Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exposing Eric Phelps and Vatican Assassins

From Revolution Harry:

Eric Phelps And The 'Pleiades Sector Flight Command'

Remember when I wrote, do not trust those totally who even expose the Jesuits and Rome?

Well Eric Phelps may be an obscure name to some of my readers, maybe not to some of my others. I wanted to post this to serve as a warning to those who do know about him. I never trusted him, given the racism, and praise of the "fifth monarchy."

There is tons of disinformation out there. I have been on expose the Jesuit websites where they have promoted New Age health treatments, and worse. Remember too when I have reminded people "explore the networks"? Finding out that Eric Phelps was said to be introduced at a conference by Christianity-rejecter Jordan Maxwell was of high interest in this article. Even if you are interested in conspiracy would you go join up with the guy who considers Christianity a deception from the elites? It's interesting how his website is marked as well with the eclipse, yes that is an occult marker. Read on to read the parts about the New Age publisher behind Vatican Assassins. Check this out too.

Eric Phelps is the author of the book Vatican Assassins. It's a detailed and exhaustive account of the role of the Vatican, the Papacy and in particular the Jesuit Order, in world affairs. In essence, Phelps points the finger at Rome as being the apex of the 'New World Order' pyramid and the driving force behind it. The evidence he provides is largely very good although some of his assertions appear to be based on little evidence. It seems clear that the Vatican is, at the very least, an important player in the 'New World Order' if not the controlling force. The point of this post isn't to review his book, or the evidence he provides within it, but to to investigate its publishers and their connections to a new age magazine called 'Spectrum'.

Eric certainly portrays himself as what could only be described as a devout Christian. He was a regular commenter on a UK based forum called the Unhived Mind where his contributions were more often than not heavily laced with Biblical quotes and verses. He even goes as far to promote the idea of seceding from the United States and creating a white only Christian nation called 'ProBaptical'. His exposure of the Vatican and the Papacy is very much from his perspective as a Bible believing Protestant Christian. It's the disconnect between Phelps' ardent Christian beliefs and the nature of his book publishers and distributors we'll be looking at in the rest of this article.
This story really begins with a thread on the Unhived Mind forum that developed into a fairly heated debate regarding the relative merits of the King James AV1611 Bible and the earlier Geneva Bible. Another contributor to the forum, Soulinspiration, was of the opinion that King James was a puppet of papal forces and as such the AV1611 was inferior to the Geneva Bible of the early Protestant reformers. As appears fairly typical with anyone who falls foul of Eric Phelps, this caused him to accuse 'Soulinspiration' of being a Jesuit temporal coadjutor (someone who, although not wearing the Jesuit robe and collar, still works for the benefit of the order). It was a ridiculous claim that resulted in Soulinspiration replying in kind by asking some pertinent questions about the publishers of Eric's book and their links to the previously mentioned 'new age' magazine called Spectrum. Almost immediately, the whole thread was deleted and Soulinspiration banned. A great deal of the deleted thread can be found at this site. I responded to the deletion by asking why it had happened on another thread. This was also deleted. I tried again and was deleted a second time. This both puzzled and incensed me to the extent that I contacted Soulinspiration, who I knew to be Troy Space of Reality Research Resource. From then on I remained on Troy's email list and we stayed in contact.

Some time later I received an email from Troy that made some observations about Eric's involvement in 'Conspiracy Conference' (mentioned in earlier articles). He'd appeared at the second 'Conspiracy Con' in 2002 along with, amongst others, Anthony Hilder and Ted Gunderson, both of whom gave cause for concern in a previous post. It seems that 'special guest' Jordan Maxwell was there to 'introduce Eric Jon Phelps'. That would have been after Maxwell had appeared as a speaker the year before, at the first 'Con', alongside David Icke. Phelps had appeared at the eighth 'Conspiracy Con' as well.

With the Bible issue, I support the KJV, but who knows maybe that online argument was just for more confusion as well. One thing be careful of some of the high level conspiracy places where they may tell you some truths even immense truths about the Pope running the new world order show, but then bring in the disinformation.


Douglas A. Willinger said...

Phelps plays into the hands of the Jesuits with his racism:

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for that link.

I agree. The Jesuits have helped the divide and conquer plan in America. It is part of the plan to get the races to turn on each other. A LONG time ago, I even was studying the history of the Klu Klux Klan, talk about the meeting of Freemasonry married to Knights of Malta symbology.

The odd defenses of everything Protestant by him too was a wake-up call for me, like Protestant churches are not daughters of Rome NOW? or WERE?

Thanks for your link too.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to read how the Jesuits were involved in the assassination of President Lincoln, I've just read the book, 50 Years in the Church of Rome. It was very eye-opening, to say the least. Charles Chiniquy, who had been a priest, wrote this very compelling book and I couldn't put it down. Let's just say that it explained a lot of things for me, and the dots are coming together. He eventually became "apostate" and joined the Protestants, praise God!

I know you've read it BB, and I just can't believe what I'm reading about that abomination.

You know, some of the writings of that "church" remind me of the freemasons, where they are allowed to lie, kill, claim to be Protestant, etc, depending on the need and to advance their church. It's like how the Freemasons claim the right to lie for a brother, or deceive to preserve their fellow freemasons. It's disgusting, really. It's anything but Christianity taught the way Jesus showed us.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah I read that book too it was quite the eye-opener, I read the sequel about 10 years ago too where he talks about his time as a Christian. Yeah I could go with your Freemason theory. IN Catholicism they have a term for it. they call it "mental reservation".

Anonymous said...

Hey Douglas .. what racism?

Bible Believer said...

I've seen the racism for myself.

I used to read Eric Phelps posts [or someone saying that's who he was] on Trojan-ville [had to quit due to all the viruses and trojans] over on "The Hive Mind".

I have read the websites, that have some proper concerns about aspects of ghetto/"gangster" culture while I disagree with other things [not all African Americans are part of this culture] The "Knock-out" trend is racist, [mostly black on white]. Racism goes in ALL directions. I consider Oprah a racist [attack on clerk overseas and her recent BBC comments] and Jesse Jackson [race-baiter] one too but there has been racism that has been white/other races against black too.

The NWO does use race. I can see many controlled opposition types running with the use of race. Part of the planned NWO destruction of America is to turn the races against each other. Even the unfettered immigration, that no other nation participates in like we do is part of this...

Hating any group of people due to their ethnicity, is a total pathway to hell.

Acts 17:11

See this post too:

ruth rachel said...

Why does Eric Phelps dress like a catholic priest? He reminds me of an actor. All that insider info is inconsistent with his demeanor and countenance IMO. Just cointel.

James Jacob said...

Eric Jon Phelps exposed himself, when he attacked Constance Cumbey.

Bible Believer said...

Constance Cumbey is disinfo too. She promotes the Catholic church

Anonymous said...

Yep, "If anyone would like to read how the Jesuits were involved in the assassination of President Lincoln, I've just read the book, 50 Years in the Church of Rome. It was very eye-opening".

I read it in a book, so it must be factual.

Yep, "Charles Chiniquy, who had been a priest, wrote this very compelling book and I couldn't put it down. Let's just say that it explained a lot of things for me, and the dots are coming together."

Was once a priest, so he must know everything about the church. No bias of course.

Oh come on, has any of this stuff been critically reviewed or subject to academic standards of historical accuracy. No, I think not.