Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Duggars Support Catholic, Knights of Malta Member: Rick Santorum For President

Caption on picture: "The Duggar family campaigned through Iowa for Rick Santorum in this bus Monday. (Robin Abcarian / Los Angeles Times / January 2, 2012)"

The Duggar's Support Rick Santorum.

Yes the largest "Christian" family on television supports a member of the Knights of Malta and a Catholic as your president. Where is their discernment? Well as I have exposed on this blog many times, the Duggars are supporter of Dominionism and Catholic involvement in that is a given:
"Rick Santorum has received an unexpected endorsement from one of America’s largest families. TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” Duggar family attended a rally for Santorum in Polk City, Iowa, today.
Family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar told the audience, “All the people in America that have conservative family values have to get behind Rick Santorum for president.” Duggar brought along 12 of his 19 children, creating quite a media sensation, though the Duggar family is used to the spotlight."
also see "Santorum Gets Campaign Boost From Jim Bob Duggar of ‘19 Kids and Counting’"

Remember all my warnings about the "culture wars" and how it would bring evangelicals and Catholics together? This has all worked part in parcel in bringing this country under more tyranny. I mean if Calvary Chapel is going to work with their own Knights of Malta Boykin, why not The Duggars who will only serve to help influence the false religious right via their own support of a Knights of Malta member running for president? Whether his campaign gets anywhere remains to be seen, but it is all very concerning. I feel for the kids, they simply are following their father's example, and do not know anything else. 

Caption on picture "Stumping for Santorum: Jim Bob Duggar talks about his support for Rick Santorum in front of the bus his family rode in from Arkansas to campaign for the former Pennsylvania senator"

The Santorums are definitely Knights of Malta.

Just think about who the Duggars are now supporting and how this family is  being used who have so many fans that do not know anything about Dominionism or other things they are involved in. It is more deception via the religious right.  Let Rick Santorum's words speak for themselves:

"He (Senator Rick Santorum) told NCR that a distinction between private religious conviction and public responsibility, enshrined in John Kennedy's famous speech in 1960 saying he would not take orders from the Catholic church if elected president, has caused "much harm in America."

"All of us have heard people say, `I privately am against abortion, homosexual marriage, stem cell research, cloning. But who am I to decide that it's not right for somebody else?' It sounds good," Santourm said. "But it is the corruption of freedom of conscience."

Santorum told NCR that he regards George W. Bush as "the first Catholic president of the United States."

"From economic issues focusing on the poor and social justice, to issues of human life, George Bush is there," he said. "He has every right to say, `I'm where you are if you're a believing Catholic.'"--National Catholic Reporter, January 18, 2002"

There are some that speak of Opus Dei connections to Santorum. I could not find a link exposing any official membership in Opus Dei, but he is said to be a BOOSTER and a SUPPORTER. Just google his name and Opus Dei.

I suppose we all can guess why the Duggars are supporting this guy, all for the cause of DOMINIONISM. 


Sixpence Never the Richer said...

I'm not surprised that the Duggars are rooting for Santorum. The father Jimbob has never been shy about promoting the right wing (he had his own stint in politics). I guess the familys' grieving for their miscarried child is taking a back seat to supporting their political party.

Bible Believer said...

I am not either. Jim Bob is totally involved in the false religious right and I believe the family is a big part of the false right deception and promotion of Dominionism.

Don't miss these articles I wrote on the Duggars, helps put the puzzle pieces more together:



I felt like the grief for the miscarried child was another "stage show". I didn't post about this, but they had taken pictures of the dead baby, and had a funeral and more photo ops. I felt it was a matter that should have been kept more private. While I understand people speaking up for pro-life and giving every life importance, there is something off about the way they went about.



You are right, that their grieving definitely seems to be taking a back seat to doing the political stumpshow. Remember abortion is one thing the false Catholic "culture warriors" gather the evangelicals over, to rope them in with the deceivers and the Dominionism. None of them plan on ending abortion, that comes via changed hearts not politics anyhow. But one thing to remember while we may feel sadness over Jubliee, and I do, she lost a life she could have had among loving brothers and sisters, I look at the big picture and the "stage show".

mijadedios said...

