Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Documentary Chronicles Christian Rock

Warning heavy rock music in the video:

"New Documentary Chronicles Christian Rock"
A new feature length documentary is in the works that tells the story of Christian Rock through those who shaped the genre.

“Bleed Into One,” produced and directed by Tim Hudson, and named from a lyric off of U2’s Joshua Tree album, has been in the works for five years. “This film has been truly a labor of love,” said Hudson on the project’s website. “We have put everything we have in this film.”

And he really means that. He said that while he was working on the film his electricity got cut off or he had no water. There were “times I would think why am I doing this,” he told The Christian Post.

But Hudson spoke of a calling from God, and a love for music. He got introduced to the beginnings of the Christian music scene through his job at a venue called The Warehouse in Bartlesville, Okla. It was one of three Christian music venues in the country in the early 90s.

“It was a horrible little hole in the wall,” he said. But “we had some legendary awesome shows. Underoath, MxPx played there before they were big time.”

Hudson went on to become the manager of The Warehouse and a promoter for different acts. He told CP that he remembers watching a documentary about Metallica one day and thinking, “Somebody ought to do this for Christian rock. And then I thought, I could do this.”

As people who have read my blog long enough know I warn about CCM, and it's dangers though there are some sincere musicians out there and even some nice contemporary songs, Christian rock has been used to bring in many false things. I also have wrote about how I listened to rock music and some of the worse stuff too as a non-believer. What worries me about this, is look at the name of this documentary "Bleed Into One". Isn't that what Christian rock has been used to do? Help in the "unity" cause among false churches?

I know Bono is advertised as a Christian out there, but let's not forget this is the man who dressed as Metiphisto and with his band U2 helped to advance the "Co-Exist" message. By the way I was a U2 fan before I became a Christian. I know the music in and out and even saw them in concert, the message of "become one" is interwoven through out the music such as in their song "One". Bono has had visits with the Pope, and works with high level global elites.


reaching4truth said...

I remember -- profoundly -- a Bill Hybels interview with Bono that my husband and I watched together on video, that left both of us in a state of disbelief.

Here's why: You could not have convinced us more, that Hybels is a lost soul. Lost -- with no real knowledge of JESUS... and at the helm of a highly successful and influential ministry enterprise, who could not see the obvious: that Bono is COMPLETELY devoid of a believable relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Their talk was as vapid as anything I have ever heard or seen. It was, in a word: unbelievable. We just sat there with our jaws on the floor, because there wasn't a single sign of Spirit-induced life in either of these men whose words were wooden, lifeless and contrived sounding. We were amazed that this could be Bill Hybels, the man so celebrated by the Christian community.

I had read his book, Contagious Christianity (about the newly coined "Friendship Evangelism"), in 1994, and loved it. This couldn't be the same man!-- But it WAS! and he could NOT FRAME A SINGLE THOUGHT about the Savior convincingly!

I know how brash and strident it sounds to be saying this; trust me, I do. To dare to think I could ascertain another man's spiritual state. But this was Bill Hybels, well-known successful and celebrated church leader, a seasoned pastor with decades of spiritual nurture and church leadership under his belt, a counselor of presidents, and a highly respected author and speaker in evangelicalism. His Willow Creek Church, a major influence in the Church Growth Movement, had spawned the Willow Creek Association, with churches jumping on board left and right to employ Hybels' church growth 'wisdom'. Here was a very highly regarded, successful, professing Christian pastor who had first won the hearts of the Christian populace through his evangelism and outreach programs. Yet I'm telling you, without apology, the man I watched interview Bono bore no resemblance to a believer with a believable relationship and knowledge of Christ, AND he attributed to Bono a relationship with the Lord that BONO clearly fumbled in a failed attempt to appear genuine. The whole interview was a travesty of "the emperor has no clothes." And the shock has never left me of the absolute emptiness demonstrated on both their parts. It was like listening to two automatons attempt to describe a relationship with someone they didn't actually have. As obvious as all that.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for sharing, yes with Hybels, he has brought a lot of deception into the church, he didn't become as well known as Rick Warren but I would say his influence is quite up there. Willow Creek definitely started off all the church growth stuff and the deceptions being introduced to reach the "unchurched". One can tell when they are dealing with an unsaved pastor. You are right you will see none of the Holy Spirit there, and nothing resembling a true believer. Of course we must distinguish between the sincere person who simply is not saved and the insincere but with many of these movers and shakers, a lot of them are being used and know exactly what they are doing. Bono, is one I have studied on and off and definitely serving a role in entertaiment for deception working with global elites like G-8 and United Nations objectives and having his frequent visits with the Pope. He has also advanced the cause of Catholic Protestant unity. Bono is not born again, not at all.

He has worked with Tony Blair as well in the cause of interfaithism.

