Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Thinking About Raider's News Network, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Aliens and Science Fiction

Anyone here ever been over to Raider's News Network?

The other day, I was lurking over there. That place will blow your mind.

I bet sometimes the foreign readers on this website, think Americans have lost their minds, but I got the feeling, they are probably selling this crazy stuff overseas too in some capacity. Every other deception talked about here has been pushed elsewhere in the world too.

They are basically like the website for "Christians meet Aliens Central"

One thing when someone tells you to read ANCIENT TEXTS for truth. RUN, if it's not scripture it is LIES. The Holy Spirit told me the minute I opened it Enoch, that it was NOT scripture and full of demonic lies. Yeah they are telling Christians to read Enoch in these Nephilim circles.

I thought I left the Apocrypha behind with the Catholics, well they do not have Enoch in theirs, but those who love God, do not seek truth from phony books, if anything fake scripture makes you want to throw up.

I've shown this before, there is even a magazine called OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE  that is advertised on the Raiders News Network website and related ones, and trust me I have read weirdo magazines for research from Fortean to Mystery magazine--[non-believer and non-Christians mags] so I never thought I would find out there is a magazine for Christians who can't wait for the aliens to show up. Anyone who think there isn't something for every demographic has got it wrong.

Here is the list of articles of writers and more from this magazine.

From the Publishers Desk 
The Once and Future Failure of Babel by Eric Scott Porter
Nothing Beyond the Flesh: The Theocracy of Prima Materia by Phillip D. Collins
Who Ya Gonna Call? by Nita Horn
Ed Wood, the Prophet by Derek P. Gilbert
Christian Theology and an ET Reality: The Historical Background by Michael S. Heiser
Nephilim Stargates: And The Return Of The Watchers by Thomas Horn
The Abduction Phenomena by L. A. Marzulli
Prophecy of America in Daniel 3.3 by David Flynn
How You Should Respond to the Prophetic Importance of Genesis 6 by Jim Wilhelmsen The Atlantis Scroll Part Two by Stan Deyo

This magazine also went under the name Analomos previously published by Analomos Publishing House. Tom Horn is it's founder. Tom Horn is an integral part of Raiders News Network as well.

There was even a conference done with some of the writers from this magazine, and other bible teachers with the same name. Hmm notice someone familiar here?

Tom Horn interviews Chuck Missler here as well:

Missler says "some of this will come out as strange to the unintiated"

Chuck Missler and Tom Horn have worked together quite a bit. They are even doing a conference together in March of 2012, called Strategic Perspectives. I took a screen shot not shown here.

If you go to this link you can see Tom Horn as well as many other names listed some of who were writers for the UFO magazine above too.

Notice these Christian leaders are telling us TO PREPARE FOR CONTACT....[see the intro by Tom Horn as well]

just like the WORLD.

Just like the VATICAN?

You know things get REALLY weird, when some try to turn the Bible into a SCI FI book, and instead of us worrying about SIN, and WICKEDNESS and repenting, these guys have people worrying about alien reptilian DNA instead and about the earth being attacked by UFOs and "aliens", you know something is very wrong. Also why is there seemingly a move to emphasize aliens instead of spiritual warfare against demons [evil spirits]?

Remember Tom Horn has asked many times: "DO ALIEN/HUMAN HYBRIDS WALK AMONG US?"

What is strange is how there is a weird joining together of these views. I figured out David Icke was a dis-informationist long ago selling his reptilian DNA nonsense under the guise of New Age Luciferian teachings: [yes I have read through some of his books before]

"David Icke
According to British writer David Icke, 5 to 12-foot (1.5 - 3.7 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis star system, now hiding in underground bases, are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy directed at humanity.[7] He contends that most of the world's leaders are related to these reptilians.[8] Icke's conspiracy theories now have supporters in 47 countries and he frequently gives lectures to crowds of 2,500 or more.[9] American writer Vicki Santillano ranked the notion that "Reptilian humanoids control all of us" as the 10th most popular conspiracy theory.[10]"

why should I buy THIS SAME THING BEING SOLD by so called Christian leaders? and under a guise of "Christianity"? Except this time they call them NEPHILIM instead of Reptilians? or in Tom Horn's case, "Alien/Human Hybrids"?

Just ponder that for a bit, and ask yourself what crazy places are some of these teachers taking you?

What is scarier is to note where these teachings are going to take people...

1.They will assume that God made this universe too big for just humans to exist in it and aliens just have to exist.  This leads them open for many of the deceptions coming via television and the media. Even the Vatican remember is pushing the future alien contact stuff as I posted about here.

