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Satan's Masterpiece: The Catholic Mass is Witchcraft

It's getting tough out there. I meet people who are in the church system all the time, many I love and care about, and I would say 99% defend the Catholic church as being a fellow Christian church and the people within it as "Christians". While many are simply being left ignorant in their false churches, many Christians lose friends when they tell them the truth about what they believe about Rome, and tell others to separate from the Rome-loving churches.

Honestly, Roman Catholicism is that line in the sand between the Christians who discern what the Bible warns of, and the false ecumenical types, who have allowed the false preachers to lead them off to perdition. Now remember many in the pews, simply do not know better, they need the gospel, to be born again and the truth, and we should have a heart of love for them, but realize Catholicism is that line in the sand. Why are so many of the false pastors uniting with Rome or it's ecumenical movement?

I am also realizing that more mainline churches such as Lutheran ones are being marched off to embracing more and more Catholic teachings, such as a semblance of the Real Precense now being even more emphasized then before. We see how the Emergent church movement, and other deceptions have led everyone closer to Catholic beliefs, teachings and embracing of the Pope as a religious leader.  "Protestant" is an interesting term, a very loaded term in some ways, as it seemed to be like a name someone would give a teenager rebelling against "Mom and Dad" [PROTEST-PROTESTANT]
Whose protesting anymore by the way?

 One frightening conversation I had recently was with this very nice lady  who seems to seek after God, but once I told her my beliefs about Catholicism, she was astounded that I did not believe the communion wafer was really the body and blood of  "jesus". I quoted this verse to her:

Mat 15:17 Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

Hopefully I got her thinking.

With Catholicism, as many of you can attest, those who know the truth, are few and far between. I even encountered those in fundamentalist churches who saw me as driving way too hard a line. Thankfully that pastor saw the RCC as the harlot too but that is extremely rare out there.

If you have not seen this video on my blog, I think it is one of the most important things I have ever shown and decided to show it again, notice how the leaders of a vast variety of denominations bow before the Pope showing their allegiance. Notice he himself does not bow to them. Now put this in a biblical frame work, about what Revelation 17-18 says about the "mother of all abominations" and the "daughters". Recall what I have told you about sun worship and how the false religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, etc, are members of Mystery Babylon with Rome leading the charge and their inherent beliefs all overlap.

I believe once one is born again, the Holy Spirit will show a person what the Catholic church really is about, and that the Mass is total blasphemy against Jesus. When I was born again, I wanted to throw up, when I realized what the Mass was truly about, and that it had a false "Christian" veneer to basically what is a "mass" ritual set up to dishonor God.   Think about why "jesus" is presented "dead" on Catholic crucifixes all over the world, with his head slouched over. There is a reason for that. 

When someone comes to know the real Jesus Christ, there is no excusing or loving the false Mass and it's communion wafer idol. 

This of course applies to the daughters, the person listening to God's directions will be warned about other false churches and must obey to come out. Use The Catholic church as a test for preachers. I always have. The false ones, will praise, excuse, and consider Roman Catholicism as "another Christian" church just like Chuck Smith did the other week. This post is to help you show exactly WHAT they are playing footsie with.

Now there are those who have a conscience seeking after God even in the most false places, but I believe once someone is truly born again, is they obey God and leave.  Four months before salvation and when I left the Roman Catholic church just days later, I stopped taking it's communion wafer and saying "Amen" to the question "The Body of Christ?" in the line to get the wafer. So I believe the Lord was showing me things then.  Of course, this applies to once the Holy Spirit has given you warnings about ending up in a daughter or another false church. This is why if you learn the truth about another church, your duty is to obey God and do as He tells you. If a church is in service to Rome, and united with it, they are in service to Baal.

There are things about Catholicism, that many Christians who have never been Catholic do not realize. This may be sort of a hard-hitting post, but one thing I want to emphasize, one of Satan's most masterful tricks is the Catholic Mass. Do not blame the people in the pews, they have had the blindfolds given to them by Satan and false leaders. They need the truth instead.  I know some Catholics may even see this post and may be upset by it but sometimes that is the risk of telling the truth. I had my days when seeking the truth online while in the Catholic church, I remember the websites that told me the RCC was the harlot. Thank God for those websites, that cut through the ecumenical muck.

One thing remember with this article, Mystery Babylon overlaps in it's different false religions, I may be eluding to "witchcraft" but false rituals among a variety of false religions remain consistently the same.

Most in the pews think they are following "god" and do not realize what is happening. I did not either, as a Catholic, I had been trained from childhood on, to see the Mass as "holy" and as "god's will" and to believe the Eucharist wafer was really "jesus's" body and blood and that only a fully and properly ordained Catholic priest had the power to turn the wafer into 'god". [Google Transubstantiation, if you are new to this blog and vague, on Catholic teachings, yes Catholics believe they are truly eating the body and blood of "god"]

Here is one thing that may surprise you. During the Catholic Mass, The priest has to say the FORMULA and not miss ONE WORD, to get the wafer to "confect" supposely change into "jesus": THIS IS is the same as spellcraft, miss one word, and the spell fails. Witches and others who do "magic" know that "getting the words exact" is part of the deal.  Does that surprise you that if the priest gets one word WRONG, the wafer does not "presto chango"?  It is some serious stuff to think about if you ponder it long.

see here:

20. Defects on the part of the form may arise if anything is missing from the complete wording required for the act of consecrating. Now the words of the Consecration, which are the form of this Sacrament, are: Hoc est enim Corpus meum, and Hic est enim Calix Sanguinis mei, novi et aeterni testamenti: mysterium fidei: qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum. If the priest were to shorten or change the form of the consecration of the Body and the Blood, so that in the change of wording the words did not mean the same thing, he would not be achieving a valid Sacrament---DE DEFECTIBUS: Papal Bull by Pope Pius V
Since this is a Trad Catholic link above, I'll give a more modern one from EWTN:

Valid Mass again
Question from on 10-03-2005:
At mass this very old priest says "for many" instead of "for all" since really the most accurate translation of the Latin is "for many" than its vaild but so is "for all" because it is apporved translation. If any priest where to follow the accurate translation of the Latin completly I don't see how it could be invalid. The difference isnt that great, the words are mostly synomous. This is my humble thought. What do you think?
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 10-06-2005:
Changing the words of institution (the "form") invalidates the consecration.

Now following this topic, Keep in mind that the Catholic Mass is taught as a SACRIFICE. They basically are teaching that a sacrifice contrary to Hebrews 10, is being conducted on their Catholic altars. Think of the blasphemy alone here when Hebrews tells us the true sacrifice of Jesus Christ was finished once for all:

Hebrews 10:10

By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Rev 17:4    And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

Witches also use CHALICES {usually of a precious metal or ceramic too} on their altars. If you build an altar and are a witch, "The Chalice" is an integral part of it.. Even other false religions use the Chalice as both a symbol and ritual item. The symbol for the Unitarian Universalist church is the Chalice and has a center spot in every Unitarian church, they light a candle in the middle of theirs.  [Jesus drank out of a cup, not some fancy GOLDEN chalice with a hand-tooled ornamentation]

Mat 26:27    And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave [it] to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

Nothing about it being golden:

Golden cups are warned about more then once in the Bible...

