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"Satan's Church: Unitarian Universalist"

I post this link not agreeing with everything on the Jesus is Savior website, but he is right about Unitarian Universalism. 

"Satan's Church: Unitarian Universalist"

As I have shared in my testimony I spent years in the UU church as well as being ex-Catholic. In some ways, being in the UU church, was an experience that taught me to recognize the growing evil in Christian churches. With the Emergent movement and changing Chrisitian churches so much overlaps and the same messages come forth which I wrote about in this blog article "Emergents Remind me of Unitarian Univeralists". Having been UU, Brian McLaren to me teaches things that remind me of past UU ministers. He is no different. He could be put in the pulpit of one and probably the UUs wouldn't notice the difference.

I believe the UU church is a "micro-cosm" of the one world church, and was and is a practice center for the elites. By the way so is Bahai' which basically teaches the same thing under a Hindu frost.  It definitely has a very elite membership as far as this world goes forth. The other day, I was telling a newer friend how I left this church within ONE day after 12-13 years in it. In my case, I believe God did get me out of there directly.

Looks like Stewart sees some of the same things. UUism IS a front for world religion. Some of the fads and trends they practiced on me in the late 1980s, are being brought into Christian churches NOW. In fact a lot of what I expose, sadly is familiar in a strange sad way.

"I captured the above image to expose this false religion as a front organization for World Religion. As we draw nearer unto the End Times, increasingly we're going to see one-size-fits-all religions like Bahá'í Faith and the Unitarian Universalist religion. Such false churches embrace the homosexual movement and don't preach against sin. They have religion without truth. They have churchianity, but not Christianity. 

As you see above on their website, even atheists and humanists are honored as members! You see, the New Age religion of Satan says that you can believe anything you want except Biblical Christianity (which excludes all forms of self-righteousness). Salvation is not found in ANY religion; but rather, in a Person—The Lord Jesus Christ!"

it is indeed a front for the one world religion:

Praise God for bringing me out of that snake pit!


fausto said...

"Satan's church"? "Snake pit"? Really?

I think, in the harshness of your judgment and condemnation, you utter what you do not understand and speak of things too wonderful for you to know. That's from Job 42. When was the last time you meditated on that, instead of on citations about certitude? Failing to recognize the work of God and attributing it falsely to Satan is taking the Lord's name in vain, isn't it?

You cite Gal 4:16 on truth-telling, but apparently fail to appreciate the possibility that not all truth is revealed within the canon of scripture, nor did it cease with the closing of the canon. It's even possible that not all truth is aapprehended within Christianity, and that truths received elsewhere are genuinely of God and can complement those revealed to Christians.

Even scripture itself attests to this:

Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matt 7:1

Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring. John 10:16

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth. John 16:12-13

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. I Cor 13:9-10

The UUs may not be nearly as perfect as they think they are, but then again, neither are you. You should remove that beam from your eye, and repent in sackcloth and ashes.

Bible Believer said...

You consider the UU as doing "gods" work?


The micro-cosm of the one world church?

You do realize the UU promotes openly abortion, euthansia with donations even given to the Hemlock society, homosexuality-with openly homosexual pastors in the pulpit?

I do not call the people in the pews snakes or of Satan, most are *LOST* JUST AS I WAS while in there but the system itself IS FROM the GATES OF HELL.


You have been deceived in believing that truth comes from false religions and places outside of scripture:

"You cite Gal 4:16 on truth-telling, but apparently fail to appreciate the possibility that not all truth is revealed within the canon of scripture, nor did it cease with the closing of the canon. It's even possible that not all truth is aapprehended within Christianity, and that truths received elsewhere are genuinely of God and can complement those revealed to Christians."

Are you a UU yourself?

Bible Believer said...

I checked your profile yes you are UU from what I can tell.

Well I believed that truth came from many places when I was UU, they fooled me after all when I was young.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY. You will not find salvation in Buddha, Vishnu, Allah [of Islam] or false "gods" and spirits.

The Bible states this:

Jhn 10:1 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The "do not judge" message is abused to tell people to "judge nothing" and discern between good and evil.

The Bible says this of Christian believers.