2.They will assume that the book of Enoch is part of scripture. [it is not, and I have seen this happen to people into this alien research stuff, one was a huge fan of Missler where they accepted it as true inspired lost scripture.

3. They will embrace the New Age and Luciferian teachings that run rampant through out science fiction literature and books. Remember its not SCIENCE, it's FICTION too. They will do so under a Christian veneer.

4. They will be prone to any world wide deception that may be in the mix that includes SIGNS AND WONDERS warned AGAINST in the Bible, but this stuff takes people into looking for SIGNS AND WONDERS and letting THEM do the leading.

5. They will diminish the reality of human sin and evil, especially in powerful circles and will blame it on "Satanic" "alien" DNA.

2Th 2:9 [Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

It looks to me like some are already FOOLED.

One thing Science Fiction is EVIL, the books are full of godless teachings, occultism, and even Star Trek had endless programming advancing one world government and other social new world order goals and plans. What organization do you think was being advanced via the "United Federation of Planets?"

See these posts too:

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Gordon said...

You talk against Nephilim but you link to "Contending for the Truth", who is so pro Nephilim that he would probably call you a heretic for not agreeing with his pro-Nephilim agenda.

Sorry I don't know about everything you have ever written, or even if you still agree with everything you have ever written and is still posted on this blog, but this is kind of strange that you would "endorse" a very very pro-Nephilim teacher on one side, and "warn" about Nephilim on the other.

hmmm. I guess you can't keep your own standard either?

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Bible Believer said...

I DO NOT agree with him about the Nephilim!

I believe there are well-meaning people who have not studied this Nephilim stuff. It took me time to even see through it all with prayer and study.

That said, I have links for information, on side of the blog but this does not mean 100% endorsement of any of them or everything on their websites. I wouldn't be able to link to anyone then.

I have some things I've studied change. That applies to the Pre-Trib, etc.

Bible Believer said...

I hope that some who do believe in the Nephilim, read what I present and it gets them to THINK on these things and where the end result of this stuff leads.

Gordon said...

Why then do you condemn Ray Comfort because some false teacher endorses him?

I see this as a double standard on your part. (if I apply your own standard to you)

Bible Believer said...

His appearances on TBN.

His ecumenical activities

His support of Vision Forum


Hey I don't care if ANYONE asks me questions.

I actually have already read about Nephilim on his website, and thought, well "I disagree".

You do not have to worry about me

a} appearing on TBN

b} going and sharing a stage and a religious platform With Worth of Faith Teachers.


Once upon a time I liked the Way of the Master TV show, just found out about these things.

Hey if Ray Comfort came on here and say, look I found out about Vision Forum and I don't agree or I am sorry about appearing on that Catholic promoting apostate TBN network it would be something differnet.

I've made it policy NOT to 100% endorse any website. There are even those waiting out there to trip someone up on purpose. hmmmmmmm

Bible Believer said...

his website, refers to Contending for the truth...not Comfort.

Bible Believer said...

Oh and if someone calls me a "heretic" for not believing in the Nephilim so be it.

When I became born again, I knew science fiction was rot, and full of the satanic, I do not accept science fiction versions of the Bible.

Gordon said...

I don't think Ray Comfort would come here and apologize to you for his preaching the Gospel anywhere. Praise God there are people like him who don't care what men think of them.

The doctrine of Nephilim is only one problem of many with Scott Johnson, please don't continue to turn a blind eye there.

Saying that... I've already spent a lot of time "warning" people and actually writing churches and ministries about Ray Comfort and his associations. I feel I was wrong to do that in this case. I will not be his judge any longer. His message is one simple message, and that is it... The Gospel, and that is what he preaches ... e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!!!

I would applaud your rejection of the false doctrine of the Nephilim.

Bible Believer said...

Look, every one of the false preachers out there preaches some form of a "gospel". Even Rick Warren. There may be more kudos for Ray Comfort in that he does get out there,witnessing to some unbelievers, but why does that excuse the falsehoods that come with it? How many Christians are tuning now on to TBN, only to be led to their resident Catholic priest and false doctrines such as Word of Faith. Do you realize how many are falling away or even being taken advantage of by the wealthy Word of Faith preachers that dominate on that channel? There is this propensity in Christianity to tell people "only the gospel" matters and most often it is an easy believism gospel [I know Comfort seeks to convict via the 10 commandments] and take everything down to the "lowest common denominator" while allowing for endless untruths to be mixed in the pot? Why do you feel you were wrong to warn about Ray Comfort? I am really curious about that. You were not you know. When I first started doing this, everyone told me "you are wrong, how dare you, you should not focus on those things", but that is part of the script you know to get Christians to close their eyes. Most of the Christian churches are being deceived, and well, that is a problem. Some even believe the Pope teaches as gospel as it were. Someone cannot preach a true gospel while at the same time being aligned knowingly with untruths. If they are truly a Christian then there is questions about their discernment. I was a new believer, and knew TBN was rotten within the first month. Should'nt someone like Ray Comfort being able to discern the real deal there? Remember a lot of teachers out there Rick Warren, Joel Osteen are doing the "we preach the gospel" game and nothing else matters, so they mix in lies and deceptions and take people down false roads.