Jer 51:7    Babylon [hath been] a golden cup in the LORD'S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.

The Catholic church even has endless rituals to "consecrate" their golden chalices. See here

Then, removing the mitre, he says the following over the chalice and paten (chalices and patens):
C: The Lord be with you. 
All: May He also be with you.
Let us pray.
Almighty everlasting God, we beg you to impart to our hands the virtue of your blessing, so that by our blessing this vessel and paten (these vessels and patens) may be hallowed and become, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, a new sepulchre for the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; through Christ our Lord.
Think of that one, where they say a new sepulchre [TOMB] and the inherent BLASPHEMY.

As I said Chalices too, often of precious metals are used in witchcraft upon an altar.

The Wiccan Chalice
The chalice has long been a staple of many religious practices. Most of the world's many religions use a chalice of one type or another as a necessary tool to conducting rituals. Different chalices have gone down in history (or myth) as priceless holy objects, such as the Holy Grail, or the Great Chalice of Antioch. 
The Wiccan chalice serves as a representation of the feminine energies, and holds the Element of Water. The chalice serves to remind us of the Goddess during the Great Rite, as the athame represents the God. In rituals that do not involve a Great Rite, the chalice is often passed around the circle, containing wine, water, or some other liquid to be ritualistically sipped, the remainder generally being spilled onto the ground as an offering to the Gods.

Ok see that part about the remainder spilled onto the ground? This is done in other pagan religions as well.

Did you know that in Catholicism as well as many other liturgical churches such as Lutheran ones, left over "blessed wine", is not poured down the sink, but poured into a  special drain, that goes into the earth?

It is called a piscina and sacarium

A piscina is a shallow basin placed near the altar of a church, used for washing the communion vessels. The sacrarium is the drain itself, it goes directly into the ground.
Sacrarium – The left sink in the sacristy into which water from the cleansing of sacred vessels is poured. It does not drain into the sewer but directly into the ground.

Even the items used for Communion will be washed in these special sinks to make sure the Eucharist crumbs or wine end up going into the ground instead of plumbing pipes.

Yes I know it is strange, to examine some of these rituals and traditions.

Here is one thing Spells can be spoken in English in witchcraft, but the most strong spells are known to be in LATIN, even modern witches use Latin on and off for spellcraft. Well we know that the Mass used to all be said in Latin and they are going back to it today.

Why is there a correlation between the language used for the Catholic Mass for centuries [prior to Vatican 2] and the favored language among witches? Even in the Harry Potter movies they had Harry casting the spells in Latin.

Here is another thing, every Catholic altar table has to have a RELIC [or basically the part of a dead person installed into it, to be valid. Any true Christian assembly does not need an altar knowing that there are no more sacrifices, because Jesus Christ's perfect one is finished, Hebrews 10:11. Now Catholic priests can use other tables, under special clauses such as ones during war, etc, but every Catholic altar you see in churches has a RELIC installed into. Did you know that the RCC teaches that one of THOSE RELICS--DEAD BODY PARTS...has to be PRESENT for the MASS to be VALID?

Bodies of the saints, parts of the bodies, something used by the saints, or objects touched to the bodies of the saints that have enjoyed for centures the reverence offered by the Church. There are three kinds: first-class (part of a saint's body); second-class, (something used by the saint); third-class (an object touched to a first-class relic); First-class relics of martyrs are placed in an altar when it is consecrated."--Peter M. J. Stravinskas, ed., Catholic Dictionary, (c) 1993, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc, p.419

"This is a small square or oblong chamber in the body of the altar, in which are placed, according to the "Pontificale Romanum" (De Eccles. Consecratione) the relics of two canonized martyrs although the Cong. Sac. Rit. (16 February, l906) decided that if the relic of only one martyr is placed in it the consecration is valid , to these may be properly added the relics of other saints, especially of those in whose honour the church of the altar is consecrated. These relics must be actual portions of the saints' bodies, not simply of their garments or of other objects which they may have used or touched; the relics must, moreover be authenticated." 
Things get pretty creepy here.

Canon 1237, 2 states: "The ancient tradition of placing relics of martyrs or other saints under a fixed altar is to be preserved, according to the norms given in the liturgical books."

The Rite of Dedication of an Altar #11 states: "It is fitting to continue the tradition in the Roman liturgy of placing relics of martyrs or other saints beneath the altar. But the follwoing should be noted. a. Such relics should be of a size sufficient for them to be recognizable as parts of human bodies. Hence excessively small relics of one or more saints must not be placed beneath an altar. b. The greatest care must be taken to determine whether the relics in question are authentic. It is better for an altar to be dedicated without relics than to have relics of doubtful authenticity placed beneath it. c. A reliquiary must not be placed on the altar or set into the table of the altar, but placed beneath the table of the altar, as the design of the altar permits. When the rite of depositing relics takes place, it is highly recommended to keep a vigil at the relics of the martyr or saint."
Creeped out yet? Because I sure am.

Keep Jesus's words in mind here too...

Mat 23:27    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men's] bones, and of all uncleanness.

Caption under this picture: "Central altar with the relic of John Paul II's blood in a glass case."

Some churches take this requirement to town....[there are altars even with skulls, other bodies parts and even ENTIRE BODIES such as this one in a church in Missouri.

Now in Paganism and Wicca, BONES [animal] are used too on the altars. Hoodoo even has used the casting of chicken bones as well as other paganism and traditional native religions such as the witchdoctor casting bones or using animal parts in rituals.

That said wasn't an altar defiled in the book of Kings, using human bones? Even in the Old Testament, corpses were viewed as UNCLEAN.

Anyhow ponder to yourself why do they feel the planting DEAD BODY PARTS in their altars is necessary?

Another item of witchcraft has been the use of bells within the Mass:

In the Roman Catholic Church and in some churches of the Anglican Communion, an altar bell is a small bell placed on the credence or in some other convenient place on the epistle side of the altar. Its original intention was to draw the parishioners' attention to the occurrence of transubstantiation (especially for those present who did not follow the Latin Mass).

Generally speaking, modern usage is to ring the bell briefly at the epiclesis, and then to ring at the elevation of the Host and again at the elevation of the chalice. In some places it may also be rung at the priest's communion.

Wiccan websites sell altar bells too:

 1½" high brass bells in various shapes. Ideal for ritual and calling the elemental energies. Make a beautiful, high, clear sound. -The ringing of a bell unleashes vibrations which have powerful effects. The bell is often used to invoke the Goddess in ritual. Bells are rung during rituals to signal the beginning or ending of a spell.

and of course other members of Mystery Babylon jump on the bus, using bells in rituals. Here is a Buddhist Altar Bell.

Some ex-Catholics  here are old enough to remember when they rang bells at Mass, today it is optional and depends on the locale, but it is still done in many of the churches. The timing of the bell ringing is important as the bells were run at the time, they believed the "wafer became god" or became transubstantiated. Think about that.