1Cr 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

One thing you may want to research pertaining to the UU is it's links to the global elite, masonic orders and more too. The UU leadership are not your friends and right now support via their extreme liberal NWO views, the growing tyranny in America and via their support of the UN and other networks, tyranny in the world.

I will be praying for you.

Bible Believer said...

Read my post here too...

Bible Believer said...

correction to above, All UUs are LOST, not MOST. No one who is truly born again of God would sit in a UU church. Of course some may repent in the future and come into truth as I did.

Donna Martin said...

Did you know that there is an obelisk on Bahai land in Israel? It's at a place where they plan to build a house of worship. The obelisk is a symbol of the New World Order and world government, but I'm sure you know that.

Bible Believer said...

HI Donna,

I consider obelisk's "pillars of jealousy" from the Bible, basically Satan's markers, so yes we are in agreement there, definitely symbol of the NWO and world government also with BAAL roots to the max and related to sun worship.

The Vatican has one that once stood in Eygpt in St. Peter's square and of course we have our own in Wash DC. The UU church was very supportive to the Bahai religion since they share many of the same beliefs.

Kayfabe said...

When me and my then wife were going to lamaz class for our eldest daughter we met a Bahai couple and became very good friends with them. We weren't saved at that time so they even took our little ones to Bahai school once in a while. I knew they were an NWO false religion even then but I let the kids go here and there. Once I became born again I told my friend that he and his family were on their way to hell if they didn't repent. He didn't like hearing that but we still remained very close and my kids and there kids considered themselves cousins. Soemthing didn't feel right though as he made a statement to me that his religion was helping to put together the New World Order. I was shocked when he said that as it was pretty bold of him. They would invite me to all their family parties which were pretty much Bahai get togethers. The Bahai events seem harmless on the surface as they are big on peace in the community, multi racial harmony and so forth. As time went on I felt torn about my friendship with them as I wanted to break away but my kids and there kids were super close. It took me hiring my friends brother n law at my company to break up the friendship. My friends brother n law was an evil guy and ended up getting let go which resulted in us having a falling out which dominoed into me and my friend not talking anymore for some reason. 13 years of friendship went out the window but now I know that it was God's way of protecting me and my kids as this family was pretty deep into Bahai.

fausto said...

Thank you for trying so hard to remove the mote from my eye, Bible Believer. I will pray for you too, because you don't seem to believe the parts of it that I cited. From the graceless hostility of your comments, it sounds as though you still have a long way to walk along the road before you reach Emmaus and learn to recognize your traveling companion. May you have a blessed journey.

"And now abideth faith, hope and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity." I Cor 13:13

Bible Believer said...

Hey I've met Bible quoting UUs before and even witches online. Please cool it with the "haters" script a bit.

Surely you didn't expect a ex UU and now born again Christian to be signed up for the 'all religions lead to heaven" game plan like yourself.

Am curious you had nothing to say about the UU's link to world government?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Kayfabe, for sharing your experience.
I am glad you warned that family, I know people in UU, that I have warned as well, from those years I was in it. Sadly seem to run across more joining up. The UU church was barely even heard of 15-20 years ago, but now I hear about so and so's cousin, in law, co worker, all going to a UU church. Wonder if the same happened with Bahai?

In the UU they see the NWO as a GREAT THING. The whole meme of advancing those who are great thinkers and philosophers, being in "charge" of society was pushed at every turn. The UU has many numbers of the liberal academic intelligensia in it, and they really truly believe this. They would tell us like the New Age, that a new time of 'consciousness" and "advancement" was coming for humanity. I would be quite sure that the Bahai's would advance this as well. More propaganda for the "ascended masters". Yes, God probably wanted to protect you, with this.

Anonymous said...