Thanks regarding the doctrine of the Nephilim.

Bible Believer said...

Here is an article, I wrote this some time ago for another commenter.

One thing it would be easier, trust me to IGNORE all this, and just post Bible verses, salvation posts and pictures of flowers. Sometimes, I've been tempted to.

But what is wrong with warning folks?


By the way I hope if I go off the rails, hope someone tells me. If I was a Ray Comfort and hanging out with a bunch of Word of Faithers, I would hoping a friend would be like HEY WHY ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH THOSE GUYS?

If I get into some false doctrine....same thing. Yeah already had a few disagree with me on a few things. I re-examined Pre-Trib even some time ago.

These preachers are other human beings. Even the SINCERE ones, should be warned of sincere mistakes, but how about the knowing deceiver types, well they should be called out too. Even these preacher's odd, "never correct me" attitudes are strange.

By the way I do not expect to get everything 100% perfect, but then if you yourself went to hang out on TBN or an ecumenical fest, wouldn't you expect to be called out for it? Why not this guy?

Jud 1:23 And others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Gordon said...

What I am failing to get across;
1. There are many false gospels, and only 1 True Gospel.
2. That Gospel is from God Himself, God Himself.
3. No one can save themself. No one.
4. All have sinned. All are sinners, All need salvation.


And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners? When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (found in Mark 2 but mirrored in other places)

5. Where did Paul preach first? ...synagogue of the Jews. (Look at Act17 but there are others)He also preached right in the Greek philosophical center of the Areopagus, and note the conversions of leaders such as Dionysius the Areopagite here.

6. There are many examples of Paul doing strange things such as preaching against circumcision then... circumcising Timothy Act 16:3, or taking a vow. Act 18:18 and 21:23

Ray Comfort not only preaches the true Gospel, but teaches others how to, too. He only has one basic message, toss out any other theology, he only has this one mission.

If others are using his name, in the name dropping game of fame, the true Gospel gets spread. When Ray drops names that those in false religions identify with, they will give him an ear. He doesn't teach anything else, and if you examine him closely, there isn't anything else that sticks to him. He washes in and out of this or that doctrine sometimes, but not so much as to teach you anything about anything other than what is the Gospel and how to share your faith.

I don't think it is fair of someone to say they have examined him well and come to an educated conclusion... if they don't even know who Todd Friel is.

I've heard of testimonies of those in the WOF movement or TBN watchers that have been saved and come out of those false teachers because of the true Gospel that Ray preached.

Snatch as many as you can out of that fire, whatever religion they belong to, before it's too late. Jud 1:23

This is why I keep bringing up the Gospel, because no matter how right you are about exposing wrong, it still isn't right unless it is also True.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Ray Comfort manages to preach to crowds of lost people in deep deception that others can't, and I believe that God sent him there.

I've seen people preaching the Gospel using what they learned from Ray, in circles like SeventhDayAdventist, heavy Pentecostals and Charismatics, ecumenical rescue missions, just to name a few places you might not think you would hear it.

Does the true Gospel itself really have power to save?
Can the Gospel affect or effect a lost person who hears it from a tract or street preacher or even Ray Comfort while watching TBN?

7. The Gospel is Christ's

Have you seen 180 the movie yet?
It's only about 30 minutes long...

Anonymous said...

it's funny that you mention some of the people who perpetrate the alien human hybrid, and nephilim lie, yet omit the fact that scott johnson also subscribes to this lie, and even sends people to russ dizdar's website ...

Bible Believer said...

I do not support Russ Dizdar, have serious concerns there.

[based on hearing a few of his programs, but it was years ago]

Gordon said...

So the Gospel is veiled to these false teachers, they don't have a saving faith -in the Lord Jesus Christ-. They honestly don't think the Gospel of Christ has any real power, so the true Gospel is being preached right under their noses by Ray Comfort, on TBN and in the Word of Faith circles and others I mentioned.

That true Gospel I never heard after 25 years of Calvary Chapel.