"The Holy See has maintained the practice of ringing the bell at the consecration in St. Peter's Basilica, although it has an excellent sound system. I also had the experience of a parish that restored the use of the signal bell after many years without it. Not only were there no complaints but the general reaction was very positive from all age groups. ZE05082321"

The Catholic Mass has nothing to do with Christianity and is an abomination. Here I have only lightly touched on some of it's pagan/witchcraft aspects. There are more. The whole ritual is Satanic in nature. The Catholic Mass breaks Hebrews 6:6 and seeks to dishonor Jesus by 're-representing" [repeating] sacrifices on their altars. It is full of satanic witchcraft and paganism to honor it's false "jesus" and idol, The Eucharist. This is the religion, that Chuck Smith sees as "Christian", where Mr. Jim Bob Duggar has no problem joining with for politics, and the head of the pack that is forming the one world religion.

If you are Catholic and reading this, I once was Catholic, and know it can be difficult to find out the truth. Turn to the true Jesus Christ and leave the false Eucharist and Mass behind. How to be saved.


LutherRocks said...

I have been following your blog for a bit. It is informative and I agree with much of what you say. I consider it a supplemental source of info as I journey on through this life and walk with Christ.

I am a conservative, fundamental Confessional Lutheran who holds to the Book of Concord. Yes, the RCC is messed up and even Luther called the papacy the anti-christ. Your conclusions drawn between the Mass and the occult is warranted, but you must remember that Satan apes and perverts what is good and right. I do believe the Real Presence in the Holy Communion. It refreshes us, strengthens us and gives us the forgiveness of sins. "Take eat, this IS my body", "Take drink, this IS my blood"...Do this often in remembrance of me. Maybe your RCC filter is set a bit high? I mean that sincerely.


Bible Believer said...

I know there are more conservative Lutherans out there. I used to have this friend send me a conservative Lutheran magazine for news. There are Lutherans who believe in salvation via faith, and cognizant of the churches falling away. However, I do think while Luther had some truths, being a prior Catholic priest, he held on to way too much baggage of Rome and that baggage definitely seemed to be the sacramental aspects of Rome.
Of course Lutheranism isn't the only "Protestant church" who did so, attending an Episcopalian/Anglican church, I thought I was at a Catholic Mass, there really was so little difference.

How many Lutheran churches now even say the Pope is the Antichrist? Most are ecumenical except perhaps for WELS and I do not know if that has changed or not. There have been ecumenical agreements made between Rome and Lutherans.

Benedict even acouple years praised Martin Luther.

I know some Lutherans, and most are not on the same page at all, with me on my beliefs, and while acouple really do seem to be seeking for truth, most are ecumenical, the majority believe the Catholic church is another Christian church. I try to meet people in kindness and where they are at, but do try to tell what truth I can. They celebrate Lent, Advent and hold many traditions that are not "Christian" but come out of Roman Catholicism. One of those traditions definitely would be a "real presence" in communion, think about this, that is the theological foundation as to where the RCC brought forth it's priesthood when Jesus Christ is to be our high priest. When certain men are indispensable to 'confect" the Eucharist. I know that aspects of the Catholic communion exist in a variety of Protestant churches. Other traditions as well too, one example would be baptismal regeneration even in the Church of Christ.

Just please pray about these things. With the RCC, and if you have been a long enough reader of my blog, you probably have seen my articles exposing their strong role in the one world religion, government and more, I do not believe one's filter can be too high. If Satan is directing a place, the place is given over. There is no half-way point here.

The Protestant churches, I think while the Reformation was used by God to bring His Word to out to people, and free them from Rome, many kept way too much baggage and teachings of Rome. One thing with Protestantism, notice how they have a man's name on some of the churches. LUTHERANISM, CALVINISM.

People are still looking to men, Wesley, Luther, Calvin, Menno instead to God. [MORE PRIESTS]

If your church has a "father" up in a pulpit, and a "priest" that is a major problem.

Looking to more earthly heirarchies instead of to Jesus Christ.

Let me ask you what do you think the blind man meant when he said "Mark 8:24

And he looked up, and said, "I see men as trees, walking."

To me this is a warning right there in the Bible...

Jesus put his hands on his eyes and he looked up...[looking up to God]

"22 And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.

23 And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.

24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

25 After that he put [his] hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up: and he was restored, and saw every man clearly."
Remember what I warned about the MUSTARD TREE...

well, most Protestant churches are "BRANCHES".

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, just plesae think and pray about what I have told you.

I know it is tough. Even facing what I have about other churches like Calvary Chapel was hard.

Bible Believer said...

To clarify, I do see Lutheranism as a "daughter" church.

Like all the rest of the 'churches' there may be saved individuals who have been born again, but in that case the Holy Spirit will be calling them out.

I consider the majority of Protestantism to fit into the "daughters" mold.

Bible Believer said...

One book I want to suggest you read is

"Graven Bread: The Papacy, the Apparitions of Mary, and the Worship of the Bread of the Altar"

"Graven Bread

For literally millennia, the people of God have honored Him through a ritual called the Passover. Since Christ's Crucifixion it has been called the Lord's Supper and Christians today still honor His request to "Do this in memory of Me." Yet over the last thousand years, slight modifications have been made to this celebration-- modifications which have changed the meaning of the Lord’s Supper. For while God taught us in His Word to worship Him alone, many people in the world today, and indeed for many centuries past, have forgotten God's command that we shall not worship graven images, images made with human hands. And in forsaking that command, countless millions have been led into the practice of worshipping to Communion Bread. It is called Eucharistic Worship, Adoration of the Wafer, Worship of the Sacred Host, and many other names besides, but the practice amounts of little more than worship of an image of God. Though the practice is virtually unknown to Protestants, it is an endearing tradition to the Roman Catholic heart and is central to the Roman Catholic faith. But what is the purpose behind the practice? You'll be surprised.

Author: T. F. Kauffman
Pages: 205

Bible Believer said...

I disagree where with the sentence "is virtually unknown to Protestants" but having studied the Emergent movement and more, they are taking people back to what are core Catholic beliefs. "Real Presence" is a RCC tradition.

LutherRocks said...

I can assure you that there is no worshipping of the sacrament going on at my church. Nor is it considered sacramental as you are using the term. But as does Baptism, it offers the forgiveness and assurance of sins forgiven. I would invite you to study the Book of Concord as well. Although we are called Lutherans (that can mean many things in this age) we do not worship the man Luther but are followers of Christ. We hold to the Lutheran Confessions as found in the BoC because it is a true rendering of scripture. Although one can be saved by faith without Baptism and Lord's Supper, why would you deny someting that is good, right and salutary? That is why we baptize infants. There is power in the water when united with the Word and allows the Holy Ghost to enter in. There is great comfort in this that we can do nothing for our salvation; that everything has already been done and we receive this all as a free gift through the Means of Grace.

Kayfabe said...

I was raised Catholic and was confirmed, baptized, first communion, altar boy and all that stuff. My mom is a hard core Catholic and she is the one who I have had a tough time witnessing to in my family as she holds dear to a lot of the tradition. I have had to be forthright with her in what I believe but she says firm in her Catholicism. She tells me she is saved but I would think that if she was she would know what time it is. I really fear for her.

Bible Believer said...