Part 3
Another sinful trap you stumble into is equating your politics with religion. This is idolatry and a grave heresy that most American Christian Conservatives fall into, and the numero uno complaint about the Unitarian Universalists. Their progressive politics has become their religion, just as conservative politics has become the religion of Christian Conservatives. Jesus said to render unto Cesar what is Cesar's. He didn't say where Cesar had to be -- your state capital, Washington D.C., or New York City (U.N.). Jesus is an example of a mendicant, just like St. Francis of Assisi, sorry to burst your bubble, but he was no revolutionary and chastised the Zealots of his own day. All authority comes from God, no? That’s why the Eastern Orthodox Churches, which are democratic and the people vote for their priests, are State Churches and an arm of the government. The Orthodox submit to temporal authority as Jesus did when he allowed the guards to arrest him. Christ on the Cross is the greatest example of obedience we have, and his defeat of the Devil when he descended into Hades is the source of our spiritual liberation, not his human sacrifice. That’s not the Roman and American notion of separation of church and state which elevates the church above the law and allows them to persist in the most heinous crimes, especially against children. The Orthodox call us to be spiritually free and temporally bound, where as the Romans and their American schismatics call us to be slaves to an ideology and defy our democratic governments. When you engage in conspiracy mongering about future global governments, who do you think really benefits? Maybe that’s not a popular question in this anarchistic age. Rome and her American counterparts would love to see us all reject democracy so they can institute their Christian Conservative dictatorship.

You seem to see conspiracies everywhere. Is that Christian peace? I don't think so. By their fruits you shall know them. The fruits of Unitarian Universalism are more in line with the creators of Christianity and Eastern Orthodoxy than the Roman Catholic Church and her auxiliaries, including American Christian Conservatism. I must commend you, however, for seeing through the more destructive aspects of Zionism and Dominionism, but you are not free yet. You still cling to the deception of a historical Jesus. That is Rome’s greatest triumph. You will not be free until you receive peace of heart and mind and put away childish things. Come all the way into the light. Your shadow is blocking the door for others to see. Don’t be another stumbling block to your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

Not Afraid of Being Called a Liberal, Even if It Isn't Exactly Accurate

Anonymous said...

Part 2
The fact that you are a heretic, because you left the One, True, Universal Faith, and there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church, you can expect the "fiery abyss" of the Church Fathers in your own future. But what is the fiery abyss? You don't know, because even in your apostasy the sects that you are influenced by are all completely Roman Catholic-lite in their weak theology. The Eastern Orthodox interpret Scripture and Tradition in a radically different way than the Romans. For example, there is no doctrine of Original Sin in Orthodoxy. That is a heresy, one of the many heresies of the Western Church, as far as the Orthodox are concerned. Do you believe in original sin? Do you realize that's a Roman Catholic innovation with no foundation in ancient Christianity? The doctrine of Original Sin was created by a so-called saint in the Western Tradition, who also, by the way, used that particular doctrine as support for legalized prostitution. The Orthodox also believe in Salvation by the Community only. It's called the Body of Christ -- ever heard of it? In order to attain salvation, not “be saved,” you must Unite with the Body of Christ, not have a personal relationship with it (i.e. ravage it with your own personal desires). Since you can’t seem to stay with any community for any length of time, and since you can’t see Christ in all men, as you are called to do, then this looks like a real problem for you.

In this little theology lesson that somebody should have given to you long ago, we've addressed the Church *Universal* and the *Unity* of the Body of Christ. These are really philosophical ideas, however, and not an expression of emotionalism, another great heresy. Christianity is in essence a syncretic philosophical tradition, not a superstitious cult. The Catholic and Orthodox peasantry may revert to paganism in their daily practice, and there is nothing sinful in this according to their respective Churches, except when it becomes superstitious and supersedes philosophical doctrine. All of Protestantism, especially American “Christian Conservatism” which makes an idol out of a book that they don't even know how to interpret because they didn't write it, is nothing but illogical superstition and emotionalism. There is no discernment there, and what is obviously evil is touted as the good and what is obviously good is derided as evil. Good is bad and bad is good in American biblical fundamentalism (i.e. Zionism and Dominionism). I believe there is a scriptural verse that explains this, but being a cradle Catholic I'll leave the Bible quoting up to the Bible thumpers.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
Dear Bible Believer,