My sin is against the Holy Creator God of all things, who is perfect, and demands perfection in thought, word and deed, and cannot excuse even the "smallest" or a single sin, He demands eternal justice for my eternal crime against the Eternal God. My eternal sentence is just, and final, --separation from God without hope of acquittal, in hell-- " Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched." (see this verse near the end of Mark 9)

My sins were easy to identify against the 10 commandments of God, I told lies, I blasphemed God's name, I had hated people which makes me a murderer at heart, I had pretended God didn't care about these sins and would just forgive me, that made me an Idolater because that was not the God of the Bible, I had lusted at heart, making me an adulterer at heart, I had stolen things which made me a thief, I didn't honor my parents, I didn't even think about God lots of time, which breaks the first commandment. lots more.

I found out that God is severe. His Perfect and Holy and Righteous nature demands perfection, making my punishment for crimes against him fair and just, and it is right that I should NOT be forgiven, no matter how sorry I was. No matter how much I promised not to ever do it again, the deeds had been done, I was already proven guilty, my God given conscience convicted me many times.

I thought God winked at sin and would just forgive me if I asked. No big deal. (terribly wrong)

And Joshua said unto the people, Ye cannot serve the LORD: for he is an holy God; he is a jealous God; he will not forgive your transgressions nor your sins. Josh 24:19

I never knew that God would not just forgive sin.
He never did and never will "just forgive" sin.

A guilty criminal standing before a civil court guilty of murder wouldn't expect to walk free before a just judge. No matter how rightfully sorry he would be.

How much less a person guilty of many crimes before a totally Righteous Judge with clear evidence of every single thought and deed I have ever done?

I never realized that my sin REQUIRED a blood sacrifice, to pay for my crimes against God. That the only way to satisfy an eternal crime with eternal consequences is with the eternal blood of God the Son Jesus Christ.

For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

God Himself sacrificed Jesus on the Cross to pay my crimes.
Jesus payed my penalty for my crime, and suffered the wrath of God in my place, but that isn't all. That is the Mercy of God, not giving me the penalty of what I did deserve. Jesus was buried in a tomb for 3 days, then He rose from that grave of mine conquering death, in a physical real resurrected body, and ascended to heaven where He sits (job finished!) at the right hand of the Father, He also poured out His Grace too, and gave me eternal life, something I did not deserve, and will be given a resurrected body.

All of this, I receive by faith alone in Christ! (which does produce repentance)
This is the Gospel began to hear first from Ray Comfort. see also 1 Cor 15, Eph 2

I had already left Calvary Chapel (about 2 years before I heard this), because of the false teaching and false predictions of Jesus returning in 1999 by Jon Courson. Just leaving false teaching did nothing to bring me closer to the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel did!

Bible Believer said...

Gordon, One can talk with sinners, eat with them, preach gospel to them... but share religious platforms with them? I found this article...agree with the author on this issue


"Ray Comfort and others from WOTM have appeared several times now with Word Faith heretics with the pragmatic argument that WF victims are getting “the biblical gospel” they wouldn’t normally hear. But in each appearance so far, Ray and co have failed to warn the victims of Word Faith, that they are under false-teachers with another gospel and another Jesus.

Forget pragmatism, if a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon knocked on my door, and I took them through the WOTM (“have you lied, stolen” etc), then no matter how clearly, I explained the Gospel to them, if I refused to warn them that they are under false teachers and that their Jesus is a different Jesus than the real Jesus in the Bible, then I have not witnessed to them PERIOD.

Now that said, I think if invited it is fine to go and preach to these people providing you’re not going to compromise, and so you do clearly warn people about the false teachers.
Jesus preached in the temple which was full of apostate false teachers, however his message was:

-“My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.” Mat 21:13
-“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces”. Mat 23:13
-“Watch and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees”-Mat 16:16

WOTM have done several TBN shows now in which they have not given the slightest impression there is anything wrong with Word Faith. But no-one walked away from the preaching of Jesus without fully being warned that the false teachers are dangerous.

So my plea to Ray and co is, if he really wants to do Evangelism “the way Jesus did it”, then he must clearly warn these people that they are under false teachers. Otherwise it simply is not “the way Jesus did it.”

Recently many Christians have been more than a little perplexed to see that people who they believed to be genuine Christians have been deceived by the false prophet Todd Bentley. Yet it is largely because of respected Biblical teachers appearing on God TV/TBN/Word Faith and not speaking out against them, that the lines have been blurred and so people have been deceived into thinking Word Faith can’t be all that bad.