LutherRocks, just please keep praying and seeking after the truth on this. There are traditions that have entered into Protestantism that are from Rome. When I was a born again there was a reason the Lord led me to a bible believing church [and yes the fundamentalist churches are falling away too, into Dominionism and other errors] instead of to a mainline or Protestant church holding to liturgical traditions. I know there can be a vast difference between Lutherans, there are the ECLAs vs. The WELS. I do believe many seek after God, but I would hope they would look to God's Word and test many of the traditions they have been given. At least they are being taught salvation via faith which is a truth, but the rest does need examined.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, yes I had the whole Catholic upbringing too, baptism, confirmation, taught by nuns, Catholic school. Many of my relatives remain hard core Catholics. I have sent tracts/bible tracts, Christian books, etc. I even prayed for the Lord to send other Christians to witness to one entrenched relative and two days later, that relative complained about "Christians" coming to witness to her, and that they told them "they already had a church". Remember salvation in Catholicism means something else entirely, I have faced the Catholics who have known the evangelical lingo and used it even quite well, but sadly if one is trusting in the "jesus" of Catholicism, it is not the true Jesus Christ.

Abbey said...

Sometimes people need to be hit with the truth in all it's ugliness. How many billions have been deceived over the centuries by this beast? Many don't know it's called the Celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass or realize what that actually means. I agree Bible Believer, it's blasphemy and a mockery to what Jesus accomplished and He said "It is finished". Why did Jesus suffer horribly, die and rise from the dead if it wasn't sufficient? There's no longer any need for animal sacrifices to atone for sins and certainly NOT the sacrifice of Jesus over and over daily. How audacious and blasphemous! Such wickedness and pride to suppose that these "priests" have power to transubstantiate "elements" into Jesus' body and blood! Who is God here? How arrogant to think that men have the power to call Jesus from His throne daily throughout the world to be the perpetual victim? It sickens me to see the pope, bishops and cardinals etc. pompously walk around with an air of superior importance as if they are royalty. :P They surround themselves with gold and every precious stone on earth yet act so pious and claim they gave up everything to follow in Jesus' footsteps. Jesus and the Apostles were poor unlike the supposed "vicar of Christ" and his agents. Pure hypocrisy.

I remember as a very young child when the mass was first "celebrated" in English and the adults complained because "it was so beautiful when spoken in Latin". How pathetic is that? You can't understand a word of it but it's so beautiful. It just goes to show if the priest has to recite the words exactly as written, then it is the equivalent to a spell from witchcraft. How can people not see the similarities with priests in robes, incense, candles, altars, statues, chanted prayers, a chalice and a sacrificial victim offered to their god? The hideous practice of placing body parts of "saints and martyrs" in the altars is an abomination. Besides the pictures you have posted here Bible Believer, remember all those other pictures of dead "saints" and popes displayed under glass in the altars in Rome and elsewhere? Then there's the head (and arm that the Muslims claim to have) of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalen that is displayed encased in gold and periodically paraded through the streets for the faithful to "reverence". How ghastly is that? :P

Abbey said...

The Bible teaches us to believe, repent and be baptized. Catholics believe baptizing an infant makes them a Christian since "the sacrament of Baptism is necessary for salvation and the forgiveness of sins". (The thief on the cross was not baptized so did Jesus err when He told him he would be with Him that day in Paradise?) How can an infant repent of sin when the child hasn't yet developed the ability to reason or discern right from wrong yet? Baptism isn't a magic spell but an action following salvation.

Another false, evil and arrogant teaching is that "it's absolutely necessary for the salvation of all human beings that they submit to the Roman Pontiff”. “The holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that ‘no one remaining outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans’, but also Jews, heretics or schismatics, can become partakers of eternal life; but they will go to the ‘eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels’ [Mt 25:41], unless before the end of their life they are joined to it … ‘And no one can be saved, no matter how much alms one has given, even if shedding one’s blood for the name of Christ, unless one remains in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.’” Think about that for a moment. Even if you are murdered for the name of Christ, your salvation still resides on whether you are a member or in unity with the "holy" RCC.

I agree Bible Believer, the majority of Protestants are no longer protesting but fornicating with the harlot. Incorporating aspects of all world religions together "because we all worship the same God/god" is a huge lie. We are to love all people but not become joined together but be separate and set apart. The Bible says if at all possible be at peace with all men NOT unity at all costs.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, this one wasn't easy to write. There are some who do always say to me why do you write about these "negative" things, well finding out the truth about the Catholic church helped to get me OUT. The Bible warns about evil, and other things. This church has led billions to hell and supposedly has near a billion members now, but think too of all the false religions it helps to lead astray as well, MYSTERY BABYLON.

Yeah the SACRIFICE of the "Mass", frankly blasphemy from Satan seeking to keep "jesus" on the cross forever. That is what that is about. I didn't get into this in this article but Rome calls "jesus" their "immolated victim"

Total evil blasphemy!

One thing people need to realize, many of the Protestant churches have kept so many false traditions of Rome, and one of those centers on their own "communions", services just like the Roman Catholic church, and many with their OWN PRIESTS. I am witnessing now to people in mainline churches and it's tough, a few do have the fruits of seeking after God, but there is so much Catholicism blended into the mix. Some too know I am not in a church, and they have a hard time seeing outside the "church system".

It is so horribly evil....

and you are right about the modern day "Pharisees" parading around in their gold and fancy dress...[it is the error of the Nicholatians which Jesus hated] Elevating themselves above others is about power and control of THIS WORLD.

I remember too when the Mass switched over. I even was taken to a few Latin masses as a child and instructed to follow in the little book, to know what was being said, having just learned to read. Remember just being confused. Hey keep in mind most people were LESS educated not even able to read a Missal that translated for them, so the Mass was basically mostly gibberish to the average peasant, and well I believe Rome wanted it that way. The RCC while they make a big deal of their universities now advanced illiteracy, and the less people know, the more powerful they were. Who can read scripture for themselves when they cannot read and depend on false RCC priests to read them adulterated snippets that they mistranslate?

Ever since I figured out they are told they have to get the words EXACT, yes that told me it is the same as doing a spell. Remember the priests themselves are held captive from above, told even WHAT to preach on, on a daily basis, not kidding, I have seen the books priests used and flipped through them myself, they have to follow the system so the same parts are read and preached on every Sunday and even for daily Mass. There is a room for a little lee-way but remember the same Catholic Bible excerpts are chosen for every Catholic church, that is why they spend millions on those missalettes. By the way, entire lines are taken out of the scriptures read. I've seen this for myself. Should do a post on it. LOL I am behind.

So much of it is pagan, the incense, candles, altars, statues, endless false traditions, putting communion wine into the earth, all kind of "spooky" and well it IS, because it is FROM DARKNESS and not the truth. Even the needing dead bodies in their altars is satanic to the max.

Anonymous said...

Here is my problem - if we believe the church of thyatira is the catholic church then this church was
highly commended by Jesus apart from those who tolerated Jezebel. So since most people in the church
do the same worship service - who are those who follow Jezebel and who are those who dont.

Bible Believer said...

I don't believe that describes the Catholic church.

Why would Jesus include the harlot [Rev 17] in his list of actual churches earlier in Revelation?

The Mass is not Christian either.

Anonymous said...

But surely the catholic church is in there somewhere eg thyatira ( catholic)sardis (protestant) philadelphia(spurgeon whitefield wesley era) and laodecian (end time luke warm rich churches) run right up to the return of Jesus. The harlot church could be a mixture of luke warm churches led by
the RCC excluding those in thyatira who have not tolerated Jezebel.