I was also raised Catholic. I also had a Catholic education, including college. Obviously your formation was lacking, but that's typical for the time you were coming up. The priest still confirmed you even though you confessed your atheism for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you confessed your personal doubt and no doubt you were absolved. Catholicism is a religion of logic. (They say it's a religion of reason, which I disagree with, although there is no denying their use of logic.) Because they consider themselves a religion of reason, they expect it to be entirely reasonable that an individual might have a hard time taking their mythology literally. So that's not a sin. A good Catholic Atheist can go to mass and receive all the sacraments as long as she doesn't commit a mortal sin. Being reasonable is not a mortal sin, even in Catholicism. All the Doctors of the Church experienced the Dark Night of the Soul, which is basically when they realized that there is no God, at least in the Catholic sense, however, they are going to continue in their “saintly” lives regardless of that realization. Your priest was also probably an atheist, or at least agnostic, because he was probably intelligent and educated and figured you were as well. The other reason you were confirmed anyway was because your parents wanted you to be and in Catholicism it's not the children's wishes but that parents' that are respected.

Apparently they also neglected to instruct you in your formation that the Catholic Church created the Bible. You can preach the heresy of Sola Scriptura, something your Lutheran husband is probably familiar with, but the historical reality is that the scriptural canon was hotly debated and altered many times and "corrected" by Catholic/Orthodox theologians. I studied Greek in Catholic college and read the New Testament in the original Greek with all the original "correctors' notes" in the footnotes. They changed quite a bit, and this was all post Nicea and all Catholic in the original, "Universal" sense of the term. Not to mention the later Latin Vulgate translation which further butchered the text and don’t even get me started on the abomination that is the King James Bible.

Anonymous said...

These types of churches are great at attracting what I call "THE EDUCATED FOOLS".
There is a phenomena whereby persons who are fairly well educated begin to believe they have superior wisdom and understanding and thereby become EASIER to deceive.
UUs fail to comprehend that Bible Believing Christians CAN comprehend all paths leading to God.... but just don't buy it.
The truth is that JESUS said there was only ONE path to God the Father..... HIM.
It is a God given right to choose to believe, or not believe, what JESUS said.
However it is NOT RATIONAL to claim to be a CHRISTian but not believe what CHRIST said.

Fausto supports irrationality as his/her basic flaw by quoting JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED, plainly and completely in the wrong context.

Education does not equal rational.

Bible Believer said...

To Anon, are you a Catholic or now Orthodox?

as for formation lacking, they failed to form me according to what THEY wanted me to be, and that is a good thing. All those reteats, daily religion classes and more. You are right the priest still confirmed me because that is the way that it is done, the sacraments and rituals count first more then what is in the hearts, and if every doubting teen was denied the sacrament, there probably would be outraged parents on the doorstep of every bishop office. Interesting you brought up logic and reason. Those were two words the UUs loved to bandy about. The Freethought movement almost has a religious awe for the word "reason". The Bible would say "ever learning and never coming to the truth".

I know about the dark night of the soul stuff, which sadly to me, is not the usual struggle Christians may face but tragically lost people not even being able to turn to God for comfort, but that is where Catholicism leaves far too many.

I know and have read about priests who are functional agnostics at the very least and plenty of would be pondering agnostics in the Catholic church pews, some of who even told me they attended church for family and social reasons and went through all the motions, including on immediate family relative.

So that facet of Catholicism is all too familiar. I am having a hard time figuring you out, do you think this is GOOD THING? If so why?

Anyhow you are quite wrong that the Catholic church created the Bible. I do not have the time or ability to post everything I have studied on here. I know about Rome's promotion of the idea of synoptic gospels, the denials of who really wrote them, their rejection as it were of God's Word and not trusting in its preservation. Scripture was well known and agreed upon prior to Constantine's days. I've read the Apocyrpha, one can tell what does NOT fit if they are born again believer. Sola Scripture is not a heresy, but the truth. So some theologians debated what was scripture and what was not, odd given that I opened the book of Enoch and knew within a couple minutes it was NOT INSPIRED SCRIPTURE. No Holy Spirit to even recognize God's Word in the case of many of those theologians.

Bible Believer said...

Anon-Part 2

I know Rome considers me a heretic, no matter, I care what God thinks. Oh you are an Orthodox, ok, what is this fiery abyss stuff? I've read about it a bit, posted about it, reminded me too of the Orthodox who still put coins on the eyes of their dead so they can cross the river Sphinx, more false teachings that do not come from scripture but other pagan places. That has to be more of that false tradition stuff....

