched the videos, I noticed her age...she is having a harder time making some of her earlier moves. Vatican colors [black, red, white] for the band, sun symbols on the Like the Prayer bit, always assumed she was praying to Satan during this song. "I hear you call my name": "in the midnight hour I can hear your power" [that definitely denotes the devil. One thing I tell people read song lyrics sometimes if you want to know. They have a lot of stuff in them. She also sings and "Ill take you home" as she goes down to "hell".

Bible Believer said...

Notice some lines here. I'll put a star next to it and some of my comments.

Like A Prayer
Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. *[they want to tell people they are alone, aka without God]
I hear you call my name and it feels like
Home ***[Satan calling her name: most people probably assume this is her "lover"in the song]

When you call my name, it's like a little
Prayer. I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power ***[Satan's power is most at midnight in the occult]
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there

I hear your voice, it's like an angel sighing
I have no choice, I hear your voice, feels like flying
I close my eyes, oh God, I think I'm falling
out of the sky. ***[fallen angel] I close my eyes
Heaven help me.

When you call my name, it's like a little
Prayer. I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power
just like a prayer
You know I'll take you there.

Like a child, you whisper softly to me
You're In control just like a child, now I'm dancing. [***Madonna is definitely "controlled"]
It's like a dream, no end and no beginning.
You're here with me, it's like a dream
Let the choir sing.

When you call my name, it's like a little
Prayer. I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power
[. From: .]
just like a prayer
You know I'll take you there

(oooh ohhh ..ohhh)
Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.
I hear you call my name and it feels like home.

Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me , you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice,
Your voice can take me there.

Just like a prayer, I'll take you there.
It's Like a dream to me.

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.
I hear you call my name and it feels like home.

Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me , you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice,
Your voice can take me there
(Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there)

Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice, [***controlled, "no choice"]
Your voice can take me there.

I agree about the Missler, Smith photo-op with the Pope. Surprised there hasn't been one yet frankly. LOL
Even Crouch managed to shake hands with the Pope.

Bible Believer said...

I saw Fanatic for Jesus posted on this too just now:

Anonymous said...

One thing I'll throw in, because I did watch the show, is that Madonna really seemed to be happy during the performance, gleeful, almost ecstatic in her performance. I don't usually remember her looking quite so happy, although I've never been to a concert. I believe this was the pinnacle of her evil career. Probably grinning like the mad hatter because of the evil.

The very last part seemed very evil and dark to me, and she was at her most gleeful during that, when she was dressed in the long black robe or dress during the "church" service with the choir. She was down on her knees, giving it everything. Do you think that by doing the Mystery Babylon thing as goddess being brought in, and then by ending it with sort of a black mass, that she is showing it's the church (not the real one) that is at the top of evil? I didn't think of that.

Why is there always a part with two lesser women involved, just like with Brittany and Christina? Are they moving to a higher level or something?

Also the commercial with Elton John where he is in a fully Illuminatti room (black checkerboard floor) and a masquerade feeling, posing as a sort of queer queen or king, with a winner from the show, The Voice. Looks like she was just initiated?

(I just ordered 50 days in the church of rome, Chiniquy, and The Secret History of the Jesuits, Paris, from Jack Chick. Should be getting them any day.

Carlos said...

Like a prayer?

Isaiah 59:1-3 King James Version (KJV)

1 Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

3 For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.

Ecclesiastes 7:4-5 King James Version (KJV)

4 The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.

5 It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

mijadedios said...

When she did the 'Like a Prayer' song they were all in black robes with a small piece of white. I thought of the Jesuits. Her robe was ALL black and yes that song is not to the True God of heaven. The eye of Horus was probably the most Flagrant, but the whole act was steeped in obvious demonic symbolism from the very beginning. As a teen and younger adult I used to listen to Madonna for her beats, never really cared about her allegiance, but then again at the time I wasn't saved either so I didn't care about a lot. It's all so clear now. What struck me the most about the halftime show was how Blatant it all was. Truly Darkness is more bold and in your face. I've read through Vigilant Citizen's articles on Superstars and their homage to Illuminati power in their advertising and stuff. It's in every aspect of life really, look up Subway's symbols. Seriously you can't go anywhere or do anything without being involved in leaven. IMO, I don't expect a lot from the world, I know the lost sinful unsaved people of the world have nothing better to offer than evil, what ticks me off is the fact that Churches, Shepherds, and Christians willingly digest false doctrine in the church and sit idly by waiting for someone else to take it out. That's not what the scripture says, it says we are to "come out" and be separate (2 Cor.6:17) We can't change the World and it's lusts, it's fading away (1 John 2:16). All of this is going to come to an end--sooner rather than later I believe the way things are going. PS. The "M" now you have me wondering what that means because it's pretty flagrant in the movie "Monsters Inc." too! imagine that, Illuminati in kids movies, say it ain't so (sarcasm)

Bible Believer said...