Bible Believer said...

But Rome is run by Jezebel now.

The queen of heaven with the Pope paying attributes to her

also why do you define the harlot 'as the church"?

Bible Believer said...

They also are the ones who are eating the sacrifices dedicated to Baal.

ilovecomedy said...

thank you for that SATIRICAL SKIT on the catholic church

16yroldCatholic said...

and john 6:54 says "Whosoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will not perish but have eternal life; and I will raise him up on the last day" I dont care what bible you look in.... it says nearly the same thing ....and that chapter and verse may not be perfectly correct.... It's off the top of my head

Bible Believer said...

No satire at all, ilovecomedy, the Bible warns of the false Roman Catholic system. Who do you think Revelation 17 applies to?

Bible Believer said...

16yr old Catholic...

Jesus also said this...

Mat 15:17 Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

That was a symbolic statement not one for the "literal eating of "god"

I don't agree with jesus is savior website on everything but this is a good article describing the falseness of Eucharist teachings.

16yroldCatholic said...

......thats ...........inventive.......tell me... why do you christians hate the blessed mother and the saints so much?

Bible Believer said...

The real Mary is in heaven, she is not making appearances on earth. To be frank, I do not know her. I am sure the real one is in the hands of God. The Bible forbids praying to familiar spirits [human beings who have died]. Since she is a human, I have no communication with her. So how could I *hate* someone I do not know? Christians know God via our prayer life and relationship with Him.

As for saints, born again believers are the true saints, and while Catholic named a few Bible figures who were real saints as "saints", they named many who are not. I have to admit, I would not relate to some guy who sent people to the stake, I would find them without conscience.

Anonymous said...

revelation 17 says that great city! there is only 1 great city! revelation 18:24 says she holds all the blood of the prophets. who holds the Prophets blood? check Luke 13:33, and Matthew 22:37 there is only one place the Prophets blood is and who killed them! as for the great city check revelation11:8 you can listen to His true living WORD or your own! much Love <3 and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Plan of salvation: Repent, be baptized in Jesus name (not father son and holy ghost) then be filled with the holy spirit.

Anonymous said...

No Mary in mot in heaven and no man is in heaven but God himself.

Anonymous said...

Mary was human like every human. The only thing that sets her apart for us is she was the birth mother of the savior of the world. You must not pray to her because the only way to heaven is thru her son Gods son Jesus not Mary. The saints are we who are christians that know and choose JESUS and serve him according to his word by obedience. Inventive...? Yes by God himself. Choose Jesus! He's the true savior not a mortal human.

Anonymous said...

Only if you live according to the scriptures. In rememberence of him we take communion. Eternal life is everyones destiny. Where you end up is the question!

Anonymous said...

Salvation is not free because Jesus paid the debt but it is offered to all of us even the unbeliever. We make the choice to except it and that is why infants and other small children who can't decide for themselves should not be baptized. No to mention baptize does not mean sprinkled with water. Do what is right according to the scriptures doing all things without leaving parts out. Decide on Jesus and he will lead you out of the dark and have mercy protecting you while you are yet in the dark. Now that my friend is the meaning of Grace! So come out of the dark...

Bible Believer said...

Thanks to my fellow Christians posting the truth in response on this comment section. God Bless. :)

Romans 11:

5 Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

6 And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then it is no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.

loretta said...

I don't quite remember the exact date of my new birth experience, but I was forever changed after that. What I do remember is not being able to ever attend Mass in church. I left. All the truths have been revealed to me after 'coming out' and even today I am learning that most of the Institutional churches are daughter churches, a far cry from what Jesus called his bride. I just read this post challenging the doctrine of original sin which I found interesting. I am not sure whether this doctrine is catholic or Christian, but it does throw light on the unbiblical nature of infant baptism which many churches continue to practice in error.

Anonymous said...

I thank God for the Church, founded upon the rock of St. Peter (Mt. 16) and commissioned his apostles and their successors to baptize all men and women in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit until the end of the age (Mt. 28). Many of Christ's disciples, who witnessed His miracles, walked away when He said we must really eat His flesh and drink His blood (Jn. 6). We do this liturgically at Mass, which is a memorial of Christ's once for all sacrifice, the Passover of the New Covenant (e.g.,Lk. 22:19; 1 Cor. 5:7-8; 11:23-26). You may not believe all that (and obviously this is not even scratching the surface), but calling it witchcraft is a bit much.

As you stand in judgment of the Church, who gave you the keys?

Anonymous said...

I often wonder how the Roman Catholics have concluded that their church was founded upon the rock of Peter? The Roman Church was established by decree by the Roman emperor Constantine 300 years after Jesus ( and the apostles) death. Do they even know that the true church is established upon Christ, the true Rock? Peter wasn't even the apostle to the gentiles, and it is unlikely that he ever went to Rome. So how come the Popes and bishops have become Peter's successors? As for eating his flesh and drinking his blood, we must be born again to understand what it really means. We must be taught by the Holy Spirit himself about this great doctrine.

Anonymous said...

You have a person on here posting under the anonymous designation, that was teaching the lies of the "oneness pentecostals", who say that you must be water baptized to be saved (which is a lie, 1 Corinthians 1:17), and who say that the Trinity is not true, and who say that you must be baptized specifically in Jesus' Name. Watch out for them, they are very angry cult people with a false gospel that cannot save.

Ex-Catholics for Christ said...

"founded upon the rock of St. Peter (Mt. 16) " Sorry that doesn't wash - anyone with a simple knowledge of the Greek KNOWS that YAHshua called Simon Peter ' Petros - little Rock and HIMSelf Messiah : BIG ROCK !! Petra. Ekkelsia ( ' church' ) was always meant to refer to a body of BELIEVERS - The Believers, themselves are the Lively Stones ( as per Petros) .. It was NEVER meant to be an dogma or 'religion'

Anonymous said...

I've read a few of your posts on here. You are very quickly to condemn x or y as "false". My question to you is how do you know that your particular interpretation of Scripture is correct?
There are many groups and churches and religions which also claim the Bible as the sole source of authority. These different groups have different interpretations and teachings than you do. How is that?
Also, where in the Bible does it say "This is it, this is all you need."?
At The Last Supper, did Jesus say "Do this in memory of Me." or "Write this down so that people can read this later and interpret these events for themselves."?
What about John Chapter Six, which clearly points out that we must eat His Flesh and drink His Blood (verses 54 &55)?

You have done a good job here of pointing out some of the parallels between the Catholic Mass and Pagan devil things. Have you ever thought that these pagan groups are mocking the Truth? I don't see any pagan groups mocking sola scriptura. Why do these pagan groups mock the Catholic Mass and not your beliefs?

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe the original poster can be so ignorant, but then it seems a lot are like that person as well.

To mentally inept people such as that person I guess it makes sense.

Whether or not anyone likes it the historical truth is the RCC is the church Christ himself founded and the only church that can trace its leaders back to Peter.

atmo joyo said...

