Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Notice Something?

I got these pictures from a message board: [second picture with text added by another party:

Jim Bob Duggar holds a Knights of Columbus "Defend Life" poster at the South Carolina Citizens for Life Rally in Columbia, SC on January 14, 2011.

News source: the picture appears on.

I don't need to repeat myself again how the culture wars, and fight against abortion, is a way they have brought evangelicals and others to join with the Catholic church.
But Knights of Columbus????

This a group where they swear to allegiance to the papacy. It is a men's fraternal group within the Catholic church with an order in about every church at least in America.  Hasn't Jim Bob Duggar read Revelation 17 ever? Where is the discernment? I wonder if any of the older children, would say "Hey Dad, isn't that a FALSE CHURCH and what about 2 Corinthians 6:14?"

By the way, I do not believe the Catholic church has any plans of really stopping abortion, this is done via changed hearts instead of Dominionism [aka politics] anyhow. While there are people of conscience who truly want to stand against abortion and it is a great evil, the higher ups use and manipulate it as a smokescreen.

See: "The Duggars Support Knights of Malta and Catholic Rick Santorum"


Bible Believer said...

Want to share what Fanatic for Jesus posted about this too


"What most folks don't realize about Bill Gothard is that he is a Reconstructionist. A Reconstructionist is actively trying to establish Papal Theonomy for the world. The Institute for Life Principles and their viewpoints on not using contraception lay side-by-side. It almost makes you wonder if this teaching was introduced by the Jesuits when they began to gain more power through the Christian Reconstructionist Movement in our country.

Gothard's Christian living course materials mentored the Duggar family. Gothard’s “Character Cities” program, which is a secular front organization, tries to inject Reconstructionist [Jesuit] goals into local politics. The Duggar's have been had! Or should we be thinking, "Who is Jim Bob Duggar?""

Bible Believer said...


Duggars at Ave Maria University? [Catholic]

Bible Believer said...

Wonder if that is Naples Florida...

Debbie said...

Let me just add to this thread. I was not at this particular march in 2011. I am not a Duggars fan, as I have all the concerns about them trying to raise such a large family as anyone else: however, I joined the march in January of 2014. It is largely attended and organized by those of the Catholic faith. Why? I was really saddened that so few young people from truly fundamentalist Bible-preaching churches were represented, including my own church. I spoke with a young man from one of the Catholic groups, and he told me that he loved being in the Catholic youth group, and they are involved in so many things that matter, and the anti-abortion rally. The speakers were great, and not faith-based but politically-based. This particular set of comments, that the Duggars and linked with the Knights of Columbus on abortion is backwards to me. Why were the solid Bible preaching and believing people not more visible????

Bible Believer said...

Bible believers should not join with the false Catholic church and it's false gospel and organizations to "fight abortion". One can stand up against abortion without the Catholic church in the mix.