1 Cor 5:11 “But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother …”
-i.e. they are a professing Christian, which includes Word Faith Heretics.
“…if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.”

Now the fact that Scripture commands it is wrong to keep on going to these places but avoiding to warn them, is not even debatable, nor is Rom 16:17-18, but the last thing I want to note here is that many of Ray's followers have accused anyone who disagrees with him on this by pleading:
“You’re gossiping.”
“Judge not lest you be judged”.
“There’s lost people there and he’s preaching the Gospel”.

But wind back the time to when Billy Graham was preaching alongside the Pope on a Roman Catholic mission, without warning people that Roman Catholicism is wrong, and try using the same arguments against those who spoke out against what Graham was doing:
“You’re gossiping.”
“Judge not lest you be judged”.
“There’s lost people there and he’s preaching the Gospel”.

So my prayer is that Ray will do it the way Jesus did and fully warn these people about their false teachers and teachings, leaving them with no other impression than that the Word of Faith cult is a damnable heresy."

and this is not just the other false thing that Ray Comfort has aligned himself with, the working with Vision Forum [because of Dominionism and other false teachings] is also of concern.

Gordon said...

Bible Believer, it took me something like 6 to 8 hours or more today to write the stuff I have, sorry I'm so slow.

You sent a link to puritianfellowship where he goes on about not sharing the platform with false teachers, then... plain as day he quotes Keith Green who would be pretty "easy believism" which only makes me wonder why he doesn't care about which gospel is being preached as long as it's NOT on TBN?

You don't need to answer this or post it, it's just my observation.
I do want to thank you for taking the time you have on this however!

Gordon said...

I have to just mention one more thing,
I was a Mormon before I left that false religion for another.

You said;
Forget pragmatism, if a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon knocked on my door, and I took them through the WOTM (“have you lied, stolen” etc), then no matter how clearly, I explained the Gospel to them, if I refused to warn them that they are under false teachers and that their Jesus is a different Jesus than the real Jesus in the Bible, then I have not witnessed to them PERIOD.

I was witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness just a few weeks ago, and as all self-righteous religions, and people, they are sure they are right and you are wrong. --no matter what you say--

The Holy Spirit will use His Word, plant the seed.

If you try to expound in the Bible that Jesus is God for example, they (both mormons and jw's)already have a prepared defense. This Gospel message Ray preaches isn't the end, but only a beginning, --study to show thyself approved--

What does get some JW's thinking is pointing out the error of the Watchtower predictions, if you note me carefully I've never even hinted that you shouldn't point out error or that you shouldn't study.

Way of the Master does also have apologetic resources in their School of Biblical Evangelism that also discusses this and other topics.

I couldn't keep myself enrolled there, but it was there that I first learned about the Bible version issue too, not that it was being taught but other students brought up the subject.

I think we all know you can't fully trust the teaching of men, and I'm not a WoTM "member", but I will defend Ray Comfort from what appears like unjust criticism, after seeing his fruit after all these years.

The foolishness of preaching...
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

I am personally fully convinced God is absolutely able of Himself to perform His will.

Anonymous said...

I've read and listened to some information on the nephelim and at this point in time my thinking is that there is something going on, but it is demonic. I do believe demons are messing with people. The reptilian stuff is very strange and I'm not sure what to think of it other than to say that if true in any way, these world leaders are allowing themselves to be led by evil. There has been too much that has been seen and experienced by people to say that it is simply not true. Something is going on, but we just have to view it through the lens of scripture and as believers and try to ascertain what it consists of, really.

With that said, I do anticipate that we will experience some very sinister goings on relating to all of this, and our job as Christians is to see it for what it really is. Others will truly believe it is aliens and will behave accordingly and according to their plan.

That's my 2 cents for what it's worth, and it's not much. It's all just too strange to wrap your brain around.

What is a good thing, though, is to really find the connections between these people so you know they are not trustworthy for a Christian and to avoid them, like we've done with Missler.

Gordon said...

I wanted to follow up on myself.
I hadn't been back to Way of the Master, School of Biblical Evangelism in several years. After discussing/defending it here, I decided to go see if things had changed.

Short version;
Filled with wolves with bad doctrine, no discernment.

Okay so, save them out of WoF, but if they land in SoBE, kill their faith in God by some wolf telling them "God is sovereign, don't pray to Him and expect any answer, it's already predestined your prayer is useless" --barf (hey was that a foot stuck in my mouth?)

Bible Believer said...

Gordon glad you went to go check then out. So you saw changes from years ago? Guess I am not surprised. Hey I watched Way of the Master and LIKED IT, when I was a new Christian, I always hate to find out what some of these folks get themselves involved in. I know no one is perfect but when patterns are established and they all are in each other's back pockets, what a disappointment!