I remember in the 1980s when they advanced U2 as a "Christian band". With these types, especially the knowing ones, where one could say a soul has been sold to Satan for fame? you will see the emptiness and the automaton like behavior.

Was this the conference you saw on that video?

I saw this article too..

Don't miss this article where I point out how Bono is used to be deceive to exploit the poor and the third world as well entitled "Liberation Theology: Exploiting the Poor For Power and The Globalist UN Driven "Church"

reaching4truth said...

Oh my--I KNOW... ALL of it - is horrible. And it takes only a minimal amount of effort to learn of these things, if one would just DO it! It flabbergasts me, and then it makes me want to cry, that so few take the time to truly investigate the deceivers in our midst.

The respected Christian leadership that venerates Bono as a man of God... Oh, the ride he has enjoyed within the Christian camp, all while serving the purposes of Antichrist through the UN, the World Bank, etc., and deceiving the Christian population on so many levels. It is mind-boggling how this one slipped past the radars that should have detected and outed him long ago.

The level of deception entering (welcomed!) into the evangelical mainstream has blown more than a few fuses in my mind. We have got to be willing to allow ourselves to see, acknowledge, and carefully investigate the things that God (perhaps quietly at first) brings to our attention that just-aren't-right... knowing that it's easy to let things continue unaddressed and unquestioned, and to sweep things aside for the sake of undisturbed peace of mind or the continued enjoyment of unbroken fellowship that might be affected were we to question something that hits our radar, grabs our attention and throws up question marks.

Really, if we would just stop and allow ourselves to listen to and respond to the promptings of the Lord in our hearts... Those moments when something comes across as not-quite-right, somewhat off-key, possibly unbiblical. And not just allow the pastor/teacher we have grown to love and trust to be our barometer of truth and error.

But it can lead to some rather unpleasant conclusions. And here is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we find out and demonstrate for ourselves whether we are the lovers of truth we believe ourselves to be... For either the investigation starts here AND CONTINUES, or it abruptly ends, allowing life to go on undisturbed -- and a willful blindness to set in. (Very sobering, considering the somber warnings of scripture, and specifically those of the Lord Himself.)

The multifaceted deception that is Bono and U2 brings to mind again the great longevity that deception has already enjoyed in the Christian realm. We've seen it in the publishing houses, the bookstores, on the radio, in the music, and in highly regarded and circulated Christian magazines... The list is so long of deception, falsehood and uncleanness sold to us "IN THE NAME of CHRIST" as "holy"...

And we look from Celebrated pastors, teachers and evangelists to Celebrated ministries and ministry venues, employing little of the wisdom available to us from God's word, having left the work of discernment to the "celebrities" and "experts" all the while ignoring the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

It's hard watching the steady march of deception into churches and ministries erected in Jesus' Name. The hardest part is watching people turn aside the efforts of folks pleading with them to wake up to the deception around them and take to heart the warnings of scripture.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, said it so well...we live in perilous and grievous times...Yes, we need to be lovers of the truth...all matter how painful...and walk in it. Jesus said "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (Jn8:31-32)
"How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way." (Ps. 119:103-104)

Bible Believer said...

It is horrible no other word to describe it. And it doesn't take much to learn these things, you are right, people just have to be willing to look but most are not. Thinking about the layers of deception it is just so extreme. More then I ever thought I would find out. It has made me cry before trust me on that one.Even thinking about good and well meaning people these types have succeeded in fooling is horrendous enough.

Yes Bono enjoyed a ride in the supposed Christian camp, while singing verses to deceive the world definitely serving the purposes of the Antichrist through the UN and rest of it.

Bono plays the phony part of pretending to care about the poor and fools millions, who then join with the same agendas.

He has definitely been one of their servants. Of these types, I believe the fame is planned from their very childhoods, they are SELECTED and their are many others. Maybe I will do a blog article on Bono, I used to warn about him on a message board, so have a lot of research in that area.

I agree God will warn us of the things that just are not right and as things get deeper and worse and the multi-layers of deception grow, we will need this dependance on God more then ever. Many of these things are HARD to FACE. The human tendency is to sweep it all under the carpet, not rock the boat, yes for peace of mind and enjoyment of fellowship. Especially in today's churches, many [even ones God is warning] I have seen this for myself, stay silent for the sake of not losing fellowship, a place in the community and more.

People have to put God first, rather then pastors and sadly many of the false pastors will misdirect people even via their good emotions holding him in esteem and more making excuses for discrepancies, etc.

They have turned the Christian world into being just like the entertainment world, everything about "celebrities" and experts. I wrote about the Hold Celebrity pastors have some time ago.

And celebrity is what has fueled the fire beneath Bono, his connections, and actions rarely being question as a "loved" rock star. One things about the human adulation of celebrity and how that has worked in so many guises to deceive. They call them IDOLS in many places, and THEY ARE....