(Matthew 26:26-29; Luke 22:19-20; Mark 14:22-25)

Luke 22:19-20
19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying,
This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.
20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

Catholic said Mass to remembrance The Last Supper but Bible Never Mentions that ; words eucharist wafer in these verses (catholic had twisted The Words of God).
2.The Lord Jesus asking us to do supper to REMEMBRANCE Him in that verses (Catholic add doctrines).
3.The Lord Jesus never asking us to eat bread and drink wine every sunday (Catholic add doctrines of men).
4.Doing mass every week it's blasphemy meaning (Catholic deny The crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened only ONE TIME)
5.The bread and wine that they eat and drink are supposedly "transubstantiated," or changed into flesh and blood
(Jesus to be the DOOR into Heaven; BUT He's not a wooden or metal door)
(Likewise, Jesus is the Bread of life; NOT an actual loaf of bread )
6.Transubstantiation (in Latin, transsubstantiatio, in Greek μετουσίωσις metousiosis) is the change whereby,
according to Catholic doctrine, the bread and the wine used in the sacrament of the Eucharist become,
not merely as by a sign or a figure, but also in reality the body and blood of Christ.
In a simple words,Catholic priest can command God to become bread .(it's blasphemy)

Catholic the Mass is copied from ;

1.Babylonian goddess origin of the unbloody sacrifice,goddess queen her favourite offerings are burning incense,
pouring out drink-offerings, and offering cakes to the queen of heaven.
The cakes were "the unbloody sacrifice" she required. (Jer 44:19)
In temple of Babylon, the golden image of the Sun was exhibited for the worship of the Babylonians. (2 Chron 34:4)
2.Papacy to insist so much on the roundness of its unbloody sacrifice ?
Reason will be found, if we look at the altars of Egypt.The thin, round cake,occurs on all altars.
The round disk, so frequent in the sacred emblems of Egypt, symbolised the sun.

If the sun-divinity was worshipped in Egypt as the Seed or in Babylon as the Corn,precisely the wafer adored in Rome.

Apostle Paul explain about the Lord's Supper in 1 Corinthians 10:16-17 ;

1 Corinthians 10:16-17
16 The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ?
The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?
17 For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.

Jeremiah 44:19
19 And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven, and poured out drink offerings unto her,
did we make her cakes to worship her, and pour out drink offerings unto her, without our men?

2 Chronicles 34:4
4 And they brake down the altars of Baalim in his presence; and the images, that were on high above them,
he cut down; and the groves, and the carved images, and the molten images,
he brake in pieces, and made dust of them, and strowed it upon the graves of them that had sacrificed unto them.

Stephen said...

The post might have lost some credibility to any Catholic reader by the associations with Wicca which wasn't really even necessary. Isaiah 29:13
The Lord says: "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught." The Catechism says it all; transubstantiation, Mary "Mother of God"..worshiping in vain repetitions and rituals of man, the man-made doctrines of Indulgences and Purgatory, It's Pharisee-ical at the least and puts people in bondage. Their claims are arrogant and masquerading as humility..only God can forgive sins, and most certainly not is the Pope Infallible. Yet, they can take the words and twist them to mean something else. Just ask.."Oh what is meant by that is 'this'"..yet that 'new definition' is based on man made rules. The list is endless. What they are not seeing do to upbringing and thinking 'it must be right because it looks so holy' is nothing more than a Folly..outside is all fancy and very costly buildings garb and money and more money..but inside is hypocricy masquerading as good will. The mustard seed has grown into an over sized tree that the birds (demons he steal the word from peoples hearts) are roosting, then they fly off to the other churches and drop their poop on them who absorbg it willingly because of one, it's policial-wordly visibility. It is obviously the most VISIBLE church, which was the anti-thesis of how Christ who represent the BODY of THE CHURCH did not live out his ministry. It was not for the MASS-es (ironicaly) but to those whom The Father would draw to Him. Mega -churches might be next on the bucket list; perhaps God is pulling together and bundling up tares as we speak...the Truth is in Christ and not persons, a building, or man made belief matter how 'religious or righteous it makes one feel'..righteousness is not a feeling, it's a Person and that which is of Him, the Holy Spirit of God. Now prayers to Mary are going to accomplish a thing. Paul stated "And they appear to possess the Manifestation of Wisdom, a gentle outlook and submission to God, but they do not relate to The Body or any form of Reverence, except to what appears appropriate in the flesh" (Colossians 2:23)..the Jesuits and Gnosticisms play into his as well..With all reference and love for all brothers and sisters in Christ both in the Catholic (whose power comes because of its shear numbers which is MEANINGLESS and Protestant churches..satan's greatest strength comes sublimely from within and loves to entertain the human intellect to bring cause to a person to believe they are 'Right' as well as without...Modernism as well is not doing any favors to the Simplicity that is in Christ our Lord.

Stephen said...

Question: Who or what does the RCC believe is The Rock? Is it Peter?
If so, everything after that 'should' be considered irrelevant but because that is whom they say is the Rock..the fruits speak for themselves..sour grapes. It doesn't matter what they say that is true, it's irrelevant. You can build the most beautiful cathedral in the world but if the Chief Cornerstone is not The's is dead for The LORD is THE LIFE - SALVATION and THE RESURRECTION. I've heard the rationalizations as to the 'refreshment after the Eucharist". That is purely pathological mumbo jumbo at the ploy of satans next ace of spades.. the power of persuasive influence under the illusion of MASS appeal. Get enough people to believe the same thing and you've got people who are ASLEEP and not Awake to think for themselves, which is exactly what they RCC attends to. Saying people are not capable of interpreting scriptures on their own. The Parable of the 10 virgins comes to mind..they have not enough oil to keep the lamp burning as they've been depending on man kind to keep 'fueled'...The Satan plays the God Hand...saying oft all the right things but from the wrong reason. "The LORD is MY ROCK and MY SALVATION"..however with their 'man made doctrines and traditions of man'..both of which are well pointed out in scriptures as being meaningless as well..they attempt to justify what they believe by using the very things that are meaningless. It's a closed loop Religio-Politico System paradoxically...which is favored and pushed on the world by force...claiming to be the Kingdom of God on earth..led by the Vicar of Christ - papa-- Father, the Pope. Paul wrote: "Work out your Salvation (Life) with fear and trembling".......if one is asleep they are dead to what we should Fear..GOD..catholics are fearing man..the pope and his rules and regulations.

Fox Mcloud said...

Stephen, Purgatory is definitely in The Bible, there is no doubt in my mind about this at all:

Anonymous said...

It depends on the translation of the Bible....especially if it is the Douay. If you believe that Purgatory is in the Bible, please give us chapter and verse.

Justpeace said...

Attacks are rampant against the Catholic Church and the Holy Eucharist. Since many years, I have seen the pagans, the Satanists (who tries to invert, pervert and mock the Eucharist), the atheists, JW, SDA, all fringe cult groups and even so-called many Christians, all are in full hatred against the Catholic Church. All these at least negatively seem to show there is something about the Catholic Church the world very much fears and hates. There are innumerable sites by many people who have undergone lot of pain in painting an ugly picture of the Chuch with demons, instilling fear and repulsion against the Catholic Church and it's liturgical expressions. All this should only raise suspicions and invoke in our minds a sincere desire to study the Catholic faith in a balanced perspective from the reliable sources, the Bible, secular history, and from the Church itself, etc., and strive to understand the whole truth instead of one-sided views.

Bible Believer said...

