Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Variety of Links #5

Ed Young's Silly Bed-In

I wonder if one has to keep coming up with bigger and bigger stunts to keep a megachurch in business. This is very sad. Remember John Lennon had a bed-in, this is more of that degenerate focus on sex within these churches.

Archie Comics Support Homosexual "Marriage". I saw this comic last week while at the newsstand, my jaw dropped. So came home and looked it up. Yes they are indoctrinating the children for homosexuality.

Santorum Stated that Islam should be eradicated back in 2007. I believe Islam is a false religion but remember this means ISLAMIC PEOPLE. Remember what Jesus said to the apostles about those who would call down fire on unbelievers?
“What must we do to win [against Islam]? We must educate, engage, evangelize and eradicate.”

The Pope's crusades continue.

And that said. The War Drums are Beating for Iran like crazy.

Jesus warned us of rumors of wars in Matt 24, but things seem to be setting up in a very intense way in Iran.

"American, British, Israeli and Iranian Warships Sailing Towards Confrontation"

The U.S. and Israel are conducting their largest-ever joint warfare exercises near Iran. And see this.
England is sending its most advanced ship – the HMS Daring – to the region.
 Only days after finishing its last wargames in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran has announced another set of wargames in February.
 What Could Go Wrong?
 Looking behind the headlines:
 The people pushing for war against Iran are the same neocons who pushed for war against Iraq. See this and this. 
China and Russia have warned that attacking Iran could lead to World War III.
War against Iran was planned at least 20 years ago.

News4themasses article on Iran

Did John Piper Practice Lectio Divina on Stage with Beth Moore and Francis Chan at Passion 2012?

For those visiting the blog, please allow me to pose additional questions.

What did Beth Moore, Lecrae, and John Piper mean when they said, respectively:

“Let’s pause and be still, and ask Jesus to speak His word to us.”

“Reflect. Hear from the Lord.”

“Let’s be quiet and ask the Lord to speak.”

And what did Louie Giglio mean when he said,

“How many of you heard the voice of God speak specifically, clearly, directly, and personally, to you? …God spoke to you.”

Looks like it to me.

I participated in some Lectio Divina in the Catholic church, when you are told to have "God" speak to you instead of reading what God says in scripture that is where deception comes in.

See images here.

Whats with the weird lighted up and wall-papered hand in some of the pictures?

See here too.

India's Biometric ID for 1.2 Billion People. [I do not totally trust infowars, this is for information]

Recently, India has launched a nationwide program involving the allocation of a Unique Identification Number (UID) to every single one of its 1.2 billion residents. Each of the numbers will be tied to the biometric data of the recipient using three different forms of information – fingerprints, iris scans, and pictures of the face. All ten digits of the hand will be recorded, and both eyes will be scanned.

It's not just Americans the Antichrist will take control over.

Southern Baptist Leader Chosen to Head Council For National Policy
Up until recently Bob Reccord was the head of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is the convention's most popular agency, the one with the largest budget. He has retired from this post to take a higher office in the land. He is now according to Ethics Daily, the head of the Council on National Policy. According to many experts, this is the most powerful Religious Right organization in the nation.

Why Most Fundamentalist Baptist Churches Will Be Emerging in a Few Decades

This article has many good points but I wish David Cloud explored more of how this is being done with Dominionism as well but he is absolutely right when he writes:

What happened to evangelical churches in the 1950s is happening to fundamental Baptist churches today.

The fundamentalist churches have been infiltrated too. See this blog entry: Falsehoods and Falling Away in the Fundamentalist Churches.


Kayfabe said...

Hello Bible Believer,

The passing of SB48 here in Cali concerns me a lot as the schools will now be required to go out of their way to acknowledge the sexual prefrences of historic contributors. I thank God two of my kids are nearing the end of high school but to be honest this perverted bill is just a piece of the attempted normalization of perversion in our society. I guess we shouldn't be suprised knowing where this is all headed.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they are forcing all these laws in many different states. Some states now where the homosexual marriage is already legal [yes I have written it is used as a smokescreen but it is part of the landscape of moral decay and promotion of homosexuality. I know in public schools they push this stuff big time. Yes that is something to be happy for that they are nearing the end. It is more and more in your face, I have noticed that. Now they do not even mind pushing it overtly onto children who are mostly the ones reading Archie Comics.

Lisa Ruby said...

Thank you for all the links. The one about India's Biometric ID for 1.2 Billion People was of special interest to me. I forwarded this information to a pastor in India that I communicate with as well as a ministry that is heavily involved with helping Christians in India. Thanks again!

Lisa Ruby said...

The book, Sexperiment, reminds me of Michael and Debi Pearl's teachings that sex is worship:

"Every time we think about sex we should think about God. Because if its done the way God intended, it's truly an act of worship. And if we treat sex as an act of worship to God, we're thinking right."

No, Ed and Lisa Young, if you think of sex as an act of worship, you are not thinking right. You are thinking like occultists -- witches, Freemasons, etc.

You can read these quotes here:

Bible Believer said...

I checked out the link, on page 9, they talk about taking sex to a "divine level", yes that is occultic. The whole thing is creepy. Even how they want to tell people how to live a daily married life and the challenge to have sex 7 days in a row is all weird. How can anyone sit in those pews and take any of that seriously?