Don't most of you Orthodox consider Catholics fellow Christians? I know most of the Orthodox Patriarchs are ecumenical with the Pope and joined with the one world religion.

A relative of mine even converted free and clear from Greek Orthodox to Roman Catholicism for a marriage which was almost a stream lined process. I know there are some minor differences.

Why would I believe in original sin, except in that the Bible teaches that all men are wicked?

Romans 3:10

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

Collective salvation, that is a totally false teaching, as the state of each soul matters to God. Someone who is evil and has rejected Jesus Christ is not going to be "saved" because they happened to go to the "right church". That also is against so many Bible verses do not even know where to begin. Even in Matt 10, Jesus brings up that He will bring division to families. This is a totally false teaching. I was in my fundamentalist church [moved away] for many years and remain in contact with those Christians. If you think your church is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken. Those who trust in a church [even in other denominations] are going to be in trouble.
How can you call Christianity "a syncretic philosophical tradition" when the Bible warns of 'vain philosophy"?

Col 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

There is a problem when their churches say there is nothing sinful in reverting to pagan ways. The Bible says different.

Mat 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

I am sorry you see belief in the Bible as illogical superstition and emotionalism. That is one that changed for me when I was born again, a Love for God's Word and being taught by the Holy Spirit.

But I am familiar with what the Catholic and Orthodox churches do and teach in regards to God's Word seeking to bring people AWAY from it.

Hbr 4:12 For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

You need to read more of my blog.




and have written 44 articles WARNING people against DOMINIONISM

[check the index]

I have written 9 articles warning about Christian Zionism or aspects of it.

Yes there are Bible verses that warn against this stuff too.

Bible Believer said...

Part 3 Well you can see I told you I am AGAINST Christian ZIONISM and Dominionism.

I am NOT a REPUBLICAN either.

and do not support the culture wars.

or the mixing of politics and religion.

You are RIGHT about most Christian conservatives falling for the Dominionism and the Republican party supposedly as "god's party.

And you are right, the UU's liberal politics are as much their religion as much as the "conservative" politics are the religion for the other side.

I don't fit either category really though I suppose someone could peg me as "conservative" based on the religious beliefs, but it would describe little.

I wrote this article about politics, maybe it will help you see where I am coming from.

I think its a BAD thing that the EOs and other Orthies are married to the government, of course that original design Dominionist model--[hey how is it different when the conservative evangelicals desire this, started with Rome and it's marriage of church and state. Looks like the Orthodox have had Romans 13 misinterpreted too by their priests just like the false hirelings in the evangelical world tell people to blindly follow wicked politicians today in the USA.

Future global gov'ts what do you think the UN or G-20 is about? They are starting to enforce international law in America--[that will take more research on your part]

And I wrote this about CONSPIRACY THEORY:

You do realize as you say the UU is in a better place, that the UU has been tied to the RCC in interfaith activities, including the visit of a UU president to the Vatican?

What do you mean the denial of a "historical jesus"

You do not believe that Jesus Christ actually came to this earth?! and was a part of "history" [Jesus of course is an eternal being as part of the Trinity and God]

Bible Believer said...

Last Anon...

Yes it is the ever learning but never coming to the truth types.

I do believe seekers can end up in places like the UU and hopefully find the truth later like I did, but many have their minds made up and there for good.

Still remember when I was sitting around with some UUs, and one UU said to me, no one ever converts to being Christian from the UU and told me that UUs were too smart to be deceived by Christians. Very sad. No they are deceived.

The level of education in the UU is IMMENSE. Social class wise I was definitely out of my element, we are talking chemists, published authors, Mensa members,. high level tenured professors, and others. The intelligensia. So this is a crowd that is focused on intellectualism and very smart in a lot of ways, but without the Holy Spirit they are still wondering blind, as I was during that time though I think in my case I did truly desire the truth even if I did not know it yet.

1Cr 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

Brian said...