I spent years studying it. I've read the entire Catholic catechism and was educated by nuns. It was still found wanting.

Anonymous said...

Here recently I've been doing research on Romes councils, and traditions. Boniface III was the first "universal bishop", and was granted that title by the temporal Roman emporor Phocas around 600 AD. Before that there was no universal bishop. Every church had their own separate traditions etc. Phocas gave the bishop of Rome that title, because he recognized the usurpation that led to Phocas becoming emporer. So it seems that the title of "universal bishop" was given by a bloodthirsty ruler, instead of Peter. I've also found out that transubstantiation didn't become an article of faith until 1215 AD during the fourth Lateran council. The "mass" started the year before. Purgatory wasn't widely believed until 1140, and didn't become an article of faith until much later during the council of Trent. I've got plenty more of these sorts of things that prove that Rome made up its doctrines as they went along, and none of it came from Jesus or the apostles through "traditions", we all certainly know it's not biblical. God bless. James

Justpeace said...

Seek the whole truth and the Truth will set you free, not just what seems appealing to one's palate. For me, there is no better faith than the Christian faith and no better church than the Catholic Church, despite all the scandals and sinners. I consider it complete and perfect because of Christ's promise, and since more than 2000 years, continues to be error-free in the areas of faith and moral proclamations. I would encourage all to disregard and frustrate the end time's anti-Church propagandas and instead embrace the Catholic Church like a spiritual mother for a truly liberating and truly secure Christian life. There is no need to fear the first Church of history, you only need to fear and suspect all the latter and newer churches of our times, no matter how innovative, wise or attractive they might seem to you personally (because of our unspiritual weak nature).

Bible Believer said...

How is the Catholic church error free? Right now it is promoting the one world religion look over this blog where I have exposed your Pope and Vatican for what they are. The church Christ spoke of was not the Catholic church but his true church the ekkelsia with the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Quit looking to bricks and mortars and great powerful men on earth for this church.

Bible Believer said...

James they made up many things as they went along. It grows and morphs. Catholicism even changed within my own lifetime with Vatican II and changes in the rules. The Co-Redemptrix doctrine is the new one they are cooking up right now.

Bible Believer said...

I hope you read more of my blog Just Peace, just search Catholic, I have 60 plus articles on here dealing with the Catholic church. I was Catholic for over 20 years of my life. I pray you are born again and come to know Jesus Christ.

Justpeace said...

Truly, I believe, the Catholic Church is error free. The Pope tries to maintain good relations with other religions not only because as ruler of Rome, but also, as the head of the Church, he is duty-bound to draw all men to Christ by myriad ways the Holy Spirit inspires the Church.

Since years, I have heard and read many anti-Catholic articles by Protestants, Chick pub, JW, SDA, etc. Initially, during my teenage times I was troubled, but after investigations, I found most were misleading, crooked, biased, and some cleverly made up.

Brother, God forbid that we be stumbling blocks to God's great work through the Church/Pope in our times, just because we are too sure of ourselves, about our personal revelations, about the our scriptural interpretations, about the spirit that is leading us, about our judgements, and perhaps all the crowd support and encouragement we are receiving.

Just pause and consider prayerfully.

Bible Believer said...

That's the popular cover up excuse.

When your Pope says things like in this video it's time to wake up.

He's more Universalist then my old UU pastors.

I was Catholic for years and educated by nuns, I know what my own ears and eyes see. I believe they do a disservice to you. You need to realize they lie, under the guise of it being about good relations.

kuraidoemo said...

The Catholic church is the true church founded by Jesus Christ himself. And is error free in terms of its teaching and never ever taught heresy in the past 2000 years. You claim to be educated by nuns? and what did they taught you? Let see.

Cathy said...

I could have written so many of the follow-up comments by the author of this blog. It's been quite a journey in the two years since I left the Roman Catholic Church, which I was born and raised in. Often people make the mistake that suffering for Christ ends in physical death, as we know it does very often. However, the suffering when you are the only one in your family who has left, and your brother, also your twin, is not only a fully involved Catholic, but also works in a parish, it's pretty intense. For a while I was getting screamed at for saying anything, especially against Mary and the Marian apparitions. With the help of God I have learned to keep quiet, and I will trust God to fight this battle, as well as with my son, who has no real belief. Actually, he was kicked out of CCD because he had special need, couldn't sit still and asked too many questions. That and the unloving and viscious attitude of fellow Catholic students and the parents, who were in his public school, gave him an impression that people who believed in God were not good people. But I now consider this a blessing, as I've told him, because he missed all the brainwashing.

Unknown said...

Let's see. Where do I begin. You claim that the centric church is evil and teaches untruth. Yet, we are the only church historically that can trace itself back to the literal one of Jesus Christ. Every aspect of Protestant theology comes directly from us in the magisterium. But just like they did in the time of Jesus, people who wanted to make they're own rules and doctrines decide de that we were too "too controlling or too strict in our teachings. Yet, again I say, everything you do, preach and believe is a watered down, basterized version of the true church. If it wasn't for the Catholic Church, you wouldn't even be Christian at all. Probate stents mostly are all the same. They rows have scripture and scripture alone, yet add little rid bits of what they feel is right to gods word because they have no basic doctrine to stand on. It's all mix Match foolishness that is passed off as truth. Had it not been for Catholic teaching, you would have no bible, no actual understanding of scripture, no ( communion) as you like to call it, and no church body. Period. It's like a spoiled child who leaves home and still does what his parents did before him and doesn't want to admit that they were right all along. Paul warned the early. Hitch of this nonsense , and look what happened. A bunch of kids who want to play church. Face it, anything outside of the Catholic Church and its teachings is a childish attempt to be supreme when you have nothing to back up you're so called truth. You need us to live on, without us, you will die. And frankly , Protestants are dying off as we speak. You can maybe tell a lie for maybe two or three hundred years. Not 2000.

Bible Believer said...

Cathy I am glad you left. yes many have lost families over leaving false religions. This applies to me though my story is far more complex. I will pray for you, yes when they are work in the church or are closely aligned that is very difficult. Their lack of mercy towards your son is telling.

Bible Believer said...

The Catholic church can't even keep the first commandment straight unknown, so whose playing church? I'm surprised at Catholics who stay in with the openly pro-homosexual, pro-one world religion and order guy you got in charge. It's astounding how even the Republicans in the RCC cling to that false system. As for mix and match doctrine, Catholic doctrine changes all the time, they were working on cooking the books to make Mary Coredemptrix.

Imhappy2bSAVED:) said...

I have to thank you Bible believer, for pointing out many things in RCC that I was ignorant of. I only knew of the breaking of 1st commandment, praying to the dead, saints part, and child baptism. I never even thought of witchcraft! I myself am now a Born Again, but I still don't know how to convince of this matter to my relatives. But praise to God! My parents are saved! And also I was wondering of how to interact as a spiritually minded person among my classmates whom I feel mostly talking of carnal stuff:( and
as I'm in a catholic school, besides 97% are Catholics. Your advice would be really appreciated!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Imhappy, I appreciate it and glad I was able to help. Hmm being born again in a Catholic school, that's tough. Schools aren't perfect but is there a Christian option. Public school has it's problems but you won't have the Catholic church indoctrination. Hope you are able to sit out the religious exercises.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd be interested in a news article from "CBS news". The "pope" was offering time off purgatory if you follow him on Twitter lol. I know it shouldn't be a laughing matter, but the things some people believe amazes me. The article is easily found with a Google search.

