Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Fanatic for Jesus: "Jesuit Infiltration of the Evangelical Church"

"Jesuit Infiltration of the Evangelical Church"

Check this article out, one thing people need to realize that the Counter-Reformation continues today. The Protestant and Evangelical churches have been infiltrated, she talks about Chuck Smith but then brings Norm Geisler into the mix. I have posted about Norman Geisler before in this article "Ecumenical Teachers at Calvary Chapel Bible College?"

Going Down the Norman Geisler Rabbit Trail
Norman Geisler is a Christian apologist and the co-founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary outside Charlotte, North Carolina, where he formerly taught. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Jesuit Loyola University. Geisler is well known for his scholarly contributions to the subjects of Christian apologetics and philosophy. He is a moderate Calvinist and has authored/coauthored/or editor of over 60 books and hundreds of articles.[1]

Check out the rest of the article which has more details including Norm Geisler's membership in the American Philosophical Society, and connections to Ross Rhoads. Included are many of Norm Geisler's pro-Catholic statements such as this one;

"Catholics and evangelicals share a common core of beliefs about salvation. ... For both groups salvation is by grace and is not prompted by human works. It comes as a gift of God to undeserving humanity" (pp. 81, 103, 104).


Anonymous said...

So if Catholics believe in salvation by grace theN they can throw away their Prayer Beads.
No need for confession either because penance is about working off your sins.
Seems that that whole thing with Martin Luther was a misunderstanding.... if penance is not part of Catholic dogma.

Thank you Norman for clarifying this misunderstanding

Seriously folks, if you do not believe the above, then you MUST understand that this is purposed deception.
Norman is a CHANGE AGENT... no other RATIONAL choice here.
(Unless you think he is stupid.)

Anonymous said...

One click on your link, and then googled Alberto Rivera Romero and wow, I came up with some of his writings, especially the Chick track "Godfathers" about the Catholic church basically controlling events in the world. I was pretty much glued to my computer screen reading what this man revealed after leaving the Jesuits.

link to track

We protestants must learn about this history before we are absorbed into the Catholic church with its planned ecumenism. It's really scary stuff, and its enemies are Christian protestants and the Jews.

Bible Believer said...

It's absurd isn't it Labby. Hey salvation by grace, NO MORE SACRAMENTS necessary, the whole system and it's priesthood would be made null and void, but that is something Geisler does not want anyone to know. To me this is a purposed deception too. One they like to emphasize, but covering up the fact that Rome even has different definitions for words like grace. I tend to think the change agent thing is very possible as well.

Anon, I read the Godfathers years ago. Actually while people don't always like Chick--I disagree with him of course on the Rapture and a few other things, Rivera warned about things we are seeing happening now...

I believe the majority of the Protestant world has been absorbed. I am working on a post now, that has not been posted yet, one taking me longer to write and an article on the book UnChristian as well.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my husband who was a catholic and used to give out Chick Tracts after he became a Christian - even to Catholics! Boy did that get him into trouble. It seems now he has sort of forgotten what he once knew, and feels there are Christians in the Catholic church, bla bla bla, just exactly as Alberto said it.

He is so angry at me for pointing out the contemplative stuff going on at our church, he actually told me this week to not come back to church and to find my own. That stung, but I KNOW I AM NOT WRONG. Because of your blog and others, I have been educated on what to look for. I'm sticking very close to my KJV Bible and sorry, that stuff is not in there.

I'm just learning so much from these tracts - I just finished "Alberto". I had no idea that Catholics could not have salvation if not for Mary.

And this one I had to read twice to see if I was reading correctly - that the tribulation saints will be tortured by "her" (the catholic church) and that it will be occult murders involving the black mass. That's insane and evil. When he saw the black pope had on a masonic ring and he was stunned by that. Again, another connection.

He claimed in The Godfathers" that there would be a signal sent out to the Jesuits (by the Jesuits?) that when an American president is sworn in facing the Wash. monument (an occult marker) that protestantism is officially absorbed in and to watch for that. Then he said Reagan was sworn in that way, whether he knew about it or not. Chilling.


btw, I've been commenting under anon now because of the new Google policies so I'm not using them anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think I found Alberto's website that shows his widow Nury. Two things that popped out to me upon viewing the website. There is a clear Templar Nights slanted cross into the crown shown at the top, and his wife is a pastor. What do you think of him? Was he truthful in your opinion?

Bible Believer said...

Yeah why is there a Templar symbol on top of that page.

There does seem to be a lot of truth of what he warned about. Reading smokescreens from 25 years ago, that stuff all came to pass.

If that is Nury's website it does seem very OFF.

I wonder what happened to the "Antichrist Information Center"?

I find myself thinking Nury Rivera would be long dead even due to passage of time. Is she even still alive?