Do people actually "follow" the Duggars and use them as a source of information on how to live their lives? For real? that's like, hmm, what's the word, CULT like. That Quiverful junk has never appealed to me thank God! I home school but not for any reason other than it was an answer to prayer, it's certainly not a life choice for everyone and not everyone is "Called" to do so. Some people have to have both parents working. It is what it is. So, Santorum is a Jesuit? I just heard yesterday he's a Catholic. Tells you how much I care about him. Either way the Jesuits have their candidate: Obama, Romney, or Santorum wouldn't matter, they're all brotherhood. And those who aren't yet will soon be converted upon their entry into D.C. Have we figured out yet that this has not been a "Republic" or are there still some blue bloods out there in unicorn land believing this was a country founded on Yahweh. This was a plant from the beginning. But I'm just a little peon, what could I possibly know. Shalom,Shalom. ;-7
Remember Obama's speech at Georgetown, covered "Christ's" name? It was IHS the Jesuit Symbol in the black Triangle!! c'mon ppl wake up!


google IHS Jesuit
(for the reader who knows not what I'm talking about; I know BB knows what I'm sayin').

Abbey said...

He considers G.W. Bush the first Catholic president of the U.S.? George Bush is there? What am I missing? Does he mean because he did what the pope wanted? Some very strange statements.

I found it interesting how Santorum suddenly surged ahead in Iowa. Quite unexpected. What did they do, rally the troops?

I wouldn't bother watching the Duggars even if I had cable TV but I know who they are. I've also read your posts about them Bible Believer. I find them strange. Considering their beliefs, I guess that would explain it.

I agree mijadedios about the candidates and Jesuit connection. Bible Believer had posted those pictures from Georgetown University in a post last year. No matter how you slice it, "they" get their pawn.

Bible Believer said...

I think some "follow" the Duggars and well, we see millions following the religious right and their talking heads. The Duggars live in a CULT, the ATI one.
There are plenty of decent home-schoolers not wrapped up in that stuff. I agree not everyone can homeschool sometimes both parents have to work to keep food and rent paid especially in this economy. I don't know if Santorum is a Jesuit but he would be very Jesuit friendly if you get my drift. Remember the Catholic church has their claws in all these things. Ever wonder where he came from. You are right, all of the candidates including ones on the left they are ALL BROTHERHOOD and they will convert any stragglers. Sadly there are many still who are duped by the Dominionist, America as a Christian nation nonsense totally blind to how the economic collapse and war with Iran, dominoes have been set up for their own destruction and they support those who are helping engineer that destruction.


Yeah all the NWO elites visit Georgetown. I wrote about Prince Charles too.


It was Prince Charles I posted on. I wouldn't protest the IHS being covered up.

But Obama has made the circuit tour among the Catholic universities, anyone here remember when he was invited to speak at Notre Dame?

Obama was the choice of the Catholic church from the start. Trained under Cardinal Bernadin in Chicago. They even got campaign funding for Obama via the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and ACORN. Of course after Obama was elected, support for ACORN was withdraw immediately.

Bible Believer said...

Remember IHS is symbol of the Jesuits,

which is kind of scary, since visiting mainline churches for other things, one can see the IHS in other places.

Also stands for "IN THIS SIGN I CONQUER"


Bible Believer said...

Hey I consider GW Bush a would be Catholic president, reading about the constant visits to the Vatican and Pope coming here. Remember when they decorated the White House in yellow and white flags for the Pope a few years ago? So Santorum isn't too far off the reservation with that one. Yeah Bush was a servant of the Pope same as Obama is one today. Obama got his marching orders too from the Vatican visits as much as Bush. What is happening to America is at Vatican direction.
The Santorum rally to me seemed to be some kind of set-up. Guy comes out of nowhere and suddenly has the numbers? Not in the real world. But realize they manipulate all events and has nothing to do with "voting" at all.