What is SOBE? Do you mean the Calvinists?

Yeah I have problems with that world too. All the people supposedly "predestined" to end up in hell. Disturbing doctrines.

Bible Believer said...

My thing with the Nephilim is I think there are some sincere people out there who have been misled on that stuff, but how do we discern between those who simply do not know and those who are fully joined in with the Nephilim deception-thon. It's a subject that took me MONTHS to even get straight in my own mind and even now, while I am not buying their Nephilim, alien hoax stuff, it is ultra-complex. Missler given the rest of his false teachings and other connections, we can figure is one of the deceivers with this stuff. With the aliens I think there is "naturally* caused deception stuff in the works, Project Blue Beam and also demonic manifestations, alien visitations READ just like demonic possession. So yes I agree that demons are messing with people with this stuff. I agree SOMETHING is going on, too many seeing things, and the rest. Some have natural explanations, military came out with those triangular planes for example and there were lots of reports of triangular UFOs for some years. But some have otherworldly connotations, the demonic. Satan could use the whole alien lie to destroy faith in God and Christianity...so have been pondering that one.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your concern. I've read some of the materials of Chuck Missler and Tom Horn and seen some of their videos and they both agree that whatever is going on with the UFO phenomena is satanic in nature and the only way we can be protected from the deception that will come upon the earth is by our faith in Jesus Christ. I see them as honest researchers who see a parallel between what's going on with the UFO phenomena today and what went on with the fallen angels and the nephilim in the past. Again they both agree this is satanic in nature, they warn many will be decieved by these "aliens," and it is only through the saving power of Jesus Christ and our faith in Him that we can be protected.

Bible Believer said...

The core problem for me is advancing the theory of Nephilim as BIOLOGICAL BEINGS.

Quote from Missler I got right from K House:

"In the last article, "Mischievous Angels or Sethites?" we explored the importance of understanding Genesis 6. The straightforward presentation of the text seems to clearly portray a strange union of fallen angels with women to produce a hybrid race called the "Nephilim," or fallen ones."


Do you see the problem there?

Many of these "Christians" will believe they are dealing with biological beings, and well, while the rest of the world wails over the would be 'alien invasion" [if that is something they are planning to do] There are the "Christians" too believing the beings are biological, which basically sets aside the realities of spiritual warfare and dealing with what basically are out and out demons.

So that is the problem, they can say these things are satanic but they are leading the Christian community basically to the same place New Agers have been led for decades.

Remember I was a NEW AGER essentially as a UU Theosophist, all the stuff they come up with the aliens, Enoch, etc, was NOT NEW.

Even the THEOSOPHISTS used to say THE WATCHERS are coming back.




So I am posting this to show you...

Misslers and Horn's teachings were not NEW TO ME.

Anonymous said...

"The core problem for me is advancing the theory of Nephilim as BIOLOGICAL BEINGS."

Again, I dont see the problem with seeing the nephilim as biological beings. After all, isn't this what the bibles says?

"the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty MEN which were of old, MEN of renown."

The bible calls them MEN, which suggest they were biological. This is why I agree with their theory.

It seems to me (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that you are confusing the fallen angels with the nephilim. According to the Genesis account, the nephilim were the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. In other words, it seems that these nephilim were angel/human hybrids. The nephilim were the biological beings, the fallen angels spiritual biengs. So here is the parallel between what went on during the days of Noah and whats going on today; according to both Tom Horn and Chuck Missler, these so-called "aliens" are also spiritual biengs, and according to abduction researchers, even secular abduction researchers, it seems the "aliens" are creating alien/human hybrids. Maybe is just a coincidence, but then again, maybe its not.

And yes, this theory is not new. In fact, most of the ancient civilizations have a similar story about the "gods" coming down from heaven and comingling with women, creating hybrid offspring. For example, the famous Titans were supposedly hybrid demigods, like Hercules and Atlas. In the first century, Josephus (or Philo, or both) actually indentified the Titans with the nephilim of the bible. And if I recall correctly, the Septuagint translated a verse which spoke of the Raphaim (a race of nephilim) as Titans. So this theory is in fact very ancient.

facelikethesun said...

the case with you personally. I am okay with criticism and critique. But to say they are leading people to hell, or that they are going to hell etc (not that you said this in the post, but I've heard others have) I believe is just wrong. Are you God? How dare you judge others in that way?