Interesting. I think you might find that people who identify as UU might actually disagree with you, and or agree with you; really it all depends on where you are coming from. Although I am concerned about the amount of anger you seem to carry about you, I think you must have some health issues from it. Perhaps you should get a little bit of peace in your life, it can go a long way. Try forgiveness, if you wish to put it that way. Or compassion is a good thing to try. meditating on the uncertainty of life and death is another good thing to try. Also, in Christianity, judgement is reserved solely for the Father, not for you... in fact according to your own founder (Jesus) it is a sin for any human to judge another human in spiritual matters (they may judge them purely on human levels, such as being tried in a court of law for committing a crime against humans) however, to judge someone, or damn them to hell yourself, or even think you know the will of the father is considered a sin, (more accurate sin means "missing the mark" it doesn't mean the world will end)... actually in Christianity it is considered one of the worst sins you can make because you are attempting to usurp the Father, which counts as hubris, which is a no no. Well whatever you learn for the rest of your life, I hope it is something that will actually help people out. Again compassion, empathy, peace, justice, et cetera are good for the soul, God likes those things. Try them out. I hope you have a wonderful life, go to church often and find some sort of peace. As for the UU, you really need not rail against the organization, no one is forcing you to go, and in this country we have freedom of religion, that means you get to choose what religion you are, not what religion everyone else is. Have a wonderful life.

Bible Believer said...

I agree real compassion, empathy, peace and justice are good for the soul, but sadly false surrogates of all the above are sold in the UU religion. This is why so many UUs are committed mostly to the extreme liberal program, they ignore those in need around them and write check for overseas. The liberalism is so brain-deadening that even now, while the American economy collapses they ignore these matters and still embrace and promote the globalist program serving as pawns to the globalist elites. I've seen it enough. These are evils I saw myself first hand. I've talked about being poor on this blog and am not ashamed to admit I have been in the lower socio-economic classes, it took being in an actual Christian church to see how people could help one another. Is that judgmental? NO that is what I saw.

Are there individual "nice" UUs sure there are, plenty of them but sadly being lied to by a church organization with ties and agendas of the new world order. I wonder where are the UUs now, where 20 years ago told me they cared about civil liberties, and were antiwar, but Obama can sign the NDAA which destroys the American Constitution, and Bill of Rights, start multiple wars Africa, etc, and they remain silent, with the majority marching after him, brainwashed. I would have thought there would have been a bit more "freethinking" but then spiritual blindness tends to destroy freedom of the mind. Where is that compassion, empathy and justice you talk about?

In fact the UU seeks to steer many honest seeker types WRONG. You are right I have absolutely no control over what religion you are or choose to be. That is your choice. Free will is a Christian concept after all. Obviously I choose Jesus Christ and you will choose your own religious beliefs as well.

I can tell you what I believe which is what I am doing but even there the UU's "freedom of religion" they present is a vapor, and a pathway into a NWO prison cell of thought where there is no truth or just a mish-mash of it.

Actually Christians can judge good or evil, if you can't judge anything even via the leading of the Holy Spirit what good are you? Anything goes then and anyone can sell you any level of nonsense. The "do not judge" mantra is used to ENABLE evil world wide. I suppose this is why the UU is one of the biggest defenders of abortion and euthansia.

God judges who goes to hell or not, but a Christian who does not know the difference between good and evil is worthless, no salt there.

1 Cor 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

Bible Believer said...

PS. I recently saw a UU World magazine, I noticed one interesting change, they outwardly say one of their goals now is WORLD COMMUNITY. Guess it's interesting to me that now they just come out with it.

Where is the compassion, empathy and justice for those being crushed under the globalist juggernaut?

Anonymous said...

You consider being open-minded, tolerant, and generally accepting people whilst still maintaining an atmosphere of spirituality and faith "Satanic"? I find it rather strange that a proud and loud-mouthed member of a religion (Catholicism) responsible for the crimes-against-humanity committed during the Inquistion and its witch-hunts, the Crusades, destruction of cultures world-wide through forced conversions, and the genocide of Jews during the dark ages and the Holocaust considers a church responsible only for its continued kindness "evil". And if the "End Times" do come, it will occur because you millions of Catholics flip out and kill everybody around you, AGAIN!
And by the way, quoting the bible is not only a pathetically-obvious demonstration of your inability to accept truth(s) from other sources, but your inability to creatively counter-argue against other contender's ideas. Drawing from a 2000+ year old, uncanon book of outdated, savage laws and religious customs that not only contradicts itself on several topics, but promotes the treatment of women as property (like cattle), and the continuation of slavery. If you want to condemn homosexuality as "sinful", then you must also promote owning women and slaves as "righteous". Even Jesus was OK with slavery. You savages need to stop barking orders at the way other people observe and practice their beliefs, and take the time to take a good long look at your own. Your scholastic intellectualism and judgmental antics are nothing more than arrogance and ignorance hidden by your firm belief in your own "true religion". And by the way, you cannot possibly say that your religion is the only true religion because its own holy scripture says it is (OF COURSE IT WOULD SAY THAT)! It's practically the epitome of childishness.