Hi Labby,

I noticed Madonna seemed "happy" too though you could see her age in the dancing. You are right usually she is more serious. This probably was the pinnacle [as you say] of her satanic career if you think about it, a satanic ritual done in front of millions of people instead of only 10s of thousands at a concert. One thing too I thought of the militarism in it all, and the WORLD PEACE mantra, and believe those point to upcoming war. I noticed too during that last "Like A Prayer" choir part that she was gleeful and they were all dressed in black like Satanists. Yes I would say she knows a lot of the churches are involved in the evil, so why not use what appears to be a "classic church' choir and "southern gospel" sounding song with choir included.

The part with the two lesser women is the "three faces of the goddess"


They are usually YOUNGER if you will notice, and that is related to the three faces of the goddess being


And yes they have intiates that they move to higher levels in doing these rituals.

Brittany [Mk as wel] has definitely been one, such as when Madonna kissed her on the lips at a different show where Madonna was wearing black and her white.

Elton John definitely is part of the luciferian show. His music and rest is full of occult and satanic symbolism.

Yes read those books, they are interesting. Chiniquys have a lot of interesting information, I read those years ago.

Bible Believer said...


Good verses

Yes *LIKE* a prayer, means it is NOT a prayer.

Anyhow this would apply to Madonna too. [the first part]

John 9:31 Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.

So that song is merely LIKE a prayer, not one.

Bible Believer said...


I used to listen to some of her music and see her videos when unsaved. Her videos always were totally occultic and she has had public involvement in satanic kabbalah.

You were right the robes were chosen for that particular design. Just like Jesuits, the black and white and the black outfits for her and the other man that was singing.

The worse thing about this show, is that now this nation is honoring Satan directly in it's public forums.

There are also other disturbing symbols...used around this Super Bowl...

Look at this commercial that was aired during this fiasco...

Where they show what looks a landscape of a nuclear holocaust, and Chevy owners having survived it.

The frogs--as a plague, just looks like more mockery and blasphemy.

I myself am disturbed of WHAT PLANS are being shown, remember one thing with the Illumaniti/NWO they do love announcing their plans under symbols knowing the majority by far will not "see". This show told me that what is coming for America will not be good.

Luk 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Occult symbols are everywhere, we are living in a sea of them. I wish I had more time for this blog, as there are things I've studied and just have not had the time to write on but all I got to say here, is Stick to God's Word and know they unite together in the same occult love of Satan imagery all over the place. It is in kid's show [the one eyed monster in "MONSTERS" is just another way to present a one eyed horus symbol.] It is in every aspect of life now. Yes in restaurant logos and more. The churches are marked too, using much of the same symbols. I was planning an article even on Saturn symbols, but you all know sometimes I even get behind here, and so many of the churches are MARKED and their entertainment, "Christian" rock bands and more. Yes many disobey God and remain in false churches. {2 Cor 6:17}

The "M" stuff is quite complex, let me try and find a link and post it here later. Couldn't find the one I was thinking of.

Monsters Inc. is so marked it's not funny...

The lost unsaved people just do not know what these things mean or what is being done to them even. I still remember my days lost in the entertainment world not realizing it's poisons until I was born again and was shown by God what it was about.

Ephesians 2:2
King James Bible
Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

Bible Believer said...

Other links here.

I have not had time to check this link out, so posting for information on page shown....

"Madonna is dressed as a Pope and a Pharaoh, celebrating his egiptian party and ritual called Heb Sed. Note also that the Heb Sed festivals were celebrated on the first day of the month Tybi in the season Peret, more or less the first month of winter and lasted 10 days. And now is also winter in the Northern Hemisphere (USA) where is held the "Super Bowl". Another remarkable fact is that the festival and ritual of Heb Sed was held after 30 years of reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh. And Madonna began her "musical" career exactly 30 years ago [1982-2012]! Finally notice how the hieroglyph of the Egyptian/Papal festival and ritual of Heb Sed is composed of a BOWL (literally a super bowl) of alabaster called HEB (in the below of the gliph), and above this two frogs, frogs wich represent the unclean spirits or demons, the "grays", each one dominating the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom of Egypt.

Then Madonna takes a moment of his show (costing every second of the Super Bowl more than U$S80,000), to worship the Sun Disc, of the old goddess Wadjet, which is the god/goddess who created the rest of the egyptian gods, which was depicted as a snake and then took the form of a woman (very similar to record of Satan in the Bible). This was the egiptian entity that before any other god used the symbol of the All Seeing Eye. So, when Madonna gave honor to the Winged Sun Disc and the All Seeing Eye, she [sic] was worshipping Satan in front of thousands and millions of peoples!"

Bible Believer said...

Check out pictures here

In Spanish {I can read Spanish myself to a degree} but the pictures themselves are explanatory.

Bible Believer said...

Link above for information as well, not endorsement.

mijadedios said...