I don't think what Tom or Chuck and that elk of teachers are teaching to be heretical. In fact, it's quite consistent with a good hermeneutic of scripture. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things I don't agree with when it comes to their exegesis. But that's the beauty isn't it? We will never know the depths of the Bible through in through. People spend their lives studying it, and never grasp it all. That's how big our God is.

Phillipians 4:4 says "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice." We should rejoice that we have a merciful God. Then we can get into the discussion about theology.

My conviction is to never follow a teacher...but learn from them. Ultimately we are to follow Christ.

As far as Nephilim are concerned, I think there is plenty of evidence in the bible to show that they were biological beings, and that they were angel-human hybrids.

facelikethesun said...

the case with you personally. I am okay with criticism and critique. But to say they are leading people to hell, or that they are going to hell etc (not that you said this in the post, but I've heard others have) I believe is just wrong. Are you God? How dare you judge others in that way?

I don't think what Tom or Chuck and that elk of teachers are teaching to be heretical. In fact, it's quite consistent with a good hermeneutic of scripture. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things I don't agree with when it comes to their exegesis. But that's the beauty isn't it? We will never know the depths of the Bible through in through. People spend their lives studying it, and never grasp it all. That's how big our God is.

Phillipians 4:4 says "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice." We should rejoice that we have a merciful God. Then we can get into the discussion about theology.

My conviction is to never follow a teacher...but learn from them. Ultimately we are to follow Christ.

As far as Nephilim are concerned, I think there is plenty of evidence in the bible to show that they were biological beings, and that they were angel-human hybrids.

Bible Believer said...

Please go to the index and read the other posts on both the Nephilim AND MISSLER.

Missler has been exposed as even having Vatican connections.


Anonymous said...

Symbolism at intro for Red River Bible & Prophecy Conference 2012 (Chuck Missler).

Featuring upside down cross.


Bible Believer said...

Thanks, I took a screen shot.

Yeah weird symbolism and also the doubled-tiered cross as well means something.

Katherine Bazemore said...

I am fully supportive of Tom Horn and Chuck Missler. I know their hearts and they are men of God. Unfortunately, like myself for years, too many of us had only done the 1st layer view of the word versus allowing God to really to take us deep into the word and its total integrated message. I walk by the Spirit and I Praise God that they are trying to make sure Christians know the deep truths so that when things unfold we can stand on Him and not have our hearts fail due to our lack of Knowledge. They will stand and I will stand on Yashua (Jesus) our redeemer.

Bible Believer said...

How do you know their hearts?

They do fool people telling them, we are taking you DEEP into the layers of God's Word.

In fact when I first encountered Missler before I figured out what was going on, I thought this was something special.

But then many do deceive, by saying "We are going to give you SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE", we are going to "INTIATE" you.

Just please study and pray on these things more.

so called "deep truths" can be used mightily for deception!

facelikethesun said...


That could be said about any pastor/teacher etc. One thing that Chuck Missler has said over the years is, "don't believe me, go look it up for yourself to verify if what I am saying is true." I bet most people don't but I happened to be one of those people who always took time to verify his claims, especially the ones that seem outrageous.

They are never suggesting that they are giving anyone, "special knowledge" or that they are going to "initiate" anyone. I don't even know where you got those ideas?

You are correct that "deep truths" can be used for deception. But as a researcher myself, I understand where they are coming from. The bottom line is that no one should trust 100% in any man's words, interpretations etc. It needs to be spirit led. But I don't think these teachers are out there to deceive people on purpose as you seem to be suggesting.

Bible Believer said...

How do you explain Missler's working with the NWO Swan Sat system and the ties to the Vatican and CNP which have been exposed.


I did go check things out for myself and they came up short. I am not sure if you saw what I wrote someone else, but the quantum mystic stuff wasn't new to me. The UU was full of that stuff by the 1980s. Even Missler and his wife's advancement of a pseudo Protestant Purgatory in a would be millennial kingdom was really anti-biblical.

I do believe Missler is a "knowing" deceiver. There are those who get co-opted, who get influenced, who fall away, but his NWO ties are immense.


Watch these videos...


Anonymous said...