Bible Believer said...


This blog exposes the evils of the Catholic church as well including its Inquisitions and other things you mention.
I have more then 60 articles exposing the Roman Catholic church specifically on this blog.

Did you know that UU presidents before have VISITED the VATICAN?

Ask yourself why that happened when Rome has been involved with so much evil? The Vatican even support Monsanto and the United Nations.

Hmm so does the UU as far as the UN goes and putting it's flags in their sanctuary. Odd how that goes as Americans become more oppressed via the United Nations and globalists. I sure don't see any countable number of UUs, calling out how the American economy was destroyed by our jobs being outsourced.

I discovered endless UUs joined together with Rome at the hip for interfaith ventures. All I have to do is google various ones from the URI to others and there will be UUs in the mix. But hey Rome is advancing the best of Alice Bailey day by day.

I am glad you are aware of Rome's evils.

Today the UU is joined with the United Nations-central bankers-perpetual war machine of the NWO!

Have any large number protested NDAA?
Where the UUs as Obama gets the drones out and starts a civilian national police force? SILENT and brainwashed mostly by the liberal side of the NWO!
Probably 80-90% voted for him. Ah I remember the days when liberals were anti-war and pro-civil rights, but those days are now gone as Obama knows how the game is played advancing "gay rights" while stripping away due process from American citizens.

I read about this one UU minister from Austin Texas trying to expose 9-11 and he got drummed out!

This did not surprise me. They do not want any truth tellers in the NWO Unitarian Universalist Association.

As for the tolerance in the UU, HA!

Only if you think the same way they do. I remember the sermons against fundamentalist Christians and others who did not pair with their world view. Poor people are ignored and disdained in the UU world, well third world poor are okay used as pawns and for self satisfied types to send a check to look better, but poor Americans are flat out ignored especially if they do not fit the special group of the month club.

I was UU for over 12 years. I've read all the other religious books including Hindu and Buddhist writings.

The Bible stood up even as I tried to disprove it. I COMPARED THE BOOKS FOR YEARS AS NON BELIEVER.

Jesus was not okay with slavery that is nonsense. He was speaking of servants.
Jesus preached many things that are against slavery. The UU as it supports the United Nations and global elites, supports world slavery. Yeah I dared to say it. Obama even has sent troops to 35 African nations perhaps to force those non-integrated gap nations into the central world banking system.

I reject the UU precept that there is no one truth.

This is the path of confusion. Hey I used to buy into this stuff, different truths for different people.

This is the path that says there is no truth whatsoever.

So who will be left in confusion but claiming there is no truth?

John 8;32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Anonymous said...

BB. It seems one of the commenters know of your health issues and wishes to throw it in your face by saying its becasue of "unforgiveness etc ". Shills and trolls are known for this type of stuff.....James

Bible Believer said...

One of the shills who showed up in my life, could be one who posted that. Trying to cover their tracks too, claiming they believe I am a Catholic when the blog is full of articles warning about the Catholic church and exposing it. Yes they are knowing for that sort of stuf. All the gaslighting and confusion are their techniques, thanks James. They are basically preaching nonsense freemasonry.

Stephen said...

IF UU was valid, Christianity would never exist. Jesus would have never had to exist..but he was a Jews wouldn't have to exist either...the United States might not exist as it is either because the those who broke from Catholicism wouldn't have sought out a new land...and for that matter, let's just scrub all the things said of the prophets who talked of idol worship to non-existent gods. And let's forget the in the Three Temptations of Satan , he was well versed in scripture and quoted from it .