I goggled "x" in a circle, Madonna's M dipped down at the center and had an X in a circle this is related to "earth" god pagan symbol the sun disc god was mentioned too. Yeah she and her bosses were gleeful. This was the most watched superbowl too. Wonder what fruit it will bear. I didn't watch the whole game, only half time show and last 10night min of 4ththe quarter. I missed all the ads. The only one I wanted to see was the Ferris Bullet redux. I'll have to YouTube it. This stuff is everywhere. The satanic agenda is in full throttle. Me thinks something big is coming...

mijadedios said...

Oh hey! I'm reading "the Secret history of the Jesuits" too! I started it a while backhand found it again. Im rereading it.

Kayfabe said...

I just came to the conclusion that the NFL is part of the NWO. The constant love fest over the Military. The fly overs, the players visiting the soldiers and them using that as a vehicle to promote the thing. The constant praise on almost every NFL telecast for antything Military. It wasn't like this before or at least not this obvious. I really believe Roger Goddell is a puppet that is being used to further the Big Brother agenda. I went to the Chargers-Vikings game earlier this year and the security check was ridiculous. The Madonna show was very satanic. You could even see something off about her in her interview with Bob Costas during the pre game show. The NFL is all about stifling their players from freely expressing themselves and expect them to toe the Corporate line. The individualism that was once so great about footbal in terms of the personalities is just about gone. These guys are almost like robots now. Even Michael Strahan of Fox NFL pregame show and former Giant has taken up the cause of homosexual marriage, what a sell out!

LutherRocks said...

Thirteen minutes...'M' the thirteenth letter of the alphabet...

Carlos said...

He tells it like it is. He brings up a good point at the end, where the church he attended was closed on Sunday night for the Superbowl. This goes to show that there are lots of scattered sheep out there.

Anonymous said...

That "M" looks like the same occult Rune that Michael W. Smith uses. I hate looking that stuff up, sorry I don't have links but if you google or duckduckgo search it you will see exactly what I mean. (duckduckgo doesn't track your every click like google)

Bible Believer said...

Anon, yes that is the same type of rune and symbol...

I use ixquick too, since they don't record your searches.Thanks for suggesting another.

Kayfabe, I consider sports part of the NWO, they are definitely used as an 'opiate of the masses" to keep them programmed and another money-making venture. I wonder how many of the games are fixed in sports as whole, and if that is just another smokescreen as well. Modern day football is just like modern day gladiators except far less bloody.Yes the love fest for the military helps keep the war lust whipped up and football is one of the worse with that. You are right that has gotten worse in recent years and everything is about promoting the military. Why do they show those militaristic football players too who look like Robo-cop? It's to help the programming for the police state and far more. Yeah they are bringing the scanners and more for security, not just for air ports anymore. I haven't been to a national league sports even in almost 17 years, probably have no interest. The Madonna show was satanic, yeah she seemed euphoric and pleased as punch to do Satan's bidding. Agree with you about all the players blending together now, I remember when they did have more distinct personalities. The celebs always forward the agenda of the elites. You never see any who have "alternative politics" or points of view. Yes I agree about the use of "M" as the thirteen letter. There are aspects of "O" that are used as well but that deems more exploraton, OZ, Oprah, Obama....


Thanks for your video too. That is sad if a church closes for the superbowl, not everyone watches football and you have to wonder about those priorities. Yes there are a lot of us scattered sheep.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the point where she climbed on and became a WOMAN RIDING A BEAST?

I basically saw it as a message of what the Lucies have planned for us in 2012.
Madonna of course became the Whore of Babylon and worshiped the Beast when he came out; and note that in the end the continents went up in flames and out of that came the "thousand points of light" that formed PEACE.
In fact some Bible Prophecy buffs think that the horror of the EZ 37/38 Gog/Magog war is the setup for the world clamoring for the MAN OF PEACE, 3 1/2 years of

What do I believe?
I believe that this may be what the Lucies are getting from their boss, but their boss ain't THE Boss.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I saw that part. It is a way the luciferians can mock God's Word as well. Also one of the 'stars of this show, Nicki Minaj, also did her own later satanic ritual...

I have thought about the WAR part too, and believe the WORLD PEACE message could have been a warning of WORLD WAR instead [they do the opposites thing all the time]

Reading Ez 37/38, and even Jer 51, yes, there are certain things that could be set up.

We are at a time now, where they can basically do satanic things in front of millions.

Even with the Christian Post article, I posted it for info, they were probably more dismayed over the dishonoring of the Pope rather then understanding the satanism in front of them.

OH MY......

"Next, a movie style clip showed up on the screens, with a title "The Exorcism of Roman" appearing. Minaj appeared in the clip being possessed by a demon. In the last scene she flings herself to the corner of the ceiling and looks down at the Priest. When the Priest asks "What is your name?" she screams "Roman" in a distorted demonic voice."

You may wonder what I am thinking here...Ok...

according to Rome's Malachy prophecies, not that I give them creedence, but hey the Satanists love to dribble out their plans, the last Pope is supposed to be named PETER THE ROMAN...

and there she is with a "Pope"...

Interesting that demonic music star uses the name "ROMAN".