I do not understand what you are preaching against. God has told you there is a seed (offspring) of the serpent (Gen. 3), that there are Nephelim (before and after the Flood)(Gen. 6), that Israel spied them out and displaced them from Canaan (Numbers 13:33), that the whole world is being deceived by Satan and his angels, that there is a book of Jasher (2 Sam. 1:18; Joshua 10:13; Jude quoted from the book of Enoch(Jude 1:14), fallen angels and demons are testified to be a reality, and The Revelation of the Lord abounds with many last days strange happenings in the world before His return, including the unleashing of those spirits that have been restrained upon the earth, and you don;t believe these things? Now, i have heard none of these men you are preaching against claim to be prophets. In fact, they frequently admit they are speculating based upon known facts, of which, Nephelim are known facts as revealed by God himself in the Bible. It just so happens millions of people all over the world are seeing and experiencing intelligently operated UFO's and even intimate close encounters with non-human etities. Your God says the sons of Elohim once had offspring with the daughters of Adam (Gen. 6 - in the days of Noah)and Jesus confirmed it would be as in the days of Noah when he returned. Is this what we are experiencing in the earth? They are speculating that it very well could be based upon mounds of Biblical and extra-biblical evidence. What is wrong with this?

Unknown said...

I agree at least on this I've herd my share of tom horn and he does call them satanic and of the devil. Just as he does preach salvation through Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Tom horn is affiliated with the papacy in some way. Whenever Roman Catholicism is brought up, it's always in a positive way. He promotes Catholic "priests" as the one who are out confronting all the supernatural in the name of "god"........James

Bible Believer said...

He's a definitely false teacher. Some may speak of the errors of the Catholic church but then act like their priests and people are "holy". At this point I'm not fooled. I consider the Catholic mass out and out satanism. Sure some of the priests even are duped, they believe they are seeking holiness but I think the higher ranking ones are in on the game.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that I use to listen to tom horn and chuck missler long ago. Now that I look back at it, it wasn't for the gospel message they were preaching (or lack thereof), but for entertainment purposes. I'll admit I had itching ears. I was just starting to seek out the Lord, and instead of just opening a bible and reading it, I first started checking YouTube for other people's opinions, which was something I now regret. I'm not ashamed to say I listened to those things, but would rather talk about it in hopes of steering others away from it. I believe tom horn, LA Marzulli etc got this view of things from G H Pember, who was part of the Plymouth brethren. This is the same "brethren" that brought us John Nelson Darby, the man who introduced dispensationism to England via Edward Irvin. I believe the Plymouth brethren could have easily been a Jesuit front just like the Oxford movement was proven to be.........James

MyIMList said...

This can be a very troubling topic to say the least. I spent 6 months buried in a special room in my house studying for myself. I decided I cannot trust "Man" to tell me the truth in such things. The ego and peer pressure (yes, its an adult problem too) is so strong that "MOST" people cannot and will not overcome them, but a few do. Most of those who are able to put aside the ego and peer pressure (going against friends family etc) are those who have already been so humiliated that their ego is dead and useless and they have no one left to impress but God Himself.

It is at this point that a man is able to believe whatever the bible says without question. I finally realize now what scripture is talking about when it says "before wisdom comes humility". Again, it is only at this point that one is open to "HEAR" the word of God as is and not as is popular. This is not the reason I came here lol! :P

I came to say that the final thing I learned that made me change my view of Genesis 6 from "there were no Giants" to the Angel View was the verifiable fact that The RCC changed it from the Angel View to the Sethite view...(to be clear, IF there is a single one final thing, this might be it)...

The RCC has changed almost everything Jesus taught us. And many of us keep this in check and continue resisting the power they still have over our beliefs...except this one.

Did the RCC save us from lies of the Giants or...
Did the RCC change the truth to a lie?
So actually, after all the other stuff I read for myself, and months later when I felt torn up inside (scripture was not supporting my beliefs as much as it was the Giants and this is painful!!!), trying to find away out of this dilemma, I began reading stuff from the very early Apostolic Fathers and other historians dated before around 300 AD or so, and "I Read For Myself" that the normal view/belief Pre-Catholic days was the Angel view. On top of scripture, this was a nuke to the Sethite view.

As for me, I care not what any "Man" tells me to believe, The bible from Genesis to Revelation has to be twisted to fit depending on which mindset of Ge 6 one takes. I believe what the bible says no matter how comfortable it sounds. The bible came alive after this change! It has been the most exciting thing to happen to me since my kids were born! I can hardly contain it! I was shocked out of my head when I was excited to share some of the stuff I had learned during my "Hide from People with God" time and brought up how cool it was in Job that God was saying to Job, "Who do you think you are to question me?! What do YOU know!? Were you there when I created the Earth? .....etc etc..and I mentioned the Angels who praised God during creation and my old church peer said, "no, those were men, not angels"... I stopped the conversation in total shock!

I thank God I can finally read the Bible as a Child, with no agenda and no more "popular beliefs" that I have to stick with to fit in. A result of my humility, being humbled painfully, I can at least "Hear Gods Words" as they are.

Much Love To All!