Unknown said...

have you asked all the statements, you show? Can you ask Scott Hahn? We Catholics, especially me, sorry about your depravity in writing this article. Your knowledge is very limited and not widespread. very very narrow Christianity that you have. I recommend trying to open Catholicanswer. Scott Hahn also be there ......

Anonymous said...

have you asked all the statements, you show? Can you ask Scott Hahn? We Catholics, especially me, sorry about your depravity in writing this article. Your knowledge is very limited and not widespread. very very narrow Christianity that you have. I recommend trying to open Catholicanswer. Scott Hahn also be there ......

Bible Believer said...

LOL I used to read Scott Hahns books before leaving the Catholic church. He forms a whole false view in people's mind. I still remember the book when he compared the Catholic Mass to heaven. He is good with words and seducing people's minds. He actually is an author who helped me get out as I was reading his books the same time I was reading the Bible. Sure according to some Catholics I am depraved and a "heretic". I hope one day you see through the falseness of Catholicism. I am not interested in Catholic 'universalistic" false "Christianity"

jbolok said...


jbolok said...

Mga bakla!!!! Mga buwang again kayo ang salot sa mundo!!! Dapat kayo ang sinusunog sa impiyerno. Mga wala kayong bayag. Palibhasa peke kayo! Fake! Japeks! Forever kayong nganga na parang tanga! Shut up na lang kayo!!! Kasi ang nanay nyo Satanista! Ulupong. Kayo ang ahas. Ang pamilya nyo ay lahi ng mga bobo. Nilulukuban kayo ng masamang espiritu! Chaka nyo! Yung nagsulat nito -- mukhang tae at amoy tae!

Bible Believer said...

I think I just got cussed out in Filipino. Well I know this is not easy news to take for Catholics and others.

Justpeace said...

Don't ever be lured into jump out of the Catholic Church in any circumstances, which is like jumping out of the modern Ark into the flood of falsehood and anti-Church propaganda. These are propagated not by good Christians, but satanic persons in the guise of being exceptionally good Christians using biblical words, like Satan used against the Christ himself.

Once the hen is out of its high, safe, coop perch, the fox waits below to gobble them up. So, take time, wait, pray, consider, weigh thoughtfully from both sides, consider your own spiritual situation (some unforgiveness, anger, hatred, bitterness, etc.), and the reason you want go out of the Church, etc. May be, not the most of genuine reasons to leave.

Once you are out of the Church, it is like a man or woman falling into an adulterous relationship; the coming back will be extremely difficult. The fox will not release its teeth from its prey very easily, so beware!

Anonymous said...

I want to pass some information to you. - Don

Anonymous said...

Hi "Bible-Believer",

(Part 1)

First of all, I would like to commend your very creative blog author title. It is very colorful and original! It shows me that you are bold in proclaiming the truth of the gospel!

I was also educated in a Roman Catholic middle and high school.I really got to see for myself that many of the rituals found within Romanism are of pagan origin, from the many statues used in the worship services, prayers or chants to alleged "saints", and the bizzaire devotion to Mary. In fact, my religious differences made developing relationships with other people in my school surroundings a dreadful impossibility. And yes, I do recognize that we are to uphold the truth of the gospel at all costs (Matthew 10:37-40). In the end, we shall all be judged according to our works because they are the evidence of our faith (Matthew 25:31-46). We are to obey the truth, no matter where it leads us. Where is the truth? The truth is found in Jesus Christ (John 14:6) and His teachings (2 John 9-10).

The turbulency of the spiritual temptations that I had to endure severely shook my faith. When I transferred from the public school system into the parochial schools, I was a Baptist Christian. Later on, I almost ended up converting to Roman Catholicism because of the deceptive speech presented to me and emotional distress occurring at that time. However, I decided to conduct plenty of research on doctrine and studied the entire New Testament. As a result, I became non-denominational. That is where I am planning to stay.

Bible Believer, those Catholics surely have a way with words. Are they not great at playing word games?

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(Part 2)

I was wondering how you would respond to a Roman Catholic who appeals to church history. In fact, this was the entire reason for me bothering to create this post. Could you please fill me in on this? Could you give me some advice? I do know that longetivity does not prove truth.

By the way, I briefly read over some of the comments in this section. There was a lot of ranting from various Catholics about how you are supposedly misrepresenting their beliefs and that you are simply "misguided" about them. I often hear this lame argumentation. And so do many others. Don't fall for their crap. You just need to keep telling the truth the way it is.Just keep on spreading the good news of salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone. You and I both know with certainty that we understand the erroneous doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. If it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck, then, I would say, it's a duck!


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All one has to do is read the book by Cardinal John Henry Newman on the origins of Christian (Catholic) doctrine. He states in a few places how most, if not all papal rituals and ceremonies are "baptized paganism". Of coarse he justifies it by saying that once they are "baptized" they are no longer pagan practices. Also I've read writings from Cicero (45 BC) where he argues against Roman paganism by stating that the pagans in Rome of his time participated in the practice of "eating their own gods". In fact scripture talks about this same practice of the heathens........James.......
Isaiah 44:15 Then shall it be for a man to burn: for he will take thereof, and warm himself; yea, he kindleth it, and baketh bread; yea, he maketh a god, and worshippeth it; he maketh it a graven image, and falleth down thereto.

Mohau Bereng said...

I get your point, and I admit that Petra and Petros differ in size. But I don't really believe Jesus said it in Greek. I believe He actually used the word Cephas. I believe Petros is really just a translation by the author. For example, John quotes Jesus as having said to Simon "You are Cephas(which means Petros)...". I think "which means Petros" is John's translation of Cephas.

I think in Aramaic, there's no such gender-based/size-based distinction between rock and stone.

As to why the translated version of the word would be Petros and not Petra,I don't see why the feminine form would be used for a man's name. It is well known that Petra is a feminine form and Petros is the masculine form.

Mohau Bereng said...

You believe you're born again. So, explain to us, whom you believe are not, as to what it means to eat his flesh and to drink his blood. And please don't just say something. Say something valid, with a reasonable reference, most preferably a Scriptural one.

Mohau Bereng said...

Constantine? You're wrong. He merely granted religious freedom to Christians through the edict of Milan. Who was he granting such freedom to, if the Church didn't exist in Rome before then?

Unknown said...

T_T get bent with this bs

Anonymous said...

What amazes me about Some people is the amount of HATE they can show. But then again, Satan hates the true Church!

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Jesus built his Church on Peter...I guess you are saying Jesus was wrong. Good luck with that on your head

Christina Kim said...

the concept of trinity was also made by the catholic chuurch so that people worship Jesus as God when he was actually a prophet of God

Justpeace said...

If he was just a dead prophet just like anyone before him, why the whole world is arguing about him as if He is still alive. Christ, the Son of the living God is not just a mere prophet, but the Word of God made flesh, i.e., God himself visited his people to be a remedy for the sin of the whole world. Prophets were useful as long as they pointed to the Christ. After Christ, prophets are no longer important.