The Duggars I have watched to post on this blog, years ago I found it to be TV I could safely watch but then noticed too many disturbing things. The mother's odd affect to me is the worse and the treatment of the oldest daughters not allowing any to date or pursue any career or other endeavors. How come NOT one has even become a missionary? It seems they will stay home forever and that is a disaster waiting to happen unless some of that book and TLC money is being saved for their future as adults. I find them strange too as well, though blame the parents for the strangeness. The parents are definitely sold out to the NWO and the religious right, with this support of Catholic Knights of Malta Santorum.

They got plenty of pawns and pawns now that come at you from BOTH sides. Don't forget that part of it all.

Bible Believer said...

correction above, not allowing any to meet young men for marriage, etc, the word "date" well that is a loaded one considering the modern connotations.

Anonymous said...

As Christian conservative citizen/voters, we have quite a dilemma, don't we? Vote for a servant of the Pope, a cult member or a Dominionist. We do live in a pluralistic society so anyone can run for President, and we can't say we have ever had a true Christian in the White House.

This makes me long all the more for our citizenship in heaven to come to fruition.

Bible Believer said...

Honestly there really is no "good" choices anymore.

I used to think Constitution party may be good, but figured out all the parties are infiltrated now and that one was run by total DOMINIONISTS, even there they do the blame the poor for the bankers type of rhetoric too.

Found out the guy who heads Vision Forum it was his Dad that co-founded the Constitution party, "shudder"....

I think we are only given the illusion of choice, it sometimes can be hard thing to face facts that our top elections seem to amount to nothing but bought and sold shams. I agree makes me long for the days of citizenship in heaven too.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, the two parties we are presented with as voting "options" are 2 arms of the beast's system. I know many who encourage us to vote for the "lesser of two evils". So, let me see - my choice is "evil" or "evil". No thank you. My choice is to opt out of the "system". Nowhere in Scripture are we told to "vote". As strangers in a world we are just passing through, whose citizenship is in heaven, we are commanded to obey government (when it is not contrary to God's higher law); and to pray for those in authority over us. It is a "civic" duty - not a Christian duty to vote. God's word says, "come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." Rev. 18:4-5. See the rest of Rev. 18...Babylon is a religious, political and business system...there you have it. (Ties in nicely to Rick Warren/Peter Drucker three-legged stool nonsense as well)

Bible Believer said...

I'm not voting anymore in presidential elections, some may shout you are giving up a fundamental "right" but what 'right' is there in choosing Bildenberg non-choice #1 or #2. The third parties are no good either and full of the BROTHERHOOD so to speak even if one of those types had a chance. I agree that the system is so corrupt, the best is for a Christian to part ways from it. There is nothing wrong with speaking out against evil but all politics now serve the belly of the wicked. I agree we are not sinning to bypass voting now not at all. You are correct that babylon is religious, political and business, why waste time voting for one of their evil selections. Yep the Peter Drucker/Rick Warren stuff is related to the business arm of corporate rule-part of Babylon.

Sixpence Never the Richer said...

I won't be voting either. I just can't see the point of it. Either way you vote, you will basically be getting the same outcome with a different face.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, what is the point? I think too often the elections at the top are fixed as well and they already have chosen their man. {ie even the one on the opposite side, is a knowing patsy, McCain, Kerry, etc}

Abbey said...

You're right about G.W. being a would be Catholic along with all the others that bow before the pope.

Speaking of Santorum, now they are saying that he was the winner in Iowa not Romney. I guess nothing should surprise us anymore.

I absolutely agree that we only have the illusion of choice. In fact just a few days ago someone sent me a YouTube video of George Carlin using those exact words and giving examples for why he believed that.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah George Carlin even as an unbeliever seem to see through the system [the two party dance] It is an illusion of choice. Ron Paul may even be their safety valve, to have him break off, and do a third party thing to split the Republican vote to ensure an Obama win. With the politics anything can happen, I thought Perry was going to rise up a bit more with the Dominionist support but maybe Santorum is their man now. Nothing surprises me anymore either.

Anonymous said...

A-Man...we are kidding ourselves if we think our votes matter...no matter who wins, it seems it goes the opposite of what